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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Brooke, Dimitri, and Celia celebrate the amazing ratings that Talk Tempo's interview with David received and people are debating about David on the internet. Brooke is determined to work even harder to make sure Chandler media continues to improve its quality of programming. Dimitri persuades Brooke to take some time off and have lunch with him to celebrate their success. Colby suggests to Brooke that they have a launch party for Chandler media, and she asks Celia to help her plan the party. Colby spends the entire planning meeting with Celia talking about Pete and how it is better that Celia broke up with him, because they come from two different worlds. Colby tells Celia that she is better suited for Pete, because they have known each other for years and have the same background. Celia suggests to Colby that the Chandler media launch party benefit a charity. Colby later suggests the idea to Brooke and takes credit for Celia’s idea. Brooke thinks Colby is very talented and thoughtful for suggesting that the launch party benefit a charity. Angie admits to David that she is worried about the baby that Cassandra is carrying because of the possible exposure to heroin and how that will affect the health of the baby. Angie also tells David that she wishes Cassandra would keep the baby, but she will support whatever decision Cassandra makes. Jesse sees Angie hugging David and thanking him for all his support, and he doesn’t look happy that Angie is so close to David.

Zach sees Miranda while he is having lunch with Lea at Jane’s Addiction and she is touched by Zach’s paternal side and how much he cares about his niece. Miranda feels left out of things when she is out with AJ and Heather and tells them to go see a movie together. AJ tells Heather that he hopes Miranda didn’t get the wrong impression that he and Heather are on a date, because it is just two friends going to see a movie. Pete asks AJ, Miranda, and Heather for their opinion on his new high school and college sports app. Heather uses the opportunity to tell Pete she is mad at him, because he broke Celia’s heart. Lea Marquez gets an e-mail from the Russian dentist who treated the Koslov brothers, and it proves that Uri killed his brother Vlad in order to fake his own death. The charges against Zach are dropped, and he gives Lea a kiss to thank her for all her help while he was being accused of murder.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke gets ready to go to the office. Hope isn’t sure that is good since Taylor might jump on her again. Brooke says she can handle Taylor. It’s her own daughter that she realizes is so disappointed in her that she barely talks to her. Rick walks in and says they will handle this like a family as they always have. Hope says she is disappointed in Brooke because she keeps making the same mistakes over and over. Maybe Brooke can explain that to her. She points out to Brooke that Katie has left Bill before then changed her mind, so perhaps this time was no different. Bill and Brooke should have considered that before just immediately jumping in bed. Brooke says she will always regret they did it so fast. Hope says she isn’t sure Brooke is being totally honest with herself much less other people. Even when Katie went back to Bill, Brooke didn’t seem to be fighting her feelings or backing off from Bill. She knows Bridget forgave her years ago, but Brooke needs to stop this before she turns everybody off. And while on that subject she can’t understand after all Bill has done against Hope that Brooke would even want to be with Bill. Brooke says she hates she is putting Hope through this. She should be setting a good example for her. She will do everything she can to keep this out of the press. Rick says he and Hope will be with her all the way so do not worry about them. Against her better judgment, Hope says despite how much she hates all of this, Brooke is her mother and she still loves her.

Bill tells Liam that he won’t let this be the end of him and Katie. He will not accept it. The jeweler comes in and presents Bill with an exquisite match to the previous necklace and earring set he gave Katie. Liam is stunned when he sees the tiara. Smugly Bills says yes, this is for his Queen. He will not wait two or three weeks for her to get over this. Tonight he will be back with his wife and son as he should be. He is sure Liam is tired of him bunking at his house. Donna drops in on Katie and tells her to give it some thought but don’t do anything rash like a divorce so soon. Bill drops in and Katie reminds him this is no longer his house. Bill says it should be, a whole family unit. He drags out the tiara to present her and show just how much this means to him. She won’t even open the box so Bill does. He says it is pretty spectacular if he does say so himself. She’s flabbergasted. So he thinks a tiara would solve all their problems; that he can buy her forgiveness. He messes up; he buys her something sparkly and she looks the other way. She said he ruined everything. She will take responsibility for the mistakes she has made in their marriage, but his actions are on him and she is not changing her mind. She still wants a divorce. She wants the pain to stop. He says he knows she does not want their son to grow up without a father. He waits a long time for a response.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe had a dream that Sami shot him.  Rafeís monitor went off.  Justin called EJ because they had a problem.  Daniel and Jennifer ran into each other.  He didnít want to have small talk with her.  He told her that he took Parker to see Chloe.  Jennifer wanted to know if Chloe was coming back.  Rafe had a dream that Stefano tried to kill him when he caught him with Kate.  Daniel told Jennifer that Chloe wasnít going to bother her.  They both wanted to know what was going on in each otherís lives.  He reminded her that she wanted to take a break from him.  He let her know that it wasnít going to help her with JJ.  Kayla let Gabi and Kate know what was going to happen with Rafe when he gets out of the coma.  Kayla said that he might have memory loss.  Kayla also told Abe that Rafe might not remember the last six months of his life when he gets out of the coma.  She also said that Rafe might think heís still married to Sami.  Just told EJ that Mr. Shin backed out of the deal.  EJ said their plan had to work today.  EJ barked at Justin to come to the mansion.  Justin showed up at the mansion to take care of the take over.  Daniel and Jennifer argued over JJ and what heís been doing.  Daniel wanted to keep his distance from her and he wanted her to do the same.  He ended up walking away from her. 

Jennifer got a call from JJís school.  She called JJ and demanded that he meet her in her office.  Sami showed up at the hospital to see Rafe.  Kate stopped Sami from seeing Rafe.  JJ showed up at Jenniferís office.  She was upset with JJ for cutting school.  Justin came up with a plan to get Mr. Shin to change his mind.  EJ thought Stefano would know what he did as well as Justinís involvement if it didnít work.  Stefano was on the phone with someone and indicated that he knew what EJ and Justin did to him.  Kate and Sami continued to argue over Rafe until Sami went to see him.  Daniel told Kate that Rafe was going to have problems when he got out of the coma.  A nurse interrupted them to tell them that Rafe was out of the coma.  Jennifer ripped into JJ until he left.  Rafe woke up from his coma.  When Rafe saw Sami, his monitor started beeping.  When JJ went back to Jenniferís office, he saw Theresa there.  EJ and Justin were happy that he took over Stefanoís company.  Justin said that EJ would have the house too since Stefano put it in the name of one of the companyís.  Daniel wanted Sami out of Rafeís room.  Sami didnít believe that she was the one who was upsetting Rafe.  Jennifer walked in her office and saw JJ and Theresa together.  Theresa told Jennifer that she was Jenniferís new assistant.  When Stefano came home, EJ threw him out of the house.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Maxie looks at a picture of a mother and daughter and sees her own face. Ellie has a nightmare about Spinelli confronting her about concealing the fact that he is the father of Maxieís baby. She says aloud, ďIím sorry.Ē Spinelli says she mentioned Maxieís baby and suggests her dream came from the guilt of keeping the secret about Maxieís previous miscarriage. Lulu has a nightmare about her baby disappearing from her crib. Dante says it probably was because of stress. Spinelli and Ellie run into Dante and Lulu at Kellyís while they are trying to think of a name for the baby.  

Sam imagines Silas telling her that no one is a match for Danny. Sam asks Michael about the person listed on Jasonís side of the family named Kiki Jerome. He tells her that itís his cousin, Francoís daughter. He says they donít get along so he wants to be gone before she arrives. Brad asks Michael if they know each other from somewhere. Michael doesnít think so. Kiki is startled awake by a dream that she is in bed with Michael. She recoils at Morganís touch and says she has to go to the hospital to be tested. He offers to go with her, but she tells him to look for a job instead so he can start repaying the people he owes money. Ava goes to the boathouse. Morgan tells her that Kiki went to the hospital for a test. She wonders why Morgan didnít go with Kiki. Morgan says he thinks Kiki wanted to be alone with Michael and that he thinks they are attracted to each other. Ava says it will work itself out because it canít go anywhere. Morgan tells Ava that he thinks he is in love with Kiki, but he isnít sure that Kiki feels as strongly for him. Ava tells him to buy something expensive for Kiki and gives him a credit card to do so. Morgan shops for jewelry online. Kiki goes into the exam room while Michael is still there. She tells him about her dream. She wonders why the Universe keeps throwing them together. He says they have to try harder to stay away from each other because there is no her and him, but then he kisses her. Silas tells Sam that he works at General Hospital now and that he fired Dr. Singh. He says he is Dannyís doctor now. Sam says she hopes he is as good as he says he is. Silas cringes when he hears a voice behind him. When he turns around, he and Ava recognize each other.

Olivia thinks about kissing Sonny last night. Connie calls her and asks if Sonny is taking good care of her. Olivia says there is nothing to report and quickly ends the call. She tells Sonny that they should talk about what happened. Sonny says he doesnít know what is going on between them, but that it isnít ďnothingĒ and that the kiss felt right. Olivia says it felt right to her, too, but Connie still loves him. Sonny says Connie has made it clear that she canít be with him so he has no choice but to move on with someone else. Olivia says she doesnít know if she can be that person.  Sonny says he doesnít think they are doing anything wrong. He kisses her again, but that only confuses her more so she goes to her room to be alone. Maxie observes Connieís bad mood. Connie says Maxie would be in a bad mood too, if another woman was moving in on the love of her life. Connie says that she has no right to be mad about it because she gave Sonny up. Maxie tells Connie about her history with Spinelli. She says she waited too long to realize that she wanted to be with Spinelli and that he had already moved on with someone else. She advises Kate to make her move before she loses Sonny to Olivia. Connie says she has been afraid of a personality split, but that nothing bad has happened around Sonny yet so maybe it wonít. Maxie suggests that Connie get her doctorís opinion first, but urges her not to wait.

OLTL Recap Written by Anthony

Dorian is angry that Viki got off the hook and demands to meet with Nora. Nora goes to Bo asking him about Viki and Clint and the whole deal. Bo explains that everything is going to be ok and that she does not have to worry but he will look into it for her. Bo meets with a man named Jason who was with Brianna the night she died. Bo is able to find out that Jason does not have a very good story of where he was that night. When he leaves, he reveals the tattoo on his arm. Nora goes to talk to Dorian who explains that she will filing with the FBI if Nora does not investigate Viki and Clint. She also explains Nora will get in trouble as well for not doing anything.

Matthew talks with Michelle on the phone which drives Dani up a wall. Dani decides to go help the sugar daddy clean Brianna's hotel room. Later at the hotel, Dani discovers that Michelle does not live in Canada but is a maid at the Palace. Dani promises not to tell Matthew but thinks she is scum. Viki does not want to talk to Clint at all and explains she does not forgive him right now even if Natalie does. Nora shows up to ask if everything was ok with the money transfers and Viki tells her as far as she knows yes. Viki tells Clint after Nora leaves that if he is hiding anything from her the engagement is off.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Abby and Kyle talk about her relationship with him but then the conversation goes back to Kyle and Phyllis. Jack walks in and overhears them talking about the kiss between Kyle and Phyllis. Jack is angry and makes them both leave. Phyllis and Nick search for Summer in Chicago. Phyllis decides to go home while Nick stays in Chicago to find Summer. Lauren and Michael decide to try to make their marriage work. Fen visits Carmine and wants drugs but he refuses to give him any.

Lauren lets Michael know that he is the man. Michael tears up the divorce papers. Sharon has an imagery meeting with Cassie and discusses how she will get Nick back. Nick finds Summer in Chicago and attempts to talk to her. Phyllis comes home and is confronted by Jack about the kiss between herself and Kyle. Kyle calls Summer to reconcile with her, and she agrees. Phyllis tells Jack that she had a good reason why she did what she did. Nick attempts to tell Summer the truth as do Phyllis with Jack. Michael and Lauren get a call from Carmine that Fen overdosed on drugs. 

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