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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt asks Hope to please stick around. That other guy didn’t show up but they can have some fun. He puts his arm around her as the fireworks go off. She doesn’t want the night to end and says she thinks there should be fireworks every night. Thomas tells Oliver that Teresa has been eyeing her all night so if he doesn’t hit on her, he will. Caroline eyeballs disapprovingly as Rick nuzzles with Maya. She tells Rafael that she should be in Rick’s arms. She doesn’t know how this could have happened, but she lost Rick somewhere along the way. She knows how great they are together and she has to get him back. As soon as the fireworks are over, Rafael has to get Rick to see his video. Liam finally shows up and takes one look at Wyatt with his arm still around Hope and asks Hope who he is. Wyatt tells him his name and says he’s here because Liam stood Hope up. It gets a little contentious. She says the party is practically over and she told him not to come. Hope even gets in a few words over the fact that they had plans and he chose this time to call Steffy instead…..and points out that she left him. It’s time he accepted that. Rafael shows the crowd the fantasy sequences and clearly it is hot and steamy and makes Rick uncomfortable. Carter says he doesn’t seem to remember it being that much when they shot it. Maya realizes Rick is upset and she also says she is an actress and that’s her job. It didn’t seem that big a deal at the time. He says that he won’t lie. He didn’t expect her work to be like this. He has to see Carter every day and he doesn’t think he can get this out of his mind. She said she thought he would be happy for her because it wasn’t her kissing Carter, it was her character. Rick says he needs a drink.

Hope tells Liam that Steffy left him. But she is standing here and still feels like she is being taken for granted. He may care for her, but he also can’t shake loose from Steffy and cares for her too. They are wasting time just standing here talking about it. Liam agrees and wants to get out and go talk about it. Hope says she is not leaving; she is staying. Liam looks at Wyatt and asks if she is staying with him! Wyatt tells Hope that Liam is an idiot. He has a beautiful girl right in front of him and he doesn’t know what to do with that. He says besides her liking to take pictures of strange naked men in the woods, there is something extraordinary about her. He can’t quite put his finger on it, but he will. He likes her. He leans over and gives her a kiss. The necklace around his neck falls out from underneath his shirt. She is shocked to see it is a duplicate sword necklace.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi and Abby talked about Abbyís problems with Chad and Cameron.  They also talked about Gabiís marriage being over.  Jennifer talked to Adrienne about her problems with JJ.  Adrienne also brought up her situation with Sonny.  Adrienne talked Jennifer into going to the picnic because it would help her family.  Jennifer told JJ that he could go to the picnic.  Gabi talked to Abby about her annulment.  Gabi talked Abby into going to the picnic.  Later on, everyone was at the picnic.  Jennifer had to leave the picnic because there were problems at the hospital.  The hospital was getting heat for covering up Samiís shooting.

Adrienne talked to JJ about Jack.  Brent showed up at the picnic, which made Will uncomfortable.  Jennifer ran into Anne at the hospital.  Anne wanted to talk to Jennifer about something personal.  JJ snuck away from the picnic to meet his friends.  When JJís friends left, he ran into Theresa.  Brent talked to Will about Sonny.  Brent assured Will that he and Sonny were friends.  Brent implied that Sonny gave up a lot to be with Will.  Anne was upset with Jennifer for invading her territory with human resources.  While they were arguing, Anne brought up JJ being back in town.  While Adrienne was looking at her phone for a video of Will, Sonny called her over to look at the baby.  When she put her phone down, you could see the video of Sami beating up Bernardi on her phone.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Michael goes to the Quartermaine boathouse to ask Kiki if she will be tested to see if she is a bone marrow match for her cousin Danny, whom she has not yet met. When he goes inside, he finds her tied to the bed and dials the police. She tells him not to call the police because Morgan tied her up as part of a sex game. Michael says it is disgusting and degrading and goes to untie her. Michael is hovering above Kiki when Morgan returns. After Morgan rants for way too long for Michael to endure, Michael yells at him to shut up. He says he is there about a matter of life and death. Kiki doesnít hesitate to agree to be tested. Morgan tells Kiki that they can resurrect the mood that Michael ruined. She says she isnít in the mood because she just learned that her baby cousin is sick. He says he is sorry and then tries to seduce her anyway.

Nikolas tells Alexis that he will be tested to see if he is a match for Danny. He says he thinks it is time for him to move on from Elizabeth. Alexis assures him that he will meet the right woman. She says Shawn is still in her life, but only because he is going to stop working for Sonny. Shawn is in the middle of trying to tell Sonny that he has to break ties with the organization when Milo bursts into the room and announces that he is quitting his job. Sonny tries to dissuade him, but ultimately says he doesnít want to keep Milo from realizing his dream. Max takes Milo out of the room to talk him out of quitting, but Milo doesnít waver. Shawn goes to Alexisís house and tells her that he didnít quit. She says she canít accept it. They break up. Sonny talks to Olivia that have left his orbit. Olivia says she isnít going anywhere. While they watch the fireworks from the balcony, Sonny and Olivia reminisce about the fireworks they saw together as teenagers. They kiss.

Britt crashes Patrickís picnic with Sabrina, Emma, Mac, and Felicia.  Patrick says Britt is on bed rest and shouldnít be there and that her presence makes Emma uncomfortable, but he allows her to eat since she is already there. Felicia introduces herself as Maxieís mom. Mac remembers Britt from when Patrick took her to the Floating Rib on their first date not knowing that she was a vegetarian. Sabrina coaxes Emma to try to be nice to Britt. Emma asks Britt if she wants to hold her doll that does everything that a real baby does so she can practice. Britt holds and feeds the doll. When the doll wets Brittís lap, she flings it away. It lands on the grill and bursts into flames. Sabrina and Emma bury the doll and have a memorial. Britt apologizes for ruining everyoneís holiday and leaves. AJ, Elizabeth, and Aden have a barbecue in the park. Aiden goes a few feet away to find sticks for marshmallow toasting. AJ says he enjoys doing with Aiden the things he missed with Michael. Milo runs into Nikolas in the park. It comes up in conversation that Milo just quit his job. Nikolas says there is a lot of that going on and that Sonny is going to have to call Mob HR. Max finds Milo sitting alone on a park bench. He says they may not work together anymore but they are still brothers. Nikolas and Spencer see Elizabeth and AJ in the park. Spencer wants to sit with them, but Nikolas says they should find their own spot. They see Britt crying. She says she is ok, just having a bad day. Nikolas invites her to watch the fireworks with him and Spencer.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kevin is sad that he can’t celebrate the Fourth of July with his family. Alex’s partner at the police station tells Kevin that just because he and Chloe are getting a divorce, it doesn’t mean that he can’t be a part of Delia’s life. Kevin calls Chloe to find out if he can go see the fireworks with Delia, and she tells him that she is in the hospital with a fever. Kevin rushes to the hospital and is hurt that Chloe has been there since the morning, and she didnít call him to let him know. Kevin tells Chloe that he misses them and wants his family back, because he misses tucking Delia in at night. Chloe assures Kevin that he will always be a part of Delia’s life even after the divorce. Abby and Alex argue again, because he thinks that she doesn’t understand what it means to work for a living, because she is a shallow rich girl. Abby is sad and goes to talk to Victor who tells her that he has hired a lawyer to file for Victoria’s divorce from Billy. Abby thinks that Victor shouldn’t interfere in Victoria’s life and hire a lawyer without consulting her. Victor also tells Abby that he is proud of the changes she has made in her life and advises her not to worry if other people think she is shallow. Victor tells Abby that she is a wonderful smart young lady with a generous heart, and he hopes someday she will find a man who will cherish her. Abby goes back to the police station where Alex apologizes to her. She decides that they are better as friends than as a couple, so they hug and agree to be friends.

Chloe and Billy are relieved to find out that Delia just has a bug that is going around and the leukemia hasn’t returned, but she will stay in the hospital tonight to make sure that her fever has passed. Chelsea almost falls down the stairs at the Athletic Club, but Adam is there to catch her. Dylan arrives and thanks Adam for catching Chelsea. Adam still can’t stop thinking that he is the father of Chelsea’s baby, but he is waiting patiently for the day when they can be a family. Dylan tells Chelsea to be more careful, because he doesn’t know what he would do if anything happened to her or the baby. Dylan has another dream about Sully and wakes up startled. Chelsea is there to comfort him and offers to listen if he needs to talk, but he just wants to go back to sleep. Victor tells Melanie to do exactly as Adam ordered, because he knows he won’t betray him. Adam later confronts Melanie about working for Victor, because she gave him false information about a deal he never intended to make. Melanie is upset that she fell into Adam’s trap. Adam tells Melanie that she will continue to give Victor the information he wants him to know or he will tell Victor that he knows everything and Victor will fire her and make sure she never gets another job as a lawyer. Chloe encourages Billy to go to a Gamblers Anonymous meeting and talk to Victoria. Billy calls Victoria and asks her to come home, so they can talk. Later he gets a call from a gambling buddy about a card game, and he asks where the game is just as Victor walks into the hospital hallway and overhears the phone call.

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