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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick tells Hope they need to focus on Independence Day and not dwell so much on their mother. He has hopes that Katie and Bill will be okay and all will be able to move on. Hope says she is still angry, disappointed and disillusioned with her mother and the things she keeps doing. She isn’t sure that Liam is coming to his party. She is giving him space that he obviously needs. Bill fills Liam in on what happened and swears he is not going to lose his son. In his view, he and Brooke only did what Katie created and wanted them to do. Liam offers for him to bunk at his place, but Bill says he will stay in a hotel as it isn’t going to be that long. He tells Liam that he doesn’t have to be overly concerned about his problems; he has his own and wants to know if he’s heard from Steffy. Rafael is editing his footage of Carter and Maya but it’s not nearly steamy enough for Caroline who wants him to ramp it up as much as he can. Maya joins the party and slips up behind Rick, then gives him a big kiss…..or two or three or four. Carter joins in too. He looks Maya’s way and tells Dayzee and Marcus that timing is everything. He should have gotten into town just a little earlier. Hope calls Liam who says he is with his dad but he will join her in just a few minutes. Bill tries to convince him that he’s not going to get any answers from Steffy if he joins Hope’s little party. Finally Liam says he is right. He is getting nowhere like this and he deserves to know. Wyatt, the naked guy, finds Hope at the party and says it looks like she is pleased to see him. Soon Oliver, Theresa and Thomas arrive as well. Caroline pouts until Rafael agrees to be her date at Rick’s party. Bill leaves after giving Liam a big hug and says this phone call could be the start. Liam finally gets Steffy. Before she can hang up, he quickly blurts out that he knows there is more going on than she is saying and he deserves to know why she left. All she says is this is the way it has to be. She’s made herself clear. They are getting a divorce. She says her attorneys will be in touch with him. She’s out of his life and he needs to move on with Hope.

Carter makes a short toast to the United States of America and the 4th of July. They may not always agree but they do come together as a nation when they need to. Caroline introduces Rick to Rafael and says they go way back. She promises that she has something good to show him…..Rafael’s rough cuts to the film. Maya rushes up though and spirits Rick away to see the fireworks…..the footage can wait. Caroline says that Rick is gonna go ballistic when he sees the love scenes of Maya and Carter and that will be worth the wait. Hope calls Liam again and he apologizes for taking longer than he thought, but says he will be right there. They both hear fireworks go off and she says he shouldn’t bother. It’s too late now, the party will be over soon. She throws her phone down just as Wyatt walks into the cabana. He sees she is upset. She tells him that Liam isn’t coming. He brushes her hair aside and gives her a slight kiss. He says he doesn’t know what that guy’s problem is but he’s a fool. Wyatt says he is here though and he asks her to stay.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Daniel was upset that Jennifer wanted to break up with him.  Kristen told Brady that he and everyone around him was going to be sorry.  Eric had visions of a bed while he was in the shower.  Nicole interrupted Kristen and Brady while they were arguing.  Kristen taunted Nicole about her feelings for Eric.  Brady and Nicole were curious as to why Kristen was so concerned about Eric.  Eric passed out in the shower.  Daniel tried to convince Jennifer that she’s a great mother and that she would be dealing with JJ alone if she dumped him.  She thought that was what she needed to do.  He tried to get her not to push him away, but she thought he was making things worse for her and JJ.  She ended up leaving when Parker’s babysitter showed up.  Kristen kept taunting Nicole about Eric, which upset Nicole and Brady.

Eric finally woke up and went to his office.  He was still in pain.  Jennifer walked in the house and saw Theresa in there.  Eric called Daniel to let him know that he was in pain.  Daniel called an ambulance for Eric.  Kristen walked away from Brady and Nicole after she threatened Brady.  When Brady went to get coffee, Nicole looked in Kristen’s bag.  Kristen came back for her bag and let Nicole know that she had what Nicole wanted.  JJ showed up in the living room while Theresa and Jennifer were talking.  When Theresa left the house, Jennifer ripped into JJ.  When Daniel showed up at the rectory, Eric wasn’t in pain anymore.  Eric told Daniel what happened to him when he blacked out.  Dr. Chyka showed up at the DiMera mansion to make sure everything was going okay.  He told her that Eric wouldn’t remember anything.  Daniel suggested that Eric go to the hospital for tests.  Eric didn’t want to go to the hospital, but he agreed to take the tests.  Eric wanted to know what was going on with him.  Jennifer and JJ argued over Theresa, Daniel, and Jack.  Kristen warned Dr. Chyka that the drug better be untraceable and it better not come back to her.  Daniel told Eric that the tests would let him know what was going on with him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

GH re-aired the March 27, 2013 episode for the Fourth of July.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Tyler tells Leslie that Neil fired him. Neil explains the reason why Tyler was fired to Leslie, and Tyler gets upset because Leslie thinks it's time Tyler look for another job. Leslie tells Neil and Tyler that she found out Rose Turner died six years ago. She has a daughter named Ann Turner, but she has been unable to find her. She intends to keep searching for her to give her the letters Gus wrote to Rose. Cane tells Jill that Lily quit the Jabot fashion line because Tyler has feelings for her. Jill makes it clear to Hilary that she thinks she is an opportunist, and she won’t allow her to use Cane to get her foot in the door at Chancellor Industries. Billy and Nikki bond over their addictions. Billy almost persuades Nikki to ask Victoria to talk to him until Victor arrives home and tells Billy that he is a worthless addict and a loser, and he won’t allow him to hurt Victoria again. Nikki is upset with Victor because he called Billy a worthless addict, and she reminds him that those words also apply to her. Victor assures Nikki that what he said to Billy doesn’t apply to her, because she got help and now she has control over her addiction.

Chloe thinks Delia is just sad over her and Kevin’s upcoming divorce and Billy’s troubles with Victoria, and that is why Delia doesn’t feel like celebrating the Fourth of July. Then she discovers Delia has a fever and takes her to the hospital. When the doctor wants to run tests on Delia, Chloe is worried so she calls Billy. Billy assures Chloe that Delia will be okay and then he and Chloe help Delia celebrate the Fourth of July in her hospital room. Alex is glad that Kevin informs him that he didn’t take the bait he left him and try to steal the $200,000 coin from the evidence room. Kevin tells Alex that he has decided to be a good guy again and stop stealing, so he tells him that he wants the job as technology specialist for the police department that Alex offered him. Adam tests Melanie by telling her about a fake business deal he is considering, and he tells her not to tell Victor about it. Adam later sees Melanie making a phone call to Victor just like he thought she was going to do.

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