Wednesday 7/3/13 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke bends over the sink and washes her face, pats it dry and tries to look normal. Her phone rings; it’s Rick and he asks where she is. She says she is still at Katie’s. And not to worry about her, just say a prayer for Katie that she and Bill will be all right. Bill tells Katie that the life they have created doesn’t have to change. She can’t imagine how he can say that. He says for better or for worse, that is what they said. Brooke is not the issue now. Katie reminds him that Brooke wanted his child. He also reminds her that Katie was the matchmaker who put them together. When Katie wanted him back, Brooke couldn’t put distance between them fast enough. He tells her if she wants retribution she can’t do that without punishing herself and their son. She gives him a stern look when he mentions Will. Bill asks her to forgive him. Taylor is waiting in the bedroom when Eric finally comes in. She says she was wondering when he’d be up. She thought maybe he needed some space. He says he was making some calls. But he’s not passive-aggressive and when he has something to say, he doesn’t drop a bomb or play charades, he just says it. He walks toward her and says he can only explain her actions today as coming from a history of pain and hopes she will not try to justify it. She tells him that he never said a word about Brooke being pregnant. He says if she had known, then it would only have accelerated her actions sooner. She says she did nothing wrong. Perhaps her timing was lousy but the crime was by Brooke in what she did to her sister, not Taylor for saying it out loud. Eric says only two of them knew Brooke was pregnant, them and her doctor. He knows Dr. Caspary didn’t tell Taylor so she must have gotten into the records somehow. That’s a criminal act for which she could lose her license yet she did it anyway. And now she wants to take the high moral ground over what Brooke did. He reminds her that this could have killed Katie when she found out yet Taylor chose to make it public in front of everybody. Taylor says she is tired of Brooke and her big crocodile tears so don’t put this on her. She walks out.

Carter and Maya discuss their kissing scenes. She says it is not him but this all just came out of nowhere. Caroline is most unhappy too. She blasts into Rafael to make the scenes even hotter and steamier. Go in there and make it happen. Maya apologizes to Carter and says she knows she has been negative. But she is going to get back on her game and pull this out by doing whatever Rafael asks her to do. Carter says good as he doesn’t understand her being worried about Rick. He wants her to shine and this part will do it. With Caroline watching behind a curtain, she urges Rafael to make it steamier when Carter and Maya rehearse. Brooke comes out of the bathroom and faces Bill and Katie. Katie tells her that Bill thinks she should forgive him. Brooke says a lot has been said tonight and she thinks they need to end it on a hopeful note. Katie says she doesn’t even think it is about forgiveness anymore….more like just who she wants to be and the kind of life she wants to live. She turns to the photos on the mantle. She can be this person who loves so blindly that she gives each person such admirable qualities whether they deserve it or not. Or she can be this pathetic, unlucky doormat of a woman…..dominated and bullied by liars and cheats. She takes a picture of Bill and Brooke and smashes it against the fireplace in hundreds of pieces of shattered glass. Then one by one she picks up happy pictures of her and her sisters and hurls them to the floor…..crying lies, lies, lies. They were all lies. She points her finger at Bill and accuses him of sleeping with her sister and that is inexcusable. She looks at Brooke and rants that she slept with her husband and that is unforgivable. She continues that her post partum was ugly and brutal but it did not force them into bed with each other. She screams that she is not responsible for their actions or their choices. She takes off her rings and holds them in her palms and shows them they have been there five seconds, pretty soon ten seconds and yet they are not in bed together although that would mean that he is a free man. She demands to know again how she pulled the strings and made him break her heart. She wants to hear it one more time those magical, mystical words that only she can say that forced him into doing something he did not want to do that ruined her entire life. She wants him to tell her again if he dares. She looks at the rings and tells Bill that he needs to leave; go pack a bag. He says this is his home. She shakes her head no; he gave her the house as a gift. It is his son’s home. He should be able to trust his surroundings even if he can’t trust his father. Brooke speaks up and says Katie needs to be careful what she says in the heat of the moment. Katie says yes that seems to be the moral of this story. She needs to mean it when she says something like it’s over but she’s like many younger children. She starts to stand up for herself and then she gets scared and insecure and starts to backpedal and will do anything rather than be alone. She guesses she has the two of them to thank for curing her of that. Bill says okay. She’s drawn the line in the sand so many times that he guesses it was only a matter of time before this happened. She says too bad it was the one about sleeping with family members. He says she will not keep him from his son. She throws him a look. He says he doesn’t need a bag, he will send someone for them. This house already feels like one of matchsticks. He opens the door and asks Brooke if she is coming. She says no. She is not going anywhere. Katie starts by saying for the first time in Brooke’s life she is alone. And Katie had everything that Brooke used to have. That must have felt so unnatural to her. Maybe Brooke imagined this dramatic tug of war with Bill being tugged by wanting to be with his son yet with Brooke’s child too, leading to a happy forever after with them all joining hands. Brooke says Katie has always judged her and the choices she has made and she could never be ashamed enough to suit Katie. Katie says she thinks she will hold onto her rings as that is the only way she can be sure they won’t end up on Brooke’s finger. Brooke points out that Katie asked her to make her husband happy. She knows others will hate her now but they don’t know just how relentless Katie was in making all of this happen so that Katie could feel safe and alone and superior once again. Katie stares at her and says she may be her big sister but she wants her out of her house….and out of her life. Brooke looks back and walks out the door.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen took her tablet from Eric.  Sami wanted to know why Kristen didn’t want Eric to see the tablet.  Jennifer lectured JJ about stealing.  She warned him that things weren’t going back to the way they were.  Kristen thought the things on her tablet were private and nobody’s business.  Eric wanted to know why she had a file with his name on it.  Kristen was able to get out of why she had his name on the file by saying it was someone else’s name.  EJ confirmed that Kristen had a meeting with someone named Eric.  Brady and Daniel talked about Brady’s feelings for Kristen.  When Sami and Eric left, EJ wanted to know what was on the tablet.  Kristen didn’t tell him.  Jennifer let JJ know what his punishment was and he was upset about it.  When she brought up Daniel, JJ was upset again.  JJ told her that he told Daniel about turning her against him.  He thought it was too late.

At the hospital, Daniel talked to Eric about what happened to him.  Jennifer assured JJ that no one would turn her against him.  When JJ went upstairs, Jennifer left the house.  When Jennifer left, JJ snuck out of the house.  Eric told Daniel that God was the reason why he was sick.  He explained that he got sick so Nicole could save the school.  Brady and Kristen ran into each other at the town square.  He wanted to know why she checked on Eric.  She said she was dropping papers for EJ and checked on Eric.  She had a question for him.  JJ met his friends at the park.  Jennifer went to see Daniel.  She talked to him about JJ.  Kristen wanted to know why Brady didn’t call and apologize.  The two ended up in an argument.  Jennifer wanted to take a little break from Daniel.  He was upset about it and thought she was giving JJ what he wanted.  Kristen warned Brady that he was going to be sorry.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Britt rubs it into Sabrina and Felix’s faces that Patrick is really her baby’s father and that she isn’t going anywhere. Taylor says Sabrina and Felix owe Britt an apology. Felix refuses. Sabrina says she regrets going behind Britt’s back. Britt observes to Taylor that she didn’t hear the word “sorry.” Taylor says that was the best Britt is going to get. Britt says she is beginning to wonder if this pregnancy is worth it because he is almost due and Patrick still doesn’t want anything to do with her. Taylor concludes that it is true that Britt purposely got pregnant just to snare Dr. Drake. Britt says sex doesn’t always win you the guy. Taylor says she knows because it didn’t work with TJ. She says she got her revenge by “accidentally” telling Molly that she slept with her boyfriend. She says she doesn’t think TJ is interested in her anymore, but Molly can’t have him either. Britt says Taylor should snare TJ now that she has eliminated the competition. Molly tells Rafe that she has not told her mother that TJ slept with Taylor. She says she and TJ weren’t together when he slept with Taylor, but that she is upset that he ruined her hope that their first time would be together. Rafe concludes that it is his fault because he asked for the kiss that TJ saw. Molly says it was just a harmless kiss between friends. She says Taylor got off on telling her and then played innocent when TJ arrived. Rafe thinks Molly should tell TJ about Taylor’s agenda. Molly doesn’t think TJ would believe her and concludes that if TJ would waste his first time on someone he just met, then he and Taylor deserve each other. TJ tells Shawn that he and Molly broke up again because Taylor told Molly that they slept together. Shawn tells him that if the relationship is important to him, then he has to do whatever it takes to set things right.

Emma excitedly agrees to be Felicia and Mac’s flower girl. Felicia gives Emma a doll. Mac says it does everything a real baby does. Emma throws it down and yells that she doesn’t want a stupid baby. Felicia tells Patrick that it didn’t occur to them that the doll would remind Emma of Britt’s baby. Sabrina finds Patrick and company at the park. She tells Emma that they all will have to learn to accept that Britt is having a baby. Emma says she hates Britt and she will hate her baby. Sabrina says the baby is part of her daddy too so she has to give the baby a chance. Emma apologizes to Mac and Felicia and tells them that she wants to keep the doll. Sabrina asks Patrick how she could not love his child when she… He says it is ok for her to say the words, and he says that he loves her too. Emma eloquently says, “Eew” in response to Patrick and Sabrina’s kissing. Britt crashes their picnic.

Olivia is uncomfortable at Sonny’s house and says she thinks staying there is a bad idea. She tells him that she thinks Connie jealous. He says there is nothing romantic between them and Connie knows that. Milo tells Lucy that he needs more time to think about her job offer. Milo tells Max that he is thinking about a job as Fitness Director that Lucy Coe offered him. Max says Milo can’t quit his job with Sonny because it would be disloyal and because he went out on a limb to get the job for him. Milo says he didn’t ask Max to do that. Max reveals that their father asked him to. Milo concludes that Max and their father think he is too stupid to get a job on his own. Lucy runs into Felix at Kelly’s and asks him to be the head nurse at Deception.  He turns her down. Milo arrives at Kelly’s to pick up Olivia’s lunch and hears Felix explaining to Lucy that he is living his calling to heal people. Milo tells Lucy that he wants to talk to her about the job. Felix sees TJ asking himself how he will make it right and says he was wondering the same thing. Taylor arrives and tells Felix to leave TJ alone. TJ apologizes to Taylor for not calling her after they slept together. She tells him that he is gong to make it up to her by taking her to see the fireworks. Milo returns to Sonny’s house and announces that he is quitting, interrupts Shawn telling Sonny that he is quitting for Alexis. Alexis asks Michael to test to see if he is a bone marrow match for Danny. She asks him to ask Kiki too because father is Jason’s twin, which makes her a likely match. He reluctantly agrees. Morgan blindfolds Kiki and takes her to the boathouse which he and Alice have transformed into a cute one-room cottage. He takes off her blindfold and says it is their new home. He blindfolds her again to spice up their lovemaking and she imagines that she is with Michael. She abruptly pulls away. They use the bandana to tie Kiki’s hands to the bed. Morgan leaves her tied while he goes to the main house for food items to include in their sex play. Michael goes to the boathouse and finds Kiki tied to the bed.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Michael is still unable to make love to Lauren, and she wonders how long it will be before he can forgive her. Michael tells Lauren that they have made progress, but he still needs more time. Carmine makes love to Marti, the Lauren look-alike but he keeps calling her Lauren. Carmine is unable to stop thinking about Lauren, and he watches videos on his computer of them making love. Summer’s family worries about her because she has run away. Jack asks Phyllis what she was about to tell him before Kyle interrupted them. Phyllis doesn’t tell Jack anything because all she can think about is finding Summer.

Mason is left without a job when he is told that they want to focus more on the female market for the Jabot fashion line. Noah gives him a job at the Underground. Phyllis blames Nick for the fact that Summer ran away, telling him that if he had told Summer and Jack the truth before Summer started dating Kyle, then she wouldn’t have dated him in the first place, and she wouldn’t have run away after their break up. Noah talks to Courtney for a long time and finally persuades her to tell him Summer is in Chicago. Chelsea finally meets Dylan’s army buddy Stitch, and he tells her funny stories about his and Dylan’s time in the Army. Stitch advises Dylan to tell Chelsea what happened with his buddy Sully. Avery also meets Stitch and finds out that Chelsea and Dylan will soon be getting married. Chelsea tells Dylan that if he ever wants to talk about what happened while he was in battle, she is ready to listen. Nick tells Phyllis that when they find Summer, he will tell everyone that Jack is Summer’s father.

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