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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Zach and Agent Marquez think that Uri killed Vladimir and passed his body off as his own in order to frame Zach for his death. Zach tells Agent Marquez that the Koslovs have always wanted his casinos, and it would be much easier for Uri to get them if he was in jail for murder. Zach and Agent Marquez tell Jesse their theory and he insists he will talk to the medical examiner to see if he made a mistake with Uri’s dental records. Zach and Agent Marquez decide to talk to the medical examiner themselves since Jesse has too much on his mind dealing with Cassandra’s recovery. Agent Marquez finds the dental record on the hard drive of Jesse’s computer along with the address and phone number and she and Zach head off to talk to the medical examiner. Cassandra has another nightmare that Uri has returned for her and Jesse holds her to calm her nerves while she cries. Dr. Anders rudely tells Cassandra that since she is in withdrawal, she needs to exercise. Jesse tells Dr. Anders to treat Cassandra with more respect and Dixie later tells the doctor that he needs to be mindful of Cassandra’s fragile mental state. Dr. Anders tells Dixie that they need to tell Cassandra the truth about her pregnancy. Angie decides its best that she tells Cassandra bout her pregnancy. Angie tells Cassandra she is pregnant and holds her daughter while she cries about the news.

David has his interview with Brooke for Talk Tempo and tells the viewers that five years ago he struggled with JR for his gun to keep him from shooting Marissa. David was so grief stricken that during the struggle the gum went off and killed Marissa that he shot JR at point blank range. David tells the viewers that he has served his time and now he hopes to bring new jobs to the community with his new biosensor project. Cara watches the interview with JR and is so moved by it that she decides to keep her relationship with JR professional because she doesn’t want to repeat mistakes that she has made with men. Cara later sees David and he tells her that he is trying to change in honor of all the people he has lost in his life. Cara almost tells David about Oliver but instead she tells him that she is sorry for everything he has lost. David sees JR at the park and is surprised by his quick recovery and he thinks he is acting like his old self, but he is pretending to have a slow recovery, because he is interested in Cara and wants her to continue to be his physical therapist.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie lashes out at Brooke and Bill and wants to know what else she should know. Brooke says Bill did not know; he just found out. Katie mocks Brooke that she is too old to have a baby. Bill tells her to cut it. Her remark had nothing to do with what happened. This poor little unborn life should not be blamed. Katie says no, the baby should be lucky that he/she doesn’t have to face them. As she berates them more, Bill points out there is more than enough blame to go around including Katie’s part. He was true to her as long as she had her ring on. She admonishes him that he was not married to a ring, but to her. Katie understands, this is where the blame game starts because she was delusional and left her husband and child. Bill says she is wrong about one thing. They did not sleep together that night but the next morning and only then because she came storming in and accusing them. She took off her rings and said the marriage was over and Brooke could have him. In fact, she said Brooke would be better for him than she would. Katie asks Bill if he is in love with Brooke. He replies that he is in love with his wife. Katie asks Brooke just how long it continued. She knows they have not had time to concoct a story so she wants to hear Brooke’s version now. Brooke says it didn’t continue as that same morning they found out Katie was in the hospital and that is all they could think about. Bill says Katie wanted her rings back to put on her finger. She realized that she was wrong to accuse them. Katie says no, not wrong, just early. It did happen later. Rick tells Maya that things will be in an upheaval today so she might as well go back to her web series and rehearse. Maya and Carter don’t understand the new sexy changes. She sort of feels like this is a bait and switch and not what she was told it would be or that she told her boyfriend. But she says she is a professional and they are adults and she will try to comply and see how it feels in a scene. Caroline is right around the corner to make sure Rafael delivers the goods. Rafael emphasizes more kissing, long deep passionate ones, like a river that gets carried away. Caroline is happier with that. Rick lets Marcus know that he has no intention of cleaning out his mother’s office because she was humiliated by Taylor. Family sticks together in each other’s honor and he hopes Marcus is clear on that.

So Katie guesses Brooke thinks she showed a lot of restraint in waiting so long after they had feelings for each other. Usually she feels some shame….not enough to not do them again but still…..now she does not have to. Besides Bill just explained that they did no wrong. Bill asks if there is a point in this. She fires back that the point of this is Brooke has been alone for just about a year now. That is much too long for her. She must want Bill in her future. Brooke says what he wants is for Katie to be happy….for their family to be together again. She wants things that she knows she can not have. And she definitely does not want Katie hurting like this. Bill says Katie seems hell-bent on putting shame and disgrace on them and he will own it. He did what he did but he had his reasons. But this did not happen in a vacuum. And she can not threaten the end on him again……what for the 5th or 6th time. He’s tired of Katie always blaming him for everything. He won’t play that game again. He knows she wants him to beg again, but that is not going to happen. He wishes they could just eliminate all this judgment and make it about cause and effect. But no they can’t do that. That is not what Katie likes to look at. She might walk out that door again because that is how she wins and Katie must always win. She looks at Brooke and tells her to go clean herself up. She can’t look at her like that. She faces Bill and says he can not school her on him. She knows Bill Spencer does not grovel. He doesn’t beg or apologize. Bill Spencer demands so what is he demanding of Katie now. He says the truth. They told her the truth; now it is her turn. She says she has told the truth. She has not kept anything from them. Bill sees it differently and reminds her of how she ran off leaving him and Will behind and practically forced Brooke to go with him to Aspen in hopes more would happen between them. She charges that she was sick and he knew it, so how dare he! He says Katie has self-induced amnesia then because she conveniently forgets how many times she has washed her hands of Bill. She says she did not force him to sleep with her sister or rob him of his own free will. He tells her that he is not proud of what he did, but it is not completely incomprehensible. He loves her and he thinks hey can get through this if they don’t complicate the mistakes they have already made. He wants her to forgive him. She turns and looks at the beautiful, happy wedding picture.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen watched the video of her and Eric making love.  Vargas met Nick so they could talk about working together.  Kate showed up while they were talking to each other.  The court clerk gave Justin a letter about Samiís case.  He said they didnít vote to indict.  Marge (Bernardiís widow) thought Roman made it happen.  Sami said he didnít, but she didnít believe it.  Kristen had problems while she was editing the video.  She wanted one of Stefanoís henchmen to help her with her problem.  Marge was upset that Sami wasnít indicted.  She threatened to make her pay.  An officer escorted her out of the courthouse.  When Vargas left, Nick and Kate talked.  He gave her a USB stick.  He said it was a formula that would make the formula Sami and EJ stole look like cold cream.  Kate wondered why he gave that to her since she wasnít rehiring him.  He said he was trying to do the right thing.  She questioned him about Vargas and they got into an argument.

Kate apologized to Nick about the things she said about him in prison.  He forgave her and left.  Marge ran into Adrienne and was upset that Justin got Sami off.  Nick and Gabi met to talk about their relationship.  Eric showed up at the DiMera mansion to see Sami.  Kristen left her tablet on the table next to Samiís and went upstairs to call Stefanoís henchman.  Sami wanted to show Eric something on the tablet about the new school so EJ got the tablet.  He ended up grabbing the wrong tablet.  Sami gave the tablet to Eric.  While Kristen was upstairs, she realized she didnít have her tablet.  Nick told Gabi that they shouldnít be married.  When Kristen about to get her tablet, EJ stopped her and wondered who she was targeting in Samiís family.  While they were arguing, Sami came out to see what was wrong.  Kristen and Sami realized they had each otherís tablet.  Sami told Kristen that Eric had her (Kristenís) tablet.  Kristen was horrified.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Connie tells Olivia that she is going to help her through her recovery. Olivia reveals that Sonny is already helping her. Connie says Olivia is still carrying a torch for Sonny and asks her what she thinks will happen if she and Sonny spend all that time together in his house. Olivia asks Connie if she is afraid that Sonny will move on like she told him to. She says that if Connie wants Sonny back, then she should be honest and say so because Sonny still loves her. Connie says she is still afraid she will have a personality split. Olivia says she wonít let anything come between them and assures her that there is nothing going on between Sonny and her. Connie agrees that she doesnít have a good reason for Olivia not to stay with Sonny.

Sonny gives Max and Milo a list of accessibility modifications that he wants added to his house to make it easier for Olivia to manage. Milo asks if they are modifying his bedroom. Sonny observes that this is not the first time that Milo has used bad judgment. He says Milo was disloyal when he invited Lulu to stay at his house instead of bringing her to Sonnyís house or calling Dante. He says Milo needs to prove that he still has some loyalty. Carly comes in just as Sonny is reminding Max what happens when people are disloyal. Carly says she will pay for Oliviaís care. Sonny says that wonít change the fact that she betrayed him when she ordered a hit using his name and his employee behind his back. She asks him if he would really have killed her if Olivia had died. He says it doesnít matter because Olivia lived. She says they have always loved each other and that if he feels strongly enough to kill someone he loves for Oliviaís sake, then he must Olivia too. He says of course he loves the mother of his child. She asks him if they will be able to get past this. He says he wants to, but she broke his trust and she canít ever cross that line again. She agrees to lay off of Franco, but says she is worried about Morgan living in the same house with him. Sonny tells her that he will handle it. In the Quartermaine living room, Franco tells Ava that she was the second shooter and that her bullet hit that woman. He asks her how she thinks Sonny Corinthos will react when he finds out that she shot the mother of his child. She doubts that Sonny would believe Franco. She asks why she would want to kill him when they have a plan to take over ELQ together. He opines that she has simply altered her plan and will try to kill him after she has control of ELQ. He reminds her that he is just as capable of killing as she is. She invites him to go to her room with her.

Lulu and Laura go to Lukeís room at the Metro Court. Tracy answers the door and says Luke isnít there and that she thinks he has left for his trip. Laura says Tracy is making a mistake if she is covering for Luke. At Kellyís, Nikolas deletes his recording of AJ and Tracyís conversation about AJ and Carly having sex. Lucy Coe asks Nikolas to invest in Deception. She tells him that his mother is her partner. He agrees to look at the business plan. Elizabeth goes to see AJ at ELQ and they get back together. Elizabeth goes to Kellyís and tells Nikolas that she got back together with AJ. Max takes Milo to Kellyís and advises him to do as he is told and stop questioning everything Mr. C. says if he wants to keep his job. Milo says he doesnít know if he wants the job anymore. He says he wants to be happy at work, and the only thing that makes him happy is working out. He says he wants to feel like he matters and has a purpose. Lucy sees Milo and tells him that she may have a way to put his passion for health to work.

OLTL Recap Written by Anthony

David explains that Dorian left and Rama is pretty sure that it is because of her. Nikki later gives David a new drink which Rama thinks she could have done better. Natalie has to deal with Clint who is trying to say he is sorry. Natalie does not want to listen anymore, but Clint explains that the reason for his actions is because he never got the chance to be around her when she was a child. Clint hates he never got the chance. The two share a heart felt hug. Destiny asks Jeffrey out on a double date with Natalie, Cutter, plus the children. Jeffrey agrees to it and asks if she would like to get ice cream. Destiny accepts. At the coffee shop the two run into Matthew and Michelle where they all listen to Nora's talk show where Nora convinces a woman to go back to her family.

Dani hangs out with Brianna's sugar daddy at Shelter where the two talk about Matthew and Michelle. They also talk about how he loved Brianna and how he knew everything about her. Todd and Blair explain the rest of the plan to Tťa. Tťa hates the idea and believes that they should try a different method. Blair tells Tťa it will not work any other way and that this is all because of Victor. Tťa says that she hates Todd and storms out. Todd thanks Blair or having his back. Blair explains to Todd that he better not make her regret it.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At home, Sharon looks at the wedding pics of hers and Nickís. Faith comes downstairs with her storybook for Sharon to read her a story. Victor and Nikki arrive home from Tuscany and are thrilled to be home. Nikki tries to get him to go to work at Newman, but he refuses. At the Abbott home, Billy looks at the pregnancy test and yells for Victoria to come downstairs. Victoria hurries downstairs, urging Billy to be quiet before he wakes up Johnny. Victoria remarks that he has been drinking and Billy remarks that she is pregnant. Victoria denies being pregnant. They begin to argue over his gambling and the fact that he doesn’t want to stop in order to save their marriage. At the coffeehouse, Abby lashes out at Kyle for kissing Phyllis and then breaking up with Summer. Jack asks Summer who upset her. Summer lets him know that Kyle dumped her. At the Underground, Phyllis urges Nick not to tell Avery the truth about Summer but he goes ahead full steam ahead that she isn’t his daughter. Jack lets Summer know that Kyle meant to hurt her. Kyle begs Abby not to tell Jack the truth about Phyllis and him kissing. Despite Phyllis’ protests, Nick explains everything to Avery, who lashes out at Phyllis until he tells her that it was all his fault. Nikki looks at the bowl that she purchased for Avery and wonders if she made the right decision. Victoria lets Billy know that she is taking Johnny and going to Victor and Nikki’s. Victoria orders Billy to go as she drops the pregnancy test into the garbage can.

Victoria and Johnny arrive at Victor and Nikki’s and explain to them what has been going on. Victor promises that she and Johnny will be safe there. Victoria assures Victor that she still loves Billy. Drinking, Billy goes to Jack’s and pours his heart out to him about what happened between him and Victoria. Summer visits Sharon and Faith and gives her a bracelet with the inscription, “Lil” Sis. Phyllis and Nick argue over the fact that he told Avery everything before she could tell Jack. Nick advises Phyllis to tell Jack right away. Victoria tells Victor and Nikki that she is going to Washington to visit with Reed, and then she will come home and figure out what to do about her marriage. Sharon calls Nick and lets him know that Summer had come by to visit with Faith, and she sounded like she was leaving town. Phyllis rushes home to tell Jack the truth and finds Billy there, then Kyle comes in and tells them that Summer is gone. Victor wants to make Billy pay for what he did, but Nikki urges him to let the children work this out for themselves.

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