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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Cassandra continues to go through withdrawal and have nightmares about Uri and Vladimir and what they did to her. Dr. Anders tells Jesse and Angie that Cassandra tested negative for any sexually transmitted diseases but she is pregnant. Jesse doesn’t think Cassandra should have the baby but Angie and Dixie think they should wait to see if the pregnancy will be viable given all the drugs the kidnappers gave Cassandra. Jesse is angry and calls Uri and demands a meeting with him when he arrives at the meeting Jesse tells Uri that Cassandra is pregnant and punches him. Uri tells Jesse that nobody has ever punched him and lived and has his men beat up Jesse, Uri also warns Jesse that if he finds out anybody is asking questions about him he will kill his entire family and then come after him. Zach and Agent Marquez pretend to be a married couple looking for jewelry so they can interview the man that made Uri’s ring with the Koslov family crest. The jeweler tells Zach that he made three rings one for Uri, one for his father, and one for his brother Vladimir. Zach gets Angie’s permission to show Cassandra a picture of Uri and Vlad and she confirms that Uri was the boss and Vlad did as he was told although Cassandra doesn’t tell them the names of the two men.

Miranda asks AJ to stay away from Hunter and her because she doesn’t want him to get hurt again. AJ tells Miranda that she is his best friend and she is his family and he will never leave her AJ and Miranda almost kiss but are interrupted twice and Miranda asks AJ to let her fight her own battles because she is a grown woman and needs to learn how to stand up for herself. JR has a talk with AJ and gets him to admit that Hunter is still bullying Miranda and that several of Hunter’s friends gave him the black eye and bruises on his face. JR tells AJ and Miranda that he will talk to Hunter’s father to see if he can put an end to Hunter’s bullying. Dixie and Dr. Anders continue to argue about Cassandra’s care and his lack of bedside manner toward his patients. Dixie sees Dr. Anders at Jane’s Addiction and tries to find out more about him. Dr. Anders admits to Dixie that he isn’t good with small talk, but if he were, he would tell her that he has never seen such a pretty therapist. JR gets more steroids from AJ's friend Kyle and tells him that this will be a secret between them. Cara stops by to thank JR for her vacation with her son Oliver and she is amazed by JR’s quick recovery but she is unaware that he is using steroids.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor stares at Brooke and asks her if she is going to tell them or should she. Brooke says she doesn’t know what she is talking about. Katie says again that she thinks Taylor should leave. Taylor blurts out that Brooke did it; she slept with Katie’s husband. Katie flatly denies that; it could not happen. She says Taylor needs to get over this revenge on Brooke. She is not hurting her anymore. She has nothing; she just has her own illusions. She is trying to turn Katie’s marriage into her own. She tells Eric to get her out of here. Bill demands that she stop this. Taylor says she won’t go. They all need to know that Brooke slept with Bill and got pregnant. Katie declares Taylor must be drinking. That is the only explanation for this. How dare she come into her house and dream these things. Rick even asks Brooke if she is pregnant. Brooke denies it. Taylor says not now; she lost the baby. And she did not want to tell Katie this way, but felt in the end it would be better with her family and friends around to support her. And the worst part is it all started happening while she was in the hospital. Katie faces Brooke with a look of dread. Katie tells Taylor that Brooke is her sister and all of this is disgusting. It could not have happened and she can not believe Taylor is doing this to her. She has been confiding to her for months and what a colossal mistake that was. This is a new low and she wants her out of her house now. She does not want to ever see her again as her doctor or a friend. Bill tells them to get that bitch out of his house. Katie faces Brooke and cries that Taylor is telling lies about her. She won’t believe it. She will believe Brooke if she just tells her that it is lies.

Rafael shows Caroline the footage he has of Carter and Maya. To Caroline it’s boring and not nearly sexy enough so she grabs the script and a pen and starts making changing from a nice smile to more touchy-feely. She puts in a few fantasies which requires Carter’s character to be shirtless. She acts out all the parts and says that is something she’d like to watch. Rafael likes it. Carter comes in and says his lawyering is over and he hopes they got a chance to see the video. Rafael explains the new changes that will show more desire. Carter says he is up for it. With tears streaming down her face, Katie begs Brooke to just say it is lies. Hope looks at her mom and asks if Taylor is telling the truth. When Brooke cries too and can’t say it, Katie slaps Bill. She goes berserks and screams to everyone to get out of her house. She tells Bill not to say one word. If they say that this is her fault she will start screaming. She berates Brooke and wonders how she could do this to her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Justin told EJ that his plan to take over Stefanoís company hit a snag.  Bernardiís widow wanted to talk to Sami. Justin said he got a call from someone who had reservations about the take over.  EJ said the guyís vote was crucial and he was going to talk to him.  Bernardiís widow wanted Sami to change her story about Bernardi trying to kill Rafe, but Sami couldnít do it.  Sami told her that Bernardi would have killed Rafe if she didnít shoot him.  Bernardiís widow yelled at Sami and begged her to change her story.  Abe stopped her from yelling at Sami.  Bernardiís widow threatened to make Sami pay for what she did.  Abby and Chad overheard the argument.  When Abby and Chad went to the coffee house, she told him that Bernardiís widow deserved to know the truth about the video.  Chad told her that Stefano was behind what happened.  JJ manipulated Jennifer into thinking Daniel hated him and he (Daniel) was the reason why he shoplifted. 

Sami met EJ and Justin at court.  She told them about her run in with Bernardiís widow.  Sami told them how Bernardiís widow wanted her to pay.  Sami was taken to her hearing.  There was a funeral for Bernardi at the town square.  Sami had to tell the jury what happened when she shot Bernardi. Sami was grilled about the shooting and why she felt she had to shoot Bernardi.  When the hearing was over, Bernardiís widow showed up.  She wanted to make sure Sami paid for what she did.  Jennifer wasnít fazed by JJ blaming Daniel for the things heís done.  While EJ and Justin were waiting for the verdict, Justin told EJ that the guy who had his reservations about the takeover changed his mind.  A guard told Sami that the verdict was in.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lulu tells Nikolas and Laura that she is having a daughter. She reveals that Nikolas was shot because she refused to have sex with Stavros. Nikolas tells her not to blame herself for his fatherís actions. Lulu tells Laura that she thinks something is off about Luke and Tracy. She wonders if Luke is keeping a secret about Tracyís health. Laura wonders if it is the other way around. Laura reveals that Luke was pale and seemed evasive when she saw him at the Metro Court. Luke tells Tracy that she canít go with him to find Jerry Jacks. She says he is more important to her than winning her war with AJ is. He tells her to go pack and to bring lots of cash. When she returns, he is gone. He has left a note saying that he could never forgive himself if anything happened to her because of him. He says he is counting on her to keep it secret. She answers his door to Laura and Lulu.

AJ sends Elizabeth flowers and an apology. Michael tells AJ that he saw Kiki topless. AJ tells Michael to stop going to the house and to see his other family members elsewhere. Michael asks AJ to send him out of the country. AJ says he needs Michael in Port Charles. He says that in addition to being his son, Michael is his only friend. Michael says AJ has Elizabeth. AJ says he doesnít anymore because she found out that he slept with Carly. Michael canít believe AJ and Carly slept together when they hate each other. AJ jokes that at least Carly isnít his first cousin. He tells Michael that Elizabeth had just dumped him and Carly was there when he was spinning out of control. Michael asks how Elizabeth found out. AJ says Nikolas facilitated it. Elizabeth finds Nikolas at Kellyís and returns his phone to him. She asks him why he didnít tell her that she and AJ werenít together when he slept with Carly. He wonders why she would expect that he would defend AJ. He observes that she would have seen anything he said as self-serving. He asks her if she is going to patch things up with AJ. She says she told AJ that she needed time to think. He says he canít say that he wants her to get back together with AJ, but that it is her life and she can do what she wants. When she leaves, he deletes the recording. Elizabeth goes to ELQ to see AJ

Morgan tells Kiki that her parents are wasting their time trying to convince his mother to let him stay at the Quartermaine Estate. Franco threatens to tell Morgan that Carly tried to kill him (Franco) if she doesnít let Morgan stay. Carly tells him to read the newspaper on the table and that he will see that she had nothing to do with it and that someone else wants him dead. After reading the article, Ava suggests that Carly hired both shooters. Carly doesnít care what Ava and Franco think. Ava asks if Carly cares what Morgan thinks. She says it is hypocritical of Carly to send Morgan away to boarding school to protect him and then be in the middle of a hit. Franco stops Carly from jumping down Avaís throat by letting Morgan and Kiki back into the room. Carly says Morgan can stay. Morgan wonders what Ava and Franco are blackmailing Carly with to make her change her mind. Franco and Ava gross Kiki out with their kissing. Carly says that if anything happens to Morgan, she is holding Franco and Ava personally responsible. When Carly leaves, Franco tells Ava that he thinks she was the second shooter. Shawn is surprised that Alexis hasnít heard the news that he didnít shoot Olivia. She says it changes nothing because even if his bullet didnít hit Olivia, he is still a hired gun. She tells him that the only way she will continue their relationship with him is if he quits his job with Sonny. He says he will quit if she will too. She says it isnít the same. He tells her that he isnít used to ultimatums but he will accept her terms because he loves her and doesnít want to lose her.

OLTL Recap Written by Anthony

Viki and Nora go to dinner together where they talk about the good and bad in their lives. They joke about the changes in the tech world. Dorian and David show up and Dorian is upset that Viki is happy. She goes over to confront Viki who explains that she never did invest in the scam. Dorian is angered by this. Dorian later leaves because Rama is getting very clingy to David, and he is doing nothing about it. Natalie and Destiny drink wine outside the coffee shop and tell each other that they will not talk about their kids for one hour. This does not work out, however, and the two later decide to go get tramp stamps.

At summer school, Jack is having trouble paying attention because of Kate. After class, Kate keeps Jack behind so that she can make out with him. Michelle comes to the house and talks with Matthew over some beers and later decide to go out to Shelter. Todd, Blair, and Tťa talk about there plan to fake Victor's death which Tťa is set against. Tťa tries to come up with reasons why this is all Todd's fault, but it just does not happen. Todd calls up a tattoo guy to get the tattoo put on a John Doe, so they can shove it in the river and claim it to be Victor.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

The Abbott family gathers at Jack’s for his birthday party. Abby reprimands Kyle for the kiss that she witnessed between him and Phyllis. Phyllis and Traci bring in the champagne just as Jack and Summer arrive home. Jack acts as though he is surprised, but he has known all about the party. At the police department, Paul looks at a pic of Ricky and remembers his last conversation that he had with his son. Michael walks in and lets Paul know that he took on the Wells case even though it hits too close to home. Paul advises him against it. Lauren looks at a pic of herself and Michael and remembers their conversation. Carmine comes into his hotel room with a bottle of champagne and remembers his last night with Lauren. Nick reprimands his bartender for something he did. Avery witnesses this outburst from Nick. Nick calls Phyllis and leaves her a message that he is going to tell Avery the truth about everything. Avery tells him that she needs to know everything. At Phyllis’ coaxing, Jack opens up his gifts while Abby and Kyle exchange looks. Jack asks Kyle and Abby what is going on between them. They are hesitant to tell him the truth.

Michael meets with Mrs. Wells and hears her side of the story in the death of her husband. Mrs. Wells lets him know that she doesn’t remember everything about that night. Billy, drunk, interrupts Jack’s birthday party with a gift for him. Jack tries to talk to him and tells him that he will take him home. Kyle apologizes to Phyllis for the kiss, but she lets him know that she is not sorry -- she liked the kiss. Summer asks Kyle what is going on with him tonight. Kyle says that things are moving too fast between them. At the coffeehouse, Jack asks Billy what is going on with him. Michael lets Paul know about his meeting with Mrs. Wells. Paul visits Ricky’s grave to say good-bye. Billy arrives home and yells for Victoria to come downstairs and talk to him. Billy finds Victoria’s pregnancy test. Summer meets with Kyle, who breaks things off with her. Abby joins Kyle and finds out that he broke up with Summer. Abby threatens to tell Jack all about the kiss. Summer goes home to find comfort in Jack’s arms. Nick starts to tell Avery the whole truth about Summer not being his daughter. Phyllis overhears. Michael goes home to Lauren and finds comfort in her arms.

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