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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor blabs to Thomas that Brooke tried to seduce Eric to get a baby daddy. She miscarried, but she was pregnant with Bill’s baby. She is dreading going to Brooke’s party but Eric wants her there. And sooner or later it is bound to come up and she will have to tell an unsuspecting Katie. She does not care about Brooke’s comfort level, but she can not stand by and watch Katie get hurt again. She feels like she owes it to Katie. She has destroyed Taylor’s marriage to Ridge before. She is not going to let Brooke destroy Katie’s marriage (by telling Katie now, it will). Hope and Rick give their loving mother a wonderful CD of her favorite songs that is sure to bring back a lot of old memories. She is not sure that she is due all this attention. Bill too sees all the fuss and preparation and is not sure Brooke will feel comfortable with it. Maya and Rick attend and she tells Bill that he has a lovely house. He’s so glad to see his favorite person (not). Liam shows up and is glad to see Hope there. She asks about Steffy and Liam says he has not heard from her. Taylor tells Thomas that she will keep him out of this for the sake of the family. She is not looking forward to this but she thinks it is her duty to go and let Katie know that she is living a lie and no marriage can survive that. Donna sees Taylor arrive at the party and make a beeline to Brooke who is sitting on the sofa besides Bill. She is repeating again to him that they must keep their secret from Katie as it would kill her (if we were playing the drinking game every time she has said that, I’d be drunk by now!). Donna quickly raises a glass to a toast to get the attention away from Taylor and anything she might say to Brooke.

Taylor looks uncomfortable but determined just waiting her turn. She shakes her head in disbelief as everyone has good words to say about Brooke. Eric asks her why she is glaring so at Brooke. Taylor tells him that Brooke is a walking lie. This party is a joke. Brooke is making a joke of Katie who is treating her like a saint. She admits she knows all about the pregnancy with Bill’s baby. Eric tells her to take a deep breath. This is Brooke’s day and not for this hatred. He says he is going back in to the party and he wants her to do the same and say nothing. However as one by one they all give Brooke accolades, Taylor steps forward and says all of that is not true. Eric tells her not to do this. Bill says this is not the time nor the place. Katie even says she thought they could all get along today, but if not, perhaps Taylor needs to go home. Taylor continues that she is not here to exact revenge on Brooke. But the Brooke they all know is a lie. Brooke has a dirty little secret and either she tells them or Taylor will.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami told Will and Sonny that she was going to grand jury.  Adrienne told Justin he couldnít represent Sami.  Chad went to see EJ about Stefano.  Chad thought Stefano sent Bernardi to kill Rafe.  Chad wanted answers about what was going on.  Jennifer was upset that JJ was arrested.  Chad told EJ his theory on why Stefano ordered the hit on Rafe.  Adrienne said Justin couldnít take the case because of conflict of interest because she is friends with Bernardiís widow.  Justin didnít go along with that.  They ended up arguing over her tearing up the family.  When Abe approached Jennifer and JJ, Jennifer tried to defend JJ.  Abe told Jennifer how JJ stole electronic devices from a store.  JJ tried to explain what happened, but she didnít believe him.  She wanted to know why he didnít tell her.  He lied to her about how the items got in his bag.  Jennifer didnít believe what he said.  Sami talked to Will and Sonny about her case.  EJ told Chad that he knew Stefano ordered the hit when he heard about the razor.  Chad wanted to know why EJ was letting Stefano get away with what he did.  EJ said he wasnít letting Stefano get away with it.  Chad wanted to know what he was going to do.  EJ said it wouldnít be long before Stefano paid for what he did. 

Jennifer wanted Abe to tell her what was going to happen to JJ.  Adrienne went to see Sonny and Will while Sami was there.  Justin went to see EJ.  EJ wanted to know if this was the day they brought Stefano down.  Abe told Jennifer that he pled JJís case.  If JJ gave the stuff back, the storeowner wouldnít press charges.  Abe said JJ couldnít steal again.  Jennifer was happy and assured Abe that JJ wouldnít steal again.  Adrienne got into an argument with Sami over her case before Sami left.  Adrienne wanted to apologize to Will.  When Jennifer to JJ home, she yelled at him for stealing.  Sami walked in when Justin said the DA was going to charge her with murder.  Adrienne and Sonny talked about his relationship with Will.  Justin thought the murder charge would help them. He thought the DA should have fought for involuntary murder.  He told her to tell the truth and she would be okay.  When Justin left, Sami asked EJ if everything was going to be okay.  EJ assured Sami that everything was going to be okay.  When Sami left, she ran into Bernardiís widow at the town square.  She wanted to talk to Sami.  EJ said Stefano would be finished after today.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Alexis sees a headline in the ďPort Charles PressĒ about a new wrinkle in Francoís hit, but doesnít have a chance to read the article. Sam asks Alexis to be tested as a potential bone marrow donor. Rafe wants to be tested too, even though he isnít a genetic family member. Sam says she thinks she and the boys should move back to her penthouse because she feels like she is getting in the way of Alexisís life, noting that Shawn hasnít been around. Alexis reveals that she and Shawn have hit a snag. At Kellyís, Shawn tells TJ to man up and tell Molly that he slept with Taylor and tell Taylor that he isnít interested in pursuing a relationship with her. Meanwhile, Taylor tells Molly that she and TJ had sex. Molly doesnít believe her. TJ admits to Molly that he did have sex with Taylor after seeing her with Rafe, but that it didnít mean anything. Molly runs away. Taylor lies that she didnít mean to hurt Molly. TJ concludes that he and Molly are no longer together and walks away from Taylor. Molly runs up to Rafe, crying, and throws her arms around him. Shawn goes to Alexisís house. Alexis concludes that Diane Miller must be his attorney because only she could get bail for a confessed attempted murderer. Surprised that she doesnít know, he says they have a lot to discuss.

Franco tells Kiki that he and Ava are getting back together. Starr says they were never together in the first place; they just hooked up. Ava says Kiki brought them together. Kiki knows they are up to something. Carly goes to the Quartermaine estate and wonders why Morgan has a cast on his arm. He explains that Alice accidentally broke it when they were wrestling for fun. Carly says she is taking him home to his own family. He starts complaining about Michael hitting on Kiki and not telling him that he had been raped. Carly canít believe that Morgan is trying to pass judgment about when and how Michael chose to discuss such a trauma. She says Michael might have thought that Morgan was too young to handle it, and seeing the way Morgan is reacting, she tends to agree. Morgan thinks Michael told Kiki about as a way to get close to her because he liked her. Carly says both Michael and Morgan need to stay away from Kiki. He says he isnít going to break up with Kiki. Carly says he is not going to live under the same roof as Franco so he needs to find Kiki and say goodbye because they are leaving. They go into the living room and find Franco kissing Ava to prove that they are together. Kiki calls Franco a freak. Carly tells Franco that even his daughter knows he is a freak. Franco says Carly shouldnít call him names after he was almost shot the other day. Carly calls says that is just another reason for her to get her son away from him. Kiki protests that Carly canít make Morgan leave. Carly says she canít let Morgan stay anywhere near Franco. Franco says he isnít going to hurt Morgan and that Morgan is a man who can make his own decisions. Ava butts in and says Carly is being reactionary. She introduces herself. Carly says the fact that Ava chooses to be with Franco makes her no one that she wants to know. Ava says the important thing is that their kids make each other happy. Carly says her sonís safely is more important to her and that he is not safe around Franco. Franco asks the kids to leave the room and then tells Carly that if she doesnít let Morgan stay, he will reveal that she tried to kill him. At the hospital, Sonny swears to Olivia on Danteís life that he had nothing to do with her shooting. Dante and Lulu go to Oliviaís room and announce that they are having a daughter. Dante tells Sonny that someone elseís bullet might have hit Olivia, but that he, Shawn, and Carly are still guilty of conspiring to kill Franco, even if he canít prove it. Sonny says Dante should concentrate on finding out who really shot his mother instead of trying to make up reasons to blame him. Olivia tells Sonny that the doctor is releasing her tomorrow. He insists that she come stay at his house.

Tracy gives a housekeeper $100 to open Lukeís door. She finds Luke unconscious on the floor. She revives him and tells him that she is going to force him to have Chelation Therapy. He says the cure is not at the hospital and that he has to find Jerry Jacks for the answer. He tells her that the reason Jerry extorted $88 million from her and the others was to pay for a cure for the same poison. Lulu stops by. She asks if Tracy is ok after her hospital visit the other day. Tracy assures her that she is fine and that she would tell her if she werenít. Lulu says Tracy is as much a mother to her as Laura is and that she doesnít know what she do if she were to lose any one of her parents. She tells them that Luke is getting a granddaughter to teach ice-fishing and poker. Tracy says she looks forward to Luke teaching his larcenous ways to another generation. Lulu sees Lukeís suitcase. He says he is going on an adventure. She makes him promise that he wonít end up in another Turkish prison and that he will be back in time to see his granddaughter born. After Lulu leaves, Tracy tells Luke that he will find Jerry Jacks, get the cure, and make it back for the babyís birth and that she is going to ensure that it happens by going with him. Lulu tells Dante that her father is going on another trip, but that something about his voice made her feel that it is different this time.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Chelsea agrees to move in with Dylan although she still feels badly about lying to Adam and Dylan about the baby’s paternity. Adam has breakfast with Melanie and then they make love. Adam is stunned when he overhears Melanie telling Victor on the phone that she and Adam have gotten close and soon she will have some information for him. Abby advises Victoria not to let one mistake, caused by Billy’s gambling addiction, ruin her marriage. Victoria checks her calendar and buys a pregnancy test, because she thinks she is pregnant. Billy talks to Jack and tells him that Victoria kicked him out of the house, because he is gambling again. Jack and Chloe both tell Billy that he isn’t alone, and they will do what they can to get his gambling addiction under control. Dylan is happy to see his army buddy Steve arrive in town for a visit.

Phyllis gets Kyle and Summer to help her with plans for a surprise party for Jack, but Summer isn’t very good at pretending to ask Jack for advice about her modeling career, so Jack figures out Phyllis' plan. Jack promises Summer he will act surprised and they work on his surprise face for when he walks in the door of his house. Kyle and Phyllis decorate Jack’s house for the party. When Phyllis slips from the ladder while hanging a banner, Kyle catches her. As Phyllis kisses Kyle, Abby walks in and sees them.

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