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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor blasts Eric that Brooke Logan does not do anything without a reason. It may not make sense and it might not be right, but she wants to know why Brooke would re-create her and Eric’s marriage. She must be coming on to him. Eric says he can not tell her that, Brooke may not even know why she does things. There is no other woman in his life, just Taylor. History is not going to repeat itself. Brooke is not a threat to their relationship. She will always be a part of his past as they share children. He loves Taylor and is going nowhere. He’s asking her to please let this go. He’s not as fascinated by what is going on with Brooke as Taylor is. Brooke drops in on Bill to let him know that this party by Katie doesn’t feel right. She wants to celebrate Brooke for being the great sister that she is, when Brooke knows she hasn’t been. Bill recommends that perhaps she needs to tell Katie that, but whatever Brooke needs to tell him if there is any other reason that she doesn’t want to be involved. He says she has to get past this and she can’t let this one thing keep her from being happy. They made a mistake and it’s over with. They agreed they could put this behind them, but since then she can barely look at him.

Katie helps Hope and Donna and the decorators get her place ready for the party. Donna says if Taylor can be civil and attend the party then she is a big girl and can too. Katie drops in on Eric to hand him his party invitation and says he can even bring Taylor. Taylor makes a point of seeing Dr. Caspary but when she doesn’t get the answers she wants about Brooke, she goes back later and snoops thru the doctor’s files and find’s Brooke’s medical folder….very suspicious that a gynecologist would have Brooke’s files with anxiety attacks. Bill suggests to Brooke that whatever is bothering her that she just needs to tell him. She’s probably working herself up over nothing. She stammers that she has been keeping a secret, not just from Katie but from him too. Finally she blurts it out that she miscarried his baby. She wanted to tell him and was going to just before she was admitted to the hospital for her attack. Bill is beyond stunned. He holds her and tells her how sorry he is. Taylor takes the file and opens it. She sees where Brooke was admitted, had an ultrasound….and then no baby so she was pregnant but lost Bill’s baby!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ and his friends stole stuff from a store.  Daniel told Brady and Nicole that Eric would get his memory back if he saw something that reminded him of what happened.  Eric told Kristen that he knew why she was there.  Kristen was worried that Eric knew what she did.  Eric didnít know Kristen drugged him.  He thought she was there to stick it to him that he didnít get the deal for the school.  Marlena talked to Caroline about Sami, Eric, and John.  Marlena was okay with John being away.  JJ got in a fight with one of his friends.  The police stooped them.  They noticed they had stolen items in their bags.  The lady who owned the store they robbed wanted to press charges against them.  While was yelling at Kristen, he stopped out of the blue.  Daniel walked in and wondered what was wrong.  Daniel told Eric that his test results were negative.  Daniel wondered if Eric remembered what happened.  Eric said something was wrong.

JJ was taken to the police station.  Someone called Jennifer to let her know that JJ was arrested.  Daniel wanted to know what happened to Eric even though the test results were negative.  Marlena ran into Kristen when Marlena was leaving the pub.  Jennifer showed up at the police station and was furious with him.  JJ told her about the fight, but he didnít tell her about the stolen items.  Daniel wanted Eric to give blood every few days to figure out what the poison was.  They almost had an argument until Kristen walked away from her.  While Daniel was talking to Brady, he told him how Kristen was there to see Eric.  Brady wasnít in the mood to talk about Kristen.  Kristen talked to the doctor about the drug she gave Eric.  He wondered if she had a plan since she was afraid Eric was going to remember what happened.  She told the doctor that she had a plan.  Kristen watched the recording of her and Eric making love.  She started editing the footage.  The police officer who arrested JJ told Jennifer that JJ was arrested for stealing $700 in merchandise.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Anna cries when she watches Helenaís DVD that she recorded to inform Luke that she poisoned him with a radioactive substance. Frisco talks to Luke on the phone and agrees to help him. Anna looks into Polonium 210 on the WSB database and finds a detailed report from 2006. Then she finds out that Jerry Jax was shot with a polonium-laced bullet and was dying when he poisoned the Port Charles water supply for an $88 million ransom to pay for the cure. Luke wonders if Jerry bought the cure from Helena. Hearing that Jerryís body was never recovered after the explosion and that the money was never recovered either, Luke concludes that Jerry must be alive and that he is going to find him. Anna wants to go with him, but he says he needs her help from Port Charles.

Spinelli goes to see Sam and Danny at Alexisís house. Rafe thinks Silas is there to take him to New York when he rings the bell, but Silas says they arenít leaving yet. He asks Sam and Rafe to address him by his first name. Silas tells Sam that they still have a long road ahead of them. Spinelli says Silas has terrible bedside manner. Silas intentionally calls Spinelli the Jester instead of the Jackal and tells him to calm down and let the grownups talk. He tells Sam that while the protocol is working, Dannyís cancer isnít going into remission and that he will probably need a bone marrow transplant. He advises her to start looking for a match among Dannyís closest living relatives. Spinelli says he will compile a list right away. At the hospital, Lulu wonders if Maxie is upset because of something Spinelli said to her. Maxie thinks about her conversation with Spinelli about giving up the baby after becoming attached, but doesnít mention it. Dante tells Lulu that living with Spinelliís girlfriend probably makes things weird for Maxie. Dante and Lulu are excited to learn the sex of the baby. When she is alone with Maxie, the doctor asks her what is wrong. Maxie says she is just processing the knowledge that she is having a girl.  

Britt threatens to report Patrick, Sabrina, and Ellie to the hospital board if they look at the paternity test results so Patrick gives her the envelope, which she tears up. Patrick says she just proved that he isnít the father. Britt says tore it up to make a point and gives Ellie permission to reveal the results. Ellie confirms that Patrick is the father. Britt tells Patrick to accept that the baby will be a part of his life and she will too. Doctor Obrecht tells Britt in a text message that she told her everything would work out and that she should always trust her mother. Taylor tells Felix that he and his cohorts should be arrested for what they did to Britt. She says has heard Brittís side of the story and knows that they have all been ganging up on Britt. Felix wonders when Britt opened up to Taylor. Taylor says it was the same time that she opened up to Britt about sleeping with TJ. He congratulates her on stealing Mollyís boyfriend. She admits that TJ hasnít called her since that night. Felix says he has always liked TJ and hates that he has to go kick his ass. She tells him that he doesnít need to get involved, but that it means a lot to her that he wants to. Molly goes to see TJ at Kellyís to thank him for worrying about her when she learned that Danny has leukemia. He tells her that he saw her kissing Rafe in the park on prom night. She tells him that she was kissing Rafe goodbye, because he was supposed to be moving to New York the next morning. TJ concludes that he is a total jerk and that he jumped to the wrong conclusion again. Molly tells him that she wants to forget about all of their mistakes and start over with a clean slate. They agree to get back together. Molly runs into Taylor outside of Kellyís and informs her that she and TJ are back together. Taylor asks if TJ mentioned that they slept together.

OLTL Recap Written by Anthony

Tťa has a fit when she comes to see Blair and explains that Victor is possibly dead because of Todd continually blaming him. The two go to see Todd who explains that Victor got away. Tťa goes crazy screaming at Todd that she doesn't believe him and maybe he killed Victor until she gets a text from him, explaining that they must never see each other again. Blair is afraid for their children's lives. Todd comes up with an idea to fake Victor's death. Jack and Kate talk about how they both enjoyed themselves. She gives him her phone number before Jack leaves. Later, Jack discovers that Kate is his English Comp teacher at summer school. Dani goes to the memorial service for Briana and talks with a bunch of girls who are gossiping. Rama remembers seeing Briana with an older man the night she died. When Briana's sugar daddy, Arturo, shows up, she realizes it's not the same guy. Rama tells Bo.

Matthew talks with Michelle who explains that she was too nervous to talk to him in person. She is from Canada but lives across the street from him and Jeffrey. She proclaims that she is really shy and was worried that Matthew would not like her. She then tells Matthew she has to go back to Canada for a few days but would love to see him again. She gives him her real phone number. Matthew agrees and leaves. Michelle gloats to Jeffrey that Matthew fell for it. Although she apologizes and thanks him for his help, Jeffrey warns her he will be watching her. Clint tells Viki that her money was never taken out of the bank, and she didn't lose the $5 million to the Pellegrino Fund thanks to her business manager, Frank. Viki is shocked but does not trust Clint.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Lily tells Cane that she left her job with the Jabot fashion line because Tyler had feelings for her that she didn’t return; but she doesn’t tell Cane that Tyler kissed her. Lily tells Cane that she liked the attention and feeling that someone appreciated her for something other than being a wife and mother. Lily tells Cane that she loves being a mother and his wife, but she likes being appreciated for being a smart woman too. Cane apologizes to Lily because he has been taking her for granted, and they later make love. Jill tells Hilary that she will pay her to give her some of Cane’s work, so that he can spend more time with his family. After the meeting with Jill, Hilary heads to Cane’s house to tell him what Jill’s proposal was. He thanks her and tells her that he will handle Jill. Tyler and Devon almost get into a fight at On the Boulevard because Tyler is angry that he lost his job and Devon is angry that Tyler is going after Lily, even though she is married to Cane. Abby picks a fight with Alex because she is upset that he spends more time at work than with her and later goes to On the Boulevard to spend time with Tyler. Alex arrives at the restaurant later and tells Abby that he changed his schedule so they could go to that fancy restaurant for which she made a reservation. Abby tells Tyler good-bye and she had a nice time talking with him, then she and Alex head to the restaurant.

Kevin and Chloe explain to Delia that they are getting a divorce. Delia is very sad because she thinks she will never see Kevin again, but he assures her that he will always be there for her when she needs him. Jill encourages Billy to fight his gambling addiction for his own sake not just for the sake of his family. Billy calls Gamblers Anonymous to find a meeting. Fen tells Carmine to stop texting him and to stay out of his life. Michael and Lauren watch a movie, eat Chinese take-out, and remember their fist date. Lauren is hopeful that things will work out after Michael gives her a small kiss and they laugh a lot at the movie.

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