Wednesday 6/26/13 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Lisa

David and Colby slept together and they parted their separate ways for now. Colby to Chandler Media and David to the hospital to be with Angie. Cassandra had a seizure due to a negative reaction to methadone that was prescribed and Dr. Anders said they would monitor her. Angie became furious with Dr. Anders for not doing more and Dixie came in to take Angie to cool off. Angie, Jesse, Dixie, Dr. Anders Lea, and Zach are all working together to help Cassandra get through her withdrawals and recovery. Lea and Zach are working together to find Uri's killer and think that they may have a lead as they look at a pic of Uri and Vlad. Jesse vows to get Zach out of this murder rap, but all Zach wants Jesse to do is to be with his family. Colby goes to the studio where they film Talk Tempo and Dimitri offers her an assistant job to her and she scoffs and refuses. According to Brooke, Colby has calmed down and agreed to an entry level production job.

Miranda gets detention for being late and Hunter and his buddies taunt her with the photo shopped pic of Miranda and Heather. Upon hearing about the picture from Heather while on their date and seeing the picture, AJ confronted Hunter while he was with his posse and jumped him. Billy Clyde was coming along and stop the fight from continuing with his cane. Miranda also came on the scene as Billy Clyde was going to leave and upon hearing Miranda say Dixie is going to freak, Billy asked if he was kin of Dixie's. AJ asked if he knew his family and said just from the newspaper. Billy Clyde said he must go and they both thanked Billy Clyde for helping. Dr. Anders got the test results for Cassandra while in Dixie's presence and something is definitely more to her recovery ahead that is yet to be revealed. Stay tuned and have a great day!

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie tells Brooke and Donna to finish their conversation something they did not want Katie to know about (yeah, like they are gonna tell you now). They stammer and say they can’t even remember what it was. She guesses it was about the party and trying to get out of it. They finally admit, yes that was what it was. Katie rushes Brooke out the door and tells her to go back to work and everything will be all right. In his office, Taylor kisses Eric and he comments that she seems to be in a good mood despite Steffy leaving suddenly. Taylor says she trusts Steffy’s instincts and if she felt she needed to get away to be with her dad then she is okay with that. She talked with her earlier and Taylor is going to support her. She too is moving on with her life and she is going to enjoy every moment of it. She surprises him by saying she is thinking of throwing a party for joy, for life, for love, for all good things and she feels so positive about it that she is going to invite Brooke. She knows how close he is with Brooke and she wants to be civil and this seems like the right thing to do. Katie tells Donna that she should have known that Brooke would end up running her own party. Donna makes it clear that she doesn’t think Brooke even wants a party. Katie says then she better warn her that she has invited Eric…..and of course Taylor. Donna chimes in that you never know what might happen when you put Taylor and Brooke in the same room together. Brooke rushes back to the office and barges into Eric’s office to find Taylor alone. Taylor comments that Brooke seems tired. Perhaps this new man is wearing her out. Brooke says she really isn’t comfortable talking to her about that despite Taylor saying they are girlfriends and can talk about anything. Brooke says it is over, so no big deal. Taylor is surprised since she got the impression that Brooke was very excited about this very special person. She also apologizes for being wrong this time about accusing Brooke of inappropriate behavior with Bill. She wants Brooke to accept her sincere apology. Meeting with the party planner, Taylor turns down his suggestions and wants it to be more elegant with silks and flowing cabanas. He gushes yes he can do that just like he did one recently for Brooke Logan in her back yard. He says a little too much though when she probes further and finds out he duplicated Brooke’s Palm Springs wedding. Taylor knows that was with Eric. Pam offers Eric a big plate of lemon bars and asks about him and Taylor…… wink, wink. He assures her that all is well there.

Katie is with her party planner too and spilling how this is gonna be so special as her sisters are the best, especially Brooke. Donna finds Brooke and says she doesn’t think she is gonna like this but Katie has invited Eric and Taylor to her party. Brooke responds they can’t do much about that. But she was just with Taylor and they were civil. She thinks finally she may be off her back. Despite the fact that Brooke says they need to quit talking like this about Katie and Brooke sleeping with Bill and getting pregnant by him, it would kill Katie – that’s all they do is huddle and talk about it. When Eric returns to his office, Taylor holds him at arm’s length. He wants to know abut the party and if the planner had some good ideas. She skips that and says Brooke was just there and Eric knows about her new man. She asks outright if Eric is that man. He can’t believe she is serious and asks where all of this is coming from. She babbles on that the planner said he’d just done an intimate party for two at Brooke’s and Eric was the only one that she knows that Brooke married in Palm Springs. She asks if Brooke lured him there and if he is the new man in her life. Caught red-handed, Eric admits he was there but nothing happened. And he didn’t tell Taylor as there was nothing to tell. She keeps badgering if Brooke came on to him. He responds that Brooke is not interested in him that way and he told her he was committed to Taylor. Taylor wants to know then what is wrong; she must be hiding something.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Adrienne talked to Jennifer about Sami and Will.  The doctor was talking to Kristen again about the patient possibly remembering what happened to him.  Eric thought about making love to someone.  Daniel asked him if he remembered what happened to him last night.  Eric said he remembered what happened to him.  Kristen was upset that the doctor sold her a bad drug.  Adrienne was upset that Sonny didnít break up with Will.  Jennifer tried to defend what Will and Sami did, but Adrienne didnít want to hear it.  The doctor told Kristen that Eric wouldnít remember anything after all.  He said after thinking about everything, he realized he was wrong.  He said Eric would be oblivious as to what she did to him.  She wasnít convinced and she threatened him if Eric realized what she did.  Cameron and Chad argued over Abby.  The doctor wanted to know what Kristen planned to do, but she wouldnít tell him.  She warned him not to go too far away in case she or Stefano needed him.

Daniel wanted Eric to tell him what happened.  Daniel asked if Eric was poisoned, but Eric said he didnít eat or drink anything.  Daniel wanted him to tell him what happened when he checked in the hotel.  Eric told him what happened.  Nicole and Brady talked about Kristen and Eric.  Nicole advised Brady to be strong when it concerned Kristen.  He decided he didnít want to run away from his problems.  She agreed that she didnít want to run away from her problems either.  They decided they were going to be friends instead of friends with benefits.  Eric continued to tell Daniel what happened to him.  When Kristen went to the hospital, Nicole caught her looking at the list of patients and their room numbers.  Kristen lied and said she wasnít looking at the list when Daniel took Nicole away to talk.  While Will and Sonny were out, they ran into Adrienne.  Adrienne tried to talk Sonny into breaking up with Will.  Sonny warned her that if she made him choose between her and Will, it would be an easy decision.  Daniel asked Nicole if she knew what happened to Eric and she said she didnít know.  Eric looked surprised when Kristen was at his door.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lulu frets over plans for the babyís arrival. Dante tells her not to get ahead of herself. She says she feels as if she is not contributing anything to the birth of her own child because Maxie is doing everything. Dante assures her that she will do all the mom stuff for the rest of her life. Spinelli notices that Maxie is bonding with the baby she is carrying and tells her that he is worried about her. She admits that she is getting closer to the baby every day.  Maxie is tempted to tell him why when Dante and Lulu arrive at her door so they can go to the prenatal appointment.

Luke ignores Anna and Duke when they see him at the Metro Court because he is studying Helenaís recorded message. Laura notices that he doesnít look well and asks if he is ok. He assures her that he is. Lucy comes and whisks Laura away from Luke. Laura suggests that when they bring back Deception, they should incorporate total wellness to bring out the beauty within in instead of only focusing on makeup. Lucy loves the idea. Tracy takes Lukeís earring to the lab to have it tested. Ellie says she already isolated the toxin. Tracy calls Luke to the lab. Ellie tells him that the substance is called polonium 210 and that it is extremely radioactive. She says it was used in the Manhattan Project when they developed the bomb that was dropped on Nagasaki in World War II. She says a protocol called chelation therapy is the only known treatment that might be able to help with decontamination. Luke tells Tracy that he isnít going to do it because he is taking seriously Helenaís comment that the answer is not at General Hospital. Tracy tells Ellie to find another way to help Luke. Anna sits in the chair that Franco sat in when the would-be assassin shot at him so that she can look possible vantage points. Duke tells Anna that a woman named Ava Jerome came to ELQ yesterday. He says the woman claimed that she wasnít related to the Jerome family, but he isnít sure if he believes her. He says something about her was definitely dodgy. Mac and Felicia track down Duke and Anna to ask them to stand up for them at their wedding. Anna wonders how Maxie will feel. Felicia says she already has Maxieís blessing and besides, with her raging hormones, it is better if Maxie cheers them on from a distance. Felicia asks Anna and Duke when they are remarrying. Luke finds Anna and tells her that he needs her help.

Sabrina spoils the afterglow with Patrick by bringing up Brittís baby and the paternity test. Felix rubs it into Brittís face that Sabrina spent the night with Patrick. Britt tells Felix that she is the one having Patrickís baby so it wonít be long before Sabrina is out of the picture. Felix says they will see if that is true. She asks him if they are running a paternity test behind her back. He tells her that she is paranoid and that her toadie, Brad, would never let that happen. She bulldozes her way out of the apartment to get to the hospital. Felix calls Sabrina and tells her to get off Patrick and get to the lab. Britt arrives at the lab and forbids Ellie to run the paternity test. Patrick and Sabrina are already there with the results in hand.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Lily and Cane’s family and friends celebrate the twins’ birthday with them, but Lily is unhappy that Neil fired Tyler, because he didn’t like the changes Devon media scheduled for the launch of the fashion line. Lily admits to Cane that she left her job on the Jabot Fashion line because of Tyler. Neil meets Cane’s new assistant Hilary Curtis who Cane thinks is doing a great job, because she brought him the twins’ birthday presents he left at the office. Jill decides to have a chat with Hilary to find out more about her, because she thinks she is a little too ambitious. Tyler tells Noah that Neil fired him just because he fell in love with Lily but makes it clear to Noah that nothing happened between him and Lily. Tyler tells Noah that an editor friend of his liked his photos, and he wants to meet with him for an interview.

Leslie shows Neil another post by the GC Buzz blogger and tells him that she is going to Chicago because she has a lead on Rose whom she thinks is connected to the GC Buzz blogger. Tyler drowns his sorrows about losing his job with 12-year-old scotch. Avery asks Nick to share his secret with her, or they will have to put the wedding on hold. Nick tells Avery that he can’t tell her the truth yet because first he has to tell the people that are involved in the secret. Avery goes to talk to Jack and they both wonder why Nick and Phyllis are keeping a secret from them. Jack is also worried about Traci's marital problems, but Traci tells Jack she is tired of thinking about her problems. Phyllis uses the trip to Chicago with Kyle to tell him that he and Summer are very different and that she will never make him happy. Kyle tells Phyllis that despite the differences between him and Summer, he would never hurt her. Phyllis flirts with Kyle a little and reminds him that he once had a crush on her. Nick thinks about what he should do and remembers Avery’s words that they can’t start a marriage with a secret between them. Nick leaves a message for Phyllis on her cell phone and tells her that it is time to come clean and tell everyone the truth.

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