Tuesday 6/25/13 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope explains to Brooke why she didn’t stay at the cabin at Big Bear with Liam. Brooke says she had such high hopes and she was surprised to hear Katie say that he was back at the office. Hope says when she looks at a guy that she wants to know that he is totally committed to her, and Liam wasn’t quite there yet. She knows he will be and Brooke will be the first to know. Bill lambastes Liam for going away with Hope when he should be in Paris with Steffy convincing her to come home. Liam defends himself by saying his wife doesn’t want to come home. He’s called, he’s texted and she isn’t responding. Bill says all the more reason this needs to be face-to-face. His situation is not going to be fixed by him moping around the office while she is on the other side of the world. And he hopes Liam knows that he and Hope would never make it together when he feels so strongly about Steffy. Liam says he’s not going to do that and make it any harder on Steffy. She wanted to get away and be alone. And she gave her blessings with Hope saying that she could give him what Steffy couldn’t. He doesn’t even know what that means. Bill keep hounding that is even more reason that he needs to get to the bottom of this. Brooke tells Hope that she has a feeling more than just that happened at Big Bear. Hope tells Brooke about falling and hitting her head and she awoke to a kiss. Brooke thinks that is so romantic until Hope explains it was from a total stranger. She had caught him taking a solar shower and couldn’t resist taking a picture. He spied her and she ran away, falling and hitting her head. He took her back to the cabin and took care of her. She has no idea who he is or his name, and now she can’t find her phone. Hope says Sleeping Beauty is awake. It’s the end of the fairy tale and it’s back to reality.

Katie reveals to Donna that she and Will are going to throw a birthday party for Brooke. She has been so supportive and good to her. It’s really for all the Logan women to celebrate their unity and support of each other. She mentions Steffy having left Liam and that she doesn’t believe it is a marriage made in heaven, but she also doesn’t think Steffy was totally honest with Liam. Donna wonders what Katie knows that Liam doesn’t. She points out that she is no good at keeping secrets. Katie says no, she and Brooke are best at that. But she will never doubt Brooke again. Brooke respects her marriage and she should never have doubted that. Donna isn’t so sure a party is in order as Brooke might like to lay low a while. Katie insists that the Logan women need to let loose a little bit. Even Bill will agree with that even if he is outnumbered. He’s been indulging her lately. She has never felt so adored. Brooke walks in and says that is the way it should be. She assures them that her “panic attacks” are behind her from all the stress. Katie says well if there is anything she needs to talk to them about, Brooke can tell them anything. While Katie is putting the baby to sleep, Donna and Brook talk about keeping secrets. It is not easy on Donna. Brooke tells her to keep her voice down so Katie will not hear. She can not know this. Of course, Katie walks in and wants to know what she is not supposed to know. Bill starts making a phone call to fuel up his jet and be ready for takeoff. Liam tells him to chill it. Steffy left him. There is no Steffy and no baby, but there is Hope by his side. He cannot lose her again. She’s too special to take for granted. Bill says he doesn’t have to worry about losing Hope. She’s too hung up on him to even look at another guy. Hope looks outside over the patio and spies the naked no-name stranger. She’s intrigued. She goes out to meet him. He has her phone. He says he got past the gate as her gardeners were hauling out some trash so he slipped in. He chuckles that he thought he might get lucky and find her taking a solar shower. He already knows who she is. He is hoping they can discuss things over a cup of coffee because in a way she owes him…..awakening Sleeping Beauty and returning the phone. She agrees but says she can do one better. He explains that her brother is having a 4th of July party at the Bikini and he can come. He can be her mystery man. He can’t resist an offer like that. She goes inside to get him an invitation and he takes off. She calls after him that she doesn’t even know his name. He gallantly bows and says it is Wyatt. She watches as he walks up the hill and goes out of sight.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole tried to revive Eric. When Eric woke up, he thought about him and Kristen making love, but he didnít see her face.  George (the guy at the front desk of the plaza) stopped Kristen from leaving.  Nick came over to Will and Sonnyís place to talk to Will.  George and a police officer wanted to know what was in Kristenís bag.  Nick apologized to Will for the way he treated him.  Will told him he didnít have to apologize.  Will told Nick he understood what happened to him in prison.  Kristen said she had lingerie in her bag, but George still wanted her arrested because she was a thief.  George and the police officer thought she could have been a hooker.  George wanted to know what she was doing at the plaza.  Eric finally woke up and was in pain.  Nicole left to get help.  Martha showed up before the police officer put the cuffs on Kristen and told them there was a misunderstanding.  George apologized and Kristen left.

At the hospital, Jennifer tried to make things work with Daniel, but they ended up arguing over JJ.  Their conversation was interrupted when Marlena showed up to talk to Daniel.  Nick and Gabi went for a walk to talk about their relationship.  Kristen got to the DiMera mansion and pulled out the USB stick from her camera.  She looked at the recording of her and Eric together.  Eric was brought in to the hospital.  Daniel wanted to see what was wrong with Eric.  Marlena called Roman to the hospital so he could see Eric.  Nicole showed up and told them what happened to Eric.  Marlena wanted to know why she was there when Eric was supposed to be alone.  Nicole told them why she was at the plaza and how she found Eric.  Marlena apologized for her outburst.  While Kristen was editing the recording, the doctor who gave her the poison showed up.  He wanted to warn her about the effects of the poison.  Daniel told Marlena and Roman that Eric was going to be okay.  Daniel wanted to Nicole to tell him everything that happened when she found Eric.  Daniel thought Eric was poisoned.  The doctor said there was a problem with the poison and the person who got it could remember what happened.  Kristen was beyond upset that Eric could remember what happened.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Nikolas speculates to Alexis that Shawn is Sonnyís new enforcer and that he shot Olivia. He encourages her to make a clean break. She says she loves Shawn. Shawn finds the bullet that came from his gun lodged in the Metro Court terrace fence, confirming that someone else shot Olivia. He goes to the hospital to inform Sonny. He says it means Carly is innocent too. Sonny says Carly still put a hit in motion behind his back.  They wonder who the real shooter was. Shawn tries to call Alexis with no answer. Alexis asks to borrow Nikís phone to call Sam because she has no bars, but he tells her that Elizabeth took has his phone to confront AJ.  Elizabeth meets AJ at the Metro Court and plays the recording of AJ asking Tracy not to tell her that he had sex with Carly. She calls Carly a slut. She asks Carly why she would sleep with a man that she knew was dating Elizabeth. Carly says it was a momentary lapse in judgment. Elizabeth asks AJ why he cheated on her. He says he didnít cheat on her because she had dumped him and they were broken up at the time. She asks him why he didnít tell her when they made up. He didnít want her to dump him again. She dumps him again. Carly tells Elizabeth that there are a million reasons to dump AJ, but she isnít one of them. She says it was a moment of self destructiveness, but AJ really cares about Elizabeth. She says Elizabeth isnít blameless because she knew how insecure AJ is and that he would be hurt when Nikolas answered her phone. She concedes that AJ overreacted, but points out that Elizabeth overreacted too. Elizabeth tells AJ that she will think about giving him another chance.

Connie and Olivia each thinks the other wants to be with Sonny. Connie tells Olivia that the bullet was meant for Franco, not Sonny. She says the police thought Sonny might have put out a hit. Olivia wouldnít be surprised if that were true.  Connie concludes that she would never take Sonny back if he had anything to do with the shooting and Olivia shouldnít either. Sonny goes into the room and tells the women that he wants them to know that he had nothing to do with the shooting and that the person who is responsible will pay. Franco tells Ava that the people who tried to kill him know that he knows who they are so they wonít try again.  Ava remembers firing at Franco. She tells him that she needs him alive so she can benefit from his ELQ takeover. She says they are going to get back together. He asks her how she can suggest getting back together after she kept his daughter away from him for 20 years. She kisses him. 

Tracy worries about Luke. Luke says he is going to continue to live his life while waiting for the doctors to figure out what the toxic substance is. A man delivers a get well basket to Luke at the Haunted Star. It contains a DVD that says ďPlay me.Ē Tracy thinks it must be from Franco, but when they play it, Helena Cassadine is on the screen. She says that if he is watching it, then she must be dead. She announces that she put a toxin into his earring as a backup plan to ensure his death in case he survived their encounter on the Star. She says she had her men switch his earring with the poisoned one while he was unconscious. She says he may have killed her, but she killed him too. She says there is a slight chance that he can reverse the effects of the poison, but only if he is smart enough to figure it out. She says it is her final challenge and her final gift. She says he wonít find the answer at General Hospital.

OLTL Recap Written by Anthony

Tťa finds Dani sleeping on the couch and the two end up having breakfast together. Dani makes it clear she has no interest in moving back in but admits it is not easy living with two men. She also explains about the drugs she bought from Briana, the girl that died of an OD. Bo questions Arturo, the older man who was dating Briana. He explains that he was paying for everything and they did love each other. He also explains that she was not the type to do drugs. Later Blair goes to see Bo and explains that Briana came in to Shelter a few times but nothing strange happened other than that Arturo is planning a memorial service at the club. Natalie comes in and explains that the pills did indeed contain four times the normal amount of oxycodone. Bo then declares this a murder case.

Jack goes to get coffee and notices a pretty girl. She comes up to him and takes his laptop. Jack follows her and the two end up having sex in a room. Jeffrey is able to convince Michelle to meet Matthew at the coffee shop, but Matthew is not sure he wishes to see Michelle anymore after she lied to him. Matthew ends up going anyway and a red-haired girl shows up possibly Michelle. Todd finds Victor at Willow Lake, but he ends up getting away after killing another man. Todd takes a jacket off the floor before he leaves. Tťa gets a message from Victor telling her he knows she is the one who told Todd and asking her to get them off his back.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Adam advises Sharon to stop sleeping with strange men to try and soothe her loneliness. Sharon suggests that Adam stop denying the fact that he is still in love with Chelsea.  Adam thinks that Chelsea has moved on with her life and he is ready to do the same. Adam calls Melanie and invites her to dinner, saying that it isnít a business dinner. Adam tries to find out more about Melanie, but she doesnít want to tell him very much about herself. Dylan tells Anita that he loves Chelsea very much, and she and the baby will have everything they need in life. Anita is moved by Dylanís speech. Later Chelsea makes it clear to Anita that if she does anything to ruin her happiness, she will never be a part of her grandchildís life. Anita sees Adam kissing Melanie and doesnít look happy about it. Chloe tells Kevin she is moving into Katherineís and filing for divorce, because he chose the adrenaline rush of stealing instead of his family.

Sharon goes to Cassieís grave and tells her that she has been so sad and lonely since her death. The only time she is happy is when she is sharing memories of her with Nick. That is why she did what she did because there has only been one person who truly loved her. Victoria tells Billy that she believes he isnít having an affair with Chloe and that he has been gambling. Billy admits that he gave in to his gambling addiction again, but he is sure that with her love and support, he can give up gambling again. Victoria tells Billy that she has learned one thing about addicts -- the people they love canít help them until they want to help themselves. Billy agrees to Victoriaís request to move out of the house. Avery pleads with Nick to tell her what is bothering him, but he thinks that other people have to know first, and promises to tell her before the wedding, so that she can decide if she still wants to marry him. 

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