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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Pete is not happy when Opal tells him that she sold Cortlandt Manor and plans to move into an apartment next door to his, although he does acknowledge that she made a good deal. Colby invites Pete to meet some of her friends who will be coming in tonight for a party, but Pete makes it very clear to Colby that he only wants to be friends with benefits and he doesn’t want a serious relationship with her. Colby is disappointed but she doesn’t show her disappointment she tells Pete that a friend with benefits is fine with her. Pete tells David that he better do a good job on his interview with Broke for talk Tempo because if he makes one mistake he might scare the investors in his biosensor project. David helps Colby drown her sorrows about Pete with very expensive champagne and later they make love.

Dixie tells Joe that Billy Clyde Tuggle is alive and came to see her to ask for her forgiveness but she is very scared of him. Joe goes to talk to Billy Clyde and warns him to stay away from Dixie and her family. Cassandra insists that she spoke to Jesse on the phone when she was kidnapped and when Agent Marquez asks Jesse if Cassandra is telling the truth Jesse tells her that he didn’t talk to Cassandra. Dixie tells Agent Marquez that Cassandra probably hallucinated her talk with Jesse because she needed to feel safe. Agent Marquez tells Zach that her gut tells her there is more to the story of the kidnappers dropping Cassandra off at her house and she intends to find out the whole truth. Cassandra is agony from her withdrawal symptoms and she cries and tells Angie that they will hate her because of the things her kidnappers forced her to do. Angie assures Cassandra that nothing that happened was her fault and that she and Jesse love her very much and will help her get through this ordeal.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The naked guy, who has clothes on now, bends down and kisses Hope. Maybe he’s trying to give her CPR. Anyway, she is revived. Gently he picks her up and carries her back to the cabin and places her on the couch. She begins to come to and wants to know what happened. He says she took a picture of him. She covers her eyes as she is embarrassed when it starts flooding back to her. She sees that he found some clothes but wonders why he kissed her. Is that something he normally does……kisses women who are unconscious that he doesn’t even know. He said it seemed like a plan at the time, and it worked. She did wake up. He has a question for her – does she always spy on naked strangers? Liam is back in the office when Brooke comes in and wonders why he’s not still at Big Bear with Hope. He tells her this is what Hope wanted. She thought he needed more time alone before making a final decision. And he says he is really tired of all these people who keep trying to make decisions for him without consulting him. Brooke tells him that Steffy is his past now. She’s gone. He needs to be focusing on Hope and getting back together with her. She is his future. Maya is thrilled to tell Rick that she has an audition for a web series; he is sure she will get it if she wants it. She asks for a kiss for luck. He kisses her and says they will celebrate later. She tells him that she is happy to get this job, but she is just as happy right where she is. Carter rehearses his lines and finds out from Rafael there will be ten ladies reading with him…..make that eleven, Rafael just added another one.

Caroline is ecstatic that Rafael is doing this for her by giving Maya a chance. Hiring her will be the solution. She expresses that she just wished Rafael had a little more enthusiasm about this. He doesn’t see it the same way that she does. He knows she is using him to rid her of her competition, not handing him his leading lady. There are no promises. He has to test several ladies then it is up to Maya if she makes the cut. She asks him to keep her out of this, but call her as soon as he knows. Both Maya and Carter are surprised to see each other at the audition. He says it is more than coincidence; more like fate. Liam tells Brooke that one minute he was married to a woman who wanted to start a family as soon as possible and now she’s gone, maybe for good. It’s gonna take him a while to wrap his head around that. Brooke continues that she wants him to understand that Hope is a remarkable girl who has a lot to offer a man and she wants that man to be him (hey Brooke, after two years of being with Hope, he’s a big boy, let him figure that out for himself). Hope’s stranger says he doesn’t want that picture to end up on the internet. She giggles there is little chance of that as she must have lost her phone when she fell. She thanks him for bringing her back to the cabin and then shows him the door. She asks if he is comfortable in his tent and to just ask if he needs anything as she is fully stocked there at the cabin. He leans in and kisses her again and then is off, leaving her in a crazy, happy mood thinking of what just happened. Rafael tells Maya and Carter they were better than good. He’s found his two leads; they have the part. He welcomes them aboard and says his office will get them their scripts. Maya gives Carter a big hug and gushes that she can’t wait to tell Rick. Rafael slips off and calls Caroline. He tells her that she got what she wanted. And she was right; the chemistry between Carter and Maya were great. She couldn’t stop hugging him. Rick comments that she seems very pleased with herself. She coos that she is slowly getting there.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole knocked on the door at the plaza and walked in the room.  Will told Sami and EJ that he wanted to turn himself in to keep Sami from going to prison.  Nicole ended up in the wrong room.  Eric and Kristen continued to make love.  Sonny, EJ, and Sami talked Will out of confessing to the police.  Abe showed up at the hospital while they were talking.  Abe said he needed Will and Sonnyís statements about what happened when Bernardi was shot.  When EJ and Sami left the room, Abe asked Will and Sonny questioned about the night of the shooting.  While Sami and EJ were outside, they talked about Will possibly confessing.  When Abe was satisfied with their answers and was ready to leave, Will wanted to tell him something.  Kate and Gabi got into an argument over Nick.  Will never confessed to Abe.  Will wanted Sonny to take Sami somewhere so he could talk to EJ.  Will wanted to know if EJ was so loyal to Stefano that he would let Sami go to prison.

EJ tried to convince Will that Sami wonít go to prison.  EJ said he wouldnít alert his father about the case unless he had to.  Kate and Sami ran into each other and talked about Samiís case.  EJ said he wasnít going to let Sami go to prison.  EJ wanted Will to let him handle Stefano his own way.  Eric passed out after he and Kristen made love.  She took the cameras she had and left the room.  While Sami and Kate were arguing, Kate broke down and told her that she didnít want to hurt Rafe.  The guy at the front desk gave Nicole the right number to Ericís room.  While EJ and Sami were at the DiMera mansion, she got a summons to appear at grand jury tomorrow.  Nicole went in Ericís room and saw him passed out.  When Kristen walked out of the room, the guy from the front desk stopped her and told her he knew what she was up to.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lukeís doctor says nothing is wrong with his liver. Luke is ready to go celebrate with a drink, but the doctor reveals that he has a toxic substance destroying his body that they have not been able to identify. Lucy asks Laura to help her resurrect Deception Cosmetics and be business partners. Scott says he is in, too.  Spencer plays the recording on Nikolasís phone of AJ asking Tracy not to tell Elizabeth that he slept with Carly. Nikolas confirms that itís real and that he bought it from Tracy to break up Elizabeth and AJ, but then decided not to do it. AJ calls Elizabeth because she has not arrived at the Metro Court for their date. She says something came up but that she is on her way. She asks Nikolas to keep Cameron for the night, takes his phone and goes. Elizabeth arrives at the Metro Court and without a word, puts Nikís phone on the table, and plays the recording.

Ava tells Franco that he has to cut her in if he wants her to keep quiet. Todd catches Morgan eavesdropping. Morgan claims he is there for his laptop, which he takes and leaves. Franco accepts Avaís offer with one condition; she has to convince their daughter to build a relationship with him. She reveals that Kiki isnít speaking to her, but agrees to try. Michael and Kiki agree to try to stay out of each otherís orbits. Morgan goes to the boathouse and sees Kiki and Michael shaking hands. Michael says he agreed not to tell their parents what Morgan did. Morgan says Kikiís parents just made some kind of deal too. Michael tells Morgan that he is going to have a busy summer so he probably wonít see them very much.

Shawn is at the police station to turn himself in. Anna shows Dante the ballistics report that proves that the gun they found doesnít match the bullet that hit Olivia. Dante asks Shawn where the other gun is. Shawn doesnít know what Dante is talking about. Carly concludes that the gun that belongs to the shell found in her hotel didnít shoot the bullet that hit Olivia. Shawn says he came to the station to let them know that he is at their disposal if they need anything. Outside the police station, Carly tells Shawn that it means they both are innocent because someone else took the shot that hit Olivia. She says they have to find the bullet that came from his gun before the police do. Shawn wonders who else wanted Franco dead. Shawn finds his bullet lodged in the terrace fence. Dante tells Anna that he is glad it wasnít Shawn because it exonerates Sonny. Anna says whoever took that shot still wants Franco dead. Ava remembers firing at Franco that night.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

In Chicago, Phyllis and Kyle discuss the strategy that they will use in the business meeting. Summer calls Kyle, and Phyllis intercepts the call. Summer asks Phyllis what she is doing in Kyle’s room this time of morning. Jack overhears the conversation. Sharon visits Nick and brings him coffee. They discuss Faith and her play date. Avery watches Nick and Sharon as they bond over Faith. Billy enters Crimson Lights and finds Dylan working on some reports. Dylan informs Billy that he and Chelsea are engaged. Chelsea tells Chloe that she and Dylan are engaged. Adam interrupts their conversation. Avery interrupts Nick and Sharon. Avery confronts Sharon about why she is making herself available to Nick. Sharon reminds Avery that she and Nick do have children together. When Kevin confronts Billy about sleeping with Chloe, he denies the accusation. Kevin orders Billy to stop comforting Chloe. Chloe reveals the news to Adam that Chelsea and Dylan are engaged. Adam congratulates Chelsea. Chelsea asks Chloe for a few minutes alone with Adam. Summer asks to talk to Kyle, but Phyllis makes up an excuse that he is in the shower. Summer accuses Phyllis of trying to seduce Kyle. Jack asks Summer why she is jealous of Phyllis and Kyle. Kyle comes back to the room and asks about Summer, but Phyllis lies and says that she is going to meet Courtney. Billy asks Dylan when the wedding date is. Phyllis acts seductively toward Kyle. Phyllis asks Kyle how he feels about Summer. Chelsea lets Adam know that she loves Dylan. Dylan joins them just as Adam got up to leave. Chelsea becomes extremely agitated when she sees Angela meet Adam at the door. Dylan notices the anxiety.

Billy calls Victoria and leaves her a message. Billy looks at a deck of cards and throws them in the garbage. Chelsea interrupts Angela and Adam. Chelsea orders Angela away from Adam. Summer overhears Jack and Nick’s talk about Summer and Kyle. Phyllis turns on the cell phone so that Summer can hear what is going on in the hotel room between herself and Kyle. Adam confronts Sharon about sleeping around with every new guy that she meets. He also lets her know that Nick is in her past just as Chelsea is in his. Adam lets Sharon know that he cares for her. Chloe asks Kevin why he hasn’t signed up to help at the soup kitchen. Kevin accuses her of wanting Billy, which Chloe denies. Avery and Nick discuss why Sharon was here. Chelsea and Dylan talk about her dress design business which makes her cry. Dylan wonders if she is having second thoughts. Chelsea kisses him to let him know that she is not. Angela walks in and witnesses the kiss. Kevin sees Chloe and Billy holding hands.

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