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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Caroline quizzes Rafael about if this is where the magic happens. He says it is if he could just find his leading lady. She reminds him that she told him that she knew the perfect girl. He says a lot is riding on this and he can’t just choose her because she is Caroline’s friend. Caroline says she has no female friends. She doesn’t like Maya, but he’s hired Carter so they need to find him a perfect leading lady to make this web series a hit. She shows him a picture of Maya and says look no further; she’s the one. She implies that Carter likes her too; he’s hot for her in fact so the chemistry would be great in lots of bedroom scenes which she assumes he will have. Rafael says he’s met with Carter and he has tons of girls going to read with him this afternoon, but he’ll call Maya. Caroline gushes that he will be helping her so much. She knows he doesn’t understand but her boyfriend is interested in Maya. She’s hoping all those long hours of rehearsing with Carter will start something. Maybe Rafael could get the writers to add in as many bedroom scenes as possible. She knows he doesn’t have to hire Maya but it sure would help as this is the first time she has been in love. Rick is just fixated on Maya but they are not as well suited as she is for him. She knows he does not want to be with an actress and maybe he will get a chance to see that now. Caroline says she has been with Rick and his family and she doesn’t want to give that up. Pam knocks on the door and asks if Rick and Maya are decent. She’d like to be in on his canoodling business so she won’t slip up around Caroline if she needs to make excuses for Rick. He assures her it’s okay because he and Caroline are no longer together. She says well duh, everybody might know that except Caroline. Pam says she can’t wait to tell Donna that Caroline got the old heave-ho. Things are really gonna get fun around here now. Maya asks if Pam is always this energetic. He says yes and Maya will get used to her and his whole eccentric bunch. She says she has noticed but that’s good as she knows now she will fit right in. She already does more than with her own family. They turned their back on her when she needed them the most. But seeing him with his family, the Forrester’s, she’s starting to realize what family means.

Hope tells Liam that she’s really glad they came up here; gives them time to regroup. There’s no need to rush as he just lost a baby and his wife. She says she doesn’t expect anything from him right now. When he’s ready, she is ready. He admits that he is still thinking about Steffy. He can’t help not. He still doesn’t understand why she left. Hope says she knows. She wants all of him and she’ll know when he feels that way too. She will be able to look into his eyes and see that he is totally committed to her. Until then, perhaps they shouldn’t even be here together. He says he could go home. She agrees that maybe he should and Eric has some cars out in the garage and he could borrow one. She says she will just stay and hang out at the cabin. Rick tells Maya that he is sorry that her family wasn’t there for her. She says being an actress never entered their minds. He hopes she will now prove them wrong. There is no doubt in his mind that she will. She hopes so too although she doesn’t want him to think she is ungrateful for the job he gave her at Forrester. Caroline tells Rafael that this guy is the one; she wants to marry him. She underestimated his interest in Maya and she was cynical and condescending. He really likes Maya but she knows he would never put up with any indiscretion. He’d cut her loose. Rafael warns her that just because there is chemistry on camera doesn’t mean something will happen between Maya and Carter. She says it’s worth a try if Rafael will just meet her and see if she is what he needs. Rafael calls Maya and introduces himself and explains Room 8. She is hesitant what kind of production this is until he says it is suitable for all ages. Then she is thrilled to come in. Rafael tells Caroline he is doing this for her. Taking a nature walk with I-phone in hand, Hope suddenly spies a naked young man taking a shower out in the woods. She snickers but takes his picture. He hears something and turns around and sees her. She runs away. He grabs a towel and follows. She keeps looking back to see if he is gaining on her and she stubs her toe and falls, hitting her head and is unconscious.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Daniel busted JJ looking at Cameronís prescription pad.  EJ called Sonny to make sure he and Chad deleted the video of Sami beating up Bernardi.  EJ wanted Sonny to promise that no one will see the video, but Sonny couldnít guarantee that.  Before Kristen could stick Eric with the needle, Brady called her.  JJ wanted to know why Daniel was questioning him.  Daniel said personal information was in Cameronís office.  Daniel wanted to know why JJ had the prescription pad.  Sonny didnít want to keep Will in the dark about the video.  EJ wanted Sonny to keep it from Will, but Sonny refused to listen.  Brady told Kristen that it was a mistake to call her and hung up on her.  Kristen was upset when Brady hung up on her and started banging her phone.  Eric started to stir while she was banging the phone, but he didnít wake up.  Kristen gave Eric the shot.  JJ told Daniel it was none of Danielís business why he had the pad.  Daniel lectured JJ about taking the prescription pad.  EJ told Sami that there was a video of her attacking Bernardi.  Daniel figured out that JJ was trying to sell prescription drugs.  JJ wanted to know if Daniel was going to tell that he took the pad, but Daniel told him to tell it himself.  Jennifer was standing there while they were arguing.  Sami was upset about the video because it will ruin her case.  She was going to stop Sonny from telling Will about the video.  Jennifer wanted to know what was going on.  Daniel gave her the pad and told JJ to tell her what was going on.  Nicole went to the plaza where Eric was staying to give him his notes.  Eric woke up and wanted help because he was in pain.

JJ lied to Jennifer about why he had the prescription pad.  Eric didnít recognize Kristen.  She kissed him and he kissed her back.  The guy at the front desk at the plaza refused to let Nicole go to Ericís room.  Jennifer believed JJís story, but warned him not to get in anymore trouble.  When JJ left, Jennifer asked Daniel if he was going to report JJ.  When Sami and EJ showed up at the hospital, Sonny wanted them to tell Will about the video or he would.  EJ told Will about the video.  Will wanted to know when it happened.  Sonny told him May 7th.  Will realized that she did that around the time when Nick was blackmailing him and when Stefano got rid of the proof that he shot EJ.  Will thought that she killed Bernardi because of the proof.  Daniel said he wouldnít report JJ, but he thought he should.  They argued over JJ.  Nicole knocked on Ericís door while he and Kristen were in the middle of making love.  Maxine interrupted Sonny, Will, Sami, and EJ to let Sonny and Will know that Abe wanted them to go to the police station for questioning.  Will decided to come clean about everything so Sami wouldnít go to prison for what he did.  Nicole walked in Ericís room and got the shock of her life.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

AJ tells Duke that they have to find out who sabotaged the relishes. Duke considers Ava Jerome and tells AJ about the Jerome crime family. Franco gloats as reads about the plummeting ELQ stock prices. Ava goes to the Quartermaine mansion and tells Franco that the producer of the Chew identified his picture as the unauthorized person that was in the studio the day the tainted relish got everyone sick. She tells him that she knows he tainted the relish to drive stock prices down so that he could take over the company. AJ tells Duke that coincidentally, Kiki was already dating Michaelís brother and staying at Michaelís apartment without knowing they were cousins. He discloses that Michael kissed Kiki so now he thinks Michael should stay away from her instead of getting close to persuade her to vote for Team AJ. Morgan finds Michael standing in the boathouse doorway and Kiki inside, topless. Michael says he didnít know Kiki was in there. He says he was looking for Morgan because of the credit card that Morgan stole. He says he received a fraud alert from his credit card company about his card being used on a gambling site and that he saw Morganís laptop with the site up. Kiki is angry that Morgan is gambling again, that he lied to her, and that he stole from his brother. Morgan says it is no different from what she did in New York. She says hustling trust fund brats in a card game is a lot different from outright stealing from your own brother. He says he did it for her, to get money so they can get out of her familyís house. Michael says regardless of his good intentions, he still stole the card. Morgan says he will get the card for Michael. Michael tells him to cancel his account on the gambling site too. While Morgan is gone, Michael tells Kiki that they need to talk about what is going on between them. Inside the mansion, Morgan hears Ava telling Franco that he will have to cut her in if he wants her to keep her mouth shut.

Nikolas and Elizabeth take Spencer and Cameron to the park. Elizabeth says she wonít tolerate Nikolas badmouthing AJ. The boys sneak up on them and soak them with their water rifles. Cameron, who has become a little tech genius, fixes Nikís wet phone. Everyone hears the recording of AJ asking Tracy not to tell Elizabeth that he slept with Carly.

Alexis confronts Sonny about ordering the hit that landed Olivia in the hospital. She says Sonny knows Shawn has PTSD and that he shouldnít have asked him to do the job. He says it isnít what she thinks. Carly forbids Shawn to turn himself in because it will lead the police to her. Anna finds Carly and asks her to go with her to the station to answer some questions. Carly asks if she should call her lawyer. Anna wonders why Carly suddenly thinks she needs a lawyer when she has been so cooperative about the hotel-related questions up to now. Carly goes to the station with Anna. Shawn goes to the hospital. Sonny tells Shawn that he isnít going to give up Carly to the police. Shawn says he thinks Anna already knows. Sonny says Carly never thinks and that this is going to destroy her kids. Shawn says he is going to turn himself in and say he acted alone. Sonny says Shawn shouldnít sacrifice himself. Shawn says it is his responsibility because he pulled the trigger, but he canít believe that he missed the shot so badly. Sonny tells Alexis that Shawn went to the station to turn himself in. At the station, Dante matches a gun that was found in a nearby landfill to the shell that they found at the Metro Court. He sends the gun and the shell to ballistics to match them to the fragments that came out of Olivia. When Anna and Carly arrive, Dante insists on being in the interview room. Anna thinks it is a bad idea, but allows it. As Anna predicted, Dante jumps in and tips their hand. He says they are going to trace the gun to one of Sonnyís men. Carly says it wasnít Sonny. He asks her who it was. She asks for her lawyer. In the lobby, Shawn tells Carly that she wonít need her lawyer. He tells Dante that he has something to tell him, but Anna urgently takes Dante aside. Carly tells Shawn not to confess. Anna shows Dante the ballistics report that proves the bullet that hit Olivia didnít match the shell and gun.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Michael and Lauren are out to dinner but they are taken aback when Carmine brings them a bottle of champagne. Neil and Leslie discuss the fact that one of the passages on the back of Rose’s pic is the same as was in his blog. Billy tries to talk to Victoria, but she still accuses him of having an affair with Chloe. Adam and Melanie talk until they are interrupted by Chelsea. Melanie and Chelsea exchange pleasantries which unnerves Adam. Adam lets Melanie know that Chelsea is his ex-wife. Dylan surprises Chelsea with a dinner. Michael attempts to hold Lauren’s hand but her attention is drawn back to Carmine. Billy brings Victoria to the restaurant to talk to Carmine to verify his story about gambling, but Carmine denies his gambling addiction. Neil asks Leslie what the connection is between Rose and the man who is posting articles about him on the internet. Avery interrupts Adam and Melanie. Once Melanie leaves, Avery asks Adam if he will be seeing Melanie again.

Chelsea shares with Dylan her hopes and dreams for the future. Dylan asks Chelsea to marry him via the handwriting on the wall. Chelsea doesn’t know what to think. Billy takes Victoria to talk to Adam about his gambling, but he also denies that Billy is gambling. Neil posts an article on the internet with the emphasis on “Rose.” Chelsea writes “YES” below Dylan’s proposal. Victoria tells Billy he needs to go, and she doesn't care where.

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