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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam and Hope explore the woods at Big Bear. She wonders if this is too soon for Liam since he’s so quiet. He says he’s not sure. He’s never not known what to say to her before but now….. She says that she hopes that he knows that he can say anything to her. He doesn’t have to be careful with her; he can tell her anything. Slowly he says that he thinks what Steffy said was a crock. She said she was leaving for his own good, but he thinks it is just easier on her. Hope has been patient and he doesn’t know what it is that he needs to say to her. He could say love him or let him go. She says she thinks they just need a little time. Maya tells Rick that he doesn’t have to choose between her and everything else in his life. She likes it when he gets all presidential.

Carter takes a phone call and gets all excited. Caroline happens by and wants details. He says he came to L.A. to be a lawyer to please his parents but he always wanted to be an actor. Now he’s getting a call to meet a producer. Caroline insists that she go along and be his agent, just to check out this place and make sure it is legit. Turns out once there, she knows this Rafael and begins to make negotiations so Carter will get a good part in his play. Brooke questions Katie’s suggestion that perhaps she should tell Taylor the real reason that Steffy went to Paris. Brooke retorts that Taylor is a doctor but not one that should be treating her own daughter in this case. And she will not apologize for stepping in and trying to make things easier for Liam and her own daughter. Hope calls Brooke and says this is probably too soon for Liam and they’d both like to come home. Brooke tells Katie that she guesses she was right after all. Maya tells Rick that he has nothing to worry about with Carter. He’s a friend. When the other actresses don’t pan out, Caroline tells Rafael that she knows a young, fresh, wholesome actress perfect for the part opposite Carter. Without knowing what else to say to each other, Liam kisses Hope.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nick met Kate to talk about work.  She was curious how someone so smart could be an idiot.  Eric wanted to help Kristen with her problem with the guy at the front desk.  He asked her to tell him her name.  She didnít tell him what it was.  Daniel talked to Maggie about his problems with Jennifer and JJ.  Jennifer walked in her house and nearly saw JJ and Rory with the drugs JJ stole from the hospital.  She thought JJ was keeping something from her.  He said he was.  Eric thought he recognized Kristen, but she was able to get out of it.  When Kristen walked away, Eric and the guy at the front desk dealt with Ericís phone not working in his room.  Kristen was able to bribe another person at the front desk to get the room she wanted.  Kate told Nick that EJ and Sami stole his formula and they were going to release it before them.  He tried to come up with an excuse, but she fired him.  JJ told Jennifer that something was going on with Abby and that was what he was keeping from her.  Jennifer was glad he told her and was going to get in touch with Abby.  He said they had to look out for each other and implied that they didnít need anyone else.  Nick told Kate that she couldnít fire him because he had a contract, but she said he breached his contract.  JJ cleaned up what he was trying to say and Jennifer believed it.  He told her how he went to see Daniel to apologize to him.  She told him that she knew he was there. 

JJ sold the drugs he stole from the hospital, but he needed more drugs.  Jennifer went to see Brady to see how he was doing.  He was upset about Kristen, but Jennifer tried to convince him that Kristen loved him.  JJ wanted to meet Cameron to get more drugs.  Nick met Vargas at the rectory.  Nick told him that he lost everything so he couldnít threaten him anymore.  Nick wanted to work with Vargas on another project.  Vargas was curious as to why Nick wanted to work together instead of working on his relationship.  Kristen snuck in Ericís room and shot him with a dart.  Eric was passed out from the dart.  Vargas agreed to work with Nick.  Brady and Jennifer argued over her thinking he should forgive Kristen.  When JJ found Cameronís prescription pad, Daniel walked in on him.  Daniel wanted to know what JJ was doing.  When Jennifer left, Brady debated on whether or not Jennifer was right about Kristen.  While Eric was passed out, Kristen filled a needle with the poison and was about to stick him with it.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Michael and Kiki think about their kiss. Michael tells Carly that Kiki is Francoís daughter and that she and Morgan moved into the Quartermaine estate. Morgan tells Kiki that he isnít jealous about her looking at Michaelís picture because he is her cousin and that would be gross. Kiki hangs up on Ava and tells Morgan that her mother isnít going to stop until she gets her hands on the Quartermaine money. Morgan plays video poker until his credit runs out. Michael receives a call about his credit card. He goes to the Quartermaine mansion and sees the credit limit warning on Morganís laptop. He realizes that Morgan stole his credit card and racked up another gambling debt. He goes looking for Morgan. Morgan is at the lake with Kiki. He wonders why Kiki keeps rebuffing his advances. She assures him that she still likes him and tells him to cool off while she changes into a bathing suit in the boathouse. Michael opens the boathouse door and sees Kiki topless. Morgan arrives to see the compromising situation.

Ava goes to ELQ to see AJ, but he isnít there. She gives Duke her name. He wonders if she is related to Victor, Julian, or Olivia Jerome. She says she doesnít recognize the names, but that she might look them up to see if they are related. He tells her that they are all dead because they were gangsters. She concludes that Duke must have been a gangster when he worked for the Jeromes. He tells her that he is a law-abiding citizen now and that his girlfriend is the police commissioner.

Rafe appears at Mollyís door and says his uncle brought him, but he doesnít know what is going on. Rafe says the medal that Lucy gave him must have worked. Lucy suggests that they use the medal together and direct all their positive energy toward Danny. Silas goes to General Hospital and tells Sam that he canít take Rafe away from Port Charles while she is dealing with so much. Alexis gives Sam Dr. Singhís recommended protocol of medications for Danny. Silas suggests a different protocol that is better for small children. Sam says she doesnít like Silas, but she is going to trust him. They discuss the option with Dr. Singh. After Dannyís chemo, Sam thanks Silas. Alexis goes home and tells Molly, Lucy, and Rafe that Silas swooped in and saved the day. She thanks Lucy for getting through to Silas. Lucy tells Alexis that Shawn came by and that it seemed like something big was bothering him. Shawn tells Carly that Alexis knows what he did, but that she canít turn him in because he works for Sonny, but that he might turn himself in. Dante tells Anna that he suspects Carly in Oliviaís shooting. Anna says they are already looking at Carly. She tells him that they suspect Shawn Butler as the shooter and they think he has taken Jasonís place in Sonnyís organization. In Oliviaís room, Sonny tells Connie that he will always be there for her, whether they are a couple or not. Olivia opens her eyes. Connie observes the dynamic between Sonny and Olivia. Olivia remembers seeing blood on Sonnyís shirt. He tells her that it was her blood. He asks her why she took that kind of risk. She says she would do anything for him. Dante comes into the room and is thrilled to see his mother awake. Anna appears behind Carly and Shawn right after Carly has said that Shawn canít turn himself in because Anna would figure out the pieces that lead back to her.

OLTL Recap Written by Anthony

Clint tries to get Viki's money back and promises her that he will get succeed. Viki does not care about that. All she cares about is what Clint did to Natalie and John. Clint thinks that will all be over with when the two get married. Viki does not even want to think about marriage right now and tells Clint to leave. Natalie and Destiny talk about what Clint did as well as Natalie and Cutter's relationship. Destiny thinks it will work out. Todd and Blair try to come up with a plan to find Victor and Tťa shows up with an answer to where Victor probably is. Tťa will only tell if Todd promises not to kill him. Tťa tells them of a motel that Victor may have gone to.

Todd and Blair tell Jack and Sam not to go anywhere and Dorian is to watch them. Dorian is overly happy at what she did to sabotage Viki. Dorian later finds out that Jack and Sam were escaping when Shawn shows up with both of them. Dusky plays at Shelter while Matthew and Dani talk about the girl who died and how she could have died. Later the two dance. When they return home Jeffrey is on the phone with Michelle who Jeffrey thinks is in Llanview. Later, Todd who is on the phone with someone, tells his guy to bring Victor to him before he kills him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victoria comes home and gets a call from Billy which she doesn’t answer. Billy mumbles something to himself which Jill overhears and she asks him what he has done now. Lauren and tells Michael that she thinks that Fen will never forgive her for kissing Carmine. Michael also lets her know his feelings about them getting back together after what happened today. Kevin sees Chloe at work and lets her know that he returned the stolen merchandise. Lily finds Tyler to talk about work. Neil shows Leslie yet another entry on the internet. Leslie gets a call from Avery letting her know that the judge granted permission for her to gain entrance to her father’s safe deposit box. Lily lets Tyler know that she heard about his fight with Devon over the campaign. Abby visits Victoria to offer her a job at Jabot with her and Lily. Victoria informs Abby that Billy is having an affair with Chloe. Jill is quite upset when she finds out that Billy is gambling again. Lauren advises Michael not to go after Carmine. Lauren suggests to Michael that they go out on a date. Alex interrupts Paul with some new information about the burglary case in which the thief returned the merchandise. Chloe asks Kevin when he is starting volunteering at the homeless shelter. Kevin lets her know that he hasn’t called yet. Kevin begs Chloe to come home. Abby advises Victoria to go and see Chloe and tell her to back off of Billy.

Neil and Leslie interrupt Tyler and Lily’s talk. Neil leaves abruptly to and talk to Lily. Leslie lets Tyler know that they got permission to look in Gus’ safe deposit box. Jill comes to visit Lauren to tell her about a fundraising that Chandler Enterprises is having. Lauren lets Jill know about the affair that she had. Jill feels really bad for her after all the times that Jill cheated on John. Alex asks Kevin for help in finding the burglar, but he refuses. Billy visits Chloe at work to ask for her help; but, before he can ask her, Victoria barges in and accuses them again of having an affair. Once again, Billy denies the accusation as does Chloe. Neil catches up to Lily and gives her fatherly advice about backing away from Tyler before it is too late. Leslie and Tyler get a brown envelope out of Gus’ safe deposit box. At home, Leslie is slow to open the envelope until curiosity gets the best of them and she has to open it. Leslie and Tyler are surprised that Gus had a will. Billy goes home to Victoria and tries to console her but without any luck. Victoria asks Billy to sleep elsewhere that night. Billy shows Victoria his cell phone in which he had set up a poker game for that night. Chloe visits Kevin at work but before she can see him, she sees Abby, who accuses her of having an affair with Billy. Kevin comes out and asks Chloe if this is the reason why she doesn’t want to come home.

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