Wednesday 6/19/13 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 6/19/13 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Eva

A realtor who tells her that someone is very interested in buying Cortlandt Manor contacts Opal. Opal tells Gretchen she isn’t interested in selling her family home but changes her mind when Pete tells her he already signed the lease on his new apartment. The new owner of Cortlandt Manor is Billy Clyde Tuggle who pays three times what the house is worth just because now he is richer than God and he can afford the price. Dimitri offers Celia the job as his intern because he is the producer of Brooke’s new show "Talk Tempo." Celia tells Dimitri that she has a strict guardian and she will have to check with him before she can accept his job offer. Pete arrives at where Talk Tempo is being filmed and he and Celia ignore each other, but Celia does talk to Opal who is waiting for Pete. Opal tells Celia that Pete is moving out of the house to get his own apartment. Celia and Pete have an argument because she tells him that a grown man needs his privacy so he can entertain. Pete is upset with Opal for telling Celia about his new apartment because he thinks Opal told Celia that she found him in bed with Colby. Opal tells Pete she didn’t say a word to Celia about Colby but Celia is a smart girl she figured things out on her own. Celia is very surprised that Evelyn thinks the internship is a great idea so she offers to talk to Celia’s guardian so he will allow her to take the job.

Cara tells JR how much she misses her son Oliver so JR decides to surprise Cara with passes to Disneyworld for her and Oliver and he tells her she can use the Chandler Jet for her vacation. Cara doesn’t want to accept the gift at first but JR persuades her to take the gift since she will get to spend time with Oliver. Dixie and Doctor Anders argue because he doesn’t think Dixie should be Cassandra’s therapist since she is a friend of the family, but Angie thinks Dixie is the perfect person to help Cassandra because she is a friend of the family. Jesse calls Uri and tells him he intends to tell the FBI everything because he deserves to rot in jail after all the horrible things he did to Cassandra. Uri tells Jesse that if he tells the FBI anything he will kidnap Randi and Natalie because they could earn him as much if not more money than Cassandra earned for him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke listens while Hope explains to her that Steffy suddenly left the country yesterday and isn’t coming back. She left Liam and her marriage. Liam is taking it pretty hard, but Steffy must have felt the baby was the only thing keeping them together. She doesn’t want to rush Liam, but now this gives them another chance. Likewise Thomas is stunned when he’s looking for Steffy and Liam tells him that she took off to Paris to be with her dad. Thomas accuses Liam of being less than supportive with the miscarriage that caused her to bolt. Liam must have made her feel bad. She would not have left without saying goodbye. Liam said he bent over backwards to be supportive and it was hard for both of them, but he never expected her to just give up on them. Rick has been up a while but watches as Maya slowly wakes up. He says she was sleeping so peacefully that he didn’t want to wake her up. They both admit that last night was incredible……well worth the wait. And that they both meant every word they said. He makes sure she doesn’t have anything she has to do today and he decides to call Pam and take the day off as well. Brooke makes a phone call and then tells Hope that she has a surprise for her. She and Liam are going to take the day off and there already is a car waiting downstairs. Hope is skeptical but Brooke says she did not call Father Fontana. She just wants the two of them to be alone without Liam thinking about Steffy and focus his attention back on Hope. Hope interrupts Thomas and Liam but she can’t wait to tell Liam to clear his schedule. This may not seem like the best time, but they are going away together. Her mother planned it and there is a car waiting. Liam says oh no, not again. She promises him that it is not a joke nor another wedding. It’s going to be an adventure. Katie drops in on Brooke to see if she has heard abut Steffy leaving town. She says she was sworn to secrecy but there is more going on that others realize. She finally admits that Steffy can not have more children so apparently she is running away. She is saying no to adopting or surrogacy and does not want anybody to know why she is really leaving.

Maya enjoys the breakfast that Rick made for her. She says she is sorry for ever giving up on them. He says it’s already forgotten; Bill has a way of intimidating people to do his bidding. She comments that he’s almost as good as Rick, the waiter. He gives her a lovely diamond pendant that belonged to his grandmother on his father’s side. He knows she would have insisted Maya have it if she knew how special she was to Rick. He puts it on her and they kiss. He says she deserves this and so much more and he’d like to give it to her. That’s the way he sees it, them always together. Hope is thrilled when she sees they are at the cabin at Big Bear and Brooke has taken care of everything. Liam looks around half expecting to see a priest. Hope says no, but they might see a bear. Liam says he can handle a bear. Hope says her mother just wanted them to get away together and decompress and process everything. Katie tells Brooke that she told her the secret but she doesn’t want her telling Hope or anyone else. Brooke agrees. She claims she is not pushing them, but she just wants Liam and Hope to have this time alone together with no worries. It’s the perfect place for Liam to heal with a new beginning.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric visited Sami at the police station.  He didnít think it was a good idea for her to face a jury.  She didnít agree with his advice.  He wanted to know why she didnít yell for help instead of shooting.  Justin and Adrienne talked about her feelings towards Sonnyís relationship with Will.  She continued to disapprove of Sonnyís relationship with Will.  Justin reminded her that Sonny is a grown man and that she canít protect him forever.  He also told her that she couldnít dictate who his clients will be either.  JJ was at the hospital with Cameron.  When Cameron left the room, JJ stole drugs.  Sonny talked to Chad and told him how Chad sent him the video of Sami fighting Bernardi.  Sami didnít think she had time to call out for help.  Eric wanted to stay with Sami, but she wanted him to go to the capitol.  EJ and Kristen talked about Sami.  They also talked about whether or not Stefano was involved with Samiís situation.

Adrienne visited Will while he was with the baby.  They talked about parents protecting their kids and she dropped a bomb on him.  She wanted him to break up with Sonny.  Justin met with Sami and told her that they had a case.  She told him that Bernardi had a razor instead of a knife.  She told him that Eric let her know that changing her story didnít look good for her.  Justin agreed that it didnít look good for her.  Adrienne explained to Will why she didnít want Sonny with him.  Sonny and Chad tried to convince Abby not to go to the police with the footage of Sami beating up Bernardi.  Justin asked Sami if there was anything else she wasnít telling him about the case.  EJ showed up and suggested that she not say anything.  Will wasnít willing to break up with Sonny.  Will and Adrienne continued to argue over her wanting him to break up with Sonny.  Sami said she told Justin everything she knew about the case.  Justin said juries look for motives and it will work in her favor that she didnít have a motive.  Kristen showed up where Eric was wearing a black wig.  EJ called Chad to tell him to delete the video of Sami beating up Bernardi.  Eric showed up at the desk just as Kristen demanded to get the room next to his.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Alexis arranges for Sam, Danny, Lucy, and Rafe to come to her house for an hour and a half before Silas picks him up to take him to NYC. Silas arrives moments after the guests. Alexis refuses him to take Rafe before the agreed-upon time. Silas says he doesnít think Alexis wants him to wait at the curb and he pushes his way inside. He asks Sam about Danny. She congratulates him on being right and says he doesnít care about Danny any more than he cares about Rafe. He says he already proved his concern for Rafe to the court and he doesnít have to prove it to her. He tells her that his concern for Danny provided the early diagnosis that could save his life. Lucy tells Silas that she was mistaken about his brother, Steven. She says Steven did horrible things because of a human reaction to the loss of his wife. She says Silas is the vampire because only a soulless creature would rip a child out of his home. Molly gives Rafe the first draft of her new novel, ďMaine Squeeze.Ē Everyone says goodbye to Rafe, and Silas takes him away. Alexis runs into Luke and Tracy at the hospital. She tells them that Danny is starting Chemo. Tracy says Quartermaine resources are available to Danny. To protect Lukeís ego, Tracy tells Alexis that Luke came with her to get her test results. Sam goes into an exam room and is surprised to see Silas. He tells her that he didnít take his flight. Rafe goes to Mollyís house and tells her that Silas changed his mind.

TJ confesses to Shawn that he saw Molly kissing Rafe and then got drunk and had revenge sex with Taylor. Shawn says he had hoped that TJís first time would have been with someone he cared about. Shawn says TJ does irresponsible things every time he drinks alcohol. He grounds TJ with a curfew and says the punishment will be worse if he drinks again. TJ asks Shawn not to mention it to Alexis. Felix scolds Taylor for stealing his vodka and staying out all night with a boy. She invites him to tell their parents, but tells him to expect her to do likewise. When Felix leaves for work, Britt asks Taylor what secret she has on Felix. Taylor wonít tell. Britt gives Taylor some hangover tips and asks if she used protection. Taylor wonders why Britt cares. Britt says she cares about her health because she is a doctor. She says she thought TJ was hung up on the little drip. Taylor says TJ was, but he will never look back now that she has shown him how to have fun. Britt tells her that she tried that strategy and now she is alone and pregnant while her babyís father is with another drip. Taylor says she isnít looking for a husband; she just wants to have a good time. Britt says she hopes Taylor doesnít make mistakes that she will be stuck with for the rest of her life.

Sabrina and Felix convince Patrick to do a DNA test on Brittís baby with a blood sample that is already in the lab for a different test. Patrick wonders how they will get past Ellieís boss. Felix says he will handle the horny hobgoblin. Brad goes into the lab and fires Ellie when he sees that they found the decoy file that he had hidden. Spinelli says Brad canít fire Ellie without submitting a formal request and receiving approval from the managerial committee. He adds that once he does that, Ellie will have a hearing to contest it, where she will reveal his possession of a secret file on Dr. Westbourne and then he will be investigated. Brad backs off. Felix goes to the lab and tells Ellie, loudly enough for Brad to hear him, that he is going to go to the locker room for a shower before he goes home. Brad predictably follows Felix. While Brad is gone, Sabrina and Patrick tell Ellie that they need a DNA test on Brittís baby, but they think Brad is covering for Britt. Ellie is not surprised and agrees to do the test without Brittís written consent. Felix joins the others in the lab. Ellie tells them that Brad has a secret file on Britt. Brad takes the secret file to Britt and says it is safer with her than with him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Cane and Lily talk and have dinner together. Lily talks about Cane’s new assistant. Chloe and Chelsea discuss Dylan and how that he had told Chelsea that he loved her. Chloe also tells her about the conditions that she had set before Kevin in order to save their marriage. Billy visits Dylan at the coffeehouse and shares some trade secrets with him. Dylan lets Billy know that he is moving on with his life. Avery comes in and, upon hearing Dylan’s last remark, is thrilled that he took her advice. Kyle and Summer have coffee and small talk about her fitting for that day. Kyle offers to accompany Summer. Avery and Dylan discuss Chelsea and Dylan raising the baby as a couple. Billy and Dylan discuss the children that Billy has had with multiple women. Devon interrupts them and goes on to confront Tyler for making a business decision without him. Summer and Kyle arrive for the fitting. Phyllis lets Jack know that she is going to Chicago to meet with some of the clients. Jack feels that this will be the perfect time for him to meet some of the clients. Avery brings Nick breakfast and tells him that they are going to discuss wedding plans. Avery notices that something else is bothering Nick.

Devon and Tyler argue over Lily and Tyler’s feeling for Lily. Chloe calls Lily to come and help in the dispute that Devon and Tyler are having. Lily lets Cane know that she has to go to work. Jill meets up with Billy and they exchange pleasantries. Jill lets Billy know how proud she is of him for kicking his gambling habit. Jill points out to him how much he has to be thankful for. Billy gets a text from Kent about a poker game that was planned for that night. Chelsea visits Dylan at the coffeehouse. Dylan fixes her a cup of decaf from his espresso machine. Dylan lets her know that he is doing a lot of things that he hadn’t done before including being married. Kyle breaks his date with Summer by letting her know that he has to go out of town on business. Phyllis lets Jack know that Kyle is accompanying her to Chicago for the business meeting. Jack knows that something else is up with Phyllis, but he doesn’t know what.

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