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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells a shocked Donna and Eric that she is not pregnant anymore. Dr. Caspary told her at the hospital. She was afraid and nervous but excited too that she was gonna have another little baby. They are both sympathetic for her, but Donna says this may be a blessing in disguise as Katie now never has to know. Katie calls and leaves a message for Brooke to call her. She should not be embarrassed by having a little panic attack. Bill makes a mockery of Rick’s little plan to keep him locked up until he confesses and backs down on his plan to blackmail Maya. Rick has his say but Bill seems to dismiss it. Still Rick says to just leave her alone, and he lets Bill out of the cell. Caroline practically bites Carter’s head off when he comes in the office. She lays it on him that Rick is now back with Maya, yet she is not going to give up on Rick, and he shouldn’t give up on Maya either. This is not over. She tells Carter that Maya may be in today, but gone “tomaya”.

Maya tells Rick that he never gave up on her, and she owes everything she has to him. He says she is incredible, and he’d hire the best lawyer in the world if Bill threatens her further with prison. He says he likes this tough side of her. She amazes him taking on the big Bill Spencer. Usually people harden with that, but she doesn’t. He likes everything about her. She says she loves him too……totally crazy in love, and she’s wanted to tell him that for a long time. They make love. Brooke tells Donna that she has made so many mistakes and hurt people, so she wants them to help her keep this secret. Her sister’s happiness is her only concern now. She doesn’t have to know this. Katie tells Bill that she wonders what is going on with Brooke. She had a panic attack, but there must be something more. She is not returning her phone calls.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ told Sami that Justin was going to take her case.  EJ asked if the police found the knife.  Abe told him that they didnít find it.  Chad and Abby saw footage of Sami attacking Bernardi.  Stefanoís henchman asked Kristen if she was ready to proceed with the plan and she was.  EJ let Marlena know Sami was attacked in her cell.  Roman showed up to take Sami to fill out a report on what happened.  Marlena wanted to know what EJ was going to do about this Stefano was involved.  Chad and Abby talked about the footage of Sami attacking Bernardi.  Sami told Roman about the guy who attacked her.  She also told Roman that she killed Bernardi because he tried to kill Rafe.  She told him how she wanted to go home.  Marlena talked to EJ about Stefano attacking Rafe.  She blamed his family for something happening to hers.  She wanted him to make this problem go away if he loved Sami.  Stefanoís henchman told Kristen how the potion worked.  Abby wanted to take the footage to the police, but Chad didnít want to take it to the police.  He wanted to take it to EJ, but he didnít want her to tell anyone about it.  Roman told Abe about the investigation, but Abe let him know heís been relieved of his commissioner duties.

EJ went to the DiMera mansion to find Stefano.  Kristen told him he left town.  EJ said Stefano was going to pay for what he did.  Kristen thought it would have been a good thing for Rafe if Bernardi killed him, but EJ said he wasnít threatened by Rafe.  Abe let Roman know that he was temporarily taken off the case because heís too close.  Roman wanted to know who was replacing him.  Abe said he was the one who was replacing him a commissioner.  Roman was happy that Abe was replacing him because he would help Sami.  Abe assured Roman that they would do everything by the book.  Hope wanted to take Sami to get her statement again.  Hope wanted Sami to get a clear picture of what happened because her story kept changing.  EJ and Kristen argued over Marlena.  He wanted Kristen to leave Marlena alone.  Marlena hypnotized Sami so she could tell what happened when she shot Bernardi.  While Sami was describing what happened, she said Bernardi didnít have a knife.  Chad showed EJ the recording of Sami attacking Bernardi.  EJ wanted to know who filmed the video and who Chad showed it to.  Chad said he filmed the video.  EJ, Chad, and Abby argued over whether or not Sami wanted Bernardi dead.  Marlena questioned Sami about what was in Bernardiís hand.  Sami said it was a razor.  EJ didnít want the video to get out.  He wanted them to keep their mouths shut.  Kristen said she couldnít destroy Johnís son, but she had no problem destroying Marlenaís son.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Michael and Kiki are finally introduced as cousins. Franco mentions the rape, forcing Michael to tell Morgan what happened in Pentonville. Kiki concludes that the person Michael said put the wheels in motion must be her father. Morgan is upset that Michael told Kiki and not him. Kiki says she was just there when Michael needed to vent. Kiki sees Michael in the foyer. He wants to discuss their kiss. She says it never happened. In the living room, Franco tells Morgan that he hopes he didnít inherit his fatherís propensity for violence. He asks Morgan if he doesnít think it is odd that he was named after his brotherís uncle. Franco asks Morgan if he knows that his parents want him dead. Morgan finally speaks and asks him if he can blame them. Franco says no and adds that his own brother wants him dead too. He looks at AJ and laughs. He says itís fun to have the upper hand. Morgan sees Kiki and Michael in the foyer. He apologizes to Michael for going off on him and then goes upstairs with Kiki.  

At General Hospital, Dante wonders if his father ordered a hit on Franco that went wrong. Lulu suggests that it could have been Carly because when he saw Sonny and Carly together, Sonny had Carly cornered and he looked pissed. Dante wonders if Sonny was angry because Carly botched the hit. Sonny startles Carly when she walks into her house and finds him sitting on her sofa with a gun. He says he wanted her to know that he was serious when he said that if Olivia died, she would die too. He tells her that in addition to Olivia being shot, Franco knows the hit was meant for him and he knows who planned it. He says she has turned Shawnís life upside down because he only agreed to participate because of Josslyn and her. He says he wouldnít blame Shawn if he ratted her out. Meanwhile at Alexisís house, Shawn tells Alexis that the police already let him go because they donít have enough evidence and Alexis is the only person who knows he did it. She says Sonny knows because he paid him to do it. Shawn says he never said he did it for Sonny. Alexis doesnít believe Shawn acted alone. She says she isnít going to turn him in because it would implicate Sonny and violate attorney-client privilege. He asks her if she would have turned him in otherwise. She says yes. He says she is a killer too, reminding her that she killed Kristinaís boyfriend Kiefer. She says that was different because she was protecting her daughter. He says it isnít different because he was protecting Carlyís daughter. He asks her how she can dare to sit there and judge him. Lulu makes an excuse to leave when Sonny goes to Oliviaís room. Sonny sits with Olivia and tells her that he is sorry that this happened to her. Dante asks him where he went when he left. Sonny asks Dante if there is something in particular that he wants to ask him. Dante says he is just interested in seeing his mother get better and her assailant brought to justice. Lulu goes to Carlyís house and apologizes for working with Franco to put on the event at the Haunted Star. Carly says Lulu didnít know who he was and that she is just glad to have her back now. Lulu says it sickens her to think that she was working with the man that tied her to a chair with explosives. She says it must be driving Carly crazy to know that the man who terrorized her family is still alive. Carly says she canít do anything about it. Lulu says she has to get back to Dante. She says the only thing that will make him feel better is for his mother to wake up and the person responsible for her shooting to be caught.

TJ and Taylor see Rafe and Molly kissing in the park. Rafe tells Molly that it was magical, but that he knows she would have preferred to be kissing TJ. She confirms that she still wants to be with TJ, but she thinks TJ has already moved on with Taylor. She says something about Taylor is odd and she doesnít trust her. She says Taylor seems like a girl who knows about things that Molly doesnít know. She hopes TJ isnít interested in learning about those things from a girl like Taylor. In the limousine, Taylor gives TJ her flask and says a drink might make him feel better. He drinks and vents to Taylor about Molly. Taylor kisses TJ. He kisses her back, but stops her when she grabs his pants. She tells him that Molly has moved on so he should too. He says he doesnít have protection, but undaunted, she takes a condom out of her purse and says she was planning to need it tonight. She ultimately persuades him to lose his virginity on revenge sex in the back seat of a limo. Rafe walks Molly home and says he will be gone first thing in the morning. Molly goes inside and sees Shawn and Alexis arguing. She runs upstairs to her room. Shawn tells Alexis that their conversation is over anyway, so she should go to her daughter. He leaves.

OLTL Recap Written by Anthony

Jeffrey finds Destiny sleeping in Viki's office and vents to her the news he has to tell Viki about her getting scammed and losing all her money. Later on, Jeffrey and Destiny sit on a bench and she explains that it is not his job to tell Viki anything and no one will ever have to know, but Jeffrey feels that he owes her. Meanwhile, Viki and Clint discuss how Viki was up all night with Natalie, trying to figure out who sent John the restraining order. Natalie storms in and demands to know if Clint is involved at all. Natalie pretty much figures out Clint was the reason John never came back. Clint tries to tell her it was for her own good, but Natalie does not want to hear it and storms off. Jeffrey comes and tells Viki that the money went under.

Bo investigates the shootings at Shelter and questions Cutter, who believes that this is going to hurt business. Bo explains to him that the drugs the Dani got were very strong and could have killed her if she did not get to the hospital when she did. Jack finds Dani at the coffee shop and the two talk for a little bit about how Dani likes Matthew and that Jack has to go to summer school for English. Dani later calls Matthew who explains Michelle lied and she is not a real person. Dani tells him to come home and she is sorry. Elsewhere, Blair convinces Tťa that she has to help find Victor so that Todd can fix things. Otherwise everyone they love including themselves will be killed. After some convincing, Tťa agrees.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Fen comes home and finds Lauren and Carmine kissing. Fen pushes Carmine away from Lauren. Fen asks Lauren if she is having an affair with Carmine. Lauren denies his accusations. Kyle comes home from a business meeting. Jack wants to know how the meeting went. Kyle tells him that they will sign the contracts tomorrow. Jack is well pleased. Kyle and Jack discuss their dinner with Traci tonight. Michael catches up to Summer at the coffeehouse and finds out that she and Fen have plans for later. Sharon and Faith run into Summer at the coffeehouse. Summer and Faith make plans for an all girls night. Nick and Phyllis discuss telling Summer the truth that she is not Nickís daughter. Nick has reservations that he will ever tell Summer the truth. Jack and Kyle have dinner with Traci. Kyle makes an abrupt exit so that Jack can talk to Traci about what is going on with her. Jack questions Traci as to why she is really staying in Genoa City. Michael comes home with the dessert and finds out that Lauren and Carmine were caught kissing by Fen.

Michael, Lauren, and Fen argue with Fen lashing out at Lauren as Michael defends her. Sharon and Carmine talk at the bar about relationships before another man comes up to join them. Jack finishes his talk with Traci and also joins Sharon. Sharon brings up Nick and Phyllis which seems like a no-no where Sharon is concerned. Nick decides to tell Jack the truth about Summer. Phyllis tells Nick that she hates him for putting her in this position. Kyle interrupts Summer and Courtney. Kyle asks Summer to have dinner with him the next evening. Lauren tries to talk to Fen, but he doesn’t want to hear anything she has to say.

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