Monday 6/17/13 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 6/17/13 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Eva

Celia dreams that she and Pete are making love but the dream turns into a nightmare when she sees the face of a man and starts screaming for the man to let her go. Heather wakes her from the nightmare and Celia tells Heather that she has been seeing the face of the man both in nightmares and while she is awake. Heather thinks Celia is having the hallucinations because it caused her stress when she dated Pete since he was the first guy she ever dated Opal takes breakfast to Pete room and is not happy to find Colby in Pete’s bed with him. When Colby is leaving Cortlandt Manor Opal accuses Colby of being a gold digger and warns her to stay away from Pete. Pete tells Opal that he is going to rent his own apartment and Opal tries to persuade Pete to stay but she is happy when Pete tells him that his relationship with Colby is over and he and Celia have broken up and won’t be getting back together. Opal tells Pete that Celia seems like a sweet girl but when she gave her a hug good-bye the other day she sensed a dark aura around Celia. AJ asks JR to give the steroids back to him because his friend Tyler needs to sell the steroids to another customer. Miranda looks a little jealous and feels left out when Heather and AJ talk about their favorite band the velvet underground. Miranda and AJ head to school after their breakfast with Heather and Miranda suggests that AJ ask Heather out on a date since Heather obviously likes him. AJ tells Miranda he never thought about asking Heather on a date but decides to take Miranda’s advice.

Billy Clyde starts using his lottery winnings to get a custom made suit made for him by Palmer Cortland's tailor. And he pays the tailor extra money to have the suit ready for tonight. Zach and Agent Marquez have breakfast and Zach tells Lea that Kendall divorced him because she thought their boys were in too much danger since one o the boys was almost kidnapped. Lea wonders if Zach still loves Kendall and he dodges the question because he doesn’t think she needs to know about his personal life. David finds an unconscious Cassandra lying on the floor of Angie’s house so he calls 911 and starts to perform CPR later the paramedics arrive and Cassandra is rushed to the hospital. Doctor Anders is able to get Cassandra to breathe on her own and then he allows Angie to go in to see her daughter. Jesse listens to Angie and Cassandra’s conversation from the hallway as Cassandra tells Angie the men who kidnapped her hurt her badly. Angie cries as she tells Cassandra that she is safe and those men will never hurt her again.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill shows up at Forrester at Caroline’s request. Dripping with sarcasm she thanks her Uncle Bill for trying to blackmail Maya. She spilled it all and Rick dumped Caroline. She demands that Bill do something to fix this. That jailbird will not have her boyfriend. Rick tells Maya that Bill needs to understand that Maya is off limits; he intends to talk to him. Rick calls Bill and wants to talk in person. Bill is happy to admit that he is already there at Forrester so he will see him in a few minutes. Hope tells Liam that they have Steffy’s blessing and now he can lead the life that he originally wanted. Someday he will understand all of this. He takes her hand and says he is glad she came by. She’s his best friend and this is exactly what he needed. She says she is incredibly patient and someday he will move on and she will be there for him. She says she always believed their time would catch up with them…their plans and their dreams can be real. They can have the life they wanted. She will wait until he is ready. Maya drops in on Caroline and says she is not going anywhere and she can pass that on to her uncle too. She’d like to let bygones be bygones. Caroline tells her that she staked her claims on Rick a long time ago. He belongs to her. Maya retorts that she and Rick are together because they both want it not because he wants to save her. Caroline says that she offers him another choice and before she sees him end up with Maya she will send her back to jail herself. Maya says sorry but Caroline doesn’t get a vote and neither doe Uncle Bill.

Rick shows Bill the jail cell photo shoot set. He says it was Caroline’s idea to stick it to Maya. But he knows all about Bill’s blackmailing Maya. He wants Bill to know it stops now. Being such a rich powerful man, Rick doesn’t see why Bill would even bother with Caroline’s love life. Bill says he has nothing against Maya. Rick says he just wants his word that he will leave Maya alone. Caroline has nothing to do with it as he is not with her now. Caroline tells Maya that she misunderestimates her. Maya says no, she recognizes her just for what she is. Maya says she knows Caroline is very impressed with herself but this is pointless. Caroline fires back that amongst other things, New Yorkers never give up. Bill tells Rick that it’s his job to make his family his priority, not Maya’s hurt feelings. Rick sees that Bill is not backing down and he is getting nowhere. He cleverly locks him in the jail set and says he won’t open the door until Bill apologizes to Maya and promises not to harass and blackmail her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady and Nicole kissed each other.  EJ and Justin met to talk about Sami being arrested.  EJ wanted Justin to represent Sami.  While Sami was in her cell, someone tried to choke her.  He also smothered her.  She ended up passing out in her cell.  Adrienne was upset with Sonny for living with Will, Gabi, and the baby.  Adrienne wanted Sonny to break up with Will.  Stefanoís henchman gave Kristen a formula that wouldnít be traceable.  He warned her to be careful with it.  Jennifer went to see Kristen to see if she was okay.  Brady and Nicole made love.  Sonny and Adrienne argued over her wanting him to break up with Will.  An officer brought Sami in an office where EJ and Abe were talking about Samiís case.  She told EJ that someone tried to kill her.

Jennifer wanted to know what ended Kristenís relationship with Brady.  Kristen blamed Marlena for what happened, but Jennifer didnít think Marlena would do anything.  Marlena ripped into Adrienne after she overheard what she said to Sonny.  Abe let Sami know they were going to find out who smothered her.  When Abe left, Sami and EJ talked about telling the truth about who they knew Bernardi.  EJ didnít think it was a good idea.  She let him know that she didnít want to go to her cell.  Abe told Sami and EJ that the camera was disabled so they didnít get to see the guy who attacked Sami.  EJ thought that proved she was attacked.  Abe didnít agree with that.  EJ assured Sami that everything was going to be okay.  He advised her not to answer any questions.  When EJ left, Sami told Abe that someone tried to kill her from the inside, but he said there was a hole in her story.  Marlena and Adrienne got in a heated argument over Adrienne not wanting Sonny to be with Will.  Jennifer suggested that Kristen stop obsessing over Marlena, but Kristen said she wasnít obsessing over her.  They continued to talk a little while before Jennifer left.  Abe explained to Sami why her theory didnít make sense.  She wondered why someone would set her up.  Marlena showed up at the police station and wondered what the police were going to do to help Sami.  Sami suggested that the police investigate Bernardi.  Justin showed up at the hospital and interrupted Sonny and Adrienneís argument.  Sonny asked Justin to represent Sami, but Adrienne didnít want him to represent her.  Justin agreed to represent Sami.  Adrienne was furious with Justin.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Since the prom was cancelled, Rafe plays music on his Smartphone and dances with Molly in the park. She assures him that they will keep in touch and visit each other. He thanks her for everything she has done for him. He asks her if it would be ok if he kisses her goodbye. TJ and Taylor joyride in the limo since the prom was cancelled. Taylor drinks alcohol from a flask that she brought with her. TJ is preoccupied with worry about Molly. Taylor asks him why he is with her if he and Molly are so into each other. He admits that he didnít know how to back out when she was so excited to go to the prom. She concludes that she was his pity date and takes another drink. She cranks up the music and stands up with her top half out of the moonroof. TJ tells the driver to stop the car. Taylor sees Molly and Rafe dancing. She tells TJ that he should stick his head out the roof for a minute so he can enjoy the view. When he does, he sees Rafe kissing Molly.

Alexis bullies Shawn into admitting that he was the shooter at the Metro Court. She asks him if he thought about TJ when he took the job. He says he thought about TJ when Olivia went down because it made him flash back to TJís father going down when he shot him accidentally. He reveals that he only stayed in Port Charles because Jason hired him to protect Josslyn from Franco and that he would have gone after Franco regardless. She says he doesnít get to take justice into his own hands. He tells her that justice is a lie and people like Franco will always walk because there are people like Alexis to get them off. She asks him if he will be able to live with his decision if Olivia dies. He hopes it wonít come to that and says he is praying for Olivia to pull through. He asks Alexis what she is going to do about it now that she knows everything about him.

Tracy and AJ make their cases to Franco to get his vote. Franco likes Tracyís story better and notes that she didnít try to strangle him on the Haunted Star. Tracy adds that for all they know, AJ could have tried to finish the job at the Metro Court. AJ says he has never shot anyone. Tracy reveals that AJ shot his father, who was also Francoís father, in the back. AJ says he has done some crazy things but that like Franco, he is working hard to turn his life around. He says that line Franco, he wasnít allowed access to his child. He suggests that his son Michael might be able to convince Kiki to give Franco a chance. Morgan is surprised to have been taken to the Quartermaine mansion. Alice tells him that Kikiís father is Alan Quartermaineís son, Franco. He realizes that Kiki and Michael are cousins so Kiki is off limits to Michael. Alice realizes that he is ďLittle Morgan.Ē Kiki goes to Michaelís apartment and tells him that she doesnít think she can live with her new family. She tells him that her psychotic father is alive and wants to have a relationship with her. Michael tells her that AJ popped up after being dead for 20 years and wanted an instant relationship, too. She thanks Michael for listening, hugs him, and gives him a kiss on the cheek. He engages her in a real kiss. Kiki jumps away and says she canít do that because she is Morganís girlfriend, but she admits that it was mutual. When Kiki returns to the Quartermaine estate, AJ intercepts her and says he wants to tell her about his son, her cousin, but the conversation is interrupted when Michael calls AJ and tells him that he kissed Morganís girlfriend. AJ asks him to come over to the mansion and then tells Kiki that she will meet her cousin soon. Alice takes Morgan into the living room where Tracy and Franco are talking. Alice tells Tracy that their guest is Morgan Corinthos. Morgan tells Franco that he is Kikiís boyfriend. Franco is happy to meet his brotherís namesake. Kiki wonders if everything is ok when she sees Morgan talking to Franco. Michael arrives, and AJ introduces him to Kiki. Michael and Kiki are shocked to see each other. Morgan announces to Michael that Kiki is his cousin.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Chloe and Lauren are sitting at a table at the coffeehouse discussing their lives. Chloe lets Lauren know that she and Kevin are divorcing. Carmine walks in and Lauren is taken by surprise as is Chloe when she realizes that something must be going on between Lauren and Carmine. Michael comes home and finds Fen unconscious on the floor. Leslie reads Neil another article on the internet about his family. Leslie recognizes one of the lines and knows she saw it somewhere before. Nick and Phyllis discuss telling Jack and Summer the truth as to who her father really is. Chloe questions Lauren about her affair with Carmine. Lauren becomes offensive and starts reminding Chloe what she did to Cane and Billy. Victoria accuses Billy of having an affair with Chloe, but he denies it. When Sheryl and Alex enter the coffeehouse, Kevin immediately lashes out at him when he thinks that Alex is stalking him. Kevin sees Chloe and asks her to stay, because he has something to say to her. Alex and Sheryl discuss business when Abby interrupts them.

Fen denies being a drug addict. Michael lets Fen know how scared he was about him. Fen opens up and lets Michael know how he feels about his life and what he will do now with it. Lauren comes in and overhears Michael telling Fen that he will fight for his marriage. Abby shows her jealousy to Sheryl by standing her ground concerning her relationship with Alex. Alex overhears their conversation. Billy lets Victoria know that he is gambling again and that is the reason for all the secrecy. Victoria doesn’t believe Billy’s confession. Nick and Phyllis prepare to tell Jack and Summer the truth, but an argument begins between Summer and Nick which leads to them leaving. Phyllis tells Jack that she will go and try to console Nick. Chloe sets the terms for her and Kevin’s reconciliation. Kevin agrees. Fen tells Lauren and Michael his plans for the evening. Abby and Tyler share some laughs which unnerves Alex, and he decides to defend what is his. Leslie finds a letter from Rose that has the same sentence in it that was in the blog. Leslie vows to find Rose. Carmine visits Lauren while Michael is gone and they share a kiss. Phyllis confronts Nick about not telling Summer the truth. Nick doesn’t know if he will ever tell her the truth.

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