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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope knocks on the door and finds a dejected Liam. She says she should have called first. She wanted to find out if it was true that Steffy was really leaving. Steffy is zipping her bags when Katie knocks and says she knows she is in there and she isn’t going away. Once inside she says she knows what she is doing and this isn’t what she wants. Steffy tells her not to try and talk her out of it. She warns Katie that Liam and Hope can not find out that she can not have children. Caroline can’t believe her uncle would blackmail Maya and she claims her innocence in any of it. She grabs her phone and says this is all a big misunderstanding. She will just call her uncle and he can come over and they can hash this out. Rick says no; no one is coming over. He wants to be alone with Maya so Caroline will have to leave. He picks up her dress and hands it to her. He says he doesn’t want to hurt her but he wants only to be with Maya now. He tells her that she is beautiful and fun, and he really likes her. She’ll make another guy very happy but it’s not going to be him. She’s stunned, of course, and says life at the office won’t be the same now. As she turns to leave she tells Maya that this won’t last. Steffy and Katie argue. Steffy doesn’t think Katie can understand how she feels in her twenties to know that she can never have children. Katie says he does understand her fear, but they can adopt. Steffy tells her to just stop. She doesn’t want to hear any more. Katie says it wasn’t that long ago that she had many dark days and pushed her family away, so she does understand. She is running away from Liam. Steffy counters that she is not. She robbed him and she can never return that. But somebody else can do that for Liam. Steffy says she knows Liam. If she told him she was barren he would stick by her and she’d hate to think of him always wanting another life. She will not tie him to her as an obligation. She is handing off the torch, so to speak, to Hope who can be all Liam needs.

Liam fingers Steffy’s ring in his hand. Hope says she is sorry and sits beside him. He quietly says that he knows Steffy is harboring a lot of guilt about losing the baby and she is not in her right mind at the moment. All he knows is that he was married one minute and going to be a father and now it’s all gone. He knows they could be happy again, but Steffy didn’t even want to try. He wishes Hope could explain that. He doesn’t think Steffy left because she doesn’t love him any more. He’s here alone and Steffy is out there somewhere in a fog; that can’t be what’s best for them. Maya tells Rick that he was very sweet not wanting to hurt Caroline. She should have told him about Bill from the beginning. She was not supposed to see her ex and while it was all innocent Bill made it sound like she could go back to prison. She did not want to drag Rick into a scandal. She could go away for a long time, but she had to tell Rick and face the consequences. He says he is very proud of her; he admires her. He says together they will stop Bill; just trust him. Steffy gets on the plane brokenhearted. Hope tells Liam that it wasn’t that long ago that they said their vows right outside that window and then Steffy came and whispered to him that she was pregnant. Now she’s gone; this is their time. She thinks things are turning out to be exactly as they should be.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer was questioned about Sami shooting Bernardi.  Anne had someone make Jennifer look like she was playing favorites with Sami for why the information about the shooting wasnít released.  When John asked Roman what he could do to help Sami, Roman told him to stay away from her mother.  Roman put John in his place for hurting Marlena before he walked away.  Stefano wanted to know what her plans were since she said she moved on.  Anneís friend grilled Jennifer about the favoritism towards Sami.  Anne wanted to make sure Jennifer looked like she couldnít handle her job.  Kristen dodged his question by asking him where he was going.  In Jenniferís office, the reporters (including Anneís friend) kept grilling Jennifer about covering up what Sami did.  Jennifer stood up to the reporters and they were satisfied with her answers.  Stefano let Kristen know that he called the person she wanted him to call and the person would get in touch with her.

John ran into Brady and tried to make peace with him, but it didnít.  Brady didnít want to talk to him.  Marlena went to the DiMera mansion to get Samiís kids.  She and Kristen got into an argument over Brady and John.  When Marlena left, Kristen was determined to go through with her plan.  Nicole went to see Brady to talk about Samiís situation.  One thing led to another and they started kissing.  John ran into Marlena at the pub after she dropped the kids off with Caroline.  He wanted to help her with Sami, but she didnít want his help.  A guy showed up at the DiMera mansion and gave Kristen something in a case.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Tracy finds Luke helping himself to a bottle in the closed and cordoned-off Metro Court bar. She mentions all the laws he is breaking by contaminating a crime scene. When she asks about his test results, he reveals that he hasnít bothered to find out the results. She says he is a coward. The Metro Court cancels the prom because of last nightís shooting. Alexis is beginning to wonder if Shawn had something to do with the shooting because he wonít tell her where he was. Shawn tells TJ about Danny being sick. TJ wants to go see Molly, but Taylor arrives to meet him at Kellyís and then insists that they go on a date anyway since they got all dressed up. TJ asks Shawn to go check on Molly for him. Taylor promises Felix that she wonít drink, but she secretly has a flask in her purse. Rafe arrives at Mollyís house for their prom date. Molly reports that prom was cancelled. He says he is glad that he got a chance to see Molly in her prom dress. Diane calls Alexis and then Alexis has to relay the news that Silas won custody and Rafe has to leave tomorrow. Shawn arrives and tells Molly that TJ wanted him to check on her. She tells him to let TJ know that she is OK. Privately, Alexis asks Shawn if he was the shooter at the Metro Court.

Morgan uses Michaelís credit card for online poker. Kiki calls Morgan and tells him that instead of getting their own apartment, they should move in with her rich relatives. She tells him to pack and she will send a car to get him. Alice slams the door in Francoís face when he goes to the Quartermaine mansion, but he knocks again and bullies her into letting him in. Kiki rejects Francoís attempt to get to know her.  He tells her that he is the only father she will ever have and that she almost lost her chance to get to know him at all last night when someone attempted to murder him. She asks him if he expects that she would have grieved a monster that she had never met. She insults his art as pretentious and says she knows about his mind games and murders. He tells her that after discovering that he had a twin brother, he developed an obsession about him and wanted to hurt him. He explains that the best way to hurt his brother was through the people he loved. He tells her that the obsession died with his brother so that part of him is gone and now all he feels is empty. He says he just want the chance to fill his life with all the things he gave up for his pointless obsession. AJ comes in and interrupts their conversation. Kiki runs away. Tracy arrives and asks what AJ did to scare off Kiki. She tells Franco that the best way to get back at AJ for ruining his reunion with Kiki is to throw his lot in with her and get AJ out of ELQ. Michael goes home to clean up and change clothes so he can go meet his new cousin. Morgan is packing and tells Michael that Kiki has already arranged for them to move in with her family. Michael tells Morgan that he is going to go try to get along with people he doesnít know to help AJ keep his place at ELQ. Morgan wonders why itís Michaelís job to make that happen. Michael says he just wants to help. Morgan tells him to keep him in mind while he is doling out help.  Michael tells Morgan about Franco and his daughter having ELQ shares and that they are going to try to convince them to vote for AJ instead of Tracy. Morgan says it sucks that Michaelís bio dad wants him to suck up to a psychopath and his daughter who could be a psychopath too. Michael is in the shower when Alice arrives to pick up Morgan. Morgan recognizes Alice as ďThe Dominator,Ē her wrestling persona that he has bet on and won. Kiki goes to Michaelís apartment only to discover that Morgan has already left. She tells Michael that she doesnít think she can live with her new relatives. She says she grew up believing one truth only to find out that it was a lie, but the new truth is worse. Michael asks her what happened. She just says it is about her father and she cries in his arms. Morgan and Alice arrive at their destination. Morgan recognizes that it is the Quartermaine mansion. Luke calls his doctorís office and makes an appointment to review his test results.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Cane interviews a lot of people for the position of his assistant and finally finds a beautiful young lady who is also very smart and capable named Hilary Curtis. Lily also agrees that Hilary will be a good assistant and hopes that Cane will be able to spend more time at home with her and the kids. Anita almost tells Adam that he is the father of Chelsea’s baby, but she gets upset when he tells her that she doesn’t care about Chelsea; the only thing she cares about is Chelsea’s bank account. Anita tries to persuade Chelsea to tell Adam the truth, but Chelsea wants her baby to grow up feeling safe and loved, and she tells Anita that can only happen with Dylan. Chelsea tells Anita that if she doesn’t keep her mouth shut, she will shut her out of her life for good. Nikki wants to cancel her honeymoon with Victor, because she thinks Nick and Victoria need her. Victor persuades her to take the trip, because their grown children can get along without her for a few weeks. Victor admits to Nikki that he is leaving Adam in charge of the company while he is gone to test his loyalty. Adam informs someone on the phone that his father will be gone for a few weeks and they need to have a meeting.

Devon is the latest target of the GC Buzz blogger who posts a journal entry that Neil wrote after he found out that Tucker was Devon’s biological father. Neil is frustrated by the police’s lack of progress on his case, so he tells Leslie he will fight back and starts working on a plan to catch the GC Buzz blogger. Avery and Leslie sign papers to start their law practice. Leslie asks for Avery’s help to get legal authorization to open her father’s safe deposit box at the bank. When Chelsea tells Dylan she loves him, he is speechless. Once he has a talk with Avery, he realizes that it is possible to have more than one great love in life. Dylan tells Chelsea that he loves her and wants to have a future with her. Avery gives Adam her letter of resignation and tells him that she is starting a law practice and is ready to start her future with Nick. Avery and Adam disagree on whether it is possible to have more than one great love in life.

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