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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

A stunned Liam says Steffy can’t go to Paris; they are married. She says he deserves a strong marriage and he can have that with Hope. Katie drops in on Hope. Hope tells her that her mom is okay, but she’s concerned about Steffy. She was just here and told Hope that she was leaving; not just Forrester, but the country and her marriage…..meaning that Liam is now free to be with Hope. Caroline catches Rick in a down mood. She tries to cheer him up by saying he is just pouting cause he had a crush on Maya and now it’s ended. She made that clear, so she’s gone but Caroline is here and maybe he should take advantage. He doesn’t know why Maya broke it off. Caroline says it doesn’t matter. She knew he was taken already and came to her senses. Bill mocks Maya; here she is all spunky and fired up. She says she gets it. He’s a powerful man and used to being the boss. He has little minions scurrying about to fetch his coffee and wheatgrass or whatever. He says the minions love to fetch and scurry about. That is how they keep their jobs. Maya retorts that she doesn’t work for Bill so she doesn’t have to do what he says. Bill says he gets a kick out of Maya. He almost likes her. She’s a strong, attractive woman not afraid to speak her mind, but it’d be a shame to waste all of that in a jail cell somewhere. She wonders why he would even bother with her; it’s laughable. He says if his niece is happy then his sister is happy. And when his sister is happy then he is happy. And when he is happy the whole world is smiling. That should be simple enough for Maya to understand. She says she deserves happiness too and that means Rick; so that is simple enough for Bill to understand.

Liam tries to understand why Steffy is doing this. He doesn’t know of anything that he has done. He guesses that she is just not thinking straight since the accident and all the guilt she has placed on herself. She cries that she does know what she is saying. She is moving to Paris to be with her dad and not returning….or if she does she wants to see him happy with Hope, settled down with the white picket fence, the whole thing. He deserves that and he will have that, but just not with her. Despite the fact that Caroline has stripped down to her bra and panties and is trying to seduce Rick, he finally says this is not going to work. When Caroline says Maya made up her mind and he needs to let her go, Rick says no, he is letting Caroline go. What they are doing now is not fair to either one of them. He has to convince Maya that she is wrong. Caroline is crushed when Rick says he loves Maya. Maya tells Bill that Rick doesn’t feel for Caroline what he feels for Maya. And she doesn’t believe any judge will look at that innocent picture and send her back to prison. So if Bill thinks he is doing Caroline a favor, he isn’t. Bill threatens her with his very powerful connections. She says bring them on. She and Rick deserve their own happiness and she is on her way now to tell him. Bill mutters to himself that it’s always the spunky ones that have to learn the hard way. Bill calls Caroline and warns her that Maya is on the way so she better stay. Caroline greets her and tells Maya that Rick is in the shower as they have been “celebrating”. They have barely left their bed since Maya moved on. Maya says okay then Caroline should not mind if she waits and hears that directly from Rick. Caroline discourages that but Maya stands her ground. Rick comes in and Maya tells him that Caroline’s uncle scared her off with threats of blackmail. She says she went along with it at first, but no more. What they feel can not be denied. Nobody can stop this. Steffy tells Liam that she has given this a lot of thought and maybe they weren’t meant to be after all. He was with Hope first and if he’s honest that is where he’d like to be now. Her mind is made up and she needs to go. He’s done nothing wrong, but this is the way it has to be. He says it is not fair. He knows she is a free spirit and he can not make her do something that she does not want to do, but he does not consent to this. She takes her ring off and folds it into his palm, kisses it, then gives him a hug and a kiss. She says goodbye and that she loves him. She dissolves in tears on the other side of the door. His tears flow too.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Roman told Mrs. Bernardi that her husband is dead.  Sonny suggested to Will that Gabi and Arianna move in with them.  Gabi told Will that the guy Sami shot was dead.  Kate told Marlena that Sami shot someone.  Mrs. Bernardi wanted Sami to tell her how she knew her husband.  Jennifer asked JJ if he vandalized Danielís car.  Sami apologized to Mrs. Bernardi, but Mrs. Bernardi wanted to know how Sami knew her husband.  When EJ was going to take Sami out of the waiting room, Mrs. Bernardi said she didnít want anyone to leave until she knew what was going on.  Mrs. Bernardi wanted to know who shot her husband.  Sami blurted out that she shot him.  JJ denied vandalizing Danielís car, but Jennifer wasnít sure he was telling the truth.  JJ wanted to know if Jennifer believed him.  Will and Sonny questioned Gabi about where she was going to live.  Sonny invited her to stay with him and Will.  Mrs. Bernardi was upset that Sami shot her husband after they bonded with each other.  Sami told Mrs. Bernardi that she had to shoot her husband or he would have killed Rafe.  Mrs. Bernardi slapped Sami.

Mrs. Bernardi didnít believe what Sami was saying about Bernardi because he and Rafe were friends.  Mrs. Bernardi threatened to make Sami pay before she left the waiting room.  Sami asked if they found the knife, but Roman said they didnít.  Marlena came in the waiting room to check on Sami.  EJ ran into Kate and got into an argument over Stefano setting up the attack on Rafe.  She threatened to make Stefano pay for what he did.  Jennifer went to see Daniel to talk about JJ.  Jennifer told Daniel that JJ said he didnít vandalize his car, but Daniel didnít believe it.  Sami told Marlena what made her shoot Bernardi.  Marlena wanted to know why Sami was in Rafeís room so Sami told her what happened.  Marlena wanted to know why Sami had a gun.  Sami said she needed it for protection after what happened to Will and Rafe.  Marlena wanted to know what happened to the knife, but Sami didnít know.  Sami was worried about what could happen to her if the knife wasnít found, but Marlena made her feel better.  EJ let Kate know that Bernardi was dead.  Kate asked him how it felt that Sami killed for another man.  Jennifer wanted to know why Daniel thought JJ vandalized his car.  Daniel let her know why he didnít believe JJ.  EJ wanted Kate to leave him alone.  Kate kept driving it home that Sami killed for Rafe until she walked away from him.  Roman told Hope that forensics checked the hospital, but didnít find the knife.  Daniel and Jennifer got into an argument over JJ.  Hope and Roman told Sami that forensics didnít find the weapon.  Hope told Sami she was under arrest for Bernardiís murder.  Roman put the handcuffs on Sami.  Roman and Hope took Sami so they could go to the police station.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sabrina and Patrick wake up together. He says she looks sexy in her glasses. He tells her that Duke told him there was a shooting at the Metro Court. Franco introduces himself to Alexis at Kellyís and tells her that she is hot. She says she is disappointed that Jason failed to kill him. He tells her that last nightís attempt failed too. He is surprised that she doesnít know that her client is at the police station as a suspect. He tells her that the gunman missed him and hit Olivia. Diane goes into Kellyís. Alexis tells her that Sam wonít be at Rafeís custody hearing today because Danny is in the hospital. Diane tells her not to worry about the hearing; she will get a continuance. Sam intervenes when she sees Silas asking to see Dannyís chart. He tells her that the bone marrow biopsy is going to confirm that Danny has Leukemia and then bombards her with the list of treatments that Danny will have to undergo. She tells him to shut up and leave her and Danny alone. He tells her that when she realizes that she needs him, he wonít hold her attitude against Danny. Silas tells Diane that he will not agree to a continuance; he wants the ruling today as scheduled. He says he is doing Sam a favor because her other son will need her full attention. Patrick and Alexis meet Sam at the hospital. Patrick tells them that the test confirmed that Danny has leukemia.

Shawn confronts Carly about manipulating him into going against Sonnyís orders. He advises her to go on a long trip before Sonny finds her. She says she is sorry that Olivia got hurt. He tells her that he had to lie to Alexis to cover for last night, but Alexis will figure it out. He says if Olivia dies, Sonny will probably kill them both. Anna questions Sonny at the police station. He doesnít say a word until he finally yells that it wasnít him. She asks him why he was on the terrace. He wonít answer without his lawyer. Anna lets him go and vows to find the shooter. Alexis calls Anna and asks her why she wasnít informed that they were holding her client. Anna says Sonny was questioned and released. She says they donít have any information about the shooter. Anna calls Shawn to the station and asks him where he was last night. He asks her why she wants to know. She says he is the only one of Sonnyís known associates with the skills to have made the shot that hit Olivia. She asks him how it felt to see the bullet tearing into Oliviaís flesh instead of Francoís. She brings up his military history and says this is the same situation where an order from a superior resulted in an accidental shooting. She encourages him to confess. He says if she isnít charging him, then he has nothing to say. Sonny goes to the hospital only to have Dante interrogate him. He abruptly walks away when he sees Carly. He follows her to the elevator and tells her that he knows what she did. He tells her that if Olivia dies, she dies. They look up and see Lulu standing there. Lulu tells Dante that Sonny and Carly were having an intense conversation, but that she didnít hear what they were saying. Franco runs into Sonny and Carly in the hallway. He tells Sonny that he knows they ordered the hit, but he wonít say anything, for now.

OLTL Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kevin pleads with Chloe to come back home and promises her that he will stop stealing. She doesn’t think he is capable of putting his family ahead of his need to steal. She cries and takes off her ring and tells him she wants a divorce. Gloria tries to persuade Kevin to show Chloe he is capable of making good choices, so he can save his marriage. In the end, she realizes that he is just like Jeffrey, willing to sacrifice everything to make a quick buck. Nikki tells Victoria that the publisher liked her book idea, and she has another meeting with him next week. Nikki is sorry that she won’t be able to go to the meeting with Victoria, because she will be on her honeymoon with Victor. Victoria tells Nikki she suspects Billy is having an affair. Nikki advises Victoria to talk to Billy and find out the truth. Victoria goes to the restaurant and sees Billy hugging Chloe and comforting her about her divorce, but she is unable to hear what Chloe and Billy are saying to each other. Adam tells Billy that now that he doesn’t need his help to keep Victoria away from Newman Enterprises, he will tell her about his gambling. Billy gives him the phone to call Victoria, and Adam doesn’t think that calling Victoria would be any fun.

After Adam tells Sharon that he can never love her again, she goes to Crimson Lights. When Dylan sees her crying, she tells him that Adam made her sad, so Dylan advises her to have some fun. Sharon calls Wayne and they meet at the Athletic Club bar. She tells him she wants to have some fun with him while he is in town. Chloe tells Chelsea about her divorce and thinks that Chelsea should marry Dylan because he is dependable unlike Kevin. Anita thinks Chelsea should remarry Adam, because he is the father of her baby. Anita orders flowers in Adam’s name for Chelsea. When she sees Adam, she tells him there is something he needs to know about Chelsea’s baby. Dylan arrives to take Chelsea to brunch even though she just had breakfast, because she says the baby needs energy. Dylan tells Chelsea he has only been away from her an hour, and he had to come see her because he missed her. Chelsea tells Dylan she loves him.

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