Wednesday 6/12/13 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Heather goes to Celia’s room to ask her if AJ is a good guy and if he and Miranda are just friends. Heather tells Celia she likes AJ but she doesn’t want to take another girl's guy. Celia tells Heather that AJ is a great guy and he and Miranda are just friends. Heater asks Celia why she broke up with Pete, and she says that Pete is a great guy but they were just too different and he already has somebody else. Pete calls Celia and asks what he did to make her break up with him. Celia doesn’t give Pete a reason why she broke up with him she just tells him never to call her again. Colby is in Pete’s bed waiting for him when he goes upstairs and after some intense flirting by Colby, they make out and Pete’s high school dream of being with Colby comes true.

Brooke persuades Dimitri Marick to return to Pine Valley and run the Chandler Media division and help her keep an eye on JR. JR asks Cara if he could take human growth hormone or steroids to make his body stronger but Cara advises against both drugs because of the side effects and because steroids are addictive personality. Cara tells JR to take things slowly and that he will recover but she can’t guarantee that JR’s body will recover to the point it was five years ago. Brooke tells JR and AJ that Dimitri is considering returning to Pine Valley to run the Chandler Media division and JR feels pressure to recover quickly so he injects himself with the steroids he took away from AJ. Zach makes bail and is put in the custody of Agent Marquez until his hearing because the judge didn’t want to put him in jail because the Koslov’s might send someone to kill him in jail. Jesse promises Zach he will put extra security on Kendall and the boys in case Uri goes after them. Uri is upset with Jesse because Zach got out on bail but Jesse explains that was the Judge’s decisions and he had no control over it. Jesse cries in his car and fears he will never see Cassandra again. An unconscious Cassandra is taken into a room and laid down on the floor.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope asks Steffy why is she doing this. Steffy thinks back over what happened that caused her miscarriage and tells Hope that she waited for Liam so just don’t ask any questions now. Hope repeats what Steffy said – that Hope could give Liam something that she couldn’t. She wonders what that means. Liam rattles on to Katie that something is seriously wrong with Steffy. Katie says he really needs to talk to Steffy about this, not her. He says he would if he could just get her to come home. This grief is eating them up and he doesn’t want her to beat herself up over this. This is the first time that Steffy has spent the night in the loft since they married so yes he’s worried. Hope tells Steffy that perhaps she needs to think this over more. She knows this is not what Steffy really wants. Steffy says it is what Hope wants and she’s waited long enough. Hope tells Steffy to take a good long look at herself. She’s obviously upset and in no condition to leave the country and end her marriage. Steffy retorts that she thought Hope would be pouncing all over this. Hope says she would be on her way over to Liam’s house right now if this made any sense. She asks if Liam even knows about this. Steffy says he will; it was the only decision she could come to. Hope can give him what she can’t. He’ll be happy and fulfilled and Steffy can’t do that for him. Steffy grabs Hope around the neck and begs her to do this for her. Just take Liam and make him happy and have lots of children and a good life. Hope is stunned as Steffy walks out. Justin is in Bill’s office and asks if Brooke is okay and what’s wrong. Bill says he has no clue, but she is home from the hospital. Justin spies the innocent pix of Maya on his I-pad and Bill says he meant to delete that. There’s nothing innocent about breaking the law and the court ordered her to stay away from that clown. Bill acts surprised when Caroline comes in and informs him that Maya suddenly broke things off with Rick. He says it doesn’t matter why as long as she is out of the picture. Whatever she sees in him, they are a good match and that is all that matters. Rick catches Maya looking over some photo shoots. She can barely look him in the eye and isn’t very receptive when he says they need to talk. Before they can, Oliver, Thomas and one of the models come in and notice the prison bar setting. Of course it is not their idea; it is Caroline’s. Maya changes clothes and yep, she is in a black and white striped dress. Rick tells her that she doesn’t have to do anything she doesn’t want to do. She says it is okay. Caroline is just trying to mess with her head and shake her confidence and she is not going to let her. Rick sort of fumes in the corner while the bad girls pose behind the bars. Oliver takes a lot of pictures then calls a break. He tells Rick they just aren’t getting it from Maya. She’s been this way since she and Rick broke up. Rick says he knows so he will leave.

Steffy comes home and Liam rushes right to her and hugs her and tells her just how worried he was. He wants them to talk. She said she had to be alone last night and she’s made a decision. When Rick gets home, there’s Caroline waiting. She coos that every fiber of her being has missed him and his day is suddenly going to leap forward. He says he is exhausted. She knows he’s not in the mood, but they need this kind of evening with some alone time. She kisses him but his mind is elsewhere. Bill looks up and there is Maya. He wants to know what she wants this time. She says she just got off work and she’d like to know why he’s doing this. It is so beneath him. He simply says that family is his priority. She asks if that includes blackmail. He’s a powerful man so she can’t possibly threaten him. He says she is threatening his niece, so stay away from Rick and there’ll be no problem. She defies him by saying he picked the wrong person; she won’t accept this. Liam starts to fuss at Steffy and then cools down and says it doesn’t matter. But he was worried about her and she can’t keep going off and not coming home. She cries that despite what he says, this is not depression. She had so many plans but she robbed him of something that he wanted so badly too. He’s dumfounded when she says she is moving to Paris. She has already told Hope and she will be on her way over soon. She will be able to give Liam so much more than Steffy can.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami was surprised when Hope and Abe told her that there wasnít a knife in Rafeís room.  Hope and Abe asked if Sami was sure that the guy had a knife.  It dawned on Sami that they were trying to accuse her of shooting an innocent man.  Abe started questioning Sami about the shooting, but EJ refused to let her answer.  Sami believed she did the right thing by saving Rafe.  When Hope and Abe left to check on Bernardi, Sami told EJ that the guy was on Stefanoís payroll.  She said Stefano put a hit out on Rafe.  Marlena and Kristen argued over John.  Brady was furious with John for setting it up so he could catch him with Kristen.  John explained why he did it.  Brady was upset with him.  Brady wanted John to tell him if he had feelings for Kristen.  When John didnít answer, Brady thought he got his answer.  They continued to argue over Kristen.  Brady told John to be with Kristen before he left.  Bernardiís wife showed up at the hospital to check on him.  Kayla gave her an update about what happened.  EJ and Sami argued over Stefano possibly setting up the attack on Rafe.  EJ didnít think Stefano would do something like that.  While they were arguing, she accused EJ of wanting Rafe dead.  Hope and Abe checked Rafeís room for the knife.  Kate told Will and Sonny that a guy was shot in Rafeís room.  She told them that Sami shot the guy.  EJ and Sami argued over her shooting Bernardi.  Kristen and Marlena continued to argue until Marlena walked away from her.  John showed up at the pub and saw Kristen.

John and Kristen got in to it over what she did to destroy people.  They argued over their losses.  He called her out for hurting people.  Marlena went to see Brady to make sure he was okay.  He eventually apologized to her for treating her the way he did when she was only trying to help him.  She forgave him.  Kate, Will, and Sonny talked about Sami shooting Bernardi.  They also got on the subject of Nick and Gabiís relationship being over.  Will wondered where Gabi was going to live.  When EJ left Sami, he went to see if Abe and Hope found the knife.  They let him know that they didnít find the knife.  He suggested checking under the bed.  When the bed was moved, Hope noticed something in the vent behind the bed.  Kristen let John know that she didnít care about him and was free of him before she walked away.  Roman was at the hospital to find out what happened.  Hope and Abe filled him in on what Sami did.  EJ checked the vent but didnít find the knife.  Hope noticed another vent in the room and wanted forensics back in there.  Sami unknowingly bonded with Bernardiís wife.  Kayla told Hope, EJ, and Roman that Bernardi died.  Bernardiís wife talked to Sami about Bernardi.  When Roman, Hope, and EJ went in the waiting room, Roman broke the news to Bernardiís wife that her husband was dead.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Patrick wonders if Sabrinaís nervousness is because it is her first time. She says she has had a lot of sex. He is concerned about how much ďa lotĒ is. She says she has had a normal amount of sex for a 27 year old, but she has only had one partner, her longtime boyfriend in Puerto Rico that she dated in high school and college. They talk about it awhile and then finally make love.

Connie overhears Sonny telling Olivia that he needs her. Anna finds the shell from the bullet that hit Olivia. Carly calls Shawn and tells him to find out what happened to Olivia. Franco asks Carly if she was talking to the person that she hired to kill him. She denies it. Shawn lies to Alexis that it was TJ on the phone and that he is going to check on him. He goes to find Olivia and runs into Sonny. Sonny doesnít know what Shawn is talking about when he says he thought he had a clear shot and Olivia came out of nowhere. Sonny says he told Shawn to stand down. Shawn tells him that he did until Carly called. He reveals that Carly said it was Sonnyís idea. Sonny instructs Shawn not to talk to anyone. He says he will take it up with Carly. Dante asks Sonny if the bullet was meant for him. Anna finds Carly in the bar with Franco. After she leaves, Carly wonders why Franco didnít tell Anna about his theory. He says pointing the police in her direction doesnít serve his purpose of making amends. Anna goes to the crime scene and asks the server who was sitting in which chair, and then compares the angles to the window that the shot came from. Anna finds Dante at the hospital with Sonny and says she thinks Franco was the target, not Sonny. She asks Sonny to come with her to the station.

TJ does not share Taylorís excitement about the expensive clothes she bought to wear to his prom. Taylor tickles TJ to get him to lighten him up. Molly sees them from in front of Kellyís. Taylor makes a point of making sure Molly knows that she sees her too. There is an explosion in the kitchen. TJ discovers a burst water pipe and tries to call Shawn, but Shawn doesnít answer so TJ calls Alexis. She says she thought Shawn was with TJ. He says he hasnít talked to Shawn. TJ makes matters worse when he tries to fix the leak by himself. Taylor doesnít hesitate to take off her wet shirt and his. Molly tells Alexis that she isnít going to prom while Danny is in the hospital. Alexis says she has to go and that Sam would want her to. Molly says she doesnít want to lead Rafe on and she doesnít want to be uncomfortable around TJ and his replacement date. Shawn returns to Alexis outside Dannyís room. She asks him how TJ is. When he says TJ is fine, she says he is a liar. She tells him that TJ called her while he was gone.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick arrives at Jack’s to attempt to tell him that Summer is his daughter, but he gets cold feet. Phyllis arrives and demands to know what is the big rush. Fen goes to a party with Raven in an old abandoned building. Michael comes home with a brown envelope for him and Lauren which contains a questionnaire and blindfolds for both of them in an attempt to save their marriage. Kyle and Summer arrive at Billy’s restaurant to have dinner. Billy and Carmine talk while watching the two. Billy congratulates Summer on her graduation. Michael and Lauren begin answering the questionnaire one question at a time. Everything is going along well until Lauren puts the blindfold on Michael and attempts to guide him toward the kitchen but lets him bump into the coffee table. An argument erupts between the two. Nick becomes so frustrated that he leaves without telling Jack and Phyllis the truth about Summer. Summer receives a text from a friend about a graduation party that she has been invited to.

Michael and Lauren argue, but she refuses to give up on their marriage. Phyllis follows Nick home and he confesses to her that Jack is Summer’s father. Nick and Phyllis argue over the fact that Nick had done this without her prior knowledge. Phyllis calls Summer to see where she is but doesn’t let on to her that Jack is her father. Phyllis also talks to Jack but doesn’t let on to him either about the fact that he is really Summer’s father.

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