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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The next morning Liam calls Steffy to check up on her. He’s worried that she didn’t come home. She could have worked from there, but she said too many distractions. Taylor stops by and Steffy tells her not to pressure her. Taylor says she knows what she is going through, but don’t do this to Liam. She and Liam will have another child so she needs to let all of this guilt go. Steffy states that some losses are greater than others. Steffy says everything has changed and things are different. Taylor explains that Liam still loves her and he does not blame her for the accident. And he is excited to have another baby so she must not lose sight of that. Thomas drops in on Liam and is worried too that Steffy didn’t come home. He wants to know what’s going on. Hope helps her Aunt Katie with Will and expresses that she knows Steffy is in a bad place, but she doesn’t think there is any hurry to have another baby. Liam wants another child but maybe just not with Steffy. She is sure that Steffy will meet another man and have a baby with him and she will have one with Liam. She knows that is going to happen. She has always believed they would be together if she was just patient.

Liam tells Thomas that all of this is a little too personal about wanting another baby as soon as Steffy can. It’s his business and he wishes Thomas would back off. When Thomas continues, Liam asks him to leave the house. In going, Thomas warns him that Steffy has brains, beauty and wit and he’d like to think that Liam deserves her; don’t prove him wrong. Katie also stops by to see Liam. He tells her that Steffy is not home; she had stuff to do. She wants to know how she sounded this morning when he talked to her. Liam says he knows something is going on. He just doesn’t know what and this seems to be heavier and darker. It came on so suddenly. He feels like she is keeping something from him. Katie gets him to admit that having another child is the last thing on his mind right now. Steffy drops in on Hope at the office and wants to talk. Steffy says there has been a change in her plans and it affects Hope. She’s going to do some traveling. Hope assumes she wants to be sure that Hope will stay away from Liam. Steffy says no. She is leaving the country and is not coming back. That doesn’t mean that she is ending the marriage or what Liam will do. But she wants Hope to take care of him. He’s hers.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena was upset that John admitted to having feelings for Kristen.  Just before Bernardi carried out Stefanoís order to cut Rafe, Sami shot him.  Kayla, Maxine, and EJ saw Sami with the gun.  EJ wanted to know what she was doing.  Gabi and Kate came in Rafeís room and wondered what was going on.  EJ got everybody out of the room.  EJ wanted Sami to give him the gun.  Nicole and Kristen argued over Brady.  Sami told everyone that Bernardi was going to kill Rafe.  Kate let EJ and Sami know who was responsible for trying to kill Rafe.  Nicole and Kristen continued to argue over Brady and then it turned physical.  They started fighting at the town square.  Marlena ripped into John when he tried to explain his feelings for Kristen.  Marlena told him she was done with him.  Hope and Abe showed up at the hospital.  Kate told Hope that Sami shot the man who tried to kill Rafe.  EJ wanted Sami to tell him what happened.  She said Bernardi was trying to kill Rafe so she had to protect him.

Brady stopped Nicole and Kristen from fighting.  Kate and Gabi told Hope what they saw Sami doing when Bernardi was shot.  EJ wanted to know why Sami would kill Bernardi.  Someone called Stefano to let him know that the job wasnít done.  EJ was upset with Hope for thinking that the DiMeras were involved with the shooting.  Hope wanted Sami to tell her what happened, but EJ didnít want her to say anything.  Sami wanted to talk because she didnít do anything wrong.  Sami told Hope why she shot Bernardi.  Kristen wanted to talk to Brady about what happened between her and Nicole, but he didnít want to hear what she had to say.  Brady let Kristen know that he hated her and that they were over.  Hope continued to talk to Sami about the shooting.  Abe let Hope know that the man Sami shot was a decorated cop.  EJ kept trying to defend Sami to Hope and Abe.  Hope asked Sami if she knew Bernardi, but she said she didnít know him.  When EJ was going to take Sami out of the hospital, Abe said they werenít going anywhere.  Brady ran into John at the town square.  John wanted to talk and Brady agreed that they had a lot to talk about.  Marlena ran into Kristen at the pub and wanted to talk to her.  Kristen didnít have anything to say to her, but Marlena had plenty to say.  Kate went to see Stefano and threatened to kill him if he went after Rafe again.  Sami kept telling Hope and Abe that Bernardi tried to kill Rafe.  Abe said there was no knife in Rafeís room.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Emma paints Duke's face with makeup while he and Anna baby-sit. Patrick and Sabrina have the house to themselves. Sabrina looks at Patrick and Robinís wedding picture while Patrick is in the kitchen. Patrick asks her to spend the night with him. She is reluctant to sully Robinís home. Patrick tells her that Robin would approve. They take it to the bedroom.

Shawn takes aim at Franco from a room at the Metro Court above the terrace where Carly has lured Franco. Sonny goes out to the terrace and asks what is going on. Olivia has a vision of Sonny being shot so she runs out to the terrace and pushes Sonny out of the way, catching the bullet herself. Franco observes to Carly that no one would want to shoot Olivia and wonders who the real target was. Dante gets the call about the shooting at the Metro Court, but the victim was not identified. Lulu calls Maxie to come keep her company. They eat the Chinese food that Lulu had ordered before Dante left. Maxieís fortune cookie says, ďSoon, the truth will come out.Ē Luluís says, ďSomething of yours may be lost to you forever.Ē Maxie says she thinks she knows what it means. She says the operative word was ďMay,Ē and returns the shoes she borrowed last year. She says her feet are getting too swollen to wear heels. Lulu says that must be the truth coming out.  Anna is called to the Metro Court, leaving Duke to Emmaís mercy. She makes him put on a tutu and dance the Tango with her until they fall asleep on the couch. Dante arrives at the Metro Court and sees his mother been wheeled away on a gurney. Anna questions Carly, who says she didnít see the shooter. Franco says he did. He says he didnít see the person, but points to the window where he saw movement. Carly takes Anna and Dante to the room that Shawn was in. Shawn was already gone. Dante looks out the window and sees a clear view of the terrace where his mother was shot. Carly goes to get the security tapes, knowing that the camera had been turned off. Anna finds the shell on the floor.

AJ visits Elizabeth at the hospital. He tells her that he had to get out of the house because Kiki and Franco are staying there. She tells him that his nephew, Danny is there at the hospital. He asks her if it is making her think about Jakes. She says yes, but that she is ok. She says she has to get back to work and suggests that he visit with Danny. Nikolas sits with Alexis at the hospital outside Dannyís room. Alexis wonders if Nikolas has told Elizabeth about AJ and Carly getting together. He says he hasnít decided what to do yet. Alexis tells Nikolas that Shawn was shot protecting Anna the same day that Nik was shot. When she tells him the story, he wonders why he was in the park with a gun watching the loft. She reveals that Shawn works for Sonny.  He asks if Shawn is Sonnyís enforcer in Jasonís place. He notes that Alexis has a pattern with Sonny, Ric Lansing, and Jerry Jacks in her past. She says Shawn isnít like them. AJ runs into Nikolas when he is on his way to check on Danny. Nik tells him that Danny and Sam are both asleep. He says he knows AJ slept with Carly. He tells him that he has a recording of him confessing to Tracy, but that he isnít going to tell Elizabeth because he doesnít want to hurt her, but that if AJ makes one wrong move with Elizabeth, he will let her hear the recording. Alexis tells Shawn that she thinks it is time that they discuss what he does for Sonny. Carly calls Shawn and tells him to find out how Olivia is. Franco tells Carly that they both know who is responsible. Connie looks at Sonnyís bloodstained shirt and says that Olivia said she thought Franco was going to kill Sonny because she saw blood all over his shirt. He concludes that she saw her own blood. The ER doctors are able to stabilize Olivia. Connie overhears Sonny telling Olivia that he needs her in his life right now.

OLTL Recap Written by Anthony

Matthew goes to Bo and Nora's for dinner and brings his laundry. He assumes he is the only person who is going to be there but Destiny shows up and it turns out that the two are being sabotaged by Bo and Nora. Matthew later calls David and tells him to bring Dorian to dinner because they are greatly missed. Dorian agrees to go only because she assumes that Viki is going to be there and she wants to see her face as she laughs in it. The two show up and everyone is shocked. Later on Matthew ends up leaving because he wants to talk to Michelle. Natalie gets served with custody papers from John. Natalie freaks out and Tea shows up to help her out. Tea and Natalie try to get to the bottom of it. Natalie later goes to dinner with Clint and Viki.

At dinner Natalie gets a phone call from Tea who explains that months ago John got a restraining order and a mean letter from Natalie. Natalie does not remember ever doing this. Meanwhile Viki and Clint are trying to get over they money issues that the two are having. Blair and Todd argue about what happened the night before at the club however Todd eventually gets Blair to go with him to prove what happened. A gun ends up getting fired and it is being shot at Blair. Todd is able to push her out of the way.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Abby arrives at Noah and Tyler’s place to help make the man cave more comfortable for them. Tyler can’t believe that Abby is Noah’s Aunt. Abby doesn’t think the place is fit for bears to live. Tyler tells her that the bathroom isn’t working, but they will fix that soon. Cane tells Lily that he is grateful that Lily switched jobs for the sake of their marriage, because he was jealous of the way Tyler looked at her whenever he saw her. Lily remembers Tyler kissing her when he was drunk but puts the thoughts out of her mind. Lily’s romantic dinner with Cane is interrupted when he has to take a call from Japan. Abby arrives and wonders why Lily left her job. Lily says this job was a better fit for her family, although she misses some things about working on the fashion line. Tyler arrives and Abby says that he doesn’t dress like someone who works in the fashion industry; he dresses more like a plumber. Tyler tells Abby that his bathroom works now, and Lily looks jealous as she watches Tyler and Abby talking to each other. Alex arrives and Abby tells him she got a room for them at the club, so they can spend the night, and they head upstairs to their room.

Alex questions Kevin about the latest robbery. Chloe defends Kevin by saying he would never steal again, because he has learned his lesson and is doing community service at the police station. Alex searches the coffeehouse and doesn’t find any stolen property. Once Alex is gone, Chloe notices Kevin is acting too cocky, and she gets him to admit that he did commit the latest robbery. Chloe cries because she is heartbroken that Kevin chose things over her and Delia. Chloe tells Kevin that she is going home to pack her things, and she doesn’t want him around her and Delia anymore, because he sets a bad example for Delia. Tyler gives Noah a job as a photographer’s assistant, because Tyler thinks Noah takes good pictures. Phyllis tries to persuade Summer to wait to sleep with Kyle, but she is worried when Summer leaves for her date with Kyle. After Nick reads the test results which say he isn’t Summer’s father, he heads to On the Boulevard for a drink. Sharon sees Nick and offers to listen but he doesn’t want to talk. A guy named Wayne flirts with Sharon, buys her a drink, and then invites her to his room, but Sharon decides not to sleep with a stranger. Nick heads to Jack’s place and remembers the day Summer was born before he knocks on Jack’s door.

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