Monday 6/10/13 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 6/10/13 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Eva

Dixie is upset when Billy Clyde arrives to apologize to her for all the harm he caused her and she tells him that if he comes near her again she will have him arrested. Dixie later talks to Jesse about arresting Billy Clyde but Jesse tells her he can’t arrest him because the statute of limitations is up on the kidnapping charges against him. Billy Clyde is happy when he becomes a rich man after winning the lottery. Celia calls Pete on the phone and Colby answers Pete’s phone and pretends that she and Pete are doing something romantic together. Celia goes to Opal’s house to return the clothes Pete bought her in New York and she tells Opal that she and Pete are not dating anymore. Opal invites Celia to have tea with her and tells her not to worry because she will meet another young man soon but Celia says she will never date again. Opal looks worried when she gets one of her physic feelings when she gives Celia a goodbye hug.

Colby tries her best to charm Pete but he wants nothing to do with her later Colby is embarrassed when he credit card is declines at Jane’s Addiction. David plays for Colby’s food and decides to give her some money as a gift because a pretty girl like her should not be low on cash. Colby asks David for $30,00 and David writes her a check for the money, which makes Colby happy, but she can’t help but wonder what David wants in return. JR is worried when he sees AJ talking to David and he tells David that he won’t allow him to use AJ to get to him. JR falls when Jane bumps into him with a tray of food and David tells JR he better hit the gym or he will be too weak to do anything much less work at Chandler media. Heather invites AJ and Miranda to have lunch with her and is surprised when Miranda is still talking to the girls that wouldn’t let her sit with her before because Hunter was at the next table. Miranda gets a text from Hunter with a picture of her and Heather and it says that the picture proves she likes girls. Heather wants to let everyone know that Heather wants to tell everyone what a jerk Hunter is but Miranda asks her not to tell anyone about the picture. Heather and AJ hit it off because they both love the Who and spicy food and heather asks Miranda if she and AJ are dating but Miranda says that she and AJ are just friends but Miranda looks jealous as she watches AJ walk heather to her cab. Lea gets confirmation that the dental records prove that they John Doe body they found at the pier was Uri Koslov and she also is told that the fingerprints found on the letter opener are Zach’s fingerprints. . Zach tells Lea he is being set up and he will discover Uri’s real killer. Jesse calls Uri who tells him that Cassandra will only come home if Zach is arrested. Jesse arrests Zach although he knows that he is innocent and Zach assures Jesse he will find the real killer. Brooke gets a visit from someone she thought she would never see again.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke clutches her chest and starts to hyperventilate and keeps saying that she has to tell them something. Katie tries to calm her down while Bill says no she doesn’t have to tell them anything. Brooke collapses into Bill’s arms and then slumps to the floor. Taylor drops by Liam’s house and hopes that she is not interrupting. He says no; he was just eating alone since Steffy didn’t come home yet. Taylor says she doesn’t want to be a worry wart, but she does worry. Not just about Steffy but him as well as lots of people tend to overlook that the father suffered a tremendous loss as well. He may feel let down, so he needs to give himself permission to air those feelings. She lets him know that the last couple of years that Steffy has begun coming into her own with maturity is because of Liam. He is good for her. She gives him a hug and says everything will turn out great. Just wait; he will have a house full of children. Steffy sits in her loft all huddled up just thinking what Dr. Caspary told her that she’d not be able to conceive again. She calls Liam and says she is wrapped up in some work projects and thinks she will just stay at the loft tonight. That worries Taylor. She doesn’t need to be isolating herself like this. Liam doesn’t want to add to Steffy’s feeling and being so down on herself, but Taylor says they need to be together and both work on this. But give her tonight and let her work on this her way. She knows she is excited and wants to give him another baby very soon. Steffy sees Liam and a whole yard full of playful kids, but when she sees the mommy, it is Hope not her.

At the hospital, Dr. Meade examines Brooke. Katie tells him that she recognizes the signs. She thinks it is a panic attack. She doesn’t want to, but Bill convinces her to leave the room so Brooke can talk to the doctor. Brooke confides in him that she is pregnant, so he wants page Dr. Caspary. After an ultrasound, Dr. Caspary tells her she may no longer have to tell Bill and Katie as she is no longer pregnant. It’s a missed miscarriage. The body can carry on with signs, but sadly the baby is gone. She’s sympathetic and tells Brooke that she knows Brooke was determined to have this baby despite the circumstances so she knows the baby would have been loved and she is sorry this happened. Katie and Bill come back in and she tells Brooke not to do that again. She gave them quite a scare. Brooke apologizes for the panic attack and that she hasn’t been handling stress very good lately. She really over exaggerated and had nothing to tell them. There is no problem anymore. Katie gets a call from the nanny and needs to go home to Will. Bill tells her to go ahead and he will stay with Brooke for a while. He tells Brooke that he knows why she came over tonight. She was going to tell Katie about the two of them. He sits on the edge of her bed and says they had an agreement. They would never tell Katie as it would only hurt her. Neither one of them would want another heart episode for Katie. He realizes the burden of that secret was too much for Brooke and he holds himself responsible for that. He should have been there for her. He adores his wife and he is committed to his marriage and something like this can never happen again. Nothing came of their being together and he hopes she understands that and it can never happen again. There is not one good reason that Katie should know. Tears begin to flow and Brooke agrees no, not any more, their secret is safe.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami tormented Kristen after she (Sami) heard Kristen leaving a message for Brady.  Daniel threatened JJ if he ever put his son in danger again.  Bernardi took out the razor and went towards Rafe.  He hid when Gabi went to see him.  Nicole went to Brady to make him feel better about Kristen.  They argued over Eric.  When they made up, they went out.  Sami and Kristen got into a fight over Brady.  When Sami was done talking to her, she left the mansion.  JJ wanted to know where Parker was, but Daniel didnít tell him.  While Daniel was roughing up JJ, Jennifer came in and stopped Daniel.  Bernardi snuck out of Rafeís room while Maxine checked on Rafe.  Daniel told Jennifer and Abby what JJ did to Parker.  Daniel warned JJ to stay away from Parker.  John met Marlena at the pub.  She wanted to know what he did with Kristen.  He agreed to tell her the truth.  When Daniel left to check on Parker, Jennifer yelled at JJ for what he did.  Jennifer told Abby to take Parker home.

Jennifer tried to explain to Daniel that what JJ did was an accident, but Daniel wasnít so sure.  Abby screamed at JJ for what he did to Parker and what he was doing to Daniel, but JJ was sick of hearing about Daniel.  John told Marlena that he wanted to seduce Kristen so Brady could catch them together.  He said Kristen had the same idea.  Marlena couldnít believe John would risk hurting her and Brady just to get rid of Kristen.  Daniel wasnít if he could forgive JJ because of everything that has happened.  Jennifer wanted him to explain what he meant.  While they were talking, he let it slip that JJ could have trashed his car.  They almost got into an argument over Danielís suspicion.  She wanted to go talk to JJ about what happened.  Kristen went to see Eric to talk about what happened between her and Brady, but Eric didnít want to talk to her.  He threw her out of his office.  Marlena didnít think John would sleep with Kristen unless he still cared for her.  Sami went to see Rafe and talked to him about Gabiís baby as well as willing him to get better.  When Jennifer got home, she talked to JJ about what happened.  He apologized for what happened.  When Brady left, Kristen showed up and got into with Nicole.  Kristen and Nicole got into a fight over Brady.  John told Marlena that he still had feelings for Kristen.  Marlena slapped him.  When Bernardi was about to carry out Stefanoís order, Sami shot him from behind.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Patrick and Sabrina go on their first date where they talk about Britt all through dinner. Felix prods Britt to tell him why she is such a bitch. She tells him her parents made her this way. He says he doesnít feel sorry for her and that the only person he feels sorry for is the child that she is carrying, because it will have her as a mother. He says the only thing on the childís side is having Patrick as a father, assuming that Patrick really is the father. He challenges her to prove it with a DNA test.  She says she doesnít have to prove anything to Felix. He says she will eventually have to prove it to Patrick.

Kate and Olivia observe Patrick and Sabrina from across the Metro Court dining room. Kate remembers feeling that way with Sonny. Olivia thinks about her own moments with Sonny, but says she felt that way with Steve Webber. Kate encourages Olivia to find a new man. Dante tells Sonny that Lulu has regained her memories. Sonny mentions Kateís trial. Dante informs him that the judge dismissed all the charges. Sonny says he doesnít know what to do with the birthday present he bought for Connie before she broke up with him. Dante hopes Connie finds her way back to Sonny. Laura goes to visit Lulu upon returning from her honeymoon in Hawaii and is happy that Luluís memory has returned. Lulu forgets about the meatballs that she was making for Dante. She complains about her inability to learn how to cook. Laura tells her that Dante would be happy with cereal as long as he has Lulu. Dante comes home and sees the burned meatballs. He tells her that she doesnít have to prove anything to him. She suggests that they go to the Metro Court, but he just wants to stay home with his wife.

Shawn comforts Alexis at the hospital while she cries with worry over Danny. They confess their love for each other for the first time. Carly finds Franco at the Quartermaine mansion and hive him the wind-up toy that he had previously left with a video where he said would be watching Josslyn. He apologizes for frightening her and says he would never hurt Josslyn. She asks him to convince her of that. She says she would feel more comfortable in a public place so she asks him to meet her at the Metro Court. She calls Shawn and tells him that the hit is back on. Shawn wonders if Sonny is onboard. She says it was Sonnyís idea. Shawn tells Alexis that he has to leave for business. Sensing that it is a job for Sonny, she asks him to be careful because she needs him to be there with her. He promises to come right back. Olivia is shocked to see Franco arrive at the Metro Court restaurant. She and Kate tell him to leave, but Carly arrives and says he is with her. She leads him to the table that has the best shot from the room she sent Shawn to. Sonny goes to the Metro Court to give Kate the birthday gift. Olivia tells him that Franco is there with Carly. Sonny goes out to the terrace and gets in the way of Shawnís shot. Olivia has a vision of blood on Sonnyís shirt. She runs out to the terrace and pulls Sonny away right as Shawn pulls the trigger.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

It is graduation day in Genoa City for Summer and Fen. Nick gets the results back from the paternity test. Lauren and Michael are happy that Fen is graduating from high school. Sharon visits Noah to let him know about Summer’s graduation and finds him there with a young girl. Phyllis helps Summer get ready for graduation. Summer tells Phyllis that she wants to look especially good today, because this is the happiest day of her life. Michael and Lauren help Fen prepare for his graduation. Paul and Kevin arrive at Michael and Lauren’s to join in the celebration. Jack finds out from Kyle that he too, is going to Summer’s graduation. Summer sends Kyle a pic of herself over the cell phone. Everyone gathers at Nick’s home to go to the graduation. Phyllis notices something wrong with Nick and calls him on it, but he refuses to tell her anything.

Noah and Sharon argue over the fact that he has a woman in his apartment. Victor and Nikki gather at the Athletic Club for the graduation party. After graduation, everyone gathers at the Athletic Club for the party. Summer opens her gifts. Michael. Lauren, Paul, and Kevin gather back at the Baldwins' to give Fen his presents. Michael and Lauren gives him the keys to his new car. Sharon and Noah arrive at the party at the Athletic Club, but Sharon refuses to join in the festivities. Sharon and Carmine meet and talk. Nick opens the paternity test papers to get the results. Summer visits Kyle and gives him a big kiss when he opens the door.

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