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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric tells Brooke that he can’t do this. He is not going to pretend to be the father of another man’s child. It’s not fair to him or to Taylor either. So she simply must go to Bill and tell him that he’s the father. She begs again. Please just spend this one night with her to see what they could have. She thinks he will change his mind when he holds this baby. He’s the only one that can fix this, but still Eric says no that he will not do this. She can make peace with this. He will stand by her, but he will not lie. He will not raise Bill Spencer’s child. He tells her she only has one choice and that is to tell the truth. She needs to have faith that Katie will realize she did not do this to hurt Katie. She and Bill both thought his marriage was over. Katie will forgive her some day when her initial hurt is over. If Brooke lies it will follow her forever. Taylor conveys to Thomas that she is so happy and content with Eric. He is just the best partner in the world. She does have her issues with Brooke because she demands so much of his time, but he’s just being protective of her. Rick walks in and chastises them for complaining about his mother again. He thinks she is the most independent woman in this world and that Thomas is still just griping because Eric did not pick Thomas to be CEO. And he adds that his father is not a weak man. He can not be manipulated even by his own mother. As Brooke continues to argue, Eric tells her to stop this right now. She has to tell Bill. Finally she gets it and thanks him for being the voice of reason. She has spent her whole life trying to protect her sister and now to hurt her like this. But she knows she has to tell Bill and tell him tonight.

Katie and Bill are smooching and saying they have hit a few road bumps this year but came out all right. He even gives her something she has always wanted – a coupon for dance lessons which he doesn’t want anybody else to know about, it might ruin his reputation. They are arm in arm giggling while pretending to dance when they realize that Brooke is standing there looking at them. Katie invites her to join in. Eric goes back to the office. He tells Taylor that he wasn’t sure how his evening would end, but he made some good choices. It’s very clear; he wants her to stay with him forever. She brings him comfort and joy, energy and passion. That’s what they are together. He says he loves her. Brooke puts Will down and then tells Katie that she has something to tell them. Katie is worried. She doesn’t think Brooke looks good. Bill gets her water and suggests she lie down. Brooke says no. She must tell Katie something. Both Bill and Brooke shoot guilty looks at each other, as if don’t go there!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Show did not air today due to tennis.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Shawn tells Sonny and Carly that he will not be able to get a clean shot at Franco in the Quartermaine mansion. Alexis calls Shawn and tells him about Danny. Shawn tells Sonny and Carly that Danny is in the hospital. Carly concludes that Franco is responsible. Shawn goes to the hospital where Alexis gives him the details. He calls Sonny and says he doesnít see any connection between Dannyís condition and Franco. Dr. Singh performs Dannyís biopsy with no problems. Spinelli tells Ellie that he intercepted a suspicious call from Britt Westbourne on Bradís phone. Ellie tells Spinelli that she found a file on Britt that Brad has hidden in the lab, but that she hasnít looked at its contents. He says she didnít mind looking at Maxieís medical records and that she has a more compelling reason to look at Brittís file if it has proof that Brad stole her promotion. Britt calls Brad and asks him if she wasnít clear when she told him she needed him to come over. He says they never had that conversation. Felix overhears Britt telling Brad that she needs to fake another blood test. Sabrina arrives and announces that she is going to take Brittís blood sample, but Brad arrives before Sabrina does the draw. Brad tells Britt that he figured out that it was Spinelli that she talked to this morning. She tells him that Spinelli is a PI and orders him to get rid of her real file. When Elizabeth canít find Brad, she gives Dannyís sample to Ellie to take to the lab. Elizabeth tells Spinelli that Sam in Exam Room 3. Ellie says she can handle getting Brittís file while he visits with Sam, but Brad arrives at the lab, takes Brittís file from Ellie, and warns her and Spinelli to stay out of his business. When Patrick arrives to pick up Sabrina for their date, Britt forces him to touch her belly to feel the baby kick.

Kiki tells Morgan that she wants to move out of Michaelís apartment. He says he doesnít have any money and suggests that she contact her rich relatives. She doesnít want to play into her motherís hands. He tells her to bypass her mother and go directly to the source. Michael tells Morgan that they donít have to move out. Morgan asks Michael if he wants them to stay so he can make a play for Kiki. Michael says he isnít interested in Kiki and then agrees that they should move out. He opens the door and tells Morgan to get out. Morgan apologizes and says he is insecure because he likes Kiki so much. He tells Michael that Kiki has gone to meet her rich family that she never knew she had. Ava Jerome goes to the Quartermaine estate and announces to Tracy and AJ that they need to talk about Franco. Franco says from behind her that it is ďíFrank Q,Ē as in Quartermaine. He tells Ava that she canít keep hiding their daughter from him because she is grown now and one day she will just show up. Kiki walks into the room. Franco introduces himself as her father. Ava threatens to kill him if he gets any nearer to their daughter. Tracy takes the letter opener from Ava. Everyone starts fawning over Kiki and arguing with each other until Kiki yells for everyone to shut up. She tells them that she isnít interested in their business war; she just came to introduce herself and get an advance on her inheritance so she and her boyfriend can pay their rent. Tracy says Quartermaines donít rent; they buy. She insists that Kiki and her boyfriend move in. AJ agrees. Franco tells Ava that it looks like he will have the chance to bond with Kiki after all. Carly sneaks into the Quartermaine mansion through the patio door.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kevin and Chloe sign the contracts to make Dylan the new owner of Crimson Lights. Kevin is very sad about selling the coffeehouse, because he feels like he failed again. Chloe is sad but she is ready for her family to have a new start in life. Alex warns Kevin not to try and do one last robbery, because he will get caught. Kevin responds that he is a new man and isn’t even thinking about robbing another house. Kevin arrives at Crimson Lights to pick up Chloe who intends to burn her catsuit to symbolize a new start for her family. Kevin hides a necklace he stole in his pocket, so that Chloe doesn’t find it. Alex has to postpone his date with Abby after he gets a call about a robbery in a rich neighborhood. Nikki tells Victoria that she thinks she should write and illustrate a book for children, and Victoria is excited about the idea. Victoria suspects Billy is having an affair, because she overhead the last part of a phone call he made canceling his poker game. Billy lies that he was canceling an interview with a bartender and laughs when Victoria accuses him of having an affair.

Chelsea tells Dylan she wants the baby to have his last name. They decide to name the baby Emily if it is a girl. Dylan tries to come up with a new name for Crimson Lights and discusses with Chelsea the changes he wants to make to the coffeehouse. Dylan tells Chelsea that he doesn’t want her to go home and they make love at his place. Traci moves out of Jack’s place and in with Abby. Jack wonders if Traci is having marital problems, and she tells him that she doesn’t want to talk about it with him. The Newman family gathers at Adam’s penthouse to celebrate Newman Enterprises going private again. Nick announces that he and Avery are engaged and gives her back her engagement ring after he asks her to marry him in front of everyone. Avery also tells Victor that she is preparing her junior counsel, Melanie Daniels, to take over for her, because she wants to return to private practice. Victor is happy that Adam is taking his advice and dating again, although he is a little surprised that Adam invited Melanie to the party. Once the party is over, Adam calls someone on the phone and says everything went according to plan. Nikki tells Victor that both she and Victoria are worried that Adam is doing something sneaky behind Victor’s back, but Victor assures Nikki that nothing Adam does is a secret to him. Phyllis decides to move in with Jack, because he makes her happy.

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