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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric is stunned. Brooke has re-created their honeymoon right down to the last detail. It’s like he stepped back in time. He says he has not forgotten, but he’s with Taylor now and he can’t forget that either. She says she did not set this all up to talk about Taylor. He says he knows. She is doing this for the same reason that she had dinner the other night with Rick and Bridget. Subtle is not her style. She reminds him that he wasn’t always subtle either. It awoke his passion and he even called her his inspiration. Memories and feelings don’t just fade away. They are put away and then found again later. Taylor tells Thomas that she gave Eric the night off just for himself. She was going to invite Steffy to go out to dinner with them, but Steffy wanted to spend some alone time with Liam. And as soon as she can she wants to have another baby. They discuss Brooke’s not modeling her own lingerie and wonder if this has anything to do with the new man in her life. Thomas asks if Eric may have said something. Taylor says no, he’s not interested in Brooke’s love life. He comes to her rescue, but that’s just the kind of man Eric is. He sees someone in trouble and his reflex is to reach out and help. Katie tries to console Steffy that there are changes in medicine all the time so this doesn’t mean that she can never get pregnant again. Liam calls and asks if she wants him to bring dinner home. Steffy replies that she is going to be out late so for him not to wait up. She tells Katie that she can’t go home and face him. She just wants her to take her to her condo. Katie affirms to her that this was not her fault. Liam will understand but she just needs to go home and talk to him. At the condo, Steffy tells Katie that she can go. She does not need a babysitter. Katie says she knows how she feels. She just wants to be alone and run away from her problems so she won’t inflict her pain on others. She did that and it was the biggest mistake of her life. Steffy cries that it is not the same. She had a baby but Steffy can’t. If she goes home, all she will see is books….books on babies and parenting…..catalogues of nursery furniture and baby clothes. They spent all this time on something that is now never going to happen. But she is not going home and telling Liam and she doesn’t want Katie to either. She couldn’t stand him being sorry for her. Katie says she is his wife; she has to share this with him. No matter what happens next, they will face it together. Steffy says not tonight. One more day won’t change things.

Hope stops by Liam’s and says she wasn’t sure he would still be here this late. In a space of a few words, they both find they neither have plans or any place they have to be. She says she knows he is hurting, but it will get better. He said it wasn’t planned, but he was ready to be a father. Hope tells him he will again and he will be a terrific one, if that is what he really wants. He needs time to grieve and then decide what he wants. He says thinking about it only makes it worse. She says no child would be luckier as she knows that is how she would feel if they had a child together (yes, Hope, put that screw a little deeper in his back). Brooke tells Eric that she did this whole tent in the desert oasis thing to show him she was serious that she wants him. She wants a father for her child and a husband that she can build a life with that can excite and surprise her like he used to. She thinks they can still have that. He promised her they would return to the desert every year yet they never did. They can correct that now. Everything they planned together they can have now. She was asking for his help back then and she is asking for it now. She is actually begging him for it now. She asks him to do this for her and she will commit herself to him for the rest of their lives and it will last this time. Eric pulls apart from her and says no. He can not do this. He won’t be part of this lie. She has to go to Bill Spencer. She has to tell him the truth that she is carrying his child.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Show did not air today due to tennis.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Patrick tells Sam that Dannyís lab results show indications of leukemia and that they will have to do a bone marrow biopsy to get a true diagnosis. Shawn is at the courthouse waiting for the opportunity to shoot Franco, but Olivia and Kate get in the way when they stop Franco in the corridor. Franco asks them who they are. Olivia tells him that she is Danteís mother and orders him to leave Dante and Lulu alone. Connie tells him that she booked his first show in Port Charles. He asks her why she changed her name. She says it isnít his business. When they part company, Shawn follows Franco. Kate and Connie go into Connie courtroom and wonder where Diane is. Diane calls Connie and tells her that she wonít have to stand trial because the judge dismissed the charges. Connie instinctively says she has to tell Sonny. Olivia says they should go out and celebrate Connieís freedom and her birthday.

Luke is drinking at the Metro Court Bar when Tracy calls to ask about his liver test results. He says he is fine. Ava Jerome goes into the bar and asks Luke if she can join him. He mentions that she hasnít given the signed contract back to Tracy and wonders if she hit a snag. She thinks about learning that Francoís shares are worth more than Laurenís and tells Luke that it isnít his business. She says Team AJ is always an option. He encourages her to research AJ to see what a screw-up he is before she allies with him. A nurse calls Luke and tells him that his test results are ready and that the doctor wants to see him right away. Luke orders another drink. Morgan walks into Sonnyís office overhearing Carly saying she canít wait for Shawn to pull the trigger and asks if they are plotting a murder. Sonny tells Morgan that he needs to knock before coming into his office. Carly says ďPulling the TriggerĒ is a figure of speech and that they were discussing moving on an investment opportunity. Morgan asks Carly to back off Kiki. He says Kiki has her own family problems and that she just found out who her father is, but that he died a year ago. He says that apparently Kiki is part of a rich family that has been trying to find her. Carly agrees to back off a little bit. He asks them if they will cosign for a credit card because the old one was cancelled after cash advances for the poker debts. Sonny tells him to get a job. Michael ponders Franco and Kikiís voting shares and puts Francoís name on the AJ list. He wonders if Kiki is ever going to get dressed after she has been wearing a towel all morning. They talk about both of their mothers withholding their fathersí identities from them. Kiki says her mother tried to trick her into signing documents. She hangs up on Ava when she calls. Michael comes out of the shower wearing a towel demanding that Kiki apologize for using all the hot water. They almost kiss when Morgan comes home and wonders what is going on. Kiki wrests away from Morgan when he puts his arm around her. She suggests that they move out of Michaelís apartment. He says his parents cut him off financially so perhaps she could look up her rich family. AJ tells Monica that he blames Sonny and Carly for Michaelís prison rape because he wouldnít have been in prison in the first place if Carly hadnít taken him away and given him to Sonny to be raised in the mob. Tracy surprises AJ by offering familial sympathy about what happened to Michael. They tell Monica that Franco is eligible to inherit because he is a living grandchild. Franco walks in through the patio door and tells them that he is out on bail. He pockets the ice tongs from the drinks table and says AJ and Jasonís lawyer, Diane Miller got him out. Monica tells him to get out of her house. He says he can leave, but he will take his controlling ELQ shares with him. Ava comes in stating that they need to talk about Franco. Franco says from behind her that it is Franco now. Q for Quartermaine. Shawn tries to get a shot off from outside the patio, but ultimately goes to Sonnyís office and reports that he couldnít get Franco alone.

OLTL Recap Written by Anthony

Dorian and David discuss the idea of Dorian joining David's show to benefit both their careers. David does not know if he is really interested in it but does not say yes or no. Rama is wearing her wedding outfit and has made Indian food but Vimal is going on a date. Vimal keeps explaining he loves her, but that he wants to be able to go on a date for once. Rama ends up convincing Vimal to stay and they make love. Dani becomes starstruck with Snoop and he signs a poster for her but Jeffrey wants the poster too. The two go into Dani's room to fight.

Matthew and Snoop talk about Matthew's priorities. Matthew is not interested in talking about Drew and Destiny. Snoop explains Matthew needs to take responsibility. Matthew eventually agrees. Nora is shocked to find that Bo is advertising her radio show and explains she does not know if she really wants to do it. Bo is able to convince her to do one show. Todd opens the new letter and all it has on it are the names of his loved ones.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Lily sees Tyler and Devon disagree about the changes Devon wants to make to the campaign. Lily agrees with Tyler. Devon asks Lily to allow him and Tyler to work out their disagreement, and she should concentrate on spending more time with Cane and her children, because that is why she stepped down from the launch of the fashion line. Noah and Tyler move into their new apartment. Noah tells Tyler that Summer wanted to move in with them. Tyler tells Noah that Summer will soon be able to afford a nice apartment, because she is about to become famous as the face of the Jabot fashion line. Lily calls Tyler but he doesn’t answer, because he is moving into the apartment. Lily calls Cane to invite him to lunch, but he is busy and can’t have lunch or dinner with her. Summer goes to the doctor to get birth control because she thinks that she might sleep with Kyle after her graduation tomorrow.

Sharon’s doctor sees her calling Nick and offering to help with his plumbing problems at the club. Dr. Watkins thinks Sharon should schedule more sessions with her since they need to talk about her dependence on men. Dr. Watkins thinks Sharon is terrified to be alone. Victor and Adam sign the contracts to make Newman Enterprises private again. Victor notices that Adam is flirting with Avery’s legal assistant, Melanie Daniels. Victor encourages Adam to have a social life so that he can find someone with whom to start a family. At the same time, he thinks it’s too soon for Adam to be flirting with Melanie. Victor tells Adam to get his penthouse ready because he plans to have a party with the family to celebrate that Newman Enterprises is private again. Sharon sees Adam with Melanie and pulls him aside to say that Melanie is a substitute for Chelsea, because she is the same height and has the same hair color as Chelsea. Sharon thinks Adam is having trouble moving on with his life. Adam kisses Sharon and tells her he isn’t the one having trouble moving on with his life. Carmine sends Lauren chocolate-covered strawberries to apologize for coming over to her place the other day. Lauren returns the gift and tells Carmine to move on with his life, because she loves Michael. Carmine later tells Fen that he is sad because the woman he was dating got back together with her ex, but he has no intention of giving up on her. Lauren tells Michael about returning Carmine’s apology gift. Michael appreciates Lauren’s honesty and thinks there might be hope for their marriage if they can both be honest with each other.

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