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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Colby Chandler returns home to see her brother JR. Plus she needs $20,000 because she has gotten herself into a situation. Colby bumps into Pete at Jan’s Addiction and she is surprised at how he went from nerd to hunk. Pete tells her he is also the owner of the leading app company and he is back home to help revive Cortlandt Electronics. Colby arrives home and catches up with JR and asks Brooke to lend her the money she needs to help her resolve her situation. Brooke refuses to lend Colby the money instead she offers her a job as the editor of Teen Tempo. Colby has no intention of working and calls Adam to ask him for the money but he also refuses to give Colby the money and Colby wishes that JR were his old self so he could stop Brooke from managing their money. JR apologizes to AJ for their argument about the steroids and AJ tells JR he understands that he was just trying to be a good father but since he has never had a good father it will take him some time to adjust to having one.

Pete finds out that ever since the press conference investors have been calling trying to invest in Cortlandt Electronics so he decides to keep his enemy David close and use him to get investors for the company. Pete tells the head of his legal team to draw up a contract that is so iron clad that David won’t be able to go to the bathroom without approval from him. Celia investigates on the Internet to try and find out what could be causing her hallucinations and later she asks Evelyn if either of her parents were crazy. Evelyn thinks that Celia feels like she is going crazy because she isn’t ready to handle a relationship with Pete who is a ladies man. Celia tells Pete she isn’t ready to have a relationship with him and they are about to discuss it when Colby interrupts their conversation because she and Pete were supposed to meet for lunch. Celia leaves without giving Pete a chance to talk to her about why she ended their relationship. AJ talks to David at Jane’s Addiction and David tells AJ he will be there for him if he needs someone to talk to or if things get hard at home. JR arrives and looks worried when he sees AJ and David talking to each other. Uri tells Jesse that if he wants Cassandra back home he must help him fake his own death so that he can escape going to jail for his crimes. Uri also tells Jesse that he must make everyone believe that he is dead and if he tells anyone that he is faking his death Cassandra will die. Jesse later gets a call from the police station telling him that they found a badly burned body at the pier that has also been stabbed with a letter opener. Angie cries and asks God to give Cassandra strength until Jesse can bring her home.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy can’t believe that Dr. Caspary is saying she can never conceive again. The doctor says never is a word they do not use in medicine. Steffy cries that she promised her husband a child and she is going to give him a child. So she is not hearing what Dr. Caspary is saying. She even refuses to leave the hospital until someone takes responsibility and makes her whole again. She has her surgeon called in and he explains they did everything by the book and he wouldn’t have changed a thing even if he knew the outcome. These things happen. Steffy cries; Katie gives her a big comforting hug. Bill catches Liam playing with Will on the floor and chastises him for getting down there with the germs and all. On second thought, perhaps it is good to expose him and strengthen his immune system and toughen him up. Liam asks about the re-launch and Bill says it went okay but Brooke did not strut her stuff. It was less than sedate. Brooke did not take off her clothes, but she did lose her head. Eric knows Brooke is not all right and tries to get her to relax and take a sip of water. She says she is fine except that Eric doesn’t want to hear what she is saying. He says they have been through worse than this; no one has died. She says not yet but Katie could have another heart attack or learn about the pregnancy and leave her family once more and live all along the rest of her life. She goes on that maybe the press won’t make a big deal out of this and maybe she won’t be shunned the rest of her life. She asks would he go along with it if she asked him for less…much less. He could confess to losing it one night and giving in to their grief over Stephanie and that Brooke conceived. He wouldn’t have to have any more to do with the baby. That doesn’t appeal to him to spend his life not being friends with Brooke. He says he will stand by her and support her in anything she does, but not this. She tells him to think about it and come see her tonight to help her figure out another way.

Taylor walks in unannounced before they say more. She questions Eric in why Brooke is acting the way she is. Eric says it’s okay; just a long story. Brooke is pleased with herself as she thinks back on her honeymoon with Eric and re-creates it as much as she can in her own living room, right down to the tent. She says he will remember. Liam tells Bill that Steffy never mentioned wanting children before and now it’s like all she talks about. It’s everything to her. And he can’t talk to her about losing the baby because she thinks it is all her fault. And if he’s being honest, he doesn’t think he can even handle another disappointment like this. Eric walks into the honeymoon tent and tells Brooke that it’s like he stepped back in time. She has remembered every detail. She says he can have that again.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Stefano told Bernardi to ďcut it offĒ of Rafe.  JJ wanted to know if Daniel was accusing him of something.  Before Daniel could answer, Abby showed up.  Will asked Gabi if she loved Nick, but she wasnít sure how she felt.  Nick showed up to see Will.  Gabi wanted to talk to Nick, but Maxine wanted her and the father to sign the birth certificate.  EJ overheard Kate and Sami arguing over Rafe.  Kate asked Sami if she still loved Rafe.  Adrienne and Jennifer talked about Jenniferís problems with JJ.  JJ left Danielís apartment.  Will was surprised his name was on the birth certificate.  Nick wanted to do what was right.  Sami denied being in love with Rafe, but Kate didnít believe her.  After they finished arguing, Kate walked away from her.  EJ talked to Sami about Kate and Rafeís relationship.  EJ was convinced that Kate wanted Rafe back.  Sami didnít think so.  Bernardi was hesitant about carrying out Stefanoís order, but Stefano wanted it done tonight.  Stefano gave Bernardi the razor.  JJ went back to Danielís apartment because he needed money.  Daniel wasnít at the apartment.  Abby was babysitting Parker.  Nick wanted to know what Gabi was going to do about them.  Bernardi left to carry out Stefanoís order.

Daniel went to see Jennifer.  They talked about JJ and how she needed to be there for JJ.  She told Daniel that she couldnít spend too many nights with him because she should be there for JJ, but Daniel understood since their relationship isnít just about sex.  Daniel wanted to take Jennifer out, but he forgot his wallet.  He wanted to go back to his apartment on the way.  JJ asked Abby for $20 for a movie.  She wanted to know what was going on with him and Daniel.  JJ implied there was nothing going on with them.  Gabi told Nick she didnít have a decision about them yet.  She wished he told her what happened sooner, but he said he couldnít.  Kate went to the coffee shop and saw Stefano there.  Abby left the room and left JJ and Parker together.  JJ put his headphones on to listen to music.  Parker threw his plane on the wall unit.  Parker tried to get JJís attention, but he didnít hear him.  Parker got a chair so he could get the plane himself.  Gabi asked Nick married her because he was afraid he was gay.  He said he wasnít gay.  She said she and Arianna werenít going home with him.  Daniel went back to his apartment just in time to see Parker reaching for the plane.  When Abby came out, Daniel told her to take Parker to his room.  Nick apologized to Gabi, but she wanted him to stop.  She told him how she had to be strong for her daughter.  He assured her that she is strong.  When the coast was clear, Bernardi went in Rafeís room.  Kate went over to Stefano and apologized for accusing him of attacking Rafe.  He wasnít exactly thrilled to hear what she had to say.  He wanted her to move on from him.  When she walked away, he called Bernardi to see if the job was done.  Daniel threatened to tear JJ apart if he ever put Parker in danger again.  Nick gave Gabi money for her and Arianna.  Bernardi went towards Rafe with the razor and was about to cut him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Alexis, Molly, and Spinelli arrive at Samís door as a surprise for Dannyís first birthday. They ask Sam to do the honors of making a wish and blowing out the candle. Sam complies and then hands Danny to her mother and runs upstairs. Spinelli wonders if it is about Francoís return. When Molly asks for more details, Spinelli suggests that she ask Sam and makes a hasty exit. Molly tells Rafe about Franco. She says that at one time they thought he might be Dannyís father and worried that Danny could inherit a serial killerís DNA. She backpedals when she realizes that Rafeís biological father was a serial killer. Dr. Silas Clay finds Patrick and asks him about Dannyís treatment. Patrick wonders what interest Steven Clayís brother has in Samís child. Silas says he is not his brother and nor is he responsible for his brotherís crimes. Patrick says Dr. Clay doesnít work there and Dannyís tests are not his concern. Sam tells Alexis that Dr. Clay said he thinks Danny has Cancer. Alexis says it takes more than a cursory glance to make a diagnosis. She says Dr. Clay is just trying to rattle her. She insists that they go to the lab and demand a rush on the tests. When they get to the hospital, Patrick has the disturbing lab results in his hands.  

Britt Westbourne and Felixís sister, Taylor become fast friends as accidental roommates at Felix and Sabrinaís apartment. Taylor tells Felix that he has to buy her a prom dress to wear on her date with her new boyfriend, TJ. Molly tells Rafe that TJ already has another prom date. TJ tells Shawn that Molly came to the diner last night and said she didnít want to go to the prom with Rafe, she wanted to go with him, but he had already asked someone else to be his date. Shawn tells him that he should go with the one he wants to be with. TJ sends Taylor a message asking her to meet him. When Taylor leaves the apartment, Sabrina asks Felix what his sister is blackmailing him with. When Taylor gets to Kellyís, TJ canít go through with breaking the date. Spinelli sees Brad at Kellyís and asks him what he did to get promoted. Brad protests that he got the promotion by his own merit. Spinelli ďaccidentallyĒ knocks over Bradís drink and then goes through Bradís smart phone while Brad is in the menís room drying off. Spinelli answers the phone and pretends to be Brad when Dr. Westbourne calls and says Felix and Sabrina are watching her like hawks. Ellie finds Britt Westbourneís file hidden in the bottom of a drawer in the lab. Sonny makes a deal with District Attorney Lozano. At Francoís hearing, Lozano doesnít oppose bail. Lozano sends Sonny a text advising him that Franco made bail. Sonny sends Shawn to intercept Franco. When Franco leaves the courtroom, Shawn is waiting.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The person posting Neil’s journal entries on the GC Buzz website posts Neil’s thoughts on Lily’s relationship with Daniel during the time she and Cane were separated. Lily goes to the police station to confront Neil, since he is there to find out information about the case. Lily is deeply hurt that Neil felt this way and that he didn’t tell her that someone was posting his journal entries on the Internet. Kevin tells Alex and the Winters family that the person posting the journal entries to GC Buzz used the computer located at the Business Center of the Athletic Club. Neil thinks that the perpetrator has to be an employee or a guest of the Athletic Club, since a key card is needed for access to those computers. Billy goes to work in the daytime since Victoria is now home with the kids, and he can come home at night and be with the family. Nikki advises Victoria to find something that she is passionate about doing, so she won’t get bored baking or cleaning. Watching Johnny doodle on paper, Nikki remembers that Victoria used to make up stories and draw when she was younger. That leads Nikki to suggest that Victoria should write and illustrate children’s books. Nikki later meets with Traci and tells her she has a business proposition for her.

Traci informs Billy that she is now staying at Abby’s house. Later she admits to Abby that she and Steve can’t seem to communicate with each other anymore, so she thought she needed some time away from him and came home to visit her family. Chelsea awakens on the floor of Dylan’s loft after she fell asleep on his chest. Dylan has a spa basket sent to Chelsea at her office filled with things to calm her, including a gift certificate for a spa day at the Athletic Club. Chelsea tells Chloe she thinks she might be falling in love with Dylan. Dylan stops by On the Boulevard to pick up his last paycheck and tells Billy he is the new owner of Crimson Lights. He also thinks there is a discrepancy in the cash register receipts of the restaurant. It seemed to him that they took in a lot of money, but when he closed out the cash register at night, there was less money in receipts. Billy continues to take money from the restaurant cash register, and he calls his gambling buddy Ken to get a seat at the latest game. When Victoria arrives with Johnny, Billy lies to her and tells her he got a lead on a new bartender. Victoria suspects that Billy is lying and wonders what secret he is keeping from her.

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