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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie manages to get Steffy to wake up from her faint and get her back on the couch. She takes her to see Dr. Caspary. Steffy insists that they not call Liam or her mom and have them freak out over nothing. Dr. Caspary does insist on running some tests. It’s a big fashion launch day for Brooke’s Bedroom Line and she is nervous. All the press, family and friends are there and she tells Eric she can not be seen modeling lingerie. She will be showing her pregnancy soon and them asking questions. Time is running out and she needs a baby daddy. Thomas, Rick and Bill are all suspicious why Brooke insists on just wearing a dress and won’t model her underwear. It throws everyone into a tizzy as it changes everything that sales, promotions and everyone has been working on 24/7. The public expects to see Brooke not some local models on the runway. Bill has his say until Eric tells him they will have it under control in a few minutes so he can back off.

Rick tells Maya that he needs to kick things off but they need to talk if she can stick around. Bill walks up to her and says he hopes she remembers their little arrangement. If she doesn’t stay away from Rick, he will put that distance there himself and she will be going back to the joint. The launch begins with plenty of sexy models, but the murmuring begins when Brooke comes out minus her signature lingerie. Their questions eventually turns into badgering and them wondering what she has to hide. They assume it might be due to the new man in her life and want a name. She turns to Eric and says she is desperate; he must help her. Steffy wants Katie to stay and hear her results. Dr. Caspary tells Steffy that she is experiencing some internal bleeding and she will be putting Steffy on some antibiotics for about two weeks. Steffy takes that well and says okay and then she can concentrate on getting pregnant again. The doctor says sometimes the body doesn’t bounce back as expected, and it is the hospital’s opinion that Steffy might not conceive again.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ and Sami celebrated stealing Kateís product.  Danielís car was vandalized again.  Jennifer and Anne got in an argument over Danielís car.  Abby and Cameron got into an argument over her date with Chad.  Jennifer told Daniel that Anne was the one who vandalized his car, but he suspected JJ.  Jennifer wanted to make Anne pay, but he didnít want to do anything without proof.  Maggie and JJ talked about Daniel.  While they were talking, JJ let it slip that he, Abby, and Jennifer were her real family and that it would have been fine if Daniel left town.  Gabi went to see Will.  She talked to him about Nick and how she doesnít know him.

Maggie was taken aback by JJís comment about it being fine if Daniel left town, but they cleared things up.  Sami asked Cameron about Rafe.  EJ was noticeably uncomfortable when Sami asked about Rafe.  Cameron said Rafe was doing better.  When Jennifer went home, she confronted JJ about him not giving Daniel the money for the MP3 Player and Parkerís truck.  JJ lied about using the money for school.  Jennifer gave him more money to give Daniel and warned him that he better give Daniel the money.  Kate and Sami got into an argument over Rafe.  Stefano called someone and told the person to meet him at the usual place.  JJ gave Daniel the money Jennifer gave him.  Daniel wanted to talk to JJ.  Daniel suggested that they get to know each other better.  JJ agreed, but Daniel wasnít convinced that JJ wanted to be friends.  When Daniel left to take Parker in another room, JJ noticed Danielís tennis racket.  EJ overheard Sami and Kate arguing over Rafe.  Maggie told Jennifer that she saw JJ at the hospital parking lot earlier.    JJ asked Daniel if he could use his tennis racket, but Daniel said he couldnít. Stefano told Bernardi to take care of Rafe.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Felixís younger sister, Taylor, comes to Port Charles for the summer. As soon as she asks where all the hot Port Charles boys are, she spots TJ, who is sad because Molly is going to prom with Rafe instead of him. When Felix leaves Kellyís, Taylor flirts with TJ. He tells her about Molly and their breakup. He says she is going to prom with another guy and he will be alone. Rafe believes he is going to have to leave town with his uncle as soon as tomorrow. Molly prefers to believe that the judge will rule in Samís favor. She says he canít leave with Kristina already away at her new school for the summer. He says Molly only asked him to go to prom with her to punish TJ and encourages her to make up with TJ. Silas shows up at Samís penthouse. Rafe answers the door and tells him that it is not ok for him to show up anytime he wants to. Molly says she is going to call her mother and tell her about this. Silas says he is there to see Sam. Molly asks why, and Silas says it is none of her business. Rafe asks him if he is always that big a jackass. Silas says Rafe will soon find out. After Silas leaves, Molly goes to see TJ at Kellyís. She says she misses him, she regrets breaking up with him, and that she would like him to take her to the prom. Taylor returns from the ladies room and tells Molly that she is too late. Molly asks who she is. Taylor says she is TJís prom date. Sam has taken Danny to General Hospital. She asks Patrick to check Danny. She asks him if it might be the Beta Thalassemia. He doesnít think so, but he wants to run some tests. He says Sam can take Danny home. As she is leaving, Sam tells Danny that he will be just fine. Silas appears behind her and tells her not to lie to her son. She asks him if he is stalking her. He tells her Danny has cancer and walks away.

Maxie demands to know what Patrick is thinking by letting Dr. Westbourne move in with him and Emma. He tells her that he didnít let Britt move in with him and that Britt moved in with Sabrina. She tells him that she didnít think anyone would ever come close to Robin, but she thinks that even Robin would approve of Sabrina and that she hopes he knows how lucky he is to have her. He says Dante and Lulu are equally lucky to have her. She worries that the baby is already down to one parent because Lulu doesnít remember Dante or the baby. He assures her that the baby will have no shortage of love from Dante and Luluís families and that he is certain that Lulu will get her memory back.. Dante calls Olivia to the hospital so she can see that Lulu has regained her memory. Maxie runs into them and is thrilled to find that Lulu remembers everything. Lulu suddenly remembers that the person she rented the Haunted Star to was Franco. Maxie fills them in on the details of what happened at the Haunted Star after they left and tells them that Franco is in jail now.

Britt is a royal pain in Sabrinaís neck, constantly ringing a service bell and asking for things. Felix comes home and wonders why Britt is there. Felix threatens to throw Britt out the window when she goes into his room. Sabrina says that she is hoping to prove that Britt is faking Hyperemesis Gravidarum. She says they might even be able to lift their own samples and run them through the lab without going through her sidekick Brad. He says he canít be mad about Sabrina moving someone in because he did the same thing. He tells her about Taylor moving in. Sabrina says she thought Felix hated his sister. He confirms that he does. He says they are going to have a very crowded apartment. Patrick arrives at the door and asks how everything is going. Britt puts on her pathetic face and says she is a little dehydrated. Patrick hands her the glass of water that Sabrina had already brought her, but she balks at her and says ďthe babyĒ prefers bottled water. Patrick says he will order some to be delivered tomorrow. Britt volunteers Sabrina to go shopping. Patrick tells Britt that Sabrina will be too busy to go shopping because they will be on a date.

OLTL Recap Written by Anthony

Jeffrey tells Clint and Viki of a new breaking story that will put them on top again. Viki is shocked to hear that it involves the company she invested in and she could lose everything. Clint convinces Viki that she has to get out of it no matter what. Meanwhile, Matthew tries to make right with Destiny by spending time with her and Drew at the coffee shop. Matthew tries to explain that he wants to try. Destiny offers to have Matthew over for dinner some time but Matthew explains that he is to busy with work.

Tťa discovers that Victor is trying to contact her through the computer and goes to Bo to show him this. Bo has her computer tracked but it turns out that it can't be tracked. Tťa knows that it was Victor. Bo thinks it could have possibly been someone else trying to make her think it is Victor. Todd and Dani spend a day at the spa together where they run into Dorian. Dani makes Todd get his nails done. Later on at Todd's hotel room he spots a new letter from the that same place.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kevin and Chloe pack up their things from Crimson Lights. Kevin is depressed because all of the dreams he had for the coffeehouse didn’t come true. Chloe tells Kevin that she and Delia are proud of him for doing the right thing even though it is tough to do. Chloe encourages Kevin to find a new dream that he loves and try his best to make it come true. Chloe's dream is to be a fashionista who sets the trend for what everyone will wear. Chloe thinks Kevin will invent some genius computer program that will make him rich. Kevin dreams of him and Chloe being famous bank robbers like Bonnie and Clyde, but he doesn’t mention his dream to Chloe. Nick and Phyllis have dinner and talk -- they can’t believe that Summer is graduating in two days and that time has gone by so fast. Phyllis and Nick also talk about her taking things slowly with Jack, because she doesn’t want to come between him and Traci and ruin their brother-sister relationship. Nick thinks that Phyllis is taking the easy way out, and she should show Traci that she has changed. Nick tells Phyllis that he postponed his engagement to Avery, because he is going through something right now that he can’t share with anyone.

Chelsea has another strong pain and Adam carries her to his car to take her to the hospital, because he will not let her lose another child. Dylan talks to Avery because he is worried that Chelsea will lose the baby due to all the stress Adam has put on her, because he thinks he is the father of the baby. Adam calls Dylan from the hospital and tells him to come right away, because Chelsea had cramps. Avery and Dylan rush to the hospital and the baby is fine, but the doctor gives Chelsea strict orders to avoid stress. Adam once again tells Chelsea he will leave her and the baby alone. Avery tells Adam that she knows he still loves Chelsea, but he should let her move on with her life and maybe someday he and Chelsea will become friends. Avery goes to Nick’s place and tells him that she and Dylan were going to have a baby when they were together, but she had a miscarriage. Nick is happy that Avery told him when she was ready. Avery tells Nick she knows that he will tell her what is bothering him when he is ready. Chelsea thanks Dylan for taking care of her and helping her calm down. She also tells him that the baby is lucky to have him for a father. Gloria and Phyllis both advise Michael to fight for his marriage, because he and Lauren have something special. Carmine tells Lauren he has feelings for her, but she tells him that she loves Michael, and he should find something else to love. Michael moves back home and tells Lauren he will wait thirty days before he files the divorce papers.

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