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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Pete is so angry about David’s press conference that he tells Celia that they must go home so he can do damage control with the press. Once Pete and Celia arrive home Pete confronts David at Jane’s Addiction and Celia has a strange reaction when she sees David she feels she needs to leave and asks Jane to tell Pete she didn’t feel well and went home. Pete tells David that because of his press conference he has ruined any chance of a partnership with Cortlandt Electronics. Brooke asks David to give her an interview for her new internet talk show Talk Tempo and David agrees to the interview because he thinks its time that people heard his side of the story. David confronts JR and tells him that both he and Brooke think that he is pretending to have lost his memory. David tries to make JR angry to see if the true JR will emerge and JR almost loses his temper but then he tells Brooke and David that people don’t believe he has changed but all he wants to do now is be the best friend, father and son he can possibly be and make amends to everyone he has hurt. JR offers to help Brooke with scripts and booking guests for her new talk show but she tells him it is best that he concentrate on his recovery right now.

Angie confides to Joe that she will never see Cassandra again but Joe tells her that she shouldnít give up hope because he is sure that when Cassandra comes home she will get past this awful situation with the love of her family. Jesse and Agent Marquez are unable to get any of the girls to talk beca8se they are afraid that Uri and Vlad will kill them. Zach and Agent Marquez question Billy Clyde but he insists he isnít connected to the human trafficking ring and he only went to the club to check out his business competitor. Uri calls Jesse and lets him hear Cassandraís voice and then tells Jesse that if he wants to see his daughter he will have to make a big sacrifice. Uri also tells Jesse to look at the footboard of the bed in the room where Cassandra and the girls slept. Jesse notices that Cassandra carved her name on the footboard of the bed. Jesse is about to start negotiating with Uri but Angie arrives crying and asking for any news about Cassandra. Jesse shows Angie Cassandraís name on the footboard and Angie cries more and says she wants her daughter home. Jesse gets back on the phone with Uri and tells him that he will do anything he wants.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam happily plays with little Will while Steffy and Katie visit. Katie feels a little guilty since she knows this has to hurt Steffy so soon after losing her own baby. Steffy says it is okay since they will have another baby of their own soon. While Carter is going over a legal contract, Rick is far away in space and doesn’t hear a word. He finally tells Carter that it’s about Maya. Something is going on between the two of them and if Carter knows anything he’d appreciate it he told him now. Carter is reluctant to say anything so Rick says he knows Carter likes her too, but he and Maya aren’t done, so he hopes Carter won’t step in just now and make a move. Maya means a lot to him. But what Maya said to him doesn’t make any sense, it came out of left field. Maya shows up unannounced at Bill’s office and says she knows what he is trying to do by siccing that blonde gal onto her. Bill is trying to blackmail her into staying away from Rick but this won’t work. Bill says blackmail is such an ugly word. Of course she was photographed. She’s part of the Forrester group now and the paparazzi will always be hanging round. She says it was innocent, but Bill seems to think otherwise. He points out that this could mean her going back to prison unless she does what he asked the first time, stay away from Rick and Caroline. She can’t believe he would do this to her over one innocent act and says she will not be bullied by someone even as powerful as he thinks he is. Rick doesn’t love Caroline and Maya can’t believe he’d want his niece with someone who didn’t love her. Bill suggests that he is not bullying her. He is offering her options. She can go back to prison or have a rather good job at Forrester that could turn into a career. He tells her one more time, stay away from Rick or suffer the consequences. Caroline waltzes into Rick’s office and plants a kiss on him. She thanks him for being the buzz of the company by having his little fling with Maya and now dumping her. He says well it’s not true. She was the one who broke things off. Suddenly Caroline thinks Maya has a lot more smarts than she gave her credit for. She realized it was a mismatch. Buoyed with more confidence now, Caroline says she knows exactly what Rick needs. She makes an attempt to throw him against the desk, but he averts her advance and shows her the door and says he has a meeting. Liam takes Will by to see his Dad. Bill reminds him that Steffy wants another child so he hopes he will be on board with that. Meantime Katie speaks with Steffy to be sure she has spoken to Liam about wanting another baby so soon. Steffy says they were so happy when she was pregnant and nothing has changed. Katie says things have changed. The pregnancy wasn’t planned and Liam had no choice. Steffy argues that he did; he chose her. He is not staying with her out of obligation. He didn’t say that, but she knows it. Katie wonders if they have talked about Hope. Steffy can’t imagine why. She has nothing to do with this and they both are ready for a baby now.

Maya finds Caroline in Rick’s office. Caroline ushers her in and says she has heard the good news – she and Rick are no longer an item. The pressure will be so much less now that she doesn’t have to pretend to be someone she is not. Caroline says she is dying to know what was the turning point? She sure is perceptive for someone of her environment. Maya retorts that she did not have this epiphany as Caroline calls it on her own. She had help but she is not done with Rick just yet. Caroline intimates that Maya will probably want to leave Forrester now. Maya doesn’t know why. Caroline says because she dos not want her there and please don’t make her have to ask Rick to fire her……just go back to where she belongs. Maya says it isn’t happening and she wouldn’t push it if she were Caroline as she is not going to let anyone run her life. Bill tells Liam to go home and start making another baby with Steffy. Katie tells Steffy that she may be ready for another baby, but she’s not sure Liam is. She upsets Steffy by saying that maybe Liam wants another baby but maybe not with Steffy. Steffy resents her saying that. And then Katie adds that Steffy forced Liam’s hand by saying she was pregnant when he was about to marry Hope. Clearly he was about to give himself to Hope when Steffy showed up. Steffy can’t be in denial about that. Things begin to spin, Steffy sees double and falls off the couch and loses consciousness.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami went to see Hope to talk about Jensen.  Kristen went to see Brady, but he wasnít happy to see her.  She tried to get him to come back to her, but he wasnít willing to work things out because of what she did.  Stefano went to see Rafe.  He thought about Kate visiting Rafe.  EJ and Justin met to talk about EJís plan to get Stefano out of the family business.  Sami was upset that Jensen was out of prison without the police knowing about it.  Hope told Sami what Jensen did wouldnít happen again, but Sami was still upset.  Hope told Sami that it was her (Hope) fault that Jensen got out.  Sami wanted to know why Hope didnít do her job.  Sami thought Hope was protecting someone and wanted to know who it was.  Justin tried to get EJ to realize that he would destroying his father with this plan, but EJ wanted to pursue it anyway because of the way he treated him when Stefano thought he wasnít his son.   Kristen tried to convince Brady that she loved him, but he wasnít interested in hearing what she had to say.  She was convinced he felt the same way she did.

Brady told Kristen he would get over her, but she didnít think he would.  Hope didnít tell Sami who she was protecting so Sami was going to talk to her father.  Hope stopped Sami and told her the letter was misplaced because Ciara hid the letter.  Stefanoís henchman let Stefano know that Kate was at the hospital to see Rafe.  Kate and Cameron went to see Rafe.  Cameron noticed the volume on the monitor was turned down so no one could hear what was going on.  He told her that Rafe was getting better.  Stefano overheard their conversation.  Hope explained why Ciara took the letter, but Sami was still upset.  Sami was surprised when Hope reminded Sami that she (Sami) was supposed to watch Ciara when she took the letter.  Sami started to blame herself for what happened to Rafe and Will.  Kristen kept trying to get Brady to be with her.  She even used the fact that they were going to adopt a child together as a way to get him to be with her.  Hope didnít want Sami blaming herself for what happened with Jensen.  While they were talking, Hope opened up to her about why she was protecting Ciara and wanted to leave her out of this.  Sami agreed not to say anything.  Cameron told Kate that Rafe could get out of his coma by tomorrow.  Brady told Kristen he didnít want a future with her and threw her out.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly asks Sonny to kill Franco. He says he doesnít want her involved and that when the cops ask her what happened, he wants her to be able to honestly say she doesnít know. She says she wants Franco to know that his death is because of her. She tells him to send Shawn to the police station. He says it is too risky to whack him behind bars. Sonny asks Shawn to do the job.

Ava goes to the jail to see Franco. He tells her that as soon as he is out of jail, he is going to find Lauren. He says he knows the Quartermaines are looking for their long lost heir so they will lead him to her. He says the only reason for Ava to be in Port Charles would be to squeeze the Quartermaines, but that his shares will trump Laurenís. He offers to make a mutually beneficially arrangement with her. She tells him that she wonít give him face time with Lauren in exchange for his shares. Kiki tells Morgan to stop badmouthing Michael. He asks her what has changed. She says they have given Michael a hard enough time in spite of his hospitality and that she has her own drama with her mother. She tells him that her mother revealed that her father didnít die before she was born, but that instead, she kept him out of her life. She says it turns out that her father was the black sheep of a wealthy family that is now looking for her. She says she never knew her father so she doesnít know if she is interested in knowing his family. AJ asks Michael why he never told him about his rape. Michael says he knew AJ would blame Sonny and Carly. AJ says he is right because it is Carly and Sonnyís fault. Michael says he killed Claudia, not Sonny or Carly and that he wonít be able to move on if AJ keeps blaming other people. Michael tells AJ that Lauren isnít the only swing vote anymore, now that they know Franco is alive. Monica tells Tracy that Franco is alive and that it came out that Michael had been raped. She says she and Alan should have fought for custody of Michael to prevent him from growing up in the mob. Tracy tells Monica not to blame herself. Monica wonders how Franco could exploit Michael for his own twisted reasons. Tracy suggests itís because he has Quartermaine blood flowing through his veins. As soon as the words escape her lips, Tracy realizes that Franco is entitled to Quartermaine shares.  

Sam, Danny, Rafe, Molly, and Alexis meet at the courthouse for Rafeís custody hearing. They comment about how unusual it is for Danny to be cranky. Sam tells Alexis that Franco is alive and that he showed her video proof that he didnít rape her. Alexis canít believe that Diane Miller is Silasí lawyer. Diane tells the court that Silas is Rafeís biological relative who can provide a permanent home whereas Sam is a foster parent, which is meant to be a temporary solution. Rafe says he wants to stay with Sam. Diane asserts that Sam is an unfit mother. She says Sam is the wife a career criminal and that she has a criminal record of her own. Jasonís record is irrelevant because he is dead, but the judge looks at Samís rap sheet and then asks her to make a statement about it. She admits to her youthful bad behavior and says she has had a stable life in Port Charles for the past ten years. When the judge leaves to deliberate, Sam asks Alexis how she could betray Jason like that when he was her friend and her client. Silas says he told her to. He says he hired Diane because she was Jason Morganís lawyer. After everyone leaves, Sam wants to have it out with Silas. He looks at Danny and tells Sam that something is wrong with her son. Diane goes to the holding cell to meet with Franco. She tells him that she doesnít need the money badly enough to represent him. He says he will give her anything she wants if she gets him out of jail.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kevin wants to sell Crimson Lights to Dylan for more money, but Chloe tells him that Delia stole a doll from her best friend, because she thinks it's okay to steal from people. Chloe encourages Kevin to be the hero that Delia thinks he is and take the fair price that Dylan is offering for the coffee house, so they can pay half of the money they owe to the bank and then they can pay the rest when the Jabot fashion line launches. Kevin accepts Dylan’s price for the coffeehouse and agrees to stay on for a while and show him the ropes of the business. Alex encourages Kevin to take his community service job at the police station more seriously and not lose the respect of Chloe and Delia. Alex tells Kevin that if he continues to refuse to take responsibility for his actions, he could lose Chloe and Delia, because he won’t be the man that they believe that he can be. Abby and Alex argue about Kevin, and Abby thinks it’s sexy that Alex cares so much about the future of Kevin and his family. Alex and Abby head to his place to have a romantic evening. Kevin calls and leaves a message on Alex’s phone to tell him he is close to finding out who posted Neil’s journal entries on the GC Buzz website.

Lily is happy about the surprise birthday party. Tyler tells Cane it was his fault Lily was late, because he wanted to get a few more ideas from her before she started on another project. Tyler leaves and runs into Noah with two girls who invite him and Noah to see their apartment since it is for rent. Tyler and Noah like the apartment and decide to become roommates. Then Noah heads to the bedroom with his girl while Tyler tells the girl that he is with that he has to leave because he has an early day at work tomorrow. Once everyone leaves, Cane gives Lily a sexy negligee for her birthday. Lily is checking her e-mail quickly and is stunned to find something about her on GC Buzz; it says that she is seeking something from another man that her husband isnít giving her at home. Chelsea meets with Madame Miranda again and the fortuneteller continues to tell her not to give up on the man who loves her and give him another chance. Chelsea gets the fortuneteller to admit that Adam paid her a lot of money to tell her these things. Adam talks to Avery and she figures out that he is trying to push her towards Dylan so he can be with Chelsea. Adam tells Avery he suspects the baby is his and not Dylanís, but Avery doesn’t think Chelsea would lie about the baby. Chelsea encourages Adam to let her be happy and move on with his life. Adam wonders when it will be his turn to be happy. Avery tells Adam not to give up, because happiness is right around the corner. Chelsea arrives to talk to Adam and wants him to leave her and the baby alone. Adam agrees because he says that he thinks they will all be together soon, and he is a patient man. Chelsea is so upset by the argument that she starts to have cramps, and Adam tells her she needs to go to the hospital.

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