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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke looks at Eric and says she is all his. But he slips her hands from around his neck and looks down, not quite sure what to say (or how to say it for the tenth time). She gushes that she can make him so happy with a new child and she will be so devoted to him and the baby. It makes sense and in the end they will find their way back to each other. She says she did not understand it at first, but now she does. They are both alone. They are gone and they are here. She wants them to raise this child together and grow old as man and wife. He says he wants to do this with her so badly, but he’s already raised another man’s child and he’s not going to go through that again. He says he won’t put another child through that. He turns to leave and then says to go to Bill; tell him the truth. Taylor stops to talk to Pam for a sec outside Eric’s office. Pam is giving her tips on making gravy and says a man has needs, you know. Bill wanders by and Taylor wishes to speak with him. Inside the office she tells Bill she has an apology, not a lecture. He says it is Katie she should apologize to for filling her head with all that nonsense. But lucky for Taylor he’s in a magnanimous mood, so apology accepted. He asks what brought this change. She says well Brooke is never without a man for long and apparently she has found someone new. Bill asks who it is. Taylor says she doesn’t know but he’s not married. And as long as it’s not her patient’s husband, then she doesn’t care. Bill excuses himself and says he has to be somewhere. Maya gazes at a magazine cover of Rick and remembers what Alison told her about the picture falling into the hands of the D.A. if she didn’t stay away from Rick….and then her telling Rick that she wasn’t the right woman for him. She hesitates but then picks up the phone and calls Pam and says she needs Bill Spencer’s number. Pam informs her that Bill is in the building as they speak. Carter walks in and asks if she is all right. She looks like she wants to cry or beat someone up. She assures him that it is not him. He guesses it is Spencer and wonders if he needs to super-lawyer him. She says things are not going well. Her past may come back to hurt her. She tells him about the conditions of her parole. She can’t be seen with her ex, yet she bumped into him the other night and she broke her violation as she had to tell him that their child was killed. She tells Carter that is why she broke off with Rick. If she goes back to prison, she is not dragging Rick down with her. Carter tells her that Rick is not the only guy in Los Angeles that admires her. He tells her to pay attention to the signs of jail time. Then he kisses her.

Not long after Eric leaves Bill walks into the cabin. He sees the romantic setting and says Taylor was right; there is another man. He accuses Brooke of not wasting any time before getting involved again. He guesses what they said to each other didn’t mean that much after all. She asks him not to think that way. Eric comes back to the office and is glad to see Taylor. He says it’s been a rough day and he’s looking forward to just spending time with her after he looks at his phone messages. Pam waltzes in and says they have to address this Brooke problem. She’s become a diva and keeps postponing and making excuses for not going to the fittings of her lingerie line. But Pam has the solution if Brooke is getting cold feet. She literally rips off her dress to revel a sexy red nightie from Pam’s Boudoir. She wants to show Eric how it’s done on the runway. Taylor chuckles and says it’s about time someone other than Brooke runs around here in their underwear. Brooke tells Bill that what they had meant more to her than he will ever know, but there is no going back. Neither one of them want to hurt Katie so Brooke has to move on. He chastises her that she has to be more careful and not gossip in the girl’s room. She told Donna and she could easily tell Katie. He says he still thinks about Brooke and wanting to be in her bed, but Katie must never know. His son means everything to him. He says he’s heard all the talk about how men fall under her spell, but he won’t let that happen to him….he just won’t. Maya calls and says she knows what he did to her. Bill hangs up. He tells Brooke that he is going home to his wife and child but would like to hold her one more time. He holds out his hands and slowly she walks into them and lays her head on his shoulder.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Everyone talked about Brady and Kristenís wedding being off.  Hope questioned Kristen about her hiring Sy, but was interrupted by Stefano.  Victor wanted to know why John wasnít happy about his plan to break up Brady and Kristen working.  John said it didnít work out the way he wanted it.  He said Kristen was a step ahead of him.  He also told him that Brady and Kristenís relationship wasnít over because of him.  Stefanoís lawyer wanted to know if Hope was pressing charges against Kristen.  Hope said she wasnít so Kristen was free to go.  At the DiMera mansion, Kristen told Stefano that Marlena was the one who gave Brady the picture and called off the wedding.  She said she finally realized she loved Brady when he called off the wedding.  Stefano wanted to know when she realized that she loved Brady.  She said when she couldnít seduce him.  EJ walked in and they all started talking about what happened.

JJ manipulated Jennifer into giving him money so he could get drugs.  Hope told Marlena that the police couldnít keep Kristen in jail based on a picture.  Hope said they needed to find Sy and get him to testify against Kristen.  Victor and Maggie comforted Brady over losing Kristen.  EJ found it hard to believe that Kristen had genuine feelings for Brady.  EJ and Chad offered to help Kristen move on.  Victor invited Brady to stay at the mansion.  Brady didnít want Victor or Maggie to contact John because he didnít want to see him.  John ran into Marlena at the town square.  They stalked about Brady.  When John was about to say something, Marlena cut him off and told him she didnít want to know what he did with Kristen.  He wanted to explain what happened.  She reminded him that she fought for them.  She told him goodbye and left.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Milo goes to the PCPD to file a missing person report because Lulu didnít go home last night. He says he has to find her before his boss finds out he lost her. Sonny comes up behind him and says he saw Lulu leave the Haunted Star with Dante last night. Dante wakes up and finds that Lulu is not in bed beside him. She comes in the door with take-out breakfast from Kellyís. Milo goes to Dante and Luluís loft. Lulu tells him that she has her memory back and thanks him for helping her. Dante suggests that they visit Dr. Collins. Lulu and Dante run into Tracy and Luke at the hospital. Lulu tells them that she is herself again and wonders why they are there. Luke lies that he came with Tracy because she is having tests.   

Sonny tells Anna that he wants to see Franco, but she says Franco can only have one visitor at a time. Carly asks Franco why he is suddenly so sorry. He says he is there to make amends. He explains that Jasonís rejection broke his heart so he wanted to break Jasonís heart in return, but he never meant for Michael to get hurt. He says he realized that he can never become close to his twin now, but that he could make things right with the people that Jason loved. She says she hasnít changed and that they were better off when he was dead. AJ tells Monica that Franco is alive and that Michael was raped in Pentonville. Ava Jerome goes to the Quartermaine Estate looking for Tracy. AJ asks her if her business with Tracy has anything to do with Francoís daughter. She pretends not to know Franco personally, but notes that the value of his art increased after he died. AJ says the value will go back down because Franco is alive. He tells her about the event at the Haunted Star. He can tell by her reaction that she knew Franco well and that she knows about his daughter. He says he will pay her more than Tracy is offering her. He tells her not to let her daughter sign any document Tracy gives her. Ava tells AJ that wonít happen. She remembers Kiki already refusing to sign. She asks him if he knows where Franco is now. He tells her that Franco is in jail. Ava goes to the jail to see Franco.

Michael and Kiki both wake up in cranky moods. Kiki tells Michael that she found out that her mother has been lying to her all her life. She says she found out that her mother had ulterior motives when she told her to come to Port Charles to check on Morgan. Michael asks her if she had ulterior motives too. She gets angry and tells him that he is over-possessive of Morgan. He says Morgan doesnít understand that things can get out of control and change your life forever. She says Michael wouldnít know about anything like that because he has never done anything bad in his life. He reveals that he was raped when he was in prison for manslaughter after killing his stepmother to stop her from kidnapping his sister. He says his biological father just found out about it last night. He shares that he didnít know his biological father recently. She says she just found out yesterday who her father is. He asks her not to tell Morgan about the rape. Michael goes to the Quartermaine estate to see AJ.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick, Phyllis, and Sharon talk to Summer about Cassie’s death and how it cost Sharon and Nick their marriage because they couldn’t handle it. Phyllis reads an e-mail from Daniel that tells her that he still feels like Cassie’s death is his fault, since Cassie snuck out to a party to be with him, because she had a crush on him. Phyllis tells Summer that Cassie’s death also affected Lily, because she ran away with Daniel after Cassie’s death. Summer cries and hugs Phyllis and Nick and apologizes for all the things she has done. Phyllis later tells Nick that she is sorry for everything that happened, but she is grateful for the birth of Summer. Sharon overhears Nick tell Phyllis that Summer’s birth gave him hope after losing Cassie, and he is grateful to have Summer in his life. Nick calls to try to get the hospital to rush the paternity test results but is told they can only put a rush on the results if it is a medical emergency. Devon decides to take over the fashion line and turn down Tucker’s offer, because he wants to keep Tyler away from Lily. Roxanne is upset with Devon, because he didn’t consider her in his decision. They resolve their argument when Devon tells Roxanne that he wants to be wherever she is, because she is the most important thing in his life. Lily has a farewell dinner with Tyler to celebrate all that they have accomplished, and she thinks that Cane has forgotten about her birthday. Lily has no idea that Cane and her family are waiting at her house with a surprise party. Lily gets a little tipsy at dinner and everyone yells surprise when she gets home, but Lily’s family is the one surprised when she arrives home with Tyler.

Michael and Lauren tell Fen that they are staying together, because they love each other, but Fen doesn’t believe them, especially since he thinks they are not telling him the real reason they are getting divorced. Fen tells Carmine that he talked to his parents about getting divorced, but he thinks they are hiding the reason for their divorce from him. Summer apologizes to Fen for what she did to him on prom night. She tells him that she is grateful that her parents were honest with her. Chloe persuades Kevin to think about selling Crimson Lights and gets upset with him, because he wants to steal again. Chloe gets upset with Delia because she stole a doll from her friend Brianna and lied to her about it. Chloe tells Delia stealing and lying are wrong, and she will go back to Brianna’s house tomorrow and give her back the doll and apologize to her. Michael tells Kevin it is hurtful and hard when you realize that the person that you have lived with for so long is living another life without you. Phyllis meets with Carmine to tell him to leave Lauren alone and let her work on her marriage. Carmine tells Phyllis that the affair isn’t over for Lauren, and she should talk to her about it. Lauren wants Michael to give her a month before he files the divorce papers. If after that month he still wants a divorce, she won’t fight him on it.

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