Thursday 5/30/13 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With Brooke draped all over him, Eric says he cannot be seduced. She laughs and says if she were trying to seduce him that she would have worn something more revealing. He says he can not be the father of this child. She says that Bill can’t either. She can’t ruin her sister’s life. She is offering Eric a new life….a future, a family with a woman that she thought he loved. She is not using him or trying to manipulate him. He says he will always love her, but they can’t go back. Bill finds Donna who assumes he wants to talk or was looking for Brooke. Bill says he knows something is going on with Brooke and he wants Donna to tell him what it is. Katie drops by Forrester after her doctor’s appointment but finds Taylor instead of Brooke. Taylor asks her to stay and chat just a moment. Katie says she has not been depressed since she got out of the hospital; thanks in large part to always waking up and seeing Bill and her sister, Brooke, there by her bedside. She knows Taylor had her doubts about them, but Taylor quickly says not any more. She had her concerns in the past and for good reason. But she has it on good authority that Brooke will not be a threat to Katie’s marriage. Brooke and Eric have a special relationship and she would automatically tell Eric if she were involved with Bill. Eric even suggested there was a new man in Brooke’s life. Donna is evasive and says she can’t imagine what Brooke’s secret could be. Maybe Bill can fill her in. He says that he has this gift….. he has this Spencer tingle when someone is lying to him. Right now the hair on the back of his neck is standing up. If Donna won’t tell him then he will ask Brooke himself. Donna blurts out that she knows….she knows about him and Brooke. Bill wants to explain how it happened…it was Katie’s plan. It set everything up. But it’s over now. He and Katie have moved on. Brooke deserves more than Bill can give her. He’s a father and he would never walk out on a child of his. There is never anything any more important than that, so Donna must take this secret to her grave. He will never leave Katie. He says his marriage is solid and it will remain that way. He and Brooke have vowed it will never happen again. Brooke leads Eric down memory lane, she reminds him they have a lovely son, Rick, because of Eric. It’s not too late. Years ago when he couldn’t get out of his marriage, he promised that they would live together and be a family. They still can do that. She can give him so much more than Taylor can. Eric tells her that he will always love her, but they can’t go back to that. When Brooke keeps saying they can, he tells her that she does not know what will happen to Katie in the future with her health. If Bill were suddenly alone someday, then he knows Brooke would have a yearning to go to the father of her child. She will not be able to help herself and he won’t live that way.

Katie is surprised but is all for Brooke finding a new man, the perfect match. Taylor also confesses that she has never been so happy and secure than in her relationship with Eric. They both wish each other well. Donna says she realizes that Katie has moved on with her life so Bill’s secret is safe with her. Brooke reminiscences about hers and Eric’s wedding and honeymoon. She says when she falls in love with someone it is for a lifetime and she knows he is the same way. They have a second chance again. She wants to spend the rest of her life with Eric with Rick, Bridget and this precious little child in a perfect family. He reminds her that this child is not his. She is blunt. She says Ridge was not his child either but he loved him like one. She says she is not giving up. She begs him to let her love him like he deserves. She kisses him and he kisses her back.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

John wanted to know what was going on with Brady.  Brady asked him what he did with Kristen.  Kristen noticed Marlena at the mansion when she was freaking out.  Nick wanted to tell Gabi what happened, but Gabi kept cutting him off.  He wanted to tell her the real him.  He told her how he blackmailed Will because heís gay.  Brady asked John if he tried to seduce her.  Kristen called Marlena a b*tch.  Kristen yelled at Marlena for ruining Bradyís life.  Kristen told Marlena that she hated her and should have killed her when she had the chance.  Nick told Gabi how he felt and why he treated Will and Sonny the way he did.  John told Brady he loved him, but Brady wanted an answer.  Hope interrupted them to ask Brady about Kristen and Sy.  Marlena didnít want to hear anything Kristen had to say, but she reacted to Kristen mentioning John.  Nick said he pretended to be someone else to get over the pain of what happened to him.  He was confused about his feelings for Gabi.  He all but said he used her.  Gabi was upset that what they had wasnít real.  She wanted him to tell her what happened to him in prison.  He told her that Jensen raped and beat him.  Hope told Brady the picture would be key evidence.  She questioned Brady about Kristen paying Sy to attack him.  Brady said Kristen did hire Sy.  Marlena and Kristen argued over John.  Kristen told Marlena that John was with her at her hotel room.

Nick told Gabi that he had to deal with what Jensen did to him.  He apologized for using her.  She wanted to know if what they had was a fantasy.  He said he hated Will and Sonny because of what Jensen did to him.  He told her how he wished she never met him.  Sami, Sonny, and the nurse came in Gabiís room with the baby so Gabi and Nick could fill out the birth certificate.  Brady gave Hope the evidence against Kristen.  Marlena didnít want to hear what Kristen had to say, but Kristen told her to ask John.  Kristen said John would say he seduced her for Brady.  Marlena didnít believe anything Kristen said, but Kristen kept giving her details about what happened between her and John.  Nick wanted Willís name to be on the birth certificate as the babyís father.  Kristen and Marlena continued to argue over John trying to seduce Kristen.  While they were arguing, Kristen said she loved Brady for why she didnít sleep with John.  She blamed Marlena for ruining everything between her and Brady.  She threw Marlena out, but before Marlena left, Kristen reminded her what John did in her hotel room.  John didnít answer Bradyís question.  When John wouldnít answer the question, Brady walked away.  John called out to Brady, but Brady didnít want to hear what he had to say.  Hope showed up at the mansion to question Kristen about the picture.  John ran into Marlena and was happy that she brought down Kristen.  He wanted to put things right.  She wanted to know what he did, but she didnít want to think about him and Kristen.  Hope told Kristen that she was there to arrest her and that she would be charged with conspiracy.  She also told her Brady would testify against her so the charges will stick.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dr. Rashi at General Hospital says Lukeís labs indicate the possibility of liver damage. Tracy forces Luke to stay for more tests. Lulu tells Dante that she remembers Stavros telling her that if she didnít consummate their marriage, that he would kill her entire family. She says she put them all at risk by refusing.  She says Stavros ordered the hit on Nikolas and said the same thing would happen to Dante, Luke, and Laura when they arrived at the Haunted Star, but that by then Lulu would be on Cassadine Island being rewarded her for her coldness. Dante says Stavros is dead and that it is all over now. She says she doesnít deserve to remember her family after putting them in danger. He says her family is still there and they all still love her. All of her memories come flooding back. They make love.

Nikolas listens to the recorded conversation between Tracy and AJ about AJ sleeping with Carly. He tells Alexis that he is worried about Elizabeth and that he is still in love with her. Alexis says Elizabeth obviously cares for him too, given that she stayed by his side the whole time he was in the hospital, but that she thinks AJ is seeing AJ Quartermaine. Nikolas says he knows and that Elizabeth made her choice clear. Alexis finds it hard to believe that Elizabeth chose AJ over Nikolas. Nikolas asks Alexis if she thinks he should tell Elizabeth about AJ and Carly. Alexis doesnít know. She says Elizabeth might be grateful and run into Nikís arms or she might shoot the messenger.

At the Haunted Star, AJ demands that Carly tell him what Franco did to Michael. Carly refuses. Michael says it is his story to tell. He reveals to AJ that he spent time in Pentonville for killing Claudia Zacchara. AJ chokes back tears when Michael reveals that he was raped in prison. AJ blames Sonny and Carly for putting Michael in that position in the first place. Sam tells him to blame Franco because France hired Carter to rape Michael. AJ attacks Franco, but Spinelli pulls him off because they want more information from Franco before he dies. Franco plays the video of him making the video of his conversation with Carter for Jason, but lets it play beyond the part that Jason saw. The remaining footage shows Franco forbidding Carter to touch Michael. He says he canít explain why Carter attacked Michael anyway. Carly says it is still Francoís fault for pointing that pervert in Michaelís direction. Franco says nothing Carly says is important to him, but it is important that Michael knows that he would never do anything to hurt him. Sonny tells Franco to cough up the information he knows about Jason. Franco admits that he only used Jasonís image to get them all there and that he doesnít know anything about him. Sonny raises his gun to shoot Franco, but Sam demands that he let her do the shooting. She aims at Franco at close range, but she canít shoot and have her son grow up without his mother. She hits him with the pistol instead.

OLTL Recap Written by Anthony

Bo and Nora play poker with Clint and David along with David's videographer Leo. Nora explains to Clint that Viki would like them to discuss what they want the wedding to be like. Clint does not know what they could possibly have to discuss. David thinks they might discuss what not to do at their wedding, then he asks about Matthew. Upon hearing that his nephew is on a date, Clint gets upset, because he believes that he should be taking care of Destiny and Drew and that Bo is not a good father for being too easy on his son. Matthew goes on an online date with Michelle while watching "Casablanca" which Dani makes fun of until Matthew tells her to leave him alone.

Cutter and Natalie go on a semi date at Shelter while two DJs get into a fight over who will be headlining. When Cutter is called away on important business, his security guy, Bruce, takes over entertaining Natalie. They know each other from both being in law enforcement. While dancing, Natalie sees a drug deal go down. The couple that has been passionately making out goes to a hotel. Briana offers Dani drugs but she declines. Todd decides to drink and spots Dani gyrating on the dance floor. Todd wants to dance with Dani, but Blair stops him. When the power goes out, Blair sings after Todd suggests that she not let her patrons leave. Todd discovers the wires in the electrical panel were cut.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victor and Jack both advise Adam to accept that Chelsea is having a child with Dylan and find a new woman that he can have a family with, since only concentrating on business will make him very lonely. Adam calls a woman on the phone and tells her he needs to see her right away. Lauren tells Phyllis about her affair with Carmine and pleads with her to persuade Michael not to divorce her and work to save their marriage. Phyllis goes to the Athletic Club to meet Carmine and tells him that his charm won’t work on her, because she isn’t as easy as Lauren. Lauren apologizes to Traci for bullying her in high school, because now she understands how much it can hurt. Traci tells Lauren that she forgave her a long time ago, but sometimes the hurtful words she said to her come back to her mind. Traci’s talk with Lauren makes her decide to give Phyllis a second chance and put the past in the past. Traci apologizes to Phyllis for interfering in her relationship with Jack. Michael admits to Paul that he is going to divorce Lauren as soon as Fen goes away to college, because he is afraid if he divorces Lauren now, it will push Fen over the edge.

Victoria tells Nikki that she can’t work with Adam at Newman, so she has decided to work on her family with Billy. Nikki tells Victoria she has made the right decision although she worries that concentrating on family will not be enough of a challenge for Victoria. Nikki is surprised that Victor is so calm about Victoria choosing her family instead of Newman Enterprises. Victor admits to Nikki that he hopes that by spending more time with Billy, Victoria will realize he is a jerk and divorce him. When that happens, he will welcome her back to Newman Enterprises with open arms. Carmine tells Fen that Michael and Lauren should get a divorce. They are only staying together for his sake, because they think that he will fall apart if they get a divorce. Fen tells his parents that they shouldn’t stay together for his sake, because he doesn’t want them to be unhappy. Victoria is worried that Billy has doubts about having another baby, but he tells her he does want to have a baby with her, and he thinks she made the right decision by leaving the company. Billy is stunned that Victoria knows Chelsea is pregnant with Dylan’s baby, and he thinks that Victoria knows more about the story than she is telling him.

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