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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Pete plans to take Celia to dinner and a show for their last night in New York, but she knows that if Pete were with another girl they would be in bed instead. Pete tells Celia that he likes her because she is different from all the other girls, and she wants to wait until she is in love to make love to someone. Pete and Celia admit to each other that they are falling in love, but when he kisses her, she sees the shadow of the man she saw in her nightmare but she still can’t recognize a face, and she pulls away from Pete. David arrives at Cortlandt Manor looking for Pete but Opal slams the door in his face. David gets into the house again, because Opal left the door unlocked. David wants to talk to Pete about business, and Opal tells him that she won’t let him ruin Pete’s life like he has done with the lives of everyone he has claimed to help. David has a press conference at Jane’s Addiction announcing that he is now an investor in Cortlandt Electronics. Pete watches the press conference on TV and calls the company legal team and orders them to get an injunction against David. JR talks to Cara and tells her it would have been better if he stayed in a coma, because nobody thinks he has changed and Brooke thinks he is lying about his memory loss. JR picks up a bottle of Scotch to make the point to Cara that if someone walked in now they would think he was drinking, and he is proven right when Brooke walks into the Chandler living room. Brooke later tells Cara not to trust JR because he is good at manipulating people, and she might regret putting her trust in him.

JR apologizes to AJ for assuming he was taking steroids and tells his son that he loves him very much and doesn’t want to see him ruin his life with an addiction. Miranda is hurt when she and AJ stop by Jane’s Addiction for coffee and her friends won’t allow her to sit with them, because Hunter is watching them. Heather, a student at Bramwell Hall, Miranda over to her table and tells her that Hunter is a jerk, and she did the right thing and AJ is a hero for defending her. She read all about it on Twitter. Miranda introduces AJ to Heather and the girls tell AJ what just happened with her friends. Hunter comes over to the table and starts teasing Miranda, because she is sitting with Heather and says they are sitting together because they have something in common, they are both virgins. AJ wants to punch Hunter again, but Miranda stops him, because she doesn’t want AJ to get in trouble at school again. Zach tries to stop Jesse from seeing Cassandra’s video, but he watches it anyway and is devastated. He figures out the name of the restaurant on the take-out menu in the video. Agent Marquez gets a list of the recent take-out orders from the restaurant. They look for cash transactions close to Adriano's Restaurant. Jesse is able to find the location of an abandoned building across the street from the restaurant. Jesse, Zach, and Lea head to the location to check it out. Billy Clyde threatens one of his former clients to get the name of the website for the strip club. Billy Clyde arranges a meeting with the club and is taken to their secret location wearing a blindfold. Billy Clyde arrives at the club just before Jesse, Zach, and Lea. Agent Marquez arrests Billy Clyde, then they charge into a room full of terrified women who scream.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy chastises Hope if she thinks this is it.....the marriage dies just because the baby did. Hope tells her not to go there. Steffy says she is only trying to get Hope to understand that Liam is not with her anymore. He is her husband and Hope needs to respect that. Yes they are surviving as husband and wife. And at some point they will get pregnant again. Hope says okay but doesn’t she want to give her body and mind time to recover. Surely she isn’t that insecure that she thinks her biological clock is ticking. She’s young and she never wanted children this bad before. Steffy is annoyed and wants to know why it matters to Hope anyway, whether they have ten kid or none. She thinks Hope needs to understand that and maybe that will help her move on. She warns Hope not to get her hopes up. They are hurting but they will work through this. And if Hope is so convinced that Liam was with Steffy just because of the baby then Liam should be running back to Hope any moment without Hope’s encouragement. Liam walks in before either can say anymore. He realizes by the looks on their faces he must have interrupted something. As Eric works on the designs, he thinks of Brooke in her red, sexy bedroom lingerie…..and the kiss they shared. Donna finds him and says she has a message from Brooke. She’d like for him to meet her at the cabin on her grounds. Eric says he imagines that Donna knows why she wants to meet him. He will meet her but he can’t do what she is asking. Taylor and Brooke continue their talk. Brooke tells her that she knows that Taylor encouraged her daughter to get pregnant again very soon. This is foolish and very irresponsible. She knows with no baby, Liam would go straight back to Hope. Brooke opines that seems to be Taylor’s biggest fear; that her daughter will be left behind just the way she was. Taylor says no as she knows Hope is a decent person and she respects the marriage vows. And Steffy having another baby would help her get past the grief and the pain she is feeling right now. Taylor can’t think of a better joy of knowing you are expecting a baby with the man that you love (ouch). Before they part, Taylor says that Eric let slip that Brooke is no longer interested in Bill so she must have her eyes on another man. Brooke assures her that he is not married so Taylor says she is all for this. She hopes that Brooke finds the kind of happiness that she and Eric have. Brooke smiles and says that is exactly what she is looking for. She goes to Donna who says Eric will meet her, but he’s not going along with her request. And it really isn’t fair of Brooke to ask him. Brooke repeats all the reasons that it has to be Eric and not just some single guy she just met. She has to protect Katie and this is the only way. So she will have to get Eric to change his mind. She can’t model the Bedroom Line as she will be showing soon. It’s obvious that it has to be Eric.

Liam asks if he should come back another time. Hope says no, she was just about to leave. She tells Steffy that she really is sorry for her loss. Liam cradles Steffy and she begs him not to let her go. She thanks him for always letting her know just how much he cares for her. Hope will have to let him go. Taylor drops in to see Brooke again but only finds Donna. She says it is okay; she knows all about this other man that Brooke is seeing. At least she is okay with that since it means she won’t be hurting Katie’s marriage. Taylor is almost gushing. She wants Donna to know that she really is happy for Brooke. Isn’t it ironic that they both will end up without Ridge and both happy with Eric and whoever this other man turns out to be. Brooke lets herself into the cabin. Eric is not far behind. He sees a cozy little seductive scene before him. Brooke comes out in her sexy red dress and a Cheshire Cat grin on her face. He starts to say he can not do this, when she slithers toward him and says he won’t believe what she has planned for tonight. She wraps her arms around his neck and says tonight she is going to make him hers.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen walked in the room while Brady was looking at the picture of her and Sy together.  Nick took the baby to see Will while Gabi was upset that the baby was missing.  John wanted to leave Kristenís room, but he needed clearance before he could go.  Roman showed up at the room.  Brady wanted to know who Kristen was.  Roman wanted to know what John was doing with Kristen.  When John wouldnít answer, Roman thought John was trying to stop her from marrying Brady.  Brady confronted Kristen about the picture.  Kristen said Marlena photoshopped the pictures together.  John tried to tell Roman that he didnít plan to hurt Kristen, but his lawyer stopped him.  The security guard said Kristen didnít file a complaint against John.  John said he had an argument with Kristen so he could stop the wedding.  Marlena said she knew nothing about photography.  She explained who Sy was and that he wanted to be a patient of hers.  Brady asked Marlena to leave so he could talk to Kristen.  Marlena left the mansion.  Kristen tried to deny setting up the mugging/attack, but it didnít do any good. Brady wanted her to tell him the truth.  She said she loved him.  He asked her if she paid Sy to mug her and attack him.  She asked why she would do that.  He said to get back at John and Marlena.  Adrienne and Sami made Gabi feel better about the baby being missing.  Nick introduced Will to the baby.  Marlena went to see Hope about Kristen setting up the attack against Brady.  Roman confronted John about his feelings for Kristen.  

Kristen tried to explain her love for Brady.  He wanted to know what made her realize her love for him all of a sudden. Nick apologized to Will and he accepted the apology.  Nick handed Will the baby to hold.  John thought Roman would have been happy if he slept with Marlena because he could make a play for his wife.  Marlena pointed out Sy from the mugshot book.  Marlena said Sy was the one Kristen paid off.  Hope wanted to make sure that Sy was caught.  Hope was curious as to how Marlena got the picture.  Marlena said Johnny took it from Ciara.  Kristen told Brady that John wanted to get her in bed.  She explained how John came to her hotel room to sleep with her, but she turned him down because she loved Brady.  Sami saw Will holding his baby.  Nick broke down and told Maggie that Jensen raped him over and over.  Maggie comforted him and told him to be honest with Gabi.  Brady didnít believe that Kristen loved him despite her best to make John look responsible for her actions.  She declared her love for him and thought they could still be together.  He didnít agree with her.  He said they were over.  She got on her knees and begged him not to leave her because she loved him.  He said their love was over.  Nick went to see Gabi so she could know the truth about him.  While Kristen was upset over Brady, Marlena was back at the mansion watching her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ava takes Kiki to the docks to talk privately. She tells her everything about Franco and the reasons that she never told her his identity before. She then reveals that Francoís grandfather, Edward Quartermaine, allotted the shares of his company to his grandchildren and great-grandchildren, meaning Kiki has an inheritance. She hands Kiki the proxy and tells her to sign it. Kiki wants to read it first. She wants to know who Tracy is and why she needs to sign her shares over to her. Ava tells her about the deal. She says everyone wins. Kiki gets her inheritance, Tracy keeps control of ELQ, and Ava gets a payment. Kiki says Ava loses her. She throws down the proxy without signing it and storms off.

Maxie, Spinelli Elizabeth, AJ, Michael, Carly, Sonny, and Sam are all gathered at the Haunted Star waiting to see who summoned them. At 8:00, the lights go off and pictures of Jason appear on screens around the room. The mystery host reveals himself. Itís Franco. Carly says it is impossible because Jason killed Franco. Franco says Jason was thorough, but he lived anyway. Sonny offers to kill Franco now. Franco says Sonny shouldnít do that because he might have information about Jason. Sam demands that Franco tell what he knows. Franco says he will tell her about Jason and other things too. Franco comes down from the stage and joins everyone else. He mentions Maxie letting herself go. Spinelli spills all the details about Maxie being pregnant with Dante and Luluís child. Franco says she knows the Quartermaines coming out of the woodwork to try to get to his daughter. Sam tells Franco to stop stalling and tell her what he knows about Jason. He says what he did to her is more important. She asks if he is talking about when he raped her. He asks her if she remembers him doing that. He suggests that they all watch a recording of what happened in Hawaii. He plays the footage that shows him putting his shirt over the camera so that Jason couldnít see what was happening and then telling Sam that he just wants to make Jason suffer with wondering but that he isnít going to hurt her, and then leaving Sam alone in the room. He apologizes to Sam for letting her think that he raped her. Carly says it doesnít change what Franco did to Michael. AJ demands to know what Franco did to his son.

Luke collapses in Tracyís living room. She calls the paramedics to take him to General Hospital. Luke stops Tracy from calling Lulu, reminding her that she doesnít remember either of them. At the loft with Dante, Lulu has a memory and drops her wedding picture on the floor. She tells Dante that she remembers Helena and Stavros Cassadine threatening to kill her entire family if she didnít marry Stavros on the Haunted Star. Dante says they all owe her their lives because the Cassadines would have followed through with the threat. She tells him that Stavros coerced her into consummating the marriage.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the coffeehouse, Chelsea thinks about Adam and her talk with him. Nick, Dylan, Billy, and Adam all work out at the Athletic Club. Chelsea calls the doctor for an appointment. Anita overhears and thinks that Chelsea is back with Adam. Chelsea tells Anita matter of factly that this baby is Dylan’s. Anita is surprised that Chelsea is continuing with this farce and keeping the secret from Adam. Avery and Leslie meet for lunch and girl talk. At Jabot, Lily lets Tyler know that she is leaving Jabot so he can come back to work. Tyler has reservations about coming back even it means that Lily is taking herself off the new fashion launch. Devon has lunch with Neil and lets him know that Tucker emailed him about a job with very good benefits. Devon has doubts about leaving Jabot. Anita asks Chelsea what she expects to gain from letting Dylan continue on believing that he is the father of her child. Anita realizes that Chelsea is falling for Dylan although she denies the accusation. Nick, Adam, and Billy discuss Billy and Victoria trying for a baby. Adam lets it slip that Chelsea and Dylan are already having a baby. Billy is speechless. Avery suggests to Leslie that they begin their own law practice. They discuss the pros and cons of their idea but Leslie has more than a few doubts. Sharon and Noah discuss her feelings about the anniversary of Cassie’s death. Adam explains to Dylan Billy’s connection to Chelsea and Johnny. Chelsea denies falling for Dylan and his blue eyes.

Tyler agrees to stay on at Jabot. Lily and Tyler hug. Neil gets a call about a surprise birthday party for Lily. Roxie joins Neil and Devon just as Neil gets up to leave. Roxie asks Devon where things stands between them if he takes the job in London. Anita accompanies Chelsea to the doctor and is soon joined by Dylan. Chelsea and Dylan get to see their unborn child. Avery asks Nick why he still seems so distant. She thinks that it is something that she has done, but he assures her that everything is fine between them as they kiss. Sharon bumps into Adam at the bar but he is less than friendly with her. Anita also sees Adam and tells him how sorry that she is that things didn’t work out between him and Chelsea. Chelsea tells the doctor to keep the size of the baby just between them. Chelsea and Dylan go to lunch just as Adam walks up. Adam asks the doctor if he can have a word with her.

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