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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy returns to work although she’d rather be home but she knows she can’t hide forever. Brooke announces to Hope that Steffy is back so she probably will run into her. They discuss having Spencer/Logan babies. Of course Hope has no clue she is also talking about her own mother. She doesn’t think Steffy should be trying to get pregnant again so soon nor does she think Liam wants that. Without the pregnancy, he can now step back and decide what he wants. Bill tells Liam not to blame Steffy for who she is. Hope might sit back and knit booties, but Steffy likes adventure. That is one of the reasons that Liam fell in love with Steffy so don’t deny it. He’s delighted that Steffy wants to have another baby so soon even though Liam has his doubts. The world would be a better place with more Spencers. Bill says Liam’s wife needs him now more than ever. Liam says he knows but Hope was his first love and she is still in his heart and he can’t help but think about leaving Steffy.

Taylor drops in on Brooke at the office and hopes Brooke will reinforce to her daughter to give Liam and Steffy some space and not perpetuate this war. Brooke tells Taylor that she should not be pushing for Steffy to get pregnant again so soon. That seems a little desperate. Hope finds Steffy alone in her office. Hope says no one should have to go through this. Steffy jumps on her right away about keeping her distance from her husband. That wouldnít be fair to take advantage. Hope say what she is saying is not fair either. Steffy retorts that Hope needs to respect her loss and Liamís loss as well and give them time to heal. She needs to back off and respect their marriage.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

John and Kristen kissed on her bed.  Marlena was surprised when she saw the picture of Kristen and Sy together.  Marlena realized that Kristen set up the attack against Brady.  Marlena thought it was the proof she needed to get Brady to see the light about Kristen.  Brady and Nicole argued over Kristen.  They eventually made up and Nicole walked away.  While John and Kristen were kissing, he sent the text to Brady to meet him at the Inn.  She stopped kissing him when she had flashes of Brady.  Marlena left the pub and ran into Brady at the town square.  She wanted to talk to him.  Kristen wanted to know how John felt about her.  He told her she knew how he felt, but she wanted the truth.  She said she would tell him the truth about how she felt.

Marlena wanted to show Brady the picture, but he didnít want to see it.  Kristen insulted John.  She thought she was over her hatred of him until she came back to Salem.  She decided she was done with her revenge against him and Marlena.  Brady and Marlena got into an argument over Kristen.  He walked away from her before she could show him the picture.  Kristen told John she still hated him, but she didnít want revenge because she was in love with Brady.  She also realized that John was doing the same thing to her that she wanted to do to him.  He tried to deny the accusation, but she didnít believe it.  She said she was going to find Brady and marry him, but John said she wasnít going to marry Brady.  When he tried to stop her from leaving, the security guards showed up.  They were there because of complaints about raised voices.  She told them John was insane and left.  Marlena went to the mansion to show Brady the picture.  The security guards refused to let John leave the Inn until they found out if Kristen filed the complaint against him.  When Kristen walked in the mansion, Brady was looking at the picture of her and Sy.  He was furious.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ava Jerome surprises Kiki when she arrives at Michaelís door, moments after Kiki and Morgan wrapped up a sex session in the living room. She says she had important business concerning Kiki in Port Charles, but gives a cover story to avoid talking about it in front of Morgan. While Kiki is walking Ava to her car, Morgan receives a text message from his college roommate, Travis, about a new poker site. Ava tells Kiki that she needs to talk to her privately about who she really is. Luke goes to the Quartermaine estate to apologize to Tracy. She accepts his apology. She tells him that they can be friends but they can never be lovers again. He goes to pour a drink. She brings up the night he hit Jake with his car. He says he is not an alcoholic and asks her if they should just call off their friendship now. She says she doesnít like his drinking, but that she will back off. She tells him that Ava Jerome came to the house and made a deal to convince Lauren to vote with Tracy. Tracy turns her back to Luke to close the patio window and when she turns back around, Luke is on the floor.  

Maxie, Spinelli, Michael, Carly, Sonny, Sam, Elizabeth, and AJ receive texts with Jasonís picture and the message, ďIíll be there, will you?Ē inviting them to the Haunted Star at 8pm. Sonny visits Dante and reports that he told Milo that Lulu canít stay at his house anymore. He wonders why Lulu isnít home. Dante says she is hosting a party at the Haunted Star tonight. Sonny shows Dante his invitation. Dante grabs his sidearm and says he is going with Sonny. Maxie goes to the Haunted Star to ask Lulu about the invitation. Lulu asks who Jason is. Maxie tells her that Jason died last year. Lulu says she has an idea of who sent the invitation. Sam arrives and demands that Lulu tell her everything she knows. Lulu demands to know who the hell Sam is. Maxie introduces Sam and Spinelli to Lulu. Carly, Michael, and Elizabeth arrive. Carly also demands that Lulu tell her what is going on. Lulu says the man that rented the ship never gave his name. Carly tries to pressure her to give a detailed description when Sonny and Dante arrive and tell her to back off. Spinelli suggests that Maxie go home because the event might be dangerous for her and the baby. Lulu has a flashback when she looks at a bouquet of flowers, but when Dante asks her if she remembered something, she runs away from him. He chases her down and asks her to go home with her. She says their flat isnít what she expected. She looks at her wedding picture and gets an image of Stavros. She drops the picture and tells Dante that she remembered her wedding to Stavros on the Haunted Star. 

The mysterious man goes to the Quartermaine estate tombs and looks at Jasonís plaque. He hides in a coffin and listens while AJ talks to Jason. AJ says he knows Jason would never throw a party to announce that he is alive so he knows someone is messing with them. Monica arrives and tells AJ that the gardener saw someone lurking around. She presumes the gardener saw AJ. He shows her the text message with Jasonís picture and says it went out to people who were close to Jason. Monica notes that she didnít get one. She says she has a mind to show up uninvited. AJ warns against it. Meanwhile the mysterious man checks his watch repeatedly, knowing that he will be late to his own event. When AJ and Monica finally leave, the mystery man climbs out of the coffin and tells Jason that itís no wonder he is so quiet with the amount that the rest of his family talks. He runs out, noting that it is 15 minutes to show time. AJ arrives at the Haunted Star. Sonny notes that AJ is the only guest that wasnít important to Jason. At precisely 8:00, the lights go off. Images of Jason begin appearing in slideshows on screens around the room. The mysterious man reveals himself, to the horror of Sam, Carly, and Maxie.

OLTL Recap Written by Anthony

Dani makes Matthew go running with her even though he does not want to. They end up almost out of breath and very sweaty. They get a cheap dinner together consisting of sandwiches. Destiny shows up at the apartment to drop of Drew, but Jeffrey is the only one there and she does not want to have to burden Jeffrey with the responsibility when it is on Matthew to take care of the child. Dani and Matthew walk in as Destiny says that he is useless as a father and as a friend. Blair talks to Tťa about the problems that she has faced since Victor left again. Blair explains that Jack is doing no better and she is afraid of what could happen to him. Tťa agrees to go talk to him.

Cutter has everyone treat Dusky, the new singer, like a queen while she is around and demands that Nikki and Rama allow her to drink even though Blair told both of them not to serve anyone under 21. Snoop Lion shows up at Bo's office to invite him and Nora to his new movie premiere, but they have to decline because it is family poker night. Snoop understands and tells them he will stop by later. Natalie tells Viki about getting a phone call from John. Viki tells her to act on it if she still loves him. Clint overhears this and gets upset at hearing John's name. At Natalie's apartment, she tries calling John but instead she decides to go partying. Tťa and Jack have a heartfelt conversation about Victor. She tells him she doesn't know where he is or if he is ever coming back. She does know he is a very damaged man who is in danger, but she assures him that, through all of it, Victor loves Jack -- they hug.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

This episode of Y&R was a tribute to the career of Jeanne Cooper, who played Katherine Chancellor on Y&R until she passed away on May 8, 2013, at the age of 84. Jess Walton (Jill) opened the show by reliving her life with Jeanne and the battles that they faced down through the years. Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) relived when she first began on the show and how Katherine took her aside and told her that no one liked her. Joshua Morrow (Nick) also relived his experiences with Katherine Chancellor in which she warned him about all the girls that would be after him, but she didnít want him to be stupid. Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) was also there to join in the celebration and to remind everyone of how close she was to Katherine. A pic was shown of Nikki and Katherine in earlier days. Michael and Lauren joined in the tribute, revealing their fondest memories of Katherine. Pics were shown of Katherine in some of her prettiest dresses. Kevin and Chloe also joined in in the laughs and tears of their memories of Katherine. Jack, Traci, and John Abbott revealed their fondest memories of Katherine. Flashbacks were shown of Jill and Katherine and the battles that they experienced down through the years and their friendship and tears. 

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