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AMC Recap Written by Eva

JR promises Cara that he will keep her secret about her baby being alive. Cara tells JR that he shouldn’t push his body so hard and rest when he needs it. JR wants to recover quickly because he is a Chandler and Chandlers have to be strong, not weak. David arrives at the hospital to talk to Joe about some important stem cell research he has been working on and he asks Joe fir use of the lab as well as the support of the hospital for his research. Joe refuses to allow David to use the lab and he will not have the hospital support the research. David calls Joe a fool for not backing a project that could make the hospital famous around the world. David bumps into Cara and calls her a hypocrite for trying to cure her patients while she ended the life of their child. The pressure of keeping the baby secret gets to Cara and she starts to cry and Joe consoles her and Cara admits to Joe that her and David’s child is alive and living with her mother in Puerto Rico. Joe promises Cara that he will keep David away from the hospital and from her but she will have to trust JR and that is hard to do.

Bianca tells Miranda that her Uncle Zach is in town and they are going to have dinner because they need to talk to her about something. Bianca gets a call from the Miranda Center and has to go out of town to give a speech. Miranda persuades Bianca to control her emotions around JR because she doesn’t want to have to choose between her mom and AJ. Bianca also allows Miranda to stay with AJ while she is gone on her trip and Miranda feels sad because her mom put work ahead of her but she doesn’t say anything to Bianca about it. JR finds steroids and needles in AJ’s backpack and he and AJ get into a heated argument about the steroids. AJ tells JR that some kid at school gave them to him but he had no intention of taking the pills. JR explains to AJ that he is an addict and that is a tough habit to break and he doesn’t want him to get hurt by drugs. AJ tells JR that he is a murderer a liar and a drug addict and he will not be like him. AJ tells JR that he overheard Brooke talking to Adam on the phone and they both think he is lying about his memory loss. AJ leaves the drugs with JR for him to throw away since he thinks JR doesn’t trust him to get rid of the drugs. Zach goes to Agent Marquez’s office and tells her that he found a game on the strip club’s website that leads to another website with videos of the girls. Zach and agent Marquez find a video of Cassandra and on the video Agent Marques notices a piece of paper on a table near the bed and she sends the video to Washington so they can try to figure out what is written on the paper. Uri makes plans to send Cassandra out of the country and then sends Vlad to pick up Cassandra and Cassandra cries because she is worried that if they take her out of the country she will never se her family again. Zach tells Agent Marquez that if the FBI doesn’t find Cassandra and the other girls, he will find the men and kill them himself.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Eric that they can do this. She can make him happy. He tells her again that he is in a committed relationship with Taylor and when she finds out what Brooke wants to do, she will figure this all out. Taylor confides in Thomas that she loved his father but spent way to many years depending on him. He was way into Brooke as well and at least Eric is not that swayed by her charms. She calls Eric and is surprised but not upset that he is at Brooke’s. He explains that Bridget is in town and they had a family dinner at Brooke’s, but he will be home in a few minutes. Before he is going to leave Brooke begs again that he must do this. Bill and Katie must never know as it would kill her. Rick knocks on Maya’s door and wants to see her. She tells him she can’t come to the door right now, but will meet him downstairs in a minute. Alison warns her that she better not. She knows the rules. If she has any contact with Jesse, she can go back to prison so she needs to break it off with Rick before he finds out more about her or this causes a scandal. Rick comes back and she greets him with a kiss. Maya fibs and says she is too tired to go out. They can make plans tomorrow at work. He blurts out he was hoping to wake up with her in the morning; he blurts out that he is in love with her. Surely that doesn’t surprise her. He has been since the first time they met. She thinks back on prison and then what Alison said that she will make Rick look like a fool and he will hate her. She tells Rick that she can’t.

Brooke begs Eric to think not only about her but the rest of her family, Hope and RJ as well. It is not fair to them to make them pay for her mistake. She will take responsibility for all she did. Eric says sorry, he can’t do it. It’s not fair to Taylor to make her also pay for Brooke’s mistake. As he leaves, he says that he does not want to talk to her about this again. Maya tells Rick that it is not Caroline; it is just her. She knows she is not the right woman for him. This is for the best and he should go. She does admit that she has enjoyed every minute with him and she is a better person because of him. He may be able to forget her past, but she can’t. It doesn’t matter how she feels about him. He needs to go. She opens the door. He’s hurt and confused but leaves. Then he turns and says through the door that she can say what she wants but he knows that she loves him and his feelings have not changed. Eric comes home and is eagerly greeted by Taylor who says again how glad she is that he is in her life. She quizzes him about Brooke and what she may be up to now. Eric declares that he thinks she has Katie’s best interest at heart and Bill is not even on her radar. That’s good, thinks Taylor, so that means that Brooke can go prowling for another man….she’s just glad it is not Eric!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Today's show is pre-empted.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

GH re-aired the April 2, 2013 50th Anniversary episode.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Billy and Victoria discuss their argument from the day before. Victoria thinks Billy started the argument because he doesn’t want to have a child with her. Billy tells Victoria that he does want to have a child with her, but he thinks that Victoria working at Newman Enterprises won’t give them time to work on having a baby, so he tells her to leave the company and find something she really loves to do, because this battle with Adam is making her frustrated. Victoria goes to Adam’s place to meet with Victor who tries to make peace between Adam and Victoria, so that they can work together at Newman Enterprises. Victoria tells Victor that she loves Newman Enterprises, but she won’t work there as long as Adam is running the company. Chelsea tells Chloe that she found a new doctor, but she doesn’t know how much longer she can keep the truth from Adam, because he is close to discovering that he is the father of her baby. Chelsea pays Madam Miranda to give her another reading. The fortune teller says that Adam wants to be involved in the life of her child, and he is very sorry for all the hurt he caused her. He wants a chance with her again. Kevin is very upset when he sees Chloe discussing the sale of Crimson Lights with Dylan. Chloe points out that if they sell the coffeehouse, it could help put a small dent in the large amount of debt they owe.

Phyllis gets Nick to agree to let Summer know the details of Cassie’s accident and how it affected the lives of everyone. Phyllis hopes that this will make Summer realize that her actions have consequences. Nick decides to take the paternity test to the hospital and find out if he or Jack is Summer’s father. Sharon tells her doctor that she overheard Nick talking to Cassie at her grave, telling her that he wasn’t sure if he was Summer’s father, and that he decided to take a paternity test to find out the truth. Sharon tells her doctor that things would have been different years ago if Nick hadn’t been Summer’s father. Sharon wants to tell Nick that she knows what has been bothering him, but her doctor advises her not to do so. When Sharon sees Nick at the hospital, she tells him that she will be there for him if he needs to talk. Sharon sees Phyllis at Nick’s place and think she knows about Nick’s paternity test. She is about to talk to her about it when Phyllis tells her that she has decided to tell Summer the details of Cassie’s accident, hoping that it will help Summer make better decisions. Dylan tells Billy he needs to find a new bartender for On the Boulevard, because he is thinking about buying his own business. Billy advises Dylan not to buy his own business, because it only causes headaches. Nick goes to the Athletic Club to punch the heavy boxing bag and try not to think about the paternity test. Dylan and Billy arrive later and wonder what is wrong with Nick. Nick tells Billy he doesn’t want to talk about it.

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