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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke goes on and on about this wonderful night and Rick says if he didn’t know better he’d think Brooke was trying to butter up his dad. Thomas isn’t sure that Steffy wants another child or if this is Taylor’s wish. Carter surprises Maya by dropping by with some coffee from downstairs. He asks how things are. She replies that Rick is trying to break things off with Caroline but she won’t let him. Carter says he also sensed some tension between her and Bill the other day. She confides that yes he told her in no uncertain terms that she was to stay away from Rick. Carter offers his shoulder, his coffee, whatever it takes, he will be there for her. Bill looks over the pictures of Maya and Jesse and picks the most incriminating one. He says he will now have to play un-nice since she did not listen to him. He wants Alison to scare the hell out of her. He doesn’t want to have to send her back to prison, but if she continues with Rick that is exactly what he is going to do.

Alison barges her way into Maya’s apartment despite her protests. Maya tells her that she doesn’t know who in the hell she is, but she wants her to leave right now. Alison pulls out the picture and says she might want to think about that. Maya questions her. She is sure she works for Bill Spenser. Alison says yes and this picture can land in the D.A.’s office if she doesn’t stay clear of Rick. At that moment Rick is knocking on the door. Alone, Brooke tells Eric that she wanted this night to remind him what they once had and what they could have again. She wants him to be the father of this child. Eric says he understands her feeling that way, wanting Katie to live out her life with her son and husband. He knows this is not about him. He knows that Brooke would have never slept with Bill if she didn’t love him, so maybe she should consider a life with him. Brooke says no; that is not an option. Eric declares that someday she will want to tell Bill and this child. Eric tells Brooke that he will be a friend and a mentor to this child, but he won’t be his father. He is content with Taylor. She loves him the way he wants to be loved and makes him feel like a new person….he has his passion back. She purrs that he can have that with her too. She kisses him passionately and he responds. They gaze deeply into each other’s eyes, almost like he is seeing her for the first time.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

John went to Kristenís hotel room.  Johnny told Marlena that he took something that wasnít his.  He said he took something from Ciara.  She wanted him to show it to her.  Kristen wasnít too thrilled with John being at her hotel room.  Brady wanted to go see Kristen, but Jennifer stopped him.  Kristen wanted John to leave.  She was going to call security to get him out of there.  He gave her the phone so she could call.  Abe showed up before Johnny could tell Marlena what he took from Ciara.  Daniel and Jennifer continued to stop Brady from seeing Kristen.  Brady suspected something was wrong with Kristen.  John was able to worm his way in Kristenís room.  He wanted her to be honest about what she wanted, but she didnít know what it was she wanted.  Jennifer told Brady what happened while she was with Kristen.  That made Brady feel better about what was going on with Kristen.  

Kristen wanted John to leave her alone, but he wouldnít leave.  He put a pearl necklace on her from their wedding. John apologized for abandoning Kristen.  He wanted to start over with her.  He wanted to finish what they started.  Abe talked to Marlena about Theo and John.  Abe told her that John sent him a text telling him to look out for her.  Abe thought John night not be around.  She told Abe that she and John were getting a divorce.  John and Kristen were interrupted by room service before they could kiss.  Kristen looked at the text she was going to send to Brady to meet her at the hotel.  Johnny told Marlena what he got from Ciara was Kristenís.  John and Kristen kissed each other.  Johnny gave Marlena the picture of Kristen and Sy together.  John and Kristen kissed and started taking off their clothes.  Kristen sent Brady the text to meet her at the hotel.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lulu agrees to see Dr. Kevin Collins. She tells him her memories of being dragged onto the Haunted Star and being married. She guesses that the groom was Stavros since she didnít marry Dante there. Kevin assures her that she didnít do anything wrong. He asks her if anything else happened. She says she canít remember anything else. He asks her if she canít or if she wonít. She leaves to back to the Haunted Star.

Nikolas finds Elizabeth at Kellyís with the intention of telling her that he knows AJ slept with Carly. Elizabeth doesnít want to hear anything he has to say about AJ. AJ tells Tracy that he doesnít have a reason to tell Elizabeth that he slept with Carly now that they know that neither relish was tainted. Tracy suggests that Carly might still tell Elizabeth. AJ isnít worried about Carly but wants to know if Tracy is going to keep it to herself now that she doesnít need a scapegoat. She tells him that she is too focused on unseating him to worry about such trivial matters. Tracy gets rid of AJ when Ava arrives. Ava tells Tracy that she will take the million dollars now. Tracy says she wonít give her the money until her daughter signs the proxy. Carly goes to the gym to tell Sonny that his security is lacking because Kiki Jerome is staying with Michael and Morgan. Sonny says his guards are watching for threats, not kids. He says itís not illegal for Morgan to have a girlfriend. Carly says she doesnít like the girl and thatís he has Michael watching her. Kiki catches Michael going through her purse. Michael admits that he is watching her. Kiki suggests to Morgan that she just go back home. He wonít hear of it. After having sex with Morgan on the living room floor, Kiki answers Michaelís door with a sheet wrapped around her and is shocked to find her mother standing there.

Sam comes home while the mysterious man is still in her house, so he hides until Sam goes upstairs. He emerges from the kitchen to retrieve his DVD from her DVD player, but Spinelli shows up before he can get it, so the mysterious man goes into the closet. Spinelli tells Sam that he wants the agency to find Lauren Frank. Sam doesnít want to get involved with anything remotely related to Franco. She notices that her DVD drawer is open. To divert her attention, the mysterious man in the closet suddenly sends text messages to everyone on his party guest list. The messages contain a picture of Jasonís face and an invitation to be at the Haunted Star at 8:00 p.m. Everyone wonders who is playing a sick game. Sonny thinks itís a trap. Only Sam thinks it might be from Jason. Spinelli assures her that Jason is dead. They agree to go to the Haunted Star. Spinelli leaves when Sam goes up to tend to Danny. The Mysterious Man grabs his DVD and leaves. Sam comes back downstairs and looks around, feeling that something there isnít quite right.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

At her house, Victoria tells Chelsea that she overheard her conversation wit a comatose Adam when he was in the hospital, and she knows that he is the father of her baby. She promises to keep her secret because she deserves the same kind of happiness that she has given her and Billy by giving them Johnny. Victoria advises Chelsea to quiet Adam’s doubts because she overheard him talking to her doctor asking her for information about the pregnancy. Chelsea goes over to Adam’s place and notices that he is close to finding out the date of conception for the baby because of the three dates he marked in red on the calendar. Chelsea cries a little and asks Adam that if he ever loved her, he will accept the truth that Dylan is the father of her child. Adam still has doubts because he knows Chelsea’s facial expressions when she is lying. He remembers the last time that she came over to the lake house late at night and told him there was something very important he needed to know. Dylan talks to Avery about his parental rights concerning the baby because he wants to make things legal in case Adam continues to harass Chelsea about the baby.

After losing his money gambling, Billy takes some from the cash register at the restaurant and buys two masks that look exactly like the ones he and Victoria wore the first time they made love at the masquerade ball. Billy arrives home late and  he tells Victoria that she is becoming like Victor obsessed with Newman Enterprises and not concentrating on adding to their family. Victoria thinks Billy is right and says that Victor having a father-son relationship with Adam won’t change her relationship with her parents. Victoria says that if everything goes as planned, she will be able to give Victor something Adam can’t give him another Newman heir. Billy gets upset by Victoria’s comment saying that if she just wants to use him as a stud pony to give Victor another heir, she can forget about having a baby with him.

Summer and Kyle go out to dinner not a date and he is surprised that she likes some of the same music, and he says that she has grown up. Kyle takes Summer home and she invites him in, but he says he has to get up early for work. Kyle and Summer agree to have dinner again and he gives her a kiss. Michael isn’t happy that Carmine is Fen’s new best friend and he tells him to stay away from Carmine. Michael tells Lauren he will pretend they are working things out, because Fen needs them, but he doesn’t think he will ever be able to forgive her for sleeping with Carmine. Michael tells Carmine that he had better stay away from Fen. Nick and Sharon go to Cassie’s grave and leave flowers and read her favorite poem "Dream Land" by Lewis Carroll which helps Nick realize that he needs to find out if he is Summer’s father. He decides to send the paternity test to the lab because he has to know the truth. Sharon is walking back from the chapel and overhears Nick talking at Cassie’s grave and saying that he couldn’t stand to lose another daughter if Jack turns out to be Summer’s father.

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