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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope tells Liam that Steffy is going to try to get pregnant again right away, but it doesn’t have to be that way again….if they could only turn back their own clock. He admits there are so many things that he can’t say to Steffy, so it’s really nice to have Hope there. Steffy tells Taylor that, of course, Hope would feel that way that she is trying to trap Liam again, but she knows that Liam wants a child, too. Taylor tells her that wearing black on her wedding day was not an omen. She needs to put that in the past. Steffy screams but it did happen. She got on the bike regardless that Liam told her not to. Taylor warns her that having another baby right away won’t necessarily help things. But she can make a memorial box and put things in it and then put it away. She will always have her memories.

Both Rick and Bridget are curious why this family pow-wow by Brooke. Eric is happy to see Bridget and they fill each other in all the news. She was surprised to hear about Taylor. Eric says it caught everyone off guard but she’s very important to him and he would never want to do anything to hurt or disappoint her. He throws a look to Brooke when he says that. Rick has a great idea – both his mom and dad are single now so they could get it on again. Liam tells Hope that he needs to go as Steffy shouldn’t be alone this long. She says again that he can still choose to have the life that he wants. Brooke drags out the family photo albums showing her marriage to Eric and then their wonderful children. She claims she was so happy then, both in Eric as a husband and a father. This means so much to her. As Liam comes home, he finds Steffy crying while making her memory box.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Willís relatives were relieved that he was okay.  EJ wanted to talk to John about what happened to Will and Kristen.  EJ questioned John about why he hasnít been talking to Marlena.  Marlena and Hope talked about Marlenaís problems with John.  Stefano talked to Kristen about her plan for John.  Kristen was still prepared to get her revenge against John.  Brady interrupted Stefano when he wanted to know what she was going to do to Brady.  Abby talked to JJ about his problems with Daniel.  John told EJ that it was over between him and Marlena.  EJ brought up the subject of Brady marrying Kristen.  EJ suggested that John accept Brady and Kristen being together.  When EJ walked away, John said Brady and Kristenís relationship was over.  Lucas and Sami talked to Will.  Brady talked to Stefano about what was going to happen after he and Kristen get married 

John checked the Salem Inn to see if Kristen checked in her room.  When he found out, he said it would be over tonight.  JJ reminded Abby about the things Daniel has done to their family as well as other people.  JJ also let her know that Daniel isnít better than Jack.  Hope talked to Ciara about what she did with the letter about Jensen.  Ciara told Hope that Johnny took something from her, but she wouldnít say what it was.  Daniel was there for Brady to celebrate Brady getting married, while Jennifer was there for Kristen.  Abby and JJ got into an argument over Daniel.  Lucas apologized to Sonny for the way he treated him when they met.  John showed up at Kristenís hotel room.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Britt arranges for her co-conspirator, Brad, to get the promotion to lab manager instead of Ellie. Ellie thinks karma is paying her back for not telling the truth about Maxieís baby. Spinelli says he doesnít like keeping Maxieís secret either, but since she is delivering another of Dante and Luluís embryos, no one is getting hurt. Ellie says he is wrong; someone is getting hurt. She starts crying. Brad tells her that her break is over. She yells at him to stop calling her, ďEllsĒ instead of ďEllie.Ē Britt tells Maxie that she has to get a new doctor because she has been ordered to stay on bed rest for the duration of her own pregnancy. She announces that she is moving in with Patrick. Meanwhile, Patrick tells Sabrina that he canít let Britt move in with him because Emma is terrified of her. He says he has been looking at apartments and home health care agencies and found that it would be more expensive than he can afford so he doesnít know what he is going to do. Britt tells Maxie that she will alter her records so that hew new doctor wonít know that she is really carrying her own child instead of Dante and Luluís. Maxie reveals that Ellie Trout found out the truth by hacking into hospital records. Britt says she can have Ellie fired for that. Maxie says Ellie is keeping the secret because she knows she will lose Spinelli if he discovers that he is the father. Britt says she thought Maxie wanted Spinelli. Maxie says not at the risk of hurting her best friend. She says she wonít trample on other people to get the man that she wants the way that Britt will. Britt says that at least she is really carrying Patrickís baby. She says if Maxieís new doctor does any DNA testing, Game Over. Britt goes to meet Patrick in the locker room so he can take her home, but he says she isnít going home with him. Sabrina chimes in that Britt will be going home with her instead. Britt snaps that she isnít going anywhere with Sabrina. Patrick invites Britt to offer another alternative. When Britt wheels herself out, Patrick asks Sabrina if it is bad that he enjoyed that. Spinelli runs into Maxie when he goes looking for Britt to confront her about passing over Ellie for the promotion. Maxie says the reason is simple: Dr. Westbourne is a bitch.  She says she has to go talk to Dante about selecting a new doctor. Spinelli shocks her when he wonders how she will handle keeping the truth about the baby from the new doctor. She asks him what he knows. He tells her that he knows about the miscarriage and subsequent re-implantation. She says Ellie promised not to say anything. Spinelli says Ellie doesnít keep secrets from him. When Brad sees that Ellie is distracted from her work, Brad says he is sorry that he got the promotion instead of her. She says she wasnít thinking about that; it was about her relationship. She says she hates herself for keeping a secret from her boyfriend.

Duke interrupts AJ when he is about to confess to Elizabeth about sleeping with Carly. He reports that "The Chew" sent both relishes to a lab for testing and discovered that neither was tainted, but both were poisoned. Duke notes that the Quartermaines have made a lot of enemies so it could be a long investigation. AJ tells Duke about Tracyís blackmail and concludes to him that if Pickle-Lila wasnít tainted, then he wonít have to tell Elizabeth about his indiscretion. Nikolas asks Tracy who ambushed his guards to help her get out of the locked hotel room. She says it could only have been her fatherís ghost. She tells him that she has been in contact with the mother of Edwardís great granddaughter, who said she will advise her daughter to vote with Tracy in exchange for one million dollars. She asks Nikolas to loan her the money, but Nikolas says he promised Elizabeth that he wouldnít do anything to undermine AJ. Tracy wonders why Nikolas would do that when Elizabeth isnít even interested in him. He says Elizabeth will come around; he just has to wait for AJ to make a mistake. Tracy informs him that AJ already made the mistake of sleeping with Carly. She says she can give him proof in exchange for the money he needs to buy off Francoís bad seed.  He writes the check. She gives him the recording.  AJ goes back to the Quartermaine estate and tells Tracy that both relishes were poisoned. He adds that it means he doesnít have a reason to tell Elizabeth that he had sex with Carly. Nikolas finds Elizabeth at Kellyís and says he has something to tell her.

Dr. Silas Clay informs Sam that he has filed to take custody of Rafe. She wants to know what game he is playing. Alexis and Rafe go to Kellyís where Dr. Clay announces that he is going to be Rafeís guardian. Sam assures Rafe that they will fight it. Alexis tells Silas that he will regret it if he tries to take Rafe from Sam. The mysterious man breaks into Samís penthouse after seeing Alexis and Rafe leave and takes close-up pictures of Jasonís face from the pictures on the mantle.  He then places a DVD into Samís machine and queues up the video. He hears Samís keys jingling outside the door.

OLTL Recap Written by Anthony

Dani develops a crush on Matthew. While he is in the shower, she goes through his conversations with Michelle which she finds silly and is somewhat jealous by. When Matthew gets out of the shower, Dani asks Matthew to go running with her. Viki and Clint argue about how run The Banner. Viki does not want any input from Clint and is deeply offended by his aggressive approach. She reminds him that she runs The Banner, not him. When Clint seeks out the help of Jeffrey, Viki decides she no longer wants his help and thinks taking a loan from Clint was a mistake, because she feels he's trying to take over. Cutter cancels his date with Natalie, but they decide to see each other on Sunday when she will make him a home-cooked meal.

Bo and Nora discuss what they should do with Matthew, other than yelling at him, when they babysit Drew through the night, since Destiny works the night shift. Nora wants to find a way to get Matthew to be more involved with his child. When Destiny shows up to pick up Drew, Bo and Nora offer her financial assistance, but all she will accept is breakfast. Todd goes to see Jack. Blair cautions him to go easy on her son, but Jack gets upset when Todd talks badly about Victor. Jack still considers Victor his father and throws a glass in frustration, wanting Todd to leave him alone. Todd asks for Blair's help in getting through to Jack, so she tries to talk to him but can't get through. With tears in her eyes, she apologizes to her morose son who has donned earphones to drown her out. Natalie tells Viki all about her date with Cutter and not having heard from John. She is actually happy after the talk, since her mother advised her to go for it and offered to watch Liam any time she wants. She ends up getting a phone call but is too late to answer, and it turns out it was John.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack asks Billy to let Traci stay with him and Victoria so that Phyllis won’t move out of his house. Billy tells Jack he can’t let Traci move in because he and Victoria are trying to make a baby and having a sister around doesn’t help things. Traci tries to explain to Phyllis that she is afraid that Jack will go back to pills if this relationship doesn’t work out. Phyllis explains to Traci that Jack is a lot stronger now, and he can handle it; besides anything can cause an addict to relapse not just the failure of a relationship. Phyllis moves back to her penthouse but, thanks to an idea that Jack got from something Billy said, her penthouse is without power because Jack hopes that not having power will make Phyllis move back into his house. Phyllis figures out Jack’s scheme and makes it clear that she won’t move back into his house, because he doesn’t want to come between him and his sister. Jack tells Traci that he loves her and asks her to let him love Phyllis too. Nikki tries to persuade Victoria that Victor isn’t using her as a back up, in case his new father and son relationship with Adam doesn’t work out. Victoria thinks Adam is Victor’s new favorite child, and she is determined to protect Victor from Adam no matter what she has to do.

Victor is skeptical because Adam still refuses to tell him where he got the money to buy Newman Enterprises back and make the company private again. Victoria postpones baby-making plans with Billy, because she wants to hear Victor and Adam’s plans for her at Newman Enterprises. Victoria is hurt when Victor offers her control of Beauty of Nature, because she feels that Victor is just patting her on the head and keeping her as back-up in case things with Adam don’t work out. Since Victoria still hasn’t come home and the food is cold, Billy decides to go gamble with his old gambling buddy at the Athletic Club. Victoria overhears Adam leaving a message for Chelsea’s doctor that he needs to see her, because he has questions about Chelsea’s pregnancy. Victoria later leaves a message for Chelsea telling her they need to talk right away. Fen tells Carmine that someone took a video of him kissing Summer and Kyle punching him, and everyone at school thinks he is a pervert. Fen also tells Carmine that he would never force himself on a girl, because Michael spent time in jail for attempted rape and says it changed his life. Some guys arrive at On the Boulevard and beat up Fen to teach the pervert. Victoria thinks that Dr. Costner has a crush on Nikki, because he seemed to be flirting with her when he came over to say hello to them. Nikki tells Victoria that Dr. Costner is her doctor, and she only has eyes for Victor. Dr. Costner tells Nikki that he hasn’t dated since his wife died. Nikki encourages Dr. Costner to start dating again. Michael and Lauren have a long talk, and he tells her that he loves her, but he can’t forgive their affair, because he can’t get the images of her with Carmine out of his head. Lauren senses that Michael wants a divorce, but their conversation is interrupted when Fen arrives home badly beaten.

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