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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Celia has a strange nightmare about being inside a courtroom as a little girl and then turning to see the figure of a stern older man. Celia notices that Evelyn has sent her about 50 text messages but she doesn’t want to return to Pine Valley yet. Pete takes Celia to the East Village, and when they return to the hotel, they share a kiss. Evelyn arrives at Opal’s place to tell her Pete has taken Celia, and she doesn’t know where they are. Opal tells Evelyn that Celia has bewitched Pete, but Evelyn insists Pete is the troublemaker. Opal leaves Pete a desperate message her right away. Celia believes Pete cannot corrupt her, because she's willing. Working out with Cara's help, JR is frustrated by his slow progress, so she advises him to take it easy on himself. He wants to be in tip-top shape when he attends the Chandler board meeting. All dressed up in a suit and tie, AJ overhears a phone call between Brooke and Adam where she says she will protect AJ from JR, who may be lying about being unable to remember what happened the night of their engagement party five years ago. Brooke cautions JR not to go to work against his father's wishes but to work it out with him. JR takes Cara's advice to work on himself first, then worry about business. Grateful for being his sounding board, JR offers to take Cara to lunch.

AJ and Miranda have an awkward moment when she arrives at the mansion to take the bus to school with him. AJ assures Miranda that their friendship remains intact even after the kiss they shared. AJ is worried that he will lose his starting pitcher spot on the baseball team when he finds out that another player who is taking performance enhancing drugs can pitch a fastball over 80 miles per hour. One of the players on the baseball team gives AJ performance-enhancing drugs and explains to him how to take them so that people don’t notice he is taking them. AJ puts the vials in his locker, pondering what to do. Cassandra tells the other girls that she will never stop fighting to get free from her captors until they kill her or she kills them. Cassandra tells the girls that her father is the police chief of Pine Valley, and he probably has several law enforcement agencies looking for her right now. One of the girls tells Uri what Cassandra said to her, and Uri is upset with Vlad for risking their entire operation by taking the police chief's daughter, instead of an unknown French citizen. Uri thinks that Cassandra has become a liability and they must get rid of her now. Billy Clyde pays a visit to Angie and Jesse’s house to tell them he has no idea where Cassandra is, because he doesn’t have her. Angie warns Billy Clyde that if he is lying to her, she will pay someone to throw him in the river and make sure he stays there this time. Jesse tells Billy Clyde he should stay away from Pine Valley, unless he knows where Cassandra is, or he will be a very sorry man.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam takes Steffy home. She is reluctant to go in and stares around the living room. She finally speaks and says this house is just like her….now that the baby is gone, it seems so empty. She lies on the couch. Liam asks if there is anything she wants. She meekly replies only that he stay with her. She can’t believe how one tiny baby could take up so much space and now there is nothing there. Liam doesn’t know what to say. She tells him that he has to get it out. She deserves all the anger that he has bottled up inside against her. She was to blame. The baby is dead because of her; it was her fault as he told her not to get on the bike. She sobs that he ought to be furious with her as she is furious with her. He replies that he is not going to beat up on her. That won’t change things or make either one of them feel better. She screams out that she wishes she had never gone to the beach house that day and she wishes she had died instead of her baby. Taylor pops in on Hope and asks if she can come in and talk a minute. Politely she proceeds to tell Hope that Liam and Steffy are just getting home and it’s a rough time for both of them. She wants a little reassurance from Hope that she will give them all the space they need and Hope won’t take advantage of Liam’s grief. Hope replies that she ought to be offended by that, but she is not. She knows where Taylor is coming from. Taylor also says she is asking for Hope’s sake. If she thinks it is okay to pursue a married man again she might be setting herself up for more hurt. Liam and Steffy are planning on getting pregnant again. So it would be in Hope’s best interest to keep her distance. Hope is not that surprised. Steffy got Liam by being pregnant so she could see where Steffy might want to quickly have another to keep him. Taylor says Hope needs to accept this. Liam will stay with his wife as it should be.

Donna rushes in to see Brooke who had called her. Brooke assures her that she and the baby are fine. She says Donna won’t like this as it is about her honey bear. She knows she still loves Eric. Donna is shocked when Brooke says they have that in common. She wants a future with Eric. It’s the only solution to her situation. Donna tells her this is crazy; obviously her hormones are way out of whack. Brooke says she has given this a lot of thought. She’s been married to Eric before so this is believable. If she doesn’t give the name of the baby’s father Katie will get suspicious and figure it out. Donna says this won’t fly as Taylor has been suspicious for months about Bill. Brooke says let her worry about that. The truth would destroy Katie and Brooke will not take a wrecking ball to her life. Alone, Steffy tries to get up but suddenly feels dizzy, even seeing double vision so she sits back down. Liam tries to get her to eat something but all she wants is tea. She tells him that she wants to get pregnant again as soon as possible. He nods but says she needs to focus on herself first then the other things will fall into place. He puts her down for a nap and says he needs to run out just for a few minutes. Donna tells Brooke that even if Eric goes along with this and that is a big if…..there is always Taylor. Brooke says she can not worry about her. She needs to find an acceptable father for this child. That is all that matters. Donna also reminds her that Bill will almost certainly know. Now Brooke says she can look this man in the eyes and lie to him about his child. Liam shows up at Hope’s. She says she is so sorry and they both drift into each other’s arms with a hug. She wonders where he is putting all that anger that he must be feeling. He says he is still trying to figure that one out, but he’s not going to beat up on Steffy. That would do neither of them any good. Hope says she knows how much Liam wanted this baby and how he is grieving. She also knows Steffy wants to get pregnant again right away. She says Steffy will get through this. Steffy will be okay, and Hope wants him to know that she will always be there for him. She plants a big kiss on him. Taylor brings soup but Steffy again refuses it. Taylor tells her that they have all made bad judgments in their lives if they could re-do them over. It was an accident and Steffy needs to come to terms with that and stop blaming herself. She did not kill her baby. Bridget calls Brooke and says she is in town for a few days and would like to get together. Brooke lights up and says she’d love to invite her for dinner at her house tonight......the entire family…Eric, her and Rick. Donna tells her she knows that look. She’s got some plan. Brooke mulls it over….yes, all of them at her house tonight. She has a very good idea.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate and Sami argued over Rafe.  Hope shot and killed Jensen before he could kill Nick.  Hope called for help to get Will to the hospital.  Sonny got Gabiís baby to breathe.  The police found Gabi and Sonny.

Everyone got the hospital.  Maxine wanted to take the baby to get checked out.  Gabi, Nick, and Sonny reunited with each other.  Gabi and Sonny wanted to know where Will was.  Hope said Will was in surgery.  Maxine took Gabi to get checked out.  She kept asking about her baby.  Daniel performed the surgery on Will.  Sami, Kate, and Lucas got to the hospital to check on Will.  Hope told them that Jensen was the one who attacked Rafe and Will.  Sami was furious.  She yelled at Nick and asked if he wanted Rafe and Will killed so they could be away from the baby.  Hope told everyone that Nick was tied up and Will wouldnít leave Nick.  Kate, Sami, and Lucas went to see Arianna.  Vargas showed up at the hospital to check on Hope.  When he saw Nick, he went to talk to him.  He warned Nick that despite what happened with Jensen, he (Nick) was supposed to keep his mouth shut.  Daniel told everyone that Will was going to make a full recovery.  Vargas tried to make Nick feel better about what Jensen did to him in prison.  Nick walked off and went for a walk.  He looked troubled as if he was thinking about what happened to him.  Sonny, Lucas, and Sami went to check on Will.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Tracy continues to threaten to tell Elizabeth that AJ slept with Carly. Elizabeth runs into Carly at Kellyís and says AJ told her everything about what happened. Carly goes on the defensive. Elizabeth clarifies that she was talking about Morgan and asks Carly what she thought she meant. Carly says she always gets defensive at the mention of AJís name because they hate each other. AJ tells Tracy that he hasnít told Elizabeth anything and isnít going to let Tracy blackmail him. AJ meets Elizabeth at Kellyís. She tells him about her encounter with Carly and asks him what Carly almost slipped and said about him. Ava visits Tracy and tells her that she is taking bids on her daughterís behalf for her ELQ votes. She asks for one million dollars. Kiki and Morganís disrespect continues to annoy Michael. He tells her to take off his Pickle-Lila shirt that she is wearing without permission. She takes it off right there, with nothing underneath. Michael tells Morgan that Kiki has to go. Morgan tries to convince Michael to let Kiki stay. When Michaelís computer wonít boot up, Kiki says she thinks she downloaded a virus when she was using it. Carly knocks on the door. Morgan doesnít want Michael to answer it. Michael takes pleasure in announcing to his mother that Morgan just had sex in his bed with that girl. Kiki extends her hand and tells Carly to call her Kiki. Carly tells her to call a cab, put some clothes on, and get out. Carly canít believe that Michael let that girl in his apartment. He says that if he didnít, Morgan would have gone back to New York with her. Carly reluctantly relents, but neither she nor Michael trusts Kiki.

Lulu needs to sign for inventory for tonightís party, but she doesnít know how to spell her last name. Lulu asks the mysterious man what his name is so that they can draw up a contract. He hands her an envelope full of cash and says his name is a surprise for the party. Dante meets with Kevin Collins about Lulu. Kevin tells Dante that it is possible that Lulu experienced a trauma that her subconscious doesnít want to remember. Dante goes to the Haunted Star and is impressed to see that Lulu is back to work already. He asks her if she remembered something at her motherís wedding when she was overwhelmed and had to leave. She tells him that if she could conjure memories at will, she would. He says he thinks she can remember but doesnít want to. He says Dr. Collins said that there might be one memory that is so horrible that it is keeping all the others from surfacing. He asks her if she would be willing to talk to Dr. Collins.

Sam tells Alexis about Steven Clayís brother, Silas, while Rafe listens from upstairs. Rafe tells them that he never wants to see his uncle again. Lucyís new business is ďThe Steven Clay Experience,Ē a guided tour of his crime scenes named after his rock band. Silas follows Lucyís tour in a hat and dark glasses. He stays behind at the site of Alisonís murder while Lucyís tour goes to Kellyís. The mysterious man sees Silas Clay looking at the ground at the pier and asks him if he has lost a contact lens. Silas tells him that apparently, his brother killed a woman at that spot. At Kellyís, Lucy doesnít notice that Kevin is watching her recount the story of staking the vampire. Just as Lucy is wrapping up her story with the assurance that Steven Clay really wasnít a vampire, but a mortal psychopath and that he is never coming back, Silas walks into Kellyís. Lucy orders everyone to stay behind her while she takes care of the vampire. Steven takes away the flag that she is going to use as a stake. Silas says he is Stevenís brother Silas Clay. Kevin recognizes his name and introduces himself. Lucy says Kevin canít just blindly accept that that is who he really is without corroboration. Sam arrives and says she can verify his identity. She tells Silas that she didnít do it for him; she did it to keep Lucy from getting herself into trouble. He offers her money to help with Rafeís expenses. She refuses it. He hands her a copy of the papers he just filed to gain custody of his nephew. The mysterious man makes his guest list consisting of Maxie, Spinelli, Elizabeth, Carly, AJ, Michael, and Sam, and then heads over to see Sam.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Abbott house, Victoria reminds Victor what happened the night of their wedding. Victoria asks Victor where the money came from that Adam received to buy back Newman and make it privately owned. Victor lets Victoria know that he needs her by his side. At the Newman home, Billy lets Adam know that he will get Victoria off his back in exchange for him keeping quiet about the poker game. Alex shows Kevin where he will be working at the police department. Kevin is less than enthused. Chloe goes through the mail and sees that it is all bills. Chloe makes a phone call. Dylan and Chelsea discuss how Adam treated her during their recent conversation. Dylan goes to get her some Mexican food when Adam pays her a visit and wants to know if the child she is carrying is really his. Chelsea doesnít really know how to answer.

Cane and Jill have a talk about the list of research companies that may do business with Chancellor Industries. Jill tries to give Cane advice on Lily spending so much time with Tyler. Lily and Neil meet to discuss the advertising campaign. Lily calls Tyler to meet her to talk. Chelsea denies that this is Adamís child. Alex watches Kevin as he does his work on the computer. Neil visits Alex to let him know that someone posted yet another page from his diary online. Victoria asks Victor if he is having second thoughts about Adam and him working at Newman. Chelsea states matter of factly that this is not Adamís baby. Dylan comes back and wants to know what is going on. Billy comes home and finds a note from Victoria. Billy sets to work on his surprise for Victoria. Chloe interrupts Dylan and Chelsea. Dylan bows out and tells the ladies that he will leave and let them talk. Chelsea lets Chloe know what went down between her and Adam. Cane lets Jill know his feelings for Tyler always hanging around Lily. Lily and Tyler meet to discuss business. Lily tells him that she will quit Jabot if he comes back to work. Alex reads another excerpt from Neilís diary. Victoria meets with a PI to get the goods on Adam. Chloe tells Chelsea to get Dylan to marry her. Adam does some checking up on Chelsea and this baby. Dylan pays Adam and orders him to stay away from Chelsea.

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