Tuesday 5/21/13 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor suggests to Steffy that maybe she should tell Dr. Caspary about her depression this morning. Steffy grumbles that won’t bring her baby back. In the office Dr. Caspary tells her she is sorry but her injuries could have been much worse. She is young and healthy and she will bounce back from this. Sullen, Steffy asks if she can just finish the examination as she’d like to go home. Taylor suggests they go get some lunch, but Steffy rejects that too, she just wants to go straight home. The doctor tells them she will call them about the blood tests. Eric has a meeting in his office where they all look over the latest designs by Thomas that Rick has incorporated into the line and the models are showing them off. Rick tells Brooke he is especially impressed with the Bedroom Line and she and Bill were right; they make a “good team.” Who’d have thunk it – Bill now staying close to home being a “family man". Hope chimes in that he and Katie are solid, nothing will come between them. The sales totals are over the top and they need to capitalize by having a worldwide promotional tour and she will be “big” for the next 8 or 9 months. Brooke is hesitant, but Rick and Hope says they are “expecting her to deliver.” Both try to play it up but Brooke says she can not be gone from home that long. They try to convince her that she lives for this stuff. They need to get her "out there"; the public wants her.

As Hope and Thomas leave, Katie walks in and notices that Eric and Brooke look miserable and she wants to now what’s wrong. Brooke mentions the tour but that she can’t do it. Katie says yes she can; it will be good for her. There is nothing to tie her to Los Angeles right now. Brooke has done so much for her; she wants her to be happy. She needs a man, no one knows her better than she does. Eric notices the exquisite necklace and matching earrings and Katie says Bill gave them to her. She really is lucky to be married to him. Brooke reminds her again that her husband is quite devoted to her and her happiness means more to her than her own. They agree to help her pick out something special from the Bedroom Line as she wants to cheer Bill up. He’s quite upset over Steffy losing the baby. Hope confides to Rick that Liam has a choice now. She’s lost everything before. She knows that pain. She didn’t want things to happen like this. Liam loves her and he will always feel that way and she feels it too. She truly believes they belong together and will be again. Rick warns her not to get ahead of herself as Liam is still married. Steffy asks the doctor how long before they can try to get pregnant again. The doctor replies that just as soon as she feels comfortable, but give her body time to heal. Eric explains to Brooke that he is sorry for what she is going through. But what she is asking is impossible. She doesn’t understand why since they have been married before. She can love him and make him happy the rest of her life. He says she is just desperate so at least admit that. And she would not be happy with him as his life belongs with Taylor now. He says again he is sorry, but he cannot do this. Hope calls Liam while he’s still at the doctor’s office with Steffy. She realizes this is a bad time so says she’d like to meet with him and talk sometime soon. She ends with she loves him. Steffy sobs to Liam that this is all her fault, and she needs him to please forgive her. She relays that the doctor said they don’t have to wait long. She’d like for them to have another baby as soon as they can.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jensen grilled Nick about where Gabi was.  Gabi went into labor.  Hope needed Vargasís help to find Jensen.  Jensen blamed Nick for why Rafe was attacked.  Nick tried to get Jensen to leave him alone, but he wasnít going to do it.  Nick said he wouldnít tell the police what he did, but that wasnít enough for Jensen.  Jensen wanted to make a life for himself in Salem.  He also wanted to finish off Rafe.  Kate talked to Justin about EJ possibly having Rafe attacked.  Justin wasnít sure if EJ was involved, but Kate was.  Sami wanted to know who EJ was talking to on the phone when Rafe was attacked, but he refused to tell her.  Sonny took Gabi to a shed to deliver her baby.  Jensen intimated that he and Nick were close in prison.  Nick didnít want to hear what Jensen was saying.  Hope blamed herself for why Jensen was out of prison.  Jensen said Nick was the reason why he was in solitary for three months.  Jensen wanted to know why Nick turned against him when they were close in prison.  Jensen reminded Nick about what he did to him in prison.  

Jennifer wanted JJ to get a job to pay for the train set and the MP3 Player that he broke.  Daniel said that it was okay.  Abby talked to JJ about what was going on with him, but he wouldn't open up to her.  Jensen kept taunting Nick about what happened to him in prison.  When Jensen was about to shoot Nick, Will picked up a wrench and hit him with it.  Will and Jensen fought each other.  Nick noticed the gun on the floor and tried to push it towards Will.  Will and Jensen noticed the gun and fought over it.  When Will picked up the gun, Jensen tried to take it from him.  The gun ended up going off.  Kate and Sami saw each other at the coffee shop.  Kate was there to meet Will.  They got into an argument over her relationship with Rafe.  While they were arguing, Sami accused Kate of setting up Rafe's attack.  Kate was offended by her accusation and slapped her. Sonny delivered Gabi's baby, but there was a complication.  The baby wasn't breathing at first.  When the gun went off, Will turned out to be the one who was shot.  Nick yelled at Jensen for shooting Will.  When Jensen was about to shoot Nick, Hope came in the shed and shot Jensen.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Kiki shows up at Michaelís door and is pleasantly surprised to see that Morgan is there. Michael advises her to go back to New York. She says she is staying in town. Michael recommends the Rendezvous Motel, but Morgan invites her to stay at Michaelís apartment. Their loud smacking, kissing sickens Michael. He says Morgan doesnít have the authority to invite Kiki to stay because he is a guest himself. He says Kiki has to go. Morgan says he will go with her. Kiki somehow talks Michael into giving up his bedroom. Connie stands by the door at Crimson while Sonny and Olivia talk about Morgan. Olivia keeps touching Sonny while they talk. When Connie canít take it anymore, she tells Sonny to go. He assumes it is because she isnít supposed to be around him. Olivia asks Connie if that was really the reason she was upset, or if it was because of Sonny and her. Connie wonders if ďSonny and herĒ means they are a couple. Olivia says no and that Connie is always a higher priority than Sonny is.

Dante and Milo each think the other knows where Lulu is. Dante says Lulu canít stay at Miloís apartment anymore. Milo says that Lulu would have remembered Dante by now if she wanted to and that Dante should back off. Dante punches Milo. Milo is about to return the punch when Sonny grabs his arm. He tells Milo to wait inside Kellyís while he talks to Dante. It occurs to Dante that Lulu might have gone back to the Haunted Star because Stavros kept her there. Lulu has a flash of a memory of wearing a white dress, holding red roses, and being pronounced married when the mysterious man who poisoned the Pickle-Lila and visited Heather Webber goes to the Haunted Star to rent it for a party tomorrow. While she is cleaning up the Star, Lulu picks up an empty champagne bottle and has another memory of being there with Stavros. Dante comes aboard and asks her what is wrong. She runs away. The mystery man retrieves a DVD hidden behind a picture over Maxieís desk at Crimson.  Sonny goes into Kellyís and asks Milo about Lulu staying with him.

TJ tells Felix about his breakup with Molly. Felix says there is still hope that Molly will come around when she calms down. TJ has already given up. Felix says TJ is apparently not used to getting what he wants and that he needs to get past that. He tells him not to give up on love that easily. Rafe stops by Alexisís house while she is waiting for Shawn to arrive for their date. Rafe mentions to Alexis that Molly is taking him to her prom. Alexis wonders what TJ thinks about that. Molly reveals that she and TJ broke up because TJ was being a jealous jerk. Shawn wonders what is going on when Molly and Rafe rush out of the house upon his arrival. Alexis tells him that Molly and TJ broke up and Rafe is going to prom with her. Shawn is surprised at Rafeís perseverance after he had told him to stay away from Molly because she belonged to TJ. Alexis gets angry and says Molly is no oneís property. They argue about the three kids for a minute and then decide it isnít their problem and that they should focus on their date. Dr. Silas Clay drops by Samís apartment and says he is there about his nephew. Sam says Rafe has been through enough without having to deal with an unknown uncle dropping by and then going back to New York. He comments that her house is nice and that her husband must make a good living. She says her husband is none of his business. He says he is if he is raising his nephew. She tells him that her husband is dead. She tells Silas to come back another time and to call first to arrange a time to visit Rafe, if Rafe is interested in seeing him. He opens the door to leave. Rafe and Molly are at the door, completely freaked out by the sight of him. Rafe concludes that they were all right when they said Caleb was immortal. Sam tells him that the man in front of him isnít Caleb. Silas introduces himself as Rafeís uncle and extends his hand. Rafe refuses it. He says Steven Clay was never a father to him and therefore Silas is nothing to him.

OLTL Recap Written by Anthony

Clint tells Viki that they will get married eventually and explains that she has no choice but to either fire half her staff or take a loan from BE. Dorian gets good news over whatever plan she has at revenge. Jack becomes upset when no one listens to him. Cutter flirts with Natalie who is out clubbing with Destiny. Rama tells Natalie that Cutter is not a good person for her to be hanging out with. David makes a starstruck Rama his sidekick for his reality show.

Bo tells Todd that he may have been telling the truth, but he may have been lying still. Tea storms in explaining that she has proof that Victor actually was trying to kill Todd. Todd overhears this and leaves to see Viki who tells him that he needs to be a better father to Jack. Todd thinks he is doing a good job and has done nothing but tell the truth. Dani makes dinner for Matthew and Jeffrey who are all discussing if Michelle is a real person or not. Matthew insists that she is because they have talked on the phone. Todd in his hotel room looks at a letter telling him to kill Victor.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick reads up on how a DNA test works when he gets a visit from Avery, who had bought him breakfast. When she asks him for a kiss and he just gives her a peck on the cheek, she knows something is wrong. Nick confesses that it is Summer and her recent actions. Avery starts to cancel her appointment with Adam, but Nick encourages her to keep the appointment. Summer stops by Jack’s to pick up her things since she has moved back home. Summer lets Kyle know that Nick had taken her car keys. Dylan has yet another dream about the war when Chelsea stops by and awakens him. Chelsea asks to see the nursery. After Avery leaves Nick’s, Nick takes a sample of the hair from the hair brush and also swabs his cheek for the DNA test. Dylan lets Chelsea know that she is not going to the photo shoot that he is taking her to the fair. Tyler has breakfast with Leslie and lets her know that he is telling Lily that he is quitting Jabot. Tyler confesses that Lily does remind him of Mariah. As Tyler gets up and leaves, someone takes pics of Leslie. Dylan and Chelsea visit a fortune tellers booth, who tells both Dylan and Chelsea some disturbing news. The fortune teller tells Chelsea to let the father of her child into its life. Chelsea just brushes her off. At the Coffeehouse, Adam and Avery meet to discuss business until Adam gets personal and asks Avery some personal questions about her and Nick. Nick invites Summer to have breakfast with him but Summer refuses. Jill and Cane meet at the Athletic Club to discuss Chandler Industries as they await Katherine. Tyler lets Lily know that he is quitting Jabot. Lily lets him know in no uncertain terms that she will not let him quit.

Summer, Mason and Oliver arrive for the photo shoot. Summer is a little put off when the photo shoot begins but when Kyle arrives, she really gets into the photo shoot. Lily asks Tyler to stick around for the photo shoot. Avery lets Adam know that he is way out of line with these questions. At the Coffeehouse, Dylan asks Chelsea as to why she had let the fortune teller get to her. Adam and Chelsea’s eyes meet from across the room. Adam tells Chelsea that he could have given her everything while Dylan tells Avery that he had bought a house in town. Lily catches up with Tyler at the Athletic Club to talk him out of quitting Jabot, but they have some spectators in Jill and Cane. Cane walks up to Lily and asks her as to what is going on. At home, doing some work, Adam begins to think about his meetings with Chelsea in which she had had something to tell him. Kyle asks Summer out for a bite to eat. Dylan comes to check on Chelsea at work and tells her that he wants the bear to be their child’s first toy.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Summer is nervous at the photo shoot because Oliver Jones from Forrester Creations arrives to photograph her for the new Jabot fashion line. Summer is later distracted when Kyle arrives to watch the photo shoot. Kyle gets a little jealous when Summer tells Mason she might go to the gym to work out with him some time. Summer is thrilled when Kyle invites her to dinner but she plays it cool so he doesn’t notice how happy she is that her plan worked. Chelsea and Dylan spend the day together at the fair. Madame Miranda tells Dylan he needs to make peace with what happened when he was in the army, because it still haunts him. Madame Miranda also tells Chelsea that she is pregnant and she shouldn’t cut the baby’s father out of its life, because he wants to be involved with the baby. Nick takes the at-home paternity test using samples from Summer’s hair brush and puts everything in an envelope and gets it ready to put in the mail. Adam and Avery meet at Crimson Lights to discuss Newman business. Adam wonders if Avery postponed her engagement to Nick because she has feelings for Dylan. Chelsea and Dylan arrive at Crimson Lights and things get tense and awkward between Adam, Avery, Dylan, and Chelsea. Avery remarks that Chelsea is beginning to show and is glowing. Adam and Chelsea get into an argument when he tells her she could have had everything with him and she would be pregnant with his child now. Adam goes to his office and recalls all the times that Chelsea tried to tell him something and then he also recalls Avery’s comment that Chelsea is beginning to show, so he takes out a calendar and begins to do the math.

Avery goes to Nick’s place and tells him that she thinks Dylan has feelings for Chelsea. Nick does his best to hide his happiness. Tyler tells Lily he has to quit his job because he has feelings for her. She tells him that he doesn’t have to quit because she has learned to leave her feelings for him at the office door. Cane wants Jill to run a new biotech medical division at Chancellor Industries. Jill accepts the new job despite the fact she thinks Cane is too nice to be CEO of Chancellor Industries. Cane is also thrilled when Lily tells him Tyler quit his job, but he doesn’t let it show. Tyler tells Leslie that he quit his job because he can’t work with Lily since he has feelings for her. Leslie thinks he did the right thing. Tyler tells Leslie that he thinks Lily also has feelings for him. A mysterious person continues to take pictures of Leslie and Tyler.

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