Monday 5/20/13 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 5/20/13 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Carole

Pete and Celia end up in New York and go to a fancy hotel Pete tells Celia they only had one room but tells her he will sleep on the floor. Pete wants to take Celia dancing at a club but Celia reminds Pete that she left her suitcase with her clothes in Pine Valley and only brought an overnight bag with her. Pete arranges for the hotel to bring some clothes to the room for Celia to try on and once she finds something she wants they head to the club. Celia feels energized after she and Pete return from the club and wants to go out and do something else but Pete tells her he is tired and they should get some sleep. Celia tells Pete she wouldn’t feel right if he slept on the floor so she tells him that she will sleep under the covers and he can sleep on top of the covers. Jesse thinks he has a lead on Cassandra’s whereabouts because his men are following a white moving truck in Center City but it just turns out to be a flower delivery. Billy Clyde decid3es to have the church ladies he gives money to stage a protest to shut down the Gentleman’s club which is his competition Uri orders Vlad to get all the girls out of the club in case the police come Jesse arrives at the club later and is surprised to see Billy Clyde Tuggle leading the protest to shut down the club. Cassandra continues to hope that her parents will find her but one of the girls tells her that none of them will ever leave until the men are done using them then they will be thrown away like garbage after they0 are hooked on drugs.

David makes sure that Angie goes home to rest. Once there, David makes Angie something to eat and is with her while she cries and tells him that all she wants is for Cassandra to come home. Angie finally goes to sleep and David covers her with a blanket and watches over her. Bianca arrives at the Chandler mansion to try and persuade Miranda not to be friends with AJ anymore because JR is dangerous and she doesn’t want her anywhere near JR. Miranda refuses to stop seeing her best friend because he is having a rough time right now and he needs her. JR arrives home and Bianca slaps him and calls him a heartless monster that killed the woman she loved. JR tells Bianca that he doesn’t remember what he did but he has been told he killed Marissa and he is truly sorry to have taken away the woman she loved. AJ is stunned as he listens to the confrontation from the stairs Bianca asks Miranda to leave with her but she refuses telling her that AJ needs her. Cara comes by to offer JR help with his physical therapy and he accepts her help and assures her that he won’t tell David her child is alive. Cara thinks that she and JR will need to help each other when David decides to come after them. Miranda tries to cheer AJ up by singing him a song she wrote about their friendship. AJ is so touched by the song that he kisses Miranda and Miranda is startled by the kiss and makes up an excuse to leave quickly. Once Miranda is out in the hallway she mouths the words wow.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric can’t believe Brooke is standing there and saying this. Brooke says they can be together again. There was a time they were happy. She knows he misses that, so does she. He says yes he loved his younger years, but he doesn’t want to re-live them. She makes her case stronger and he says again he will not re-live those days. She says he has to. He is the only thing standing between her and a disaster. This pregnancy with Bill would destroy Katie and every relationship Brooke has with her own family. Dr. Meade considers keeping Steffy one more day, but Taylor disagrees that this is not just clinical. She would be more concerned if Steffy were not acting this way. Home is the best place for her. Steffy remembers and cries on Liam’s shoulder – she lost their baby! Liam said he understands that she got on the bike because she was just trying to get home the best way she could. Hope fills Katie in on the details. Both wonder if they should remove all the gifts that Bill lavished on Liam and Steffy for the baby, bad reminders. Hope even goes one step further and wonders if the marriage will even last now. They will both have a lot of healing to do and not sure they can do that together. People will tell Hope that she is crazy and she should keep her distance. But it’s not crazy to think that Liam might come back to her and she can wait for him.

Eric tells Brooke her plan is impossible as no one would believe it since he’s been with Taylor for months. She carefully lays it out that it isn’t. Taylor goes away for weekend seminars and Brooke could have come over to his house to discuss Rick running the company and one thing led to another with her crying on his shoulder. Their old feelings resurfaced. They always had this vision of a life together but the timing was never right. But now it is. Eric is the only person that understands her so well. This can work. She dismisses what this will do to Taylor when Eric will have to tell her. Brooke thinks Taylor is just using him anyway. Eric points out that what she is proposing is also using Eric. Liam takes Steffy home to Malibu but reminds her before they go in that Bill sent a passel of other gifts over. She asks him to put them aside, just get them out of sight. She says she will be ok in the car while he does that. Then she sees the motorcycle in the garage. She gets out and slowly walks toward it and badgers it with a baseball bat, crying all the while that she is so sorry. Brooke tells Eric that she is sorry this is all coming out in such a rush, but the clock is ticking and something has to be done. He says she should tell Spencer. She is adamant – no, not even if he wanted this to happen. She needs Eric’s compassion. She always had it before and now she needs it more than ever. He says she does, he will not sit in judgment of her. But he knows how she is when she is scared trying to convince herself of things that are not true. He remembers all of those intimate moments with Brooke, but he also remembers some of the most painful times were caused by her. She drives a hard bargain, but he doesn’t want to bargain. He wants to be loved for himself, not for any other reason. And he may flatter himself, but he’d like to think that Taylor loves him that way. Brooke cries that Eric knows what is at stake here. If he won’t do it for Brooke, then do it for Katie. Please don’t turn his back on her. Eric says he won’t turn his back on Brooke. She will have all the help he can give, but just not this lie.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jensen told Nick and Gabi to go with him or else.  Will and Sonny saw what was going on.  Someone told Stefano that Kate was at the hospital.  Sami asked EJ if he had anything to do with Rafe’s attack.  She confronted him about the phone call and he said what Gabi said was true.  She told him how Gabi told Hope about the call as well as Gabi and Hope’s suspicions.  When she wanted to know if he was telling the truth, he refused to answer her.  Hope confronted an officer about a prison release letter that she didn’t get.  He said he left it for her and told Ciara to tell Hope it was important.  Ciara said the officer was lying.  Nick and Gabi went off with Jensen.  Will and Sonny followed them.  Sami and EJ argued over whether or not he had anything to do with Rafe’s attack.  Hope sent the officer away so she could talk to Ciara.  Ciara confessed to taking the letter.  Ciara told Hope where she hid the letter.  Jensen took Nick and Gabi to the woods.  Jensen talked to them about his time in prison and how he ended up in solitary confinement.  Jensen warned Nick and Gabi that they were going to die.  Nick begged Jensen to let Gabi go, but he wouldn’t do it.  Jensen hit Nick on the head.  Jensen forced her to get Nick up.  Jensen took them to a shed.  Will and Sonny followed them.  While Kate was in Rafe’s room, Stefano was at the hospital.  He was told he had full access to Rafe.

Hope went to the rectory to talk to Vargas about Jensen.  Vargas knew him and wondered why he was let out.  Jensen made Gabi tie Nick up while he tied her up. Nick wanted Jensen to let Gabi go, but Jensen refused because she and Rafe saw his face.  Will and Sonny came up with a plan to stop Jensen.  Stefano watched Kate willing Rafe to wake up.  EJ finally told Sami that he didn’t have anything to do with Rafe’s attack.  Sami was thrilled and the two made love.  Vargas told Hope that she should talk to Nick about Jensen since Nick had a past with him in prison.  Jensen confessed to Gabi that he attacked Rafe.  He told her how he overheard her talking to Rafe on the phone about her craving for the muffins.  Jensen thought Rafe was Nick because it was dark.  By the time Jensen noticed it wasn’t Nick, it was too late.  Once Rafe saw his face, he continued to attack him.  Jensen heard Sonny’s distraction and left to check it out.  While Jensen was gone, Will untied Gabi.  Vargas told Hope about Nick and Jensen’s history.  Sonny came in the shed and took Gabi out of there.  Nick told Will to leave him there and no one would know.  Nick wanted Will to leave before Jensen came back, but he wouldn’t do it.  Hope wanted Vargas to tell him about Jensen so she could find Nick and Gabi.  Jensen came back before Will could untie Nick.  Will was able to hide from Jensen.  Jensen was upset that Gabi was gone.  While Gabi and Sonny were waiting for Will and Nick, she went into labor.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

The mysterious man from the television studio and the airplane goes to visit Heather Webber at the mental institution. She remarks that he looks a little different than he used to. After exchanging pleasantries, he says he came to talk about Sam Morgan. She reminds him that she hates Sam. He says she already got her revenge and that both of them have hurt Sam enough. She agrees to help him with Sam. Spinelli and Sam commiserate over their failed missions. Spinelli concludes that the missing Quartermaine is already on Tracy’s side. Sam says she found someone else while she was looking for Morgan and shows Spinelli a picture of Dr. Silas Clay, Steven’s brother. She tells him that Silas was completely devoid of any human emotion when she told him everything about Steven or when she told him that he has a nephew. After Spinelli leaves, Sam answers the door to a surprise visitor.

Tracy tells Luke that she still cares about him and doesn’t want to lose him to drinking. He kisses her. She asks him why he did that. He reveals that Laura is getting married. He tells her that Scott said he would end up alone and miserable. Tracy says that would make it easier to take off whenever he wants to. He says that when his adventures are over, he wants Tracy to be his “true north.” She slaps him and tells him that she can’t be his safety met. She says she wouldn’t get anything out of the arrangement. She says she wants a soul mate and reveals that she has never had what Luke had with Laura and that she is not going to give up on her dream of true love until she dies. She says she is sick of trying to make a meal from crumbs; she wants the whole meal. He says she deserves that and more, but asks if she doesn’t think it is a little late for such grand romantic dreams. She says it is never too late and asks him to leave. She gives him a carafe of liquor and says he can cuddle it when he gets lonely. Mayor Lomax is unable to officiate at Scott and Laura’s wedding so Lesley does it because she became ordained recently to perform her friends’ wedding. When she pronounces them married, Lulu has a flashback of being pronounced married, but it wasn’t of her wedding to Dante. When Dante asks her what is wrong, she denies remembering anything. She says she is overwhelmed and has to leave. Lesley tells Dante that Lulu might be having such trouble with her memory because she has some buried trauma that her mind doesn’t want to remember. Lulu goes to the Haunted Star. The mystery man arrives a few minutes after she does.

Ava returns home. Kiki tells her about the collectors coming to their house and beating up Morgan because he didn’t have their money. She says Morgan’s brother and father came and took him away. Ava says she told Morgan that he should ask his parents for help in the first place. Kiki says Morgan’s father practically dragged him out of there and took him to Port Charles. Ava remembers her conversation with Luke about the ELQ vote that her daughter is entitled to, but says nothing to Kiki except that it is a shame that her relationship with Morgan had to end because he had to go home. At Michael’s apartment, Carly lectures Morgan. Sonny tells Carly about Morgan’s girlfriend’s possible connection to the Jerome crime family. Sonny thinks Morgan would be safer at his house. Carly says Sonny can send guards so Morgan can stay at her house. Morgan wants to stay with Michael. Michael thinks that is a bad idea, but the parents agree to let Morgan stay there. After Sonny and Carly leave, Morgan tells Michael that he is headed back to New York City. He opens the door to leave and finds Kiki about to knock.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Michael and Lauren hug but he envisions Lauren in Carmine’s arms. Nick looks at the paternity report just as Sharon arrives. Sharon notices something wrong and asks Nick about it. Nick reminds her that tomorrow is the anniversary of Cassie’s death. A boy videotapes the whole scene at Phyllis’ of Kyle hitting Fen in order to get him off Summer. Phyllis walks in and demands to know what is going on. Alex and Abby talk at the Underground. Abby sees the place on Carmine’s neck and asks him what happened. Michael pulls away from Lauren which upsets her. Michael lets Lauren know that when he kisses her, he sees her with Carmine. Lauren asks Michael to tell her what he wants her to do. Michael tells her to leave him alone. Carmine refuses to tell Abby anything. Alex gets a call and has to go back to work. Abby asks Carmine to tell her the truth about the place on his neck. Carmine still refuses to tell her anything. Jack and Traci discuss how Phyllis left the house without so much as a word as to why. Phyllis orders Summer to tell her what happened here. Phyllis asks Kyle what he is doing here. Kyle demands the truth from Fen. Sharon and Nick discuss Cassie’s death. Nick asks Sharon about Adam and her relationship with him and her feelings. Sharon asks Nick what is really troubling him. Fen explains to Phyllis how Summer set him up. He also tells her that they had been playing truth or dare. Phyllis declares that she will call Nick as well as Michael and Lauren. Nick gets a call from Phyllis about Summer. Nick says kind words to Sharon and tells her that he is proud of her. Carmine accuses Abby of not letting this go about him dating a married woman and guesses that it is Lauren. Abby advises Carmine to leave Lauren alone. Michael and Lauren arrive at Phyllis’ to ask Fen what went on. Lauren tries to interfere but Michael orders her to let him handle this.

At the coffeehouse, Sharon meets with her therapist and lets her know what happened with Adam and how lost she now feels. Nick reprimands Summer and Kyle for their actions and demands Summer’s car keys. Kyle orders Nick to ease up on Summer. Phyllis tells Kyle to go home. Kyle lets Jack know what happened at Summer’s party. Kyle asks Jack what would be terribly wrong if he was interested in Summer. Lauren begs Michael not to leave but he goes anyway. Lauren gets a text from Carmine. Paul visits the Underground and orders Carmine to stay away from Lauren. Nick calls someone to pick up a paternity test.

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