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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy is uncommunicative and will not speak with anyone. One by one they go in her hospital room and she rejects their company. They try to console her and tell her not to blame herself. Liam is at home trying to pick out some clothes for her and straightening up and putting away baby stuff so she won’t see it the first thing when she gets home. Bill brings in a lovely vase of red roses. Eric tells the office not to re-schedule the meeting; he’ll be there in less than an hour. Taylor thanks him for being there for her and keeping her so strong. Bill tells Liam that he doesn’t have to be strong in front of him. He needs to be strong in front of his wife. Then he can go hit a wall or whatever to get his frustrations out. Liam admits that he’d like to; he’ll like to yell at Steffy and ask why she got on that bike when he told her not to. Bill tells him to act that out; get it out of his system. He feels somewhat better and they hug.

Donna quizzes Brooke if she has told Bill yet. She can’t hide the pregnancy forever….and what about Katie? Brooke says this was all unexpected and maybe inconvenient, but that doesn’t mean she wants to lose the baby. If God wants her to, she will have it. Katie doesn’t ever have to know the truth, so that’s the only plan that she has at the moment. When Eric returns he finds Brooke in his office. He gushes that she can help him as he has an International phone call about her Bedroom Line. He’d like them to schedule a showing with Brooke being the star as no one looks as good in the lingerie as she does. She has to nix that and slowly tells him that she is pregnant with Bill’s baby. He understands but not how she is going to keep this from Katie. Brooke says this is not Bill’s baby; it is Eric’s. Liam brings Steffy her clothes. He tries to be sensitive and keeps it light by saying they need to go home and finish that bar-b-que he started. But all she can do is cry and say she is sorry over and over.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady asked Marlena what was wrong.  She ripped into him and didnít want to talk to him.  John wanted to know if Kristen was going to marry Brady.  Vargas met Nick in an alley.  Nick gave Vargas what he wanted.  Gabi told Hope about the phone call EJ had that made her think he had Rafe beat up.  Sami kept interrupting Gabi by saying EJ didnít have Rafe beat up.  Hope agreed that EJ didnít have Rafe beat up.  She thought someone tried to kill him.  While EJ checked on Rafe, he saw a guy with flowers and smiled at him.  Kristen wanted John to go away, but he thought she didnít want him to leave.  Sami kept defending EJ to Gabi, but Gabi didnít believe her.  The guy at the hospital walked away from EJ.  EJ went after him.  Vargas was satisfied with the money, but he wanted more from Nick.  Will and Sonny talked about Nick possibly attacking Rafe.  Will thought Nickís alibi might have checked out, but Sonny wasnít convinced.  They left the coffee shop to talk to Gabi at the hospital.  Sami told Hope that she couldnít let EJ be a suspect based on a phone call.  When Gabi mentioned asking Rafe to get her something from the bakery, Hope said the bag wasnít found at the scene.  Gabi flashed back to Nick giving her the muffins from the bakery.  Before Gabi left, she blamed the DiMeras for attacking Rafe. 

Marlena and Brady argued over John.  Marlena was done with the conversation and left.  Kristen told John that Brady loved her, but he wanted to talk about her feelings.  She told him that she moved on, but he didnít think she did.  He told her Brady wouldnít have to know.  Hope kept trying to convince Sami that EJ could have attacked Rafe, but Sami didnít believe it.  EJ and Nick saw each other at the hospital.  They got into an argument over the baby.  While they were arguing, Gabi saw them together.  Kristen slapped John and said she was marrying Brady.  She dropped a piece of paper on the ground before she left.  When EJ left, Gabi told Nick that she talked to Hope.  Gabi told him that the bakery bag wasnít found on the scene when Rafe was found.  She mentioned how Nick gave her a bag from the bakery.  She also told him that Rafe was going to tell her something about him.  Nick wondered if she thought he did it.  Before she could answer, Will and Sonny showed up to talk to Gabi.  Nick wanted to go for a walk with Gabi so they could talk.  John saw the paper Kristen dropped and read it.  It was a confirmation from Salem Inn.  He wondered if Kristen dropped it on purpose.  Nick denied attacking Rafe, but Gabi wasnít convinced.  While they were talking, the guy at the hospital recognized Nick.  Gabi recognized him from the pub.  Nick wanted to leave, but the guy didnít want them to go.  The guy wanted to tell Gabi what he knew.  John thought Brady and Kristen would be finished after tonight.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

The mysterious man that was lurking at the television studio in New York when everyone got sick from tainted relish is on a flight to Port Charles. The man sitting next to him asks him what he thinks about the relish incident. He says it might have been intentional. He suggests that someone might be setting up ELQ to be vulnerable for a takeover. The seatmate recognizes him, but canít think of where he has seen him before. Tracy tells AJ to issue a press release exonerating Pickle-Eddie from the tainted relish debacle or she will tell Elizabeth that he slept with Carly. He says he is going to tell Elizabeth himself. Nikolas takes Spencer to Elizabethís house to see his cousins Cameron and Aiden and to invite Elizabeth to Lauraís wedding. She finds the invitation suspect coming from him. He assures her that Laura still considers her part of the family and wants her and the grandchildren to be there. AJ goes to Elizabethís house and wonders why Nikolas is there. Elizabeth accepts the wedding invitation and asks AJ to be her date. AJ tells Elizabeth that he has to tell her something and gets as far as saying it has to do with Tracy, but the boys come downstairs before he can get to the confession.

Dante tells Lulu about their first kiss on the deck on the Haunted Star. She concludes that she must have kissed him to shut him up. He invites her to shut him up again. Just as their lips are about to meet, she has a memory of being dragged onto the Star by Stavros. Laura calls Lulu and asks her to come to her wedding, even if she doesnít remember anyone because her presence would mean a lot. Leslie tells Laura that would love to see Lulu. Laura is happy when Elizabeth arrives at Wyndemere with the boys. Leslie asks Nikolas if Elizabeth is really dating Monica Quartermaineís son. He tells her not to worry because it wonít last. Laura thanks everyone who came and is ready to start the ceremony. She is pleasantly surprised when Lulu and Dante arrive. Lulu is a little overwhelmed to be surrounded by a family that she doesnít know. Cameron is excited to see his Aunt Lulu and gives her a hug. Elizabeth directs the boy away from Lulu. Everyone else keeps his distance from Lulu to give her space, but Leslie goes up to her and introduces herself. Lulu feels strange telling her grandmother that it is nice to meet her. Leslie says Lulu will remember how much she is loved. Lulu observes Scott barking orders on the phone and asks Dante if it is weird that she doesnít the man her mother is about to marry. Dante says it would be weird if she did like Scott. After his phone call, Scott tells Laura that they may not be getting married.

Luke has fallen off the wagon and drinks at the Floating Rib. Mac reminds him why he quit drinking. Luke repeats what he said at the time: He was not impaired and no one, not even Mac, would have seen a four year old in the street in the dark. Mac says they will never know. He wonders why Luke chose to drink at the bar that he paid to have renamed because it had the same name as the child. Luke says he doesnít know why he chose to drink at a bar that a moralizing ex-cop runs. He leaves and goes to see Tracy. He tells her that Mac Scorpio should have gone to Seminary if he wanted to sermonize. She says she cares about him and doesnít want to lose him to drinking or anything else. He says he cares about her too and he kisses her. Mac wonders to Felicia if he should have left Luke alone. Felicia tells him that he did the right thing by trying to care about Luke, but that no one can tell Luke what to do. She changes the subject to the wedding plans. He tells her that he has been thinking that they donít need to have a wedding at all. He says they are already married in every way that counts. She reaches into the peanut bowl in front of her and finds a ring. She asks if this one is Luluís too. He says this one is for her. He takes the ring from her, gets down on one knee, and asks her to marry him. She says no, and then she says she is kidding to get back at him for tricking her. He asks again and she says yes. Everyone in the Floating Rib cheers.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Summer gets ready for prom at Nickís place and looks beautiful in her dress as she accepts his apology for his behavior with Kyle.  Summer promises Nick she will make time in her busy schedule to spend some time with him.  Nick explains to Phyllis that he and Avery decided not to get married and take things slowly to make sure that if they get married, their marriage will last.  John Abbott returns to talk to Jack and advises him not to choose Phyllis over his family, because she may decide to leave while his family will be there for him.  Michael almost chokes Carmine, but Kevin stops him from making a mistake.  Michael overhears Lauren talking to Carmine and telling him that she wants to fight for her marriage because she loves him (Michael) and wants to be with him.  Michael decides to work on his marriage and give Lauren another chance. Michael and Lauren kiss; but when they pull away, she sees Carmineís face instead of Michael's.

Summer goes to her momís penthouse where she and Courtney decided to have a party instead of going to prom.  Fen is happy about the change in plans, because he thinks they will have a better time at the party than at prom.  Phyllis arrives at Jack's and tells him that she is going to move out and go back to her penthouse, because they need to take their relationship slowly.  Jack tells Traci that he is prepared to give Phyllis all the time she needs, because he is sure their relationship will work this time.  Courtney tells Summer that she should plan a situation where Kyle has to rescue her from Fen in order to get closer to Kyle, because guys love to protect women.  Kyle goes to the spring carnival with Abby and Alex. He is about to leave because his date stood him up when a fortune teller tells him that there are many obstacles to his true love, but he shouldnít give up because love will find a way.  Kyle gets a text from Summer and leaves quickly.  Courtney dares Fen to kiss Summer so he gives her a passionate kiss that makes her go from a sitting position on the couch to lying down. When Kyle walks in, he tells Fen to get off Summer.  Nick goes to Cassieís grave and tells her how much he misses her and that losing her changed his life forever.  Nick continues by saying that he has to stop Summer from making a horrible mistake.  Nick says that he canít lose another daughter, and he heads home and remembers when he got the paternity test results about Summer, and he read them and told Phyllis that Summer was his daughter.  Nick opens a locked box where he keeps important papers and reads the results of the paternity tests again. The results are inconclusive, so Nick may not be Summerís father. 

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