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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Miranda tells Bianca that JR is out of his coma and AJ is having a hard time with the situation. Mirada thinks that JR seems sorry about shooting Marissa but Bianca wants Miranda to stay away from JR and AJ because JR is dangerous. Miranda refuses to stay away from AJ because he needs her right now and she intends to be there for him. Celia tells Evelyn about Pete and insists that she can’t go to Europe and leave Pete because she thinks she is falling in love with him. Evelyn tells Celia that she has no choice in the matter so she better start packing her bags. Celia calls Pete to fill him in on what is going on and later he shows up at Bramwell Hall dressed in a Chauffeur’s uniform to take Evelyn and Celia to the airport. Pete hides Evelyn’s passport and when Evelyn goes back inside the school to look for it Pete puts Celia’s suitcase in his car and Pete and Celia ride away before Evelyn has a chance to stop them. Brooke and Dixie arrive at the hospital to take JR to the Chandler mansion to recover and Brooke tells JR that when he ran the company five years ago the company went bankrupt sand Adam has spent the past 5 years rebuilding the company. Brooke also tells JR that is why Adam is constantly traveling on business trips. Brooke also tells JR that Adam left her in charge of the company and gave her orders not to let JR work at the company.

Pete finds out that he will need a lot of money to try and relaunch Cortlandt Electronics and what he needs is an angel investor. David overhears the conversation and offers to invest in the company even though Pete doesn’t trust David he agrees to consider the offer. JR tells Cara that he thinks that the whole town hates him but he intends to make amends to everyone that he hurt. Cara explains to JR that he accidentally shot Marissa because he and David were struggling for the gun when the shot fired. Cara tells JR that David intended to kill him when he pointed a gun at his head and from her point of view David is more evil because he has hurt a lot more people intentionally. JR tells Cara that he could here people talking while he was in the coma and he knows that she didn’t have a miscarriage or an abortion that she and David’s child is alive. Cassandra endures further torture when she is forced to film a triple X movie but there is help on the way because Jesse and Angie narrow down a search area the railroad tracks between Center City and Rosemont. Vlad decides to expand his territory into Center City but he is told that a local pimp has that area covered but Vlad tells his men that if the small town pimp doesn’t cooperate he will get rid of him. A prostitute in Center City is shown telling her girls to get back to work while she watches her boss give money to a lady from church. Once the lady leaves the prostitute tells her boss that some of his girls didn’t show up for a party. The prostitute also tells her boss that if he keeps giving money to the widows he will end up old, alone and without a job. The pimp tells her to watch her mouth because he is Billy Clyde Tuggle and he owns Center City.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Jesse tells Maya that it may be hard to believe but he has changed. She says she should not even be standing here talking to him. He says he is clean now, on the straight and narrow. He wants her back. She’s the best thing that has ever happened to him. He’ll make it up to her….a fresh start…they can grab their little girl and go across the state line and no one will bother to find them. Maya says that no they can’t get their little girl…..she was killed in a car accident. She explains the details that the little girl had a good life. She had good parents. They can’t go back. It just wasn’t meant to be. Jesse insinuates further that he’d like for them to get back together. He can be a better man. Maya says no; she wishes him well but this is the end for them. She can’t ever see him again. Liam tries to tell Steffy but she keeps interrupting and says that she thinks she knows what he is going to say. She remembers she has done this before in Cabo and in Aspen. But she is like a cat with nine lives. She remembers the one in Aspen on the mountain top. She remembers being stupid. Liam asks about their wedding in L.A. She says it is coming back and if he is this worried, he can just tell her.

Caroline won’t let Rick out of her sight. She keeps thanking him for bringing her. He corrects her. He didn’t bring her. They are here in a group. Okay, she gets that and also that he is intrigued by Maya. They all have their little projects. Her project is curing cancer and Rick’s is taking ex-cons and turning them into a princess. She warns him that Maya is not the innocent girl Rick thinks she is. Caroline still thinks there is another side they do not know about. Rick wants to talk to her; Caroline wants to dance….anything to avoid him dumping her. She says she gets it. He doesn’t want to be tied down, but he’s not on a leash right now. He tells her that she is not hearing him. He needs her to know where he stands. She goes into this tirade that Rick knows her. She’s always been by his side. Maya might not even make it at Forrester. She may be a bust. He might not feel the same about her then. She grouses that he can go take a walk on the wild side. She can not stop him from that, but he also can’t stop her from loving him. Alison finds Jesse and tells him good job. He wants to know more what all of this is about. She says he is making 10 Grand on this and that is all he gets to know. Their job is finished. Jesse grabs the money and walks away. Alison calls Bill and says she has what he needs. Rick finds Maya and comments that she has been gone for a while. She tells him she ran into someone she used to know…someone who made her realize how lucky she is to have Rick. She kisses him and says she will never take him for granted. Caroline sees them kiss; so does Jesse. So does Alison, but she also has the pix on her phone of Jesse and Maya. Liam asks if Steffy remembers today….they had plans to bar-b-que but she left to see her brother. He can only guess that there was an accident on the PCH and she could not get home so she took the bike. She thinks long and hard and remembers that she is pregnant……or was…..she starts sobbing and saying no over and over. Bill, Hope, Taylor and Thomas are watching at the window, each going through their own agony.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen wanted Brady to decide if he wanted to be with her because sheís a DiMera and wasnít going to turn her back on her family. Someone was shown looking at the article about Rafe clinging to life.  Hope wanted Kate to give her a statement about what happened.  Kate said she told her everything.  Hope mentioned her sleeping with Rafe.  Marlena was upset about John wanting a divorce.  Brady tried to convince Kristen not to throw away their relationship.  Marlena thought Kristen was the reason why things changed.  John agreed, but he thought she deserved better.  She slapped him and let him know how she felt about him now.  She walked away from him.  Kristen tried to get out of marry Brady, but he kept trying to convince her not to give up on them.  John stopped Marlena from leaving so they could talk. Lucas and Sami were at the hospital to check on Rafe.  While they were talking, Sami told Lucas that Kate was sleeping with Rafe.  Hope and Kate talked about why Kate didnít tell Hope that she was sleeping with Rafe.  Kate let Hope know she told Stefano that she slept with Rafe.  Lucas thought EJ was the one who attacked Rafe, but Sami didnít agree with him.  While they were talking, Gabi overheard them. John and Marlena talked about how Kristen came between them.  Kristen showed up while they were arguing.  Hope and Kate talked about Kate telling Stefano about Rafe.  Kate was convinced Stefano didnít do it, but Hope thought he could have attacked him.  Sami tried to convince Gabi that EJ didnít attack Rafe.  The person who had the newspaper, threw the paper in the garbage.  Marlena left John and Kristen alone so they could talk.  John told Kristen he was getting a divorce.  Kristen was smug about him getting a divorce before she walked away.  Brady showed up to talk to John.

Kate and Hope talked about Kateís relationship with Rafe before Kate left Hopeís office.  Brady confronted John about talking to Kristen.  Brady wanted John to talk to him if he had anything to say to Kristen.  John was done with their conversation.  Kristen came back when John was gone.  Brady wanted to talk to Kristen about the wedding.  Lucas met Kate at the coffee shop.  They talked about her being with Rafe.  Lucas told Kate that he thought EJ attacked Rafe.  Sami met Hope at the police station.  Hope questioned Sami about where EJ was when Rafe was attacked.  Hope noticed that Sami didnít sound convinced when she defended EJ.  Brady let Kristen know that he still wanted to marry her.  He wanted her to take his last name.  He proposed to her again.  The person who looked at the paper was at the hospital with flowers.  Sami tried to convince Hope that EJ was innocent.  Sami also let Hope know that Stefano had nothing to do with it.  Gabi walked in while they were talking and said she knew who tried to kill her brother.  Gabi said EJ attacked Rafe.  Gabi said EJ was at the pub.  She said he was on the phone with someone and asked if it was done.  When he got off the phone she said he smiled.  Hope called the guard.  John asked Kristen if she was going to marry Brady.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lulu wakes up screaming from a nightmare about being dragged unconscious onto a boat. She tells Milo that she doesnít know if it was a dream or a memory. Dante goes to investigate the Haunted Starís presence in the Port Charles Harbor. Luke is onboard and tells Dante that the WSB tugged it to New York, and then he piloted it the rest of the way. Luke asks about Lulu. Dante reports that nothing has changed and Lulu is still shacked up with Milo. He says there is always an interruption when Lulu is on the verge of remembering something. Luke says Dante obviously needs to get Lulu alone and observes that she will have to sign for the boat. Dante goes to Miloís apartment. His knock on the door interrupts Milo moving into a kiss with Lulu. When Milo answers the door, Dante wonders if he ever wears clothes. Dante says he is there on police business and tells Lulu that she has to go take care of the paperwork for her boat. She didnít know she had a boat. While she is changing, Dante tells Milo that Lulu will remember who she is and suggests that he not take advantage of her trust. When they get to the boat, Lulu is amazed that she owns such a big vessel. He tells her the story that led their first kiss the deck.

Scott finds Lucy at the Floating Rib reviewing her resume so she can look for a job. He asks her if she can arrange for Mayor Lomax to officiate his wedding to Laura this evening. Seeing his worry, she encourages him to realize that Laura chose him and that Luke is irrelevant. Kevin finds Lucy and Scott at the Floating Rib. He wonders if Scott is going to send Luke on a wild goose chase to keep him away. Scott thinks that is a great idea. Lucy tells Kevin that he can never abandon her for a faraway patient again and suggests that he give them referrals to other doctors. She wonders if Bobbie Spencer is the patient. He says no, but that he did see Bobbie. He reports that Bobbie is dating Noah Drake. He tells her not to worry about his patient because he only has eyes for her.

Scott goes to find Luke on the Haunted Star to warn him not to try to stop his wedding again. Scott says he and Laura will have a great life together and Luke will end up miserable and alone. Laura goes to Wyndemere to invite Nikolas to her wedding at the courthouse tonight. He convinces her to have the ceremony at Wyndemere instead. She wishes Lucky could be there. Her mother, Leslie, surprises them when she arrives with Nikís son, Spencer. Leslie suggests that Laura and Lulu make new memories the way Leslie and Laura did. Spencer tells his great-grandmother that they are going to have a wedding. Leslie thinks Nikolas is getting married. Laura reveals that she is marrying Scotty. Leslie recalls that Laura already married Scotty and that it didnít work out. Leslie asks if Luke knows about it. Laura says her ex-husband doesnít get to weigh in. Leslie says that Laura can marry Scotty over her dead body. Scotty walks in behind her and says they would miss her. He says they used to be so close. She says that changed when he killed her husband. Scott says he only hit Rick to protect Laura and that he didnít intend to kill him. He says he and Laura are getting married with or without her blessing, but that her daughter would like to have it. Luke goes to the Floating Rib and orders a shot. He makes a toast and drinks to Scott and Laura and to moving on.

OLTL Recap Written by Gisele

Danielle is concerned for Tťa, who is trying to move forward after grieving her dead baby with his father. Dani is upset that her two fathers are trying to kill each other. Todd tries to thank Jack for saving his life, but his son now wishes he hadn't. Bo and Natalie inform Tťa that a body found in the river has a tattoo matching Victor's. Evidence points to Victor having murdered the mysterious dead man, which lends credence to Todd's accusation that Victor was trying to kill him by strangulation. Tťa insists it was self-defense. She finds a list of ways to kill someone on her computer. Clint finally convinces Viki to get married in Paris but their trip to the courthouse for a marriage license will have to wait, because Jack urgently needs to talk to his aunt.

Although Matthew flirts with Michelle, there is an obvious attraction between him and Danielle. Destiny accepts Nora's offer to babysit but doesn't feel comfortable with her many gifts.  She wants to stand on her own two feet and not accept charity. Nora understands and shows her Matthew's favorite costumes when he was a small child. Destiny gladly accepts them. They both wish Matthew were more involved in his child's life. Vimal tells David that his wife wants an open marriage. David and Cutter don't see what the problem is and urge Vimal to find another woman to make his wife jealous. An unknown man walks into a room and turns on a bunch of security cameras around town.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sharon walks in and joins Adam at his table. When Victor and Nikki enter, the four exchange looks. Adam gets up, whispers something in Sharon’s ear, and leaves. Nick goes through a tin box of papers when Avery comes to visit. Nick informs her that everything is not all right. Avery thinks it is because she and Nick made love, and she begins to try explaining her actions. Nick calms her down long enough to say that it isn’t her, it's Summer. Summer and Courtney are at the coffeehouse talking over their plans for the night. Summer hopes that Nick won’t find out. Chelsea and Dylan run into each other at the coffeehouse. Dylan refuses to tell her where he is taking her. Chelsea is impressed that Dylan is going to convert an old warehouse into a house. Nick explains to Avery his problem with Summer and Kyle. Victor visits Adam at home and says that he will allow the person to help them to regain control of Newman and make it privately owned again and will also trust his decisions, but Adam must do something for him in return. Victor tells Adam to get Sharon out of his life for good. Michael manages to get Chloe released from jail thanks to Christine, but they have to do community service. Fen arrives at the police department to talk to Michael. Michael lets Fen know that this is not his problem but his and Lauren’s. Chloe blames Kevin for her staying in jail all night and rushes out of the police station.

Chelsea and Dylan have lunch together and small talk. Each one vows to be there for the other. Sharon lets Noah know that he can return to his music. She also fills him in on the man, whom she would like to fall in love with and grow old with. Nikki interrupts them. Nikki and Noah hug and she invites him to supper. Sharon expresses her condolences to Nikki for her MS. Nikki lets Sharon know that she has everything a woman could want and Sharon can save her sympathy for someone who truly needs it. Victor tells Adam to show him some respect, the family and the business and to get rid of Sharon from his life. Summer introduces Courtney to Noah. At the coffeehouse, Kevin tries to explain everything to Chloe, who doesn’t know whether she can forgive him or not. Kevin promises to make it better between them. Fen lets Michael know that Summer is not going to the prom with him but she wants Kyle to take instead.

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