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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Pete tells Opal that he got the scratch on his face when he was climbing up the broken trellis next to Celia’s room to sneak her back into school past her curfew. Pete tells Opal that he won’t let Celia’s psycho guardian stop him from dating her. Pete later runs into Celia at the Chandler Mansion and they plan their second date for tonight. Opal heads to Bramwell Hall to talk to Evelyn and make sure that Celia didn’t get into trouble for staying out past her curfew and tells Evelyn that Celia and Pete are dating and she offers to pay for the broken trellis because she wants to help two young people in love. Celia arrives at school and Evelyn tells her that she wants to take her on an extended vacation for the spring and summer, but Celia refuses to go away.

Dixie and Miranda persuade AJ to go visit JR at the hospital. JR apologizes to AJ and tells him that he doesn’t remember killing Marissa and apologizes to AJ for taking away the only mother he knew. JR tells AJ that he knows it will take time to regain his trust but he will do his best to become the father he deserves. Angie and Jesse manage to get some information from Amy about the human trafficking ring and she gives them a clue that could help them find Cassandra. Any tells Angie and Jesse that the people would take the girls to the strip club in moving vans that you rent that had no windows but she did hear trains passing by and the sound lasted a long time. Jesse thinks they could be freight trains and he heads to the police station to work on some maps. Sinnamon turns out to be an undercover FBI agent Leah Marquez and she almost arrests Zach for money laundering until Jesse and Zach explain to agent Marquez that the Koslovs are trying to set him up and that they don’t just deal in money laundering they are also involved in human trafficking. Jesse also tells Agent Marquez that the Koslovs have his daughter Cassandra, and Zach is helping him to find her. Agent Marquez confirms Jesse and Zach’s story with her boss and takes charge of the case. Cassandra has only been pretending to take the pills the men give her and she has been hiding them under her bed but the men arrive to get Cassandra ready for her first customer and this time Vlad gets two men to hold Cassandra so that she doesn’t move and gives her the drugs in the form of a shot.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas tells Hope that he knows it could not have been easy for her to see Steffy and Liam so happy. She remarks that yes, it was very hard but she told Steffy that she wanted them to be happy and she meant it. And he doesn’t have to be so shocked. She congratulated her; that’s all, she did not nominate her for the Nobel Prize. But she had to face reality and that’s the way things are now. Bill asks Alison if Jesse is going to be at the club tonight. She says yes, he took the money but he doesn’t know why he is to see Maya there. Bill says that is okay. The lowlife took the money and ran. Maya Avant is not going to let Rick go without a lot of motivation. He gave Maya a chance. He warned her but she ignored him. So tonight she is going to have a reunion with the man who sent her to prison. He hands Alison his phone and says he needs a picture so he wants her to get right on it.

Maya is enjoying herself at the club. Caroline comes in smiling until she sees Maya. The smile becomes a very ugly frown. With Maya looking on, Caroline makes Rick order them some champagne and pulls him out on the dance floor. Rick had just told Othello that he will have his hands full tonight, but that he did tell Caroline that he was with Maya. Steffy is in pain and Liam fights back his tears to keep from telling her why. The doctor asks Steffy a few questions to see if she is aware of what is going on and she manages to answer most of them. He then calls Bill and informs him that Steffy has been in an accident. Bill says he will be there right away. Taylor calls Thomas and fills him in and wants him to come to the hospital. Hope says she will drive him. Rick tells Maya that he told Caroline that he was with her. He doesn’t want to hurt her feelings but he does need to be honest with her. Maya says she is having a good time with him and she’s glad to be here with her honey and she doesn’t care what anybody says. Jesse comes in and gets a drink and immediately spots Maya and walks up to her and surprises her when he calls her a stranger. He says that he doesn’t want to freak her out but he thought in a public place with lots of people that it’d be all right if they talked a bit. Alison is close enough to take a picture or two. Bill arrives at the hospital and Liam tells him that Steffy lost the baby, but she hasn’t even asked about that yet. She may not remember that part. He goes back in to see Steffy and slowly says that he has something to tell her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena met John and told him she was done with him.  Jennifer wanted to talk to JJ about what he did at boarding school.  Marlena wanted to know if John wanted a divorce because she would rather be divorced than live the way sheís living.  Jennifer confronted JJ about lying to her about selling pot.  While Brady and Kristen were talking about Rafeís attack, Brady intimated that EJ or Stefano could have had something to do with it.  EJ walked in on them while they were talking about the attack and wanted to explain himself.  JJ tried to deny Jenniferís accusation, but she didnít believe it.  Jennifer thought he wasnít the son she raised.  He threw up in her face that Jack died.  Brady asked EJ who ordered the hit on Rafe, but EJ said he and Stefano didnít do it.  Brady left to talk to someone who would tell him the truth.  Kristen asked EJ if he had something to do with the attack.

JJ apologized to Jennifer for what happened.  He told her why he got expelled.  They started talking about Jack and how he hasnít gotten over his death the way she and Abby have.  Jennifer said she still missed Jack.  EJ told Kristen that he and Stefano had nothing to do with what happened to Rafe.  EJ told her that Kate came over and told Stefano that she and Rafe were lovers and it shocked Stefano.  EJ said Rafe was in the hospital after Stefano found out about Rafe and Kate.  Kristen thought that cleared Stefano, but it didnít clear him.  Before EJ could confirm whether or not he attacked Rafe, Brady walked in and said Rafe was in critical condition and may not make it.  EJ eventually left to go to the hospital.  Brady and Kristen got into an argument over EJ possibly attacking Rafe.  While they were arguing, Brady said he didnít want his child around Stefano or EJ.  John told Marlena to file for divorce if she thought it was better for her than living the life sheís living.  Marlena was shocked.  Kristen let Brady know she wasnít turning her back on her family so they should call off the wedding if he couldnít deal with it.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

TJ sees Molly hugging Rafe and concludes that he has been right about them all along. They break up. Molly asks Rafe to be her prom date. In a hospital in New York City, the man that Sam thinks is Steven Clay introduces himself as Stevenís older brother Silas. He has been estranged from his brother for over a decade and has no idea what went on with him. Sam tells Silas about Stevenís psychosis, his killing spree, and his orphan son that saw his father murder his mother. He asks her where the boy is. She says Rafe is temporarily staying with her. He says it seems that his nephew is in good hands and walks away. She finds him and tells him that he is just as cruel as his brother is, just in a different way. He says he is sorry that his brother did all those things and left a son behind, but that it has nothing to do with him and that he wonít do penance for his brotherís sins. Elsewhere in the hospital, AJ offers to help Carly find Michael and Morgan after he checks on Elizabeth. Nikolas has been sitting vigil over Elizabeth, but when she wakes up, she asks for AJ. She tells Nik that he has to acknowledge that she and AJ are a couple. He wonders why they are staying in separate hotel rooms if they are together. She says their relationship is still too new for that. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that he will respect that she is in a relationship with AJ, but that doesnít mean he will change his opinion of AJ because he still believes AJ is a loser and that he will hurt her. Tracy overhears AJ telling Carly that he feels badly about sleeping with her behind Elizabethís back and immediately engages the ďrecordĒ function on her smart phone and tries to get him to repeat it. AJ and Carly both deny it. Tracy tells AJ that if he doesnít want her to tell Elizabeth what she heard, the he has to take responsibility for everyone getting sick on the Chew. He calls her bluff and tells her to do what she has to do. She goes straight to Elizabeth. Carly tells AJ that he doesnít get to ruin her life and insists that he handle the situation. AJ gets to Elizabeth before Tracy reveals exactly how AJ has already hurt her. He tells Elizabeth that he poisoned her with Pickle Lila. Elizabeth observes that a lot of people ate his relish off the show and didnít get sick. AJ says he has to go tell Mario Batali. Tracy says he is doing the right thing. Nikolas says it will be bad for ELQ. Elizabeth says AJ should talk to an attorney first.

Olivia and Connie baby-sit a thug that Sonny has bound and gagged at Crimson until they know whether the thug gave Sonny the right address to find Michael and Morgan. Sonny calls and says on speakerphone that the thug sent him to an abandoned house and that Olivia knows what she needs to do. She takes a gun out of her purse to shoot the thug in his good knee. He gives up Avaís name and address. Olivia calls Dante and asks him to arrange transport to the station for their guest. Olivia and Connie congratulate themselves for still being the Falconeri girls. Connie observes that despite her efforts to keep Sonny out of her life, she keeps getting dragged back in. Sonny calls Carly and tells her that he knows where the boys are. Carly finds Sam and tells her that Sonny is getting Morgan. Sam tells Carly about the weird doctor.

Morganís girlfriend Kiki convinces him that he can win the money he owes to the casino by playing a private poker game with some of her card-shark college friends. Kiki wants Michael to leave. Michael sarcastically says nothing could possibly go wrong in a game that is happening in her house with her friends after she has already screwed Morgan over before. One of the players stops Morgan from collecting chips after the hand and says he saw Morgan and Kiki cheating. All of the players get up and leave. Michael tells Morgan to leave before the thugs come back to finish him off. Kiki opens the door to kick Michael out and finds two thugs standing outside. Morgan gives them the $10.000 that he has. Michael says their father will pay the rest. The thug observes that their daddy isnít there and suggests that they start with the girlfriend. Michael jumps him. Morgan jumps the other one. Shawn rushes into the open door, gun drawn. He and Sonny tell Michael and Morgan to back off. Sonny gives the collectors the 50k that Morgan owes. Morgan protests that he already gave them $10k. Sonny tells them to keep the 10k and to deliver a message to their boss that he is a dead man if he ever messes with Sonnyís family again. Shawn escorts the lackeys out. Sonny asks Kiki what her real name is. She shakes his hand and says it is Katherine. He asks her if she is related to Julian or Olivia Jerome. She says no, and that Jerome is a common name in Manhattan. He tells her that the people he named ran the Jerome mob back in the Ď80s. He notes the coincidence that his son almost got his kneecaps broken in a house that belongs to a Jerome. Morgan says Sonny is mistaken. Sonny says it doesnít matter because Morganís relationship with Ms. Jerome is over. He drags Morgan out with him, in spite of his wanting to stay with Kiki.

OLTL Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Lily and Cane have dinner together and talk. As Neil, Leslie, and Tyler walk up to join them, Someone from somewhere in the room takes a picture of them. Traci and Phyllis exchange slurs about Phyllis living with Jack. Victor visits Adam to find out where he got the money to buy back Newman from the stockholders. Victoria calls Billy to find out where he is and when he is coming home. Billy tells her that he is in the middle of a special project, not wanting her to know that he is in the middle of a poker game. Billy sits down at the table and joins the other men. At the Coffeehouse, Avery asks Phyllis how it is going between her and Jack. Phyllis more than gladly tells her about her living with Jack. Phyllis notices that Avery isn’t wearing her engagement ring and asks her about it. Jack points out Phyllis’ good points to Traci. Abby stops by Victoria’s and lets her know that she told Victor about their meeting. Adam reminds Victor how Nick, Victoria, and Abby betrayed him. Victor doesn’t know how to take Adam. Sharon walks up just as Victor opens the door. Victor and Sharon exchange looks. Adam kisses Sharon right in front of Victor. Sharon asks Adam what that was for. Adam explains that he wasn’t going to let Victor manipulate him. Sharon doesn’t want Adam using her to get back at Victor.

Phyllis and Avery continue their slanderous remarks toward each other. Devon interrupts Cane and Lily to discuss business, but Devon owns up that he needed to talk to her. Lily realizes that Devon isn’t happy with things at Jabot. Lily suggests to him that he go to work for Tucker in his music company. Abby notices the room and realizes that Victoria has a romantic evening planned for Billy. Victoria confides to her that they are trying for a baby. Victoria calls Billy again. Leslie notices that Tyler watches Lily and Devon and reminds him of a past girlfriend. Jack has a talk with his father while Traci and Abby look at family pics. Phyllis listens as Jack, Traci, and Abby discuss family. Billy comes home and Victoria confronts him about the catastrophe that happened On the Boulevard. Billy makes up an excuse that there was a leak in the kitchen. Victoria calls him a liar and wants to know where he was tonight.

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