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AMC Recap Written by Carole

AJ returns home disappointed after seeing JR. Angie and Jesse hover over the victim, Amy. Amy is too scared to answer questions. Uri demands that Cassandra go onstage. Zach meets up with someone named Sinnamon. Dixie and David argue over JR. David doesn't buy JR's memory loss. JR is shocked to learn that Marissa is dead. Miranda supports a dejected AJ.

Cara backs JR and Dixie. Jesse questions Amy, but doesn't get much out of her. Angie falls apart after being with Amy. Zach gets a private performance but misses Cassandra's. David finds Angie upset, and she tells him why. David tells off Jesse, and he tells David to back off. Someone at the club isn't who she says she is.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick introduces Maya to his good friend, Othello. He tells her that he’s starting as a deejay at this club tonight on Melrose and he’d like to take Maya to check him out. She’s not sure that is a good idea. Bill confides in Alison that he knows Caroline is going clubbing tonight with Rick. If Maya wants to mess with the happiness of his niece, then anything goes. He wants Alison to call this Jesse Graves and get him there. Perhaps a couple more years in prison for Maya will teach her that Bill means business. She calls Jesse immediately and checks back in with Bill and says Jesse is to meet her at the Farmer’s Market. He isn’t your typical jailbird. He has a polite voice and manners. Bill teases her about her love of bad boys like before with Deacon, but this one is off limits. He just wants Jesse's attention on Maya and to get her out of Caroline’s life. He gives her 5 Grand to get this accomplished. Dr. Meade tells Liam that he’s hoping Steffy will make a full recovery, but they won’t know for a while. Liam keeps asking about the baby. He goes crazy when Dr. Meade says he can find no evidence of a heartbeat. Taylor joins him and does the same when she hears. She tells Liam that she is so sorry. She knows how much they wanted this baby. He doesn’t know what to do now. This morning they were picking out baby clothes. Now he will have to go in and tell her there is no baby.

Caroline gushes to Rick that she is so looking forward to tonight. She even has this fabulous dress ready. She asks Othello to be sure and find them the best seat (so she can put it on her page). Alone Rick tries to explain that he’s asked Maya. Still not wanting him to slip away from her, Caroline says that is fine. They can just get a big table for all their friends; she gets that will be better than a small intimate date. Jesse meets Alison and sits at her table. Right off he asks who she is and what she wants from him. She quickly tells him this is about Maya Avant. She is going to be at a club tonight and she’d like Jesse to be there. He says no, can’t do that. She shows him a picture of Rick and hopes that will change his mind if he knows Rick is interested in Maya. She just wants him to find a moment and speak with Maya alone. He says again he can not do that. She opens her purse and shows him the $5000 and asks if he might want to reconsider his answer. He thinks about it and wants to be assured that is all he has to do is talk to Maya. She tells him half now, half when the job is done. He accepts that and quickly leaves. She calls Bill and says mission accomplished. He tells her that is great and she can keep her $5000 bonus. To himself he quips – Maya is going to get a blast from the past, and then the big house. Rick finally convinces Maya that she will love this place tonight and fit right in. Plus he’s already told Caroline that she is coming and he wants her there. He’s told Caroline he wants to be with Maya and he’s going to keep saying that until she hears it. Steffy wakes up groaning and asking what happened.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope told another cop that Rafe was taking the FBI jacket to EJ.  Kate told Sami that Stefano had Rafe attacked because she (Kate) and Rafe were lovers.  Sami and Stefano were shocked.  Kate was surprised when she realized Stefano didn’t know.  Kayla and Cameron tried to save Rafe.  Will and Sonny accused Nick of attacking Rafe.  Nick denied the allegation, but they didn’t believe him.  Will and Sonny wanted to tell Hope, but Nick stopped them.  Kate wanted to go back to the hospital to see Rafe, but Sami stopped her.  Sami wanted an explanation about Kate’s bombshell because she couldn’t believe Rafe or anyone else would be stupid enough to sleep with Kate. Kate threw up in her face that EJ and Stefano slept with her.  When Kate tried to leave, Sami stopped her again demanding answers from her.  Kate said her relationship with Rafe was over and didn’t mean anything, but she wanted to go to the hospital to check on Rafe.  When Kate left, Sami asked Stefano if he had anything to do with the attack.  Stefano walked away from her.  EJ said Stefano didn’t have Rafe attacked.  Sami wanted to know how he was sure.  He said Stefano was caught off guard when Kate dropped her bombshell.  Sami wanted to know who attacked Rafe and why.  EJ got a call and told Sami they better go to the hospital.  

Nick showed Will and Sonny that he had a parking receipt that proved he wasn’t where Rafe was, but they weren’t convinced.  They wanted to know where Nick was.  Nick didn’t tell them where he was.  Nick told them to go tell Hope their suspicions so they could waste her time.  When Nick left, Will told Sonny that he might be innocent, but Sonny wasn’t sure.  While Hope was investigating the crime scene, she saw bloody footprints.  Sami and EJ got to the hospital.  Kayla said Rafe was stable, but he wasn’t out of the woods.  Kayla said Rafe had brain swelling so she wanted to run tests.  When Sami asked EJ who could attack Rafe, Kate looked at EJ.  EJ asked if Sami wanted to see Rafe.  EJ asked Kayla if Sami could see Rafe because it might help him.  Kayla agreed to let her see him.  EJ watched Sami with Rafe.  Sami told Rafe how she wanted him to get better.  Stefano was upset that Kate and Rafe were together.  Hope was at the hospital and told Sami how Rafe was on his way to give EJ the FBI jacket when he was attacked.  Sami asked if it was true.  He told her that he was going to meet Rafe to get the jacket for Johnny.  Hope was suspicious of EJ.  Sami thought she was questioning EJ like he was a suspect.  Hope said he was.  Sami said EJ didn’t attack Rafe, but Hope wasn’t sure.  Kayla told Gabi that she needed her permission.  Kayla and Cameron wanted to put Rafe in a medically induced coma so his brain could rest.  Kayla explained how the medically induced coma would help Rafe.  Kayla said it was the best option.  Kayla said Gabi had to make the decision since she was the next of kin.  Gabi wanted them to do it.  The doctors put Rafe in the coma.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

TJ tells Felix that Molly dumped him. Felix tells TJ that he would have been upset about another man making a play for his woman, but that ambushing Rafe was messed up. Felix tells TJ that if he doesn’t tame his jealousy he will drive Molly into Rafe’s arms. He tells TJ to trust his girlfriend and advises him to grovel to get her back. Rafe shows up unexpectedly at Molly’s house and says Sam told him to go there. Molly tells him that Sam went to New York City for an emergency with a case. He tells her that the altercation with TJ was his fault because he shouldn’t have kissed her. Molly disagrees, saying TJ should have believed in her. He admits that he is in love with her. He says he thinks she should give TJ another chance and that he hopes he hasn’t ruined his only friendship. She says she wants to continue to be friends. TJ arrives and sees her hugging Rafe.   

Sonny confides to Shawn about his father’s gambling addiction. He ponders the idea that Carly sent Morgan away to protect him only to protect him too much. He says he could see from the chat transcripts that ‘JeromeAroundTheWorld’ baited Morgan to keep gambling and losing. The emergency room nurse comments on Morgan’s smart mouth and tells Carly that her sons have already left. Michael bangs on Ava Jerome’s door. He pushes past the young woman who answers the door and berates Morgan for ditching him at the hospital. Morgan says he was in a hurry to get back to his girlfriend, Kiki, who confirms that she is ‘Jerome around the World.” Michael tells Morgan to open his eyes and see that Kiki set him up. He says the casino goons found him because Kiki told them where he was. Morgan says Kiki wouldn’t do that when she is going to pay his gambling debt. A group of young men come to the door for a poker game that Kiki has arranged. She confidently tells Michael that they are going to win the money that Morgan owes. From the balcony, Michael and Morgan hear Kiki telling the others that Morgan is an easy mark with no skill and no luck. Morgan is convinced that she is setting up the other players. Morgan is angry that Michael told Carly. Kiki hits the ignore button on Michael’s phone when Carly tries to call. Michael tells Morgan that there is a difference between being independent and stepping on the people who care about him. Morgan ignores Michael’s warnings and joins the game.  

A mysterious man watches the set of the Chew from a monitor in the studio. Everyone that sampled Pickle-Lila and Pickle-Eddie becomes violently ill and goes to the emergency room. Sam is at the hospital helping Carly to look for Michael. She freaks out when she thinks she sees Steven Clay. The doctor reveals that he is Steven Clay’s brother. When Elizabeth wakes up after being treated by Dr. Clay, Nikolas is sitting with her, but instead of acknowledging him, she asks where AJ is. AJ runs into Carly, She tells him about Michael and Morgan. Tracy overhears AJ telling Carly that he feels terrible about sleeping with her behind Elizabeth’s back. After returning to the studio, the panel from the Chew wonders which relish was tainted. One of them wonders if someone intentionally tried to poison them. The man watching the monitor makes a call and says he has finished there and that his next stop will be Port Charles.

OLTL Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Adam makes it look like he is taking money from Newman Enterprises and putting it into off-shore accounts so that Victoria will find out and go tell Victor. Victoria doesn’t fall in Adam’s trap and tells him she will find out what he is hiding and get the proof to show Victor. Adam refuses to tell Victor where he got the money to buy back Newman Enterprises and make it private again. Victor asks the head of the accounting department about the money, but he doesn’t know how Adam got it. Chloe is very angry with Kevin, because he made her take the blame for him and spend a night in jail. Chloe calls Kevin a selfish coward and he agrees, because he can’t spend time in a small jail cell because of what terrible Tom did to him when he was a child.

Michael is upset with Paul because he knew about Lauren’s affair with Carmine and didn’t tell him about it. Paul encourages to Michael to fight for his marriage. Lily persuades Tyler to go to his father’s funeral with his sister and tell both his parents how he feels about them. Leslie and Tyler go to their parents' graves and tell them how much they love and miss them and that they hope they can finally find peace. Chelsea is touched that Dylan is building a nursery for the baby in an old warehouse, which he intends to convert into his new home. Dylan also intends to build all the furniture in the baby’s nursery. Dylan and Chelsea talk about the fun they had at dinner the other day and that their kiss was the best they have had in a long time. Chelsea accepts a dinner invitation from Dylan. Kevin tells Michael he wants to confess to the robberies and get Chloe out of this mess. Michael doesn’t think that is a good idea, because since he has a previous record, he could go to jail for a long time. Kevin leaves a message on Chloe’s phone that he has decided to do what he should have done in the first place. Victoria tells Billy that tonight is the night they should try for a baby, and she promises him a very romantic night. Billy sees another old gambling buddy and tells him he won’t get in on a card game at first, but then he decides to go play in the game for just two hours.

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