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AMC Recap Written by Carole

Cara continues to lie to David about their baby, claiming she had an abortion, because he shot Marissa and JR. Dixie looks for help with JR, but Angie can't be reached. Jessie gives Angie bad news about Cassandra. Cassandra is pressured to perform. Miranda thanks for AJ for her special night. Griffin is called away, leaving David and Cara alone. Bianca and Zach talk about Miranda being bullied. They talk about telling her the truth about how she was conceived.

Miranda and AJ talk about fathers, particularly JR. Griff covers for Angie with Dixie and JR. JR can't remember how he ended up in the hospital. Angie freaks out when Jesse tells her what happened to Cassandra. Miranda talks AJ into visiting his father. Zach gains entry into a private club with girls dancing. Griff and Cara don't have good news for Dixie and JR - he has retrograde amnesia. JR doesn't recognize his son.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

While Liam is playing Mr. Master Chef at home, there is a car and motorcycle crash on the PCH. Bill asks if Brooke is still there as she is silent. She finally answers yes. He senses something is wrong, but she says she called in a moment of weakness. She is all right and needs to go. Hope comes home and Brooke finds out she has been out to the beach house with Thomas and Oliver who have moved in together. Brooke thinks that is great and even sings Oliver’s praises that maybe it would be a good thing for Hope to see more of Oliver now. Liam calls Thomas to see what’s the holdup for Steffy. Thomas tells him about the blockage on the highway so Steffy is probably going nowhere fast. Caroline drops in on Bill with a gift of appreciation for his generous donation at her fundraiser. He asks her to stay a while and to please turn off her cell phone so he won’t have to compete for her attention. He starts right off with how’s things with Rick. She says not great. It’s Maya of course. It’s like she has set up shop in his head and he’s just waiting for the right moment to break up with Caroline but she won’t give him a chance. She can only keep that distraction up so long. And besides the fact that Caroline was with Rick first, she thinks just their relationship could be disastrous for Rick. They both agree that Rick needs a woman who can function and compete in his world; to compliment him. They do know that Maya is an ex-con who gave up her illegitimate child. That’s just what they do know. No telling how many more bombshells are just waiting to go off in Rick’s face. She bemoans the fact that she doesn’t want to see Rick blindsided like that. They were so happy, but Maya is so manipulative and cunning. She loves Rick and he was crazy about her. They were making plans. Bill holds her while she sobs on his shoulder. He tells her to hang in there. He is confident that things are going to work out for her. Hope tells her mother that Steffy also showed up at the beach house and she was really sensitive and considerate and they made up. She says all of this still kills her and she hates it, but what’s the point of hating Steffy. Liam made his choice. They are a tight family unit now so Hope says she sucked it up and wished them well. There’s no need to keep fighting over something that is already resolved. It’s time for her to bow out gracefully and admit there is no place in Liam’s life for her now. She hates it, it should have been her having Liam’s baby, but she will have to accept this but she doesn’t know how. Brooke tells her how proud she is of her. And to always remember there can be new chapters of destiny just around each corner, they just have to be open to them.

Liam gets the dreaded phone call – Steffy was just brought into the E.R. He rushes there in a hurry and wants to see her. Dr. Meade says she is still unconscious but there are no broken bones but pretty banged up and she may have another concussion. He rushes in to see her, with all the tubes hooked up and her looking very venerable. Caroline tells her uncle that she’s really not looking forward to it as it will just give Rick another chance to break off with her, but they have plans tonight at some little club. Othello is opening there and probably Maya will be along too. Bill says that is okay. Perhaps Rick will finally see her in a new light as to who she really is. Caroline leaves as Alison comes in and says Justin has a report for him. Bill tells Caroline that they are Spencer’s. They see something they want and go after it, so she is not to give up. He thinks things are gonna come her way. He asks Alison for the report and she shows him a folder with a pix of baby daddy, Jesse Graves, also was incarcerated but is out now. But Maya’s parole is conditional. She has a restraining order that she can not be in touch with this Mr. Graves or she can go back to prison. Bill laughs; this is almost too easy. This information will fall into the judge’s hands. Alison doesn’t understand why all of this over a little flirtation with Rick. She says Bill is being ruthless. He chuckles that yes when it comes to his family, absolutely. Threats have to be removed and that is exactly what he is going to do. Liam tries to coax Steffy to open her eyes and say something. She is so still; never been this still. He asks the doctor if the baby is okay. Dr. Meade looks at the monitor but doesn’t speak nor does he have a very confident look on his face.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami asked Stefano why he didnít have Joe destroy the evidence against Will.  Stefano threw up in Samiís face how she tried to take the evidence from the guy. The guy that knocked out Rafe was watching him on the ground.  Kate and EJ discussed the gift she gave Sami.  They also talked about Stefano.  Stefano was upset with Sami for interfering with his business.  Sami understood, but she thought he should have destroyed it.  Stefano thought he did the right thing.  The person who hit Rafe, kicked him as well.  EJ and Kate got back on the subject of the gun she gave Sami.  After they talked, Kate left.  While EJ was talking to Gabi, he got a phone call.  EJ asked the person if the job was done and he left.   Kate found Rafe in the alley.  Sami wanted to know why Stefano didnít destroy the evidence.  She thought it was for blackmail, but he told her not to put the cart in front of the horse.  He warned her not to force him to use the evidence before he walked away from her.

Nick finally showed up to meet Gabi.  She noticed that he was sweaty.  He gave her the muffins that Rafe was supposed to give her.  At the hospital, Kayla and Maxine said Rafe had damage to his brain and lungs.  When EJ went home, he and Sami got into argument over her confronting Stefano about the evidence.  EJ assured Sami that Nick wouldnít be a problem.  Hope called Gabi and told her Kayla was attacked and told her to come to the hospital.  Kayla told Hope and Kate that Rafe was in critical condition.  Gabi blamed herself for why Rafe was attacked, but Nick, Will and Sonny assured her it wasnít her fault.  When Gabi went to talk to Maxine, Nick had to take care of something.  Will and Sonny wanted to talk to Nick.  EJ suggested that Sami apologize to Stefano.  She didnít want to do it.  When Stefano walked in on them, Sami apologized to him.  Kate barged in and asked Stefano how he could do this.  Will and Sonny confronted Nick about why he was upset.  They got into an argument.  Will and Sonny accused Nick of attacking Rafe.  Nick denied it.  Will said he would talk to Hope about his suspicions unless Nick said where he was.  While Gabi was talking to Rafe, he flatlined.  While Kate was yelling at Stefano, she blurted out that Stefano had Rafe attacked because she and Rafe were lovers.  Stefano and Sami were surprised.  Cameron used defibrillators to try to revive Rafe.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Nikolas tells AJ that Tracy isnít going to appear on the food show. One of the showís hosts says on the air that Tracy chickened out. Tracy has escaped from Nikolasís goons, but before she can get out of the hotel, one of them grabs her again. When the other one catches up, the first one is again unconscious again and Tracy is gone. Tracy arrives at the studio, where Nikolas grabs her to stop her from going in. She strategically kicks him, sending him to his knees. She runs in to the studio just in time to stop them from taking their first taste of Pickle-Lila and announces that they canít start without Pickle-Eddie. AJ canít believe she called it ďPickle-Eddie.Ē She tells the audience about having to rename the product with the original recipe. After the taste test, just before revealing the results, everyone on the panel gets sick. Elizabeth, who also ate the samples, gets sick too. A man who looks remarkably similar to media mogul Todd Manning walks in.

Emma responds with attitude when Patrick tells her that Britt is still going to have a baby. He tells her that she doesnít get to talk the way Felix does. She says she wonít, but that he canít force her to be happy about the baby. She asks him to have a baby with someone she likes next time. Felix has the feeling that Brad, the smarmy lab technician, Brad who is always making the moves on him, is conspiring with Britt Westbourne. Felix wouldnít be surprised if Brad faked the lab results for Britt. Brad and Britt discuss her fake test results being untraceable. Felix goes to talk to Brad alone and, the next thing he knows, Brad is undressed. Felix pretends that he didnít know Brad was gay and that he thought Brad was into Britt. Brad says he will give up the information if Felix gives up what Brad wants. Felix returns to Sabrina and tells her that he couldnít go through with seducing information out of Brad. He says he is damaged for life after seeing Brad naked. Britt tells Patrick that her doctor wants her on bed rest for the duration of the pregnancy. Patrick says he will pay for half of in home care. She says she no longer has a home because she didnít renew her lease. Patrick tells Sabrina that Britt is moving in with him.

Sam tells Sonny about reaching Morgan under the pretense of being ďJerome around the World.Ē Carly is afraid that Morgan stopped texting Sam because the casino thugs found him. She tells Sonny that they know exactly what happens to people who donít pay their debts. Morgan finds Morgan beaten up on the floor at Ava Jeromeís house. He takes Morgan to the hospital and calls Carly against Morganís wishes. Meanwhile, Morgan leaves the hospital. Michael concludes that Morgan returned to Avaís house so he goes to get him. A young woman who looks like a brunette version of Michaelís ex-girlfriend, Starr Manning, opens the door. Sam and Carly go to the hospital to find the boys. Sam sees a hospital employee that looks just like John McBain and Steven Clay. Some representatives from the gambling ring visit Connie and Olivia at Crimson after figuring out the connection between their visits to John Zacchara at Pentonville and Sonny Corinthos. Olivia is able to get a text message to Sonny. The ringleader tells Olivia that as a psychic she should have seen it coming. Seeing Sonny behind the man, she says she getting a vision of him with a bullet in his head. Sonny shoots the man in the leg instead. He and Shawn disarm the cronies and tell them to run while they can. Sonny says he will make the ringleaderís other leg match if he doesnít tell him where Morgan is.

OLTL Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Phyllis and Jack sit on the sofa, talking with an occasional kiss. They discuss Traci not having eaten dinner with them. Kyle comes downstairs and interrupts them. Nick and Avery kiss. Nick picks her up and carries her to the bedroom. At the PD, Alex and Paul discuss Neil’s apartment being broken into and only some specific thing taken. At the Athletic Club, Kevin and Chloe share an expensive bottle of wine. Kevin pulls a whole wad of money from his pocket to show Chloe. Chloe takes the money from him and asks him where he got it. Kevin is evasive and will not tell her. Chloe starts reminding him that he was stealing things just for the fun of it. Kevin reminds Chloe that she stole things from Katherine. Carmine wanders around the bar. Lauren tries to validate her affair with Carmine by telling Michael that he left her and Fen alone. At the coffeehouse, Fen invites Summer to go to the prom with him, but she refuses and reminds him about Kyle. Lauren asks Michael if he is just giving up on their marriage. Michael tells Lauren that he never betrayed her. He asks her if she is still seeing Carmine. Carmine arrives and overhears Michael and Lauren arguing. Kevin denies lying to Chloe. Carmine starts to knock on the door when Fen approaches him. Carmine makes Fen believe that he is there to see him.

Fen starts to go inside the apartment when he hears Michael and Lauren arguing. They decide to go somewhere else to talk. Michael tells Lauren that he wants to know every detail of her affair with Carmine. Nick and Avery share some intimate time in bed together when there is a knock on the door and it is Summer, who wants to talk. Avery tries to tell Summer that this isn’t a good time, but she pours her heart out about her and Kyle and how she wants her first time to be with an older man. Nick overhears the whole conversation and leaves the apartment abruptly, promising to call Avery later. Kyle goes downstairs and is just about to leave when Nick appears and orders him to stay away from Summer. Chloe finds a metal box in the safe and upon opening it, she finds jewels. Alex comes in and questions her about the jewels. Alex shows her on his cell phone a pic of the same jewels that are in the box. When Chloe cannot explain where they came from, Alex arrests her. Kevin comes in and when he is questioned about the jewels, he remembers his time in jail and refuses to tell Alex anything. Alex takes Chloe away to the station. Kevin calls Michael for help. Michael cannot get Chloe out until the next morning, so she will have to remain in jail all night. Carmine and Lauren meet at the coffeehouse as a result of a text that he sent her on Fen’s cell phone. Jack and Phyllis get involved in the dispute that Nick has with Kyle. Kyle lets Nick know that he is not taking Summer to the prom. Nick apologizes to Kyle for his actions. Lauren orders Carmine not to text her, not to call her, or come near her, because it is over between them.

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