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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope wipes the tears from her eyes as Steffy walks back in. She figures out that Hope was there the whole time and heard her and Thomas talking. She comments that she hasn’t seen much of Hope since they got back. Hope says that’s because she has been avoiding the office. She just doesn’t feel like seeing Steffy every day knowing what she took from her (why oh why does she keep bringing that up, makes her look so desperate). Bill watches as Liam is preparing to grill and is fixing the salad. Bill likes that Liam is taking care of his woman. Liam comments that is a very 50’s ways of saying it, but yeah just look at them….a couple of married guys settling down…a couple of Spencer men breaking that old cycle that Bill’s dad started. Liam says he is proud of Bill too. And just so he knows, he will be coming to him a lot for parental advice as Bill will have just gone through it with Will…..teething….potty training, all that good stuff. Bill says here’s his very first piece of advice. He should pay attention to his wife and make sure she knows he loves her. Liam says that part is easy. Bill also tells him that having him as his son has been one of the biggest blessings of his life. A baby will bring him so many more joys that he can imagine. Being a dad….it doesn’t get any better than that. Liam calls Steffy and tells her she better hurry back; this is baby’s first barbecue. Oliver and Thomas come in and they tell Steffy that she is not going anywhere. There was a major accident on the PCH, wall to wall.

Eric hugs Brooke and tells her that if she is not going to tell him then she needs to tell somebody, perhaps a professional. She says he is so sweet and if she could tell anyone it would be him, but she can’t right now. He says they can sit together all night long if she needs a hug. There is nothing she can tell him that will change the way he feels about her. She is Brooke Logan and she will persevere. He says they have been through a lot and he will always be there for her just as he knows she would be for him. He gives her another big bear hug and she leans on his shoulder. He warns her not to keep this bottled up inside. She vows that she will tell him, but she needs to tell someone else first. Brooke tries to call Bill at the office but then changes her mind. Oliver and Thomas go back out to surf and it’s awkward between Steffy and Hope. Steffy feels she ought to be out in the car even if they are not moving on the highway. Hope says she is a little angry and a lot lost, but she is not going to be held captive by Steffy and run away every time she sees her. She’s not going to be like this forever; it will just take some time. They are family and they work together. She really only wants her and Liam and the baby to be happy. Steffy sits down beside Hope and gives her a hug. The minute Steffy leaves, Hope breaks down and cries. Steffy realizes she is not going to get home in her car, so she takes a motorcycle and goes flying over the roads. Liam is a whirling dervish in the kitchen, pretty pleased with himself and finally all is done and he flops on the couch. There’s a car, there is a bike, there is tires screeching. Liam sits up and takes notice with a look of horror on his face.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami was determined to talk to Stefano.  Will asked Kate why she broke up with Rafe, but she didn’t want to talk about it.  Vargas talked to Hope about Nick.  Rafe let Nick know that Gabi should leave him and never look back.  Rafe confronted Nick about him not wanting Will to be part of his child’s life.  Rafe said he knew why Nick didn’t want Will around the baby.  EJ told Sami he wasn’t going to let her see Stefano.  The two ended up in an argument over it.  Johnny interrupted them while they were arguing.  Hope let Vargas know she could get in touch with Nick for him before she left.  Rafe reminded Nick about what he did when he went to prison.  While they were arguing, Hope called Rafe so he could help her with a case.  EJ overheard Johnny telling Sami that he missed Rafe and would rather live with him.  Kate, Will, and Sonny talked about her relationship with Rafe.  Nick didn’t want Rafe to leave until he heard his side of the story.  Rafe warned Nick that he was going to tell Gabi what kind of a man Nick was as soon as he saw her.

At the police station, Hope talked to Rafe about her problems with Ciara.  Nick went to Will and demanded to know what he told Rafe about him.  Will said he didn’t tell Rafe anything.  Will said Rafe would have figured out on his own that he was a homophobic jerk.  Nick was relieved that that was all it was.  EJ and Rafe agreed to meet at the pub so Rafe could give him Johnny’s FBI’s jacket.  While EJ was on his way to the pub, he called someone and told them he had a job for them.  Nick, Will, and Sonny argued over Nick being a homophobe before Nick left to stop Rafe from talking to Gabi.  Sami finally got her chance to talk to Stefano while he was playing chess.  While Rafe was on his way to the pub, he was attacked from behind.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sam sees Rafe’s black eye and wonders if it had anything to do with Molly. Molly is happy to see that TJ has her phone. He deletes the conversation that he had with Rafe before returning it to her. He is about to tell her what happened when Rafe walks into Kelly’s. When Molly asks about the black eye, Rafe says the guys from the group home jumped him, but TJ tells her the truth about luring Rafe to Kelly’s and punching him. Molly tells TJ to find another prom date and walks out.

Anna advises Carly to hire a private investigator to find Morgan because he is outside of Port Charles’s jurisdiction. Carly tries to hire Sam, but Sam refuses to take Carly’s money to help Morgan. Morgan calls Michael and acts as if nothing is wrong. Michael tells him the whole family knows about his trouble and orders him to come home. He says “Jerome around the World” is not the safe haven that Morgan believes she is and that she set him up to get into debt to the casino. Morgan refuses to tell Michael where he is because he knows Michael will tell their parents. Morgan receives a text from Sam pretending to be “Jerome around the World.” She says she lost her phone and got a new one. She asks if they can meet. He messages back that he is busy talking to his brother. Sam and Carly go to Carly’s house where Michael is, but Michael is gone. Morgan answers Ava’s door and finds two casino collectors who proceed to beat him.

Duke brings Anna a sample of new Pickle-Lila. She tells him that it isn’t the same, but that it is delicious. He says he has to figure out social media marketing and asks her to help him tweet about it. The producer of the Chew wonders where Tracy is and observes to AJ that they can’t have a taste-off with just one taste. Nikolas tells Tracy that he isn’t going to appear on the Chew and forbids her from going either. She severs their partnership and leaves to go to the show alone, but walks into a wall of large men on Nik’s payroll. Nikolas takes her phone and leaves her in his room while he goes to the show without her. He tells Elizabeth that he stopped Tracy because she asked him to. He says he won’t facilitate AJ’s inevitable demise so that his hands will be clean when it happens. Tracy turns on the TV and sees that the Chew is on. She whimpers that it is over. She asks her father if he can forgive her for wasting the last chance that he gave her. Suddenly, she hears thuds outside the door. When she opens it to see what is happening, the guards are unconscious on the floor. She thanks her father and makes her escape.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Leslie tells Neil that someone from her office found his journal entries and posted them on a blog called GC Buzz. Leslie is hurt by Neil’s journal entries, because he expresses doubts about what kind of woman she is and why she changed her name. Neil explains that he has been keeping a journal since he got sober. It helps him not to take a drink. Neil explains to Leslie that he doesn’t feel that way about her now that he knows her better. Neil heads to the police station to tell Alex about the stolen flash drive. He thinks this wasn’t a random robbery; it was personal. Alex looks at the blog and tells Neil he thinks whoever stole the flash drive intends to publish more information about his life. Summer asks Kyle to her senior prom, but he says he can’t go because her school won’t let her bring a date who is over the age of 21. Kyle suggests she find a guy her own age to take to the prom. Fen admits to Lauren he is in love with Summer, but she can’t stand to be around him. Lauren advises Fen to become the type of guy he thinks Summer deserves. Traci thinks that his relationship with Phyllis could harm his recovery. She also tells Jack that she doesn’t want Phyllis to hurt him again. Jack tells Traci that if she can’t be happy for him, she should leave, because he doesn’t need her around if she doesn’t support him. Phyllis and Summer have a long talk, and Summer advises her to prove to Traci that she is good for Jack. Phyllis advises Summer that if she gets serious about a guy, he should be her best friend, because there is nothing better than being in a relationship with her best friend.

After Fen apologizes to Summer for his behavior, she decides to give him a second chance to be friends again. Avery returns Dylan’s dog tags to him, because she wants to move forward with her life. Dylan and Nick have an honest talk. Dylan tells him that Avery finally persuaded him that she doesn’t love him anymore. Dylan tells Nick that he is a fool if he lets Avery slip away. If he does something so foolish, he (Dylan) will be very happy. Nick tells Avery that Dylan made him realize how much he loves her and he has to accept her past the same way she has accepted his. Nick asks Avery if she still wants him in her life. Avery says yes she wants him very much and then they kiss. Michael finally puts the pieces together about Lauren and Carmine’s affair after finding a matchbook for the Geneva Pines in at the Athletic Club bar after Carmine serves him a drink. Michael talks to Phyllis and she advises him to talk to Lauren and not give up on his marriage because of a mistake. Michael goes home to talk to Lauren who finally admits everything and tells him the affair was a mistake. Lauren begs Michael for a second chance and wonders if he wants to work to save their marriage. Phyllis asks Traci not to leave and stay for a visit and give her a chance to prove that she and Jack are good for each other.

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