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AMC Recap Written by Eva

AJ surprises Miranda by giving her a beautiful dress and they both get dressed up and go out by the Chandler pool. Miranda is thrilled to see her favorite band Haute Chelle Rae there to sing her favorite song "Hung Up" while she and AJ dance. Pete and Celia talk. Pete explains that what Dylan said was just guy talk and didn’t mean anything. Pete tells Celia that she is different from any girl he has ever met and then invites her to dinner. Pete takes Celia home after dinner and helps her climb up the trellis to her room. Celia agrees to see Pete again tomorrow and they nearly kiss but Celia pulls away before the kiss. JR awakens from the coma and he remembers Angie and Dixie but he can’t remember being shot five years ago at Adam and Brooke’s engagement party. Angie runs some tests on JR but from her initial examination Angie tells Dixie that JR seems fine but will require a lot of physical therapy. Angie also tells David JR’s condition. David isn’t happy that JR killed Marissa and gets off Scot free. Angie encourages David to put the past behind him but David doesn’t think that he can put the past behind him.

Jesse and Zach search the dumpster behind the nail salon and find a badly beaten girl who barely has a pulse. Jesse calls the police and an ambulance for the girl. He decides to tell Angie that Cassandra is missing, and is even more worried about what Cassandra’s captors may have done to her. Angie calls Cassandra’s roommate in Paris and the roommate tells her that she took Cassandra to the airport three days ago because Jesse bought her a plane ticket home. Cassandra is put in a room with three other girls. One of the girls is crying and asking the other girls to help protect her baby. Cassandra is determined to find a way to escape. She promises the girl that she will find out what happened to her baby. Cassandra is taken out of the room fighting the whole way because it is time she meets her first customer. Griffin tells Cara to stay away from David because David will just keep pushing her to find out what happened to the baby. Cara tells Griffin she has a plan to make sure David will leave her alone and make sure he never finds out what happened to the baby. David walks into the on-call room and overhears the last part of Cara’s conversation with Griffin. David demands that Cara tell him what happened to their baby and wonders if Cara had an abortion.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy and Liam are lovey-dovey over picking out paint samples for the nursery. She tells him most fathers-to-be aren’t this hands-on. He has the day off and decides to grill so Steffy decides to slip over to see Thomas for a few minutes. Bill is distracted at a meeting and Alison says she thought she knew all his moods, but this one seems different. He finally confesses that it must stay between them, but he is worried abut his sister-in-law, Brooke. She is not acting like herself. Alison wonders if their closeness has become more than that. He proclaims that he loves his wife and child and that will never change. He ends up walking into Liam’s house unannounced and teases him about being Super Chef. He remarks that the sauce ain’t that bad and he won’t ask for an invite as he knows Liam wants to just spend time with Steffy. Donna quizzes Brooke of just what she is gonna do now. She can’t hide the pregnancy forever. Eric walks in and realizes something is amiss also. Alone he tries to get Brooke to tell him why she is so upset. She is evasive, but admits that it is not menopause as first suspected but she can’t tell him any more right now. He holds her and says no matter what it is, he will always be there for her and she can tell him anything.

With Taylor living at Eric’s, Thomas has the beach house all to himself now and he’s sharing it with Oliver. They have invited Hope and Maya and a few others to learn how to surf. Hope is not really into it though and decides to get her bag out back and leave. Steffy comes in and gushes how this is the happiest time of her life and she is the luckiest woman in the world. She has it all. Hope is just around the corner and hears it all. When Steffy leaves and Thomas follows her outside, Hope sits on the couch and sobs. Right on cue, Steffy returns.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

When Kristen threw john out of the safe house, Brady showed up.  Brady wanted to know what was going on when the door was locked.  JJ was less than thrilled with Daniel when Daniel showed up at Jennifer’s house.  When Sami went to talk to Stefano, Nick took her to an alley. He wanted her to give him his money back.  John was able to hide without Brady seeing him.  Kristen was able to convince him that she was doing wedding things.  When he was about to leave, he heard a noise.  She told him it was nothing.  John wanted to know what Brady was doing for her.  She told him that he was giving her a child.  She eventually left the room.  He looked at the pearl necklace and took it before he left.  Nick attacked Sami to get the money.  She pulled out her gun on him when she got the upper hand.  Jennifer wanted Daniel to leave so she could talk to JJ.  She was upset that he was expelled for selling drugs.  Will talked to Rafe about Nick.  Rafe wanted to know if Nick had any secrets.  Rafe wanted to know why Nick turned on Will.  Sami taunted Nick about the money and how she was going to sell him out because of it.  Nick wasn’t afraid because he had the recording of Will confessing to shooting EJ. 

Jennifer was upset with JJ for lying to her.  He said his roommate was selling pot and he got blamed because the drugs were in his room.  When John was at the town square, he saw Eric and Marlena.  Marlena couldn’t see John so she walked away.  Eric went to confront John about hurting Marlena.  Rafe kept trying to get Will to tell him what was going on with Nick.  Will said Nick didn’t want Will or Sonny in the baby’s life because they’re gay.  Rafe was upset about that.  Sami wanted Nick to give her the phone, but he let her know he had copies of it.  He ordered her to give back the money or he would take the confession to the police.  Sami threatened to shoot him.  Jennifer let JJ know she believed him, but she was upset that he lied.  She wanted to talk to him about it soon so they could work things out with the principal.  Nick wanted Sami to shoot him because he let people know to expose Will if anything ever happened to him.  Sami eventually gave Nick the money, but she wanted him to keep the recording under lock and key.  He warned her not to say anything about the money or he would go to the police.  Eric told John not to hurt the family again by going after Kristen.  Eric thought it would ruin the family.  Kristen went upstairs to talk to Brady.  Brady wanted to know if seeing her old wedding things brought up feelings for John.  She said they did, but she was over him.  Rafe saw Nick and wasn’t pleased with him.  Eric wanted John to take his advice and let God handle things with Kristen, but John couldn’t do that.  He was going to stop Kristen himself.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Tracy tells Nikolas that AJ knows they are in New York so they have lost the element of surprise because of his unhealthy attachment to Elizabeth. AJ tells Elizabeth that Tracy is in New York. Elizabeth says Nikolas is there too. AJ reveals that Nikolas and Tracy are business partners. He concludes that they are there to sabotage his television appearance. Spinelli asks Luke how he was able to trick him into going on a wild goose chase. Luke reveals that he had already planned it with Betsy before Spinelli approached her. Luke tells Tracy that he spoke with Lauren’s mother and left the ELQ proxy with her. Tracy predicts that the mother is going to play both sides against each other. Spinelli breaks the news to AJ that he was unable to contact Lauren Frank because Luke duped him. AJ goes on a rant about how everything he does always falls apart and ends up on the floor having a panic attack.

Elizabeth bangs on Nikolas’s door and demands that he confess that he is in New York to sabotage AJ on television. He doesn’t hesitate to admit that he doesn’t like AJ and doesn’t want to see him succeed on any level. She asks him if he thought that bringing down AJ would make her come to him. He hadn’t given that a thought. She asks him what happened to make him so different. He tells her that after his heart stopped twice, he realized he would only have two regrets if he had died: leaving his son and lost time with Elizabeth. He says she will see for herself that AJ hasn’t changed and he will be waiting to pick up the pieces. She asks him to stop bullying AJ because it isn’t a fair fight; Nikolas has all the advantages. She tells him to call off whatever he has planned for the television show. When she returns to AJ’s room, she finds Spinelli about to give him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation during the course of performing CPR. She takes over and talks AJ through getting his breathing normalized. Spinelli concludes that his news brought on the attack, apologizes for hurting AJ’s ribs with CPA, and he leaves. AJ tells Liz that Tracy found Lauren first. Liz tells AJ that Nikolas and Tracy plan to ambush him on the Chew. Nikolas tells Tracy that they are not going on the show.

Sonny asks Olivia to go to Pentonville and talk to Johnny. She reveals that she has already talked to Johnny and that he will only give her grief because he thinks she is falling for Sonny. Woodrow, a “Friend of Spinelli” who works at the Metro Court, reports his findings to Carly. He says Morgan’s online handle is “Captain Morgan” and that he communicated frequently with “Jerome around the World. He gives Carly a printout of their online interactions. Michael is uncomfortable as Carly reads the explicit messages aloud. Carly thinks the conversations are an elaborate manipulation. Woodrow reveals that he was shut out when he tried to get into “Jerome around the World’s” account. Morgan is at Ava Jerome’s house. He says he was worried that the person that came to see her was looking for him. She says her visitor was looking for her daughter. He tells her that his parents have been trying to reach him but he is afraid that his location will be tracked if he uses his phone. She encourages him to listen to the messages and call his family. They hear a message from Sonny saying that he will pay the debt. She says Morgan should accept his father’s offer. He doesn’t want to get his father involved. She tells him that he can stay at her house alone while she goes out of town on a business trip. Carly takes the chat transcripts to Sonny. Morgan calls Michael.

OLTL Recap Written by Anthony

Dorian comes up with a scheme in order to find out more about what happened in the Senate but also to get back at Viki. Dani moves out and Todd helps her. Todd offers to buy Dani stuff which she happily accepts; however, Jack will not accept any gifts from him. Bo and Nora have a date in Bo's office pretending they are in Bora-Bora. Bo offers to give Nora her own radio show that would be a secret. Nora decides to do it.

Clint gets a hint from his financial advisor who claims that he can get a lot of money from this. Todd later tells him the same thing. Viki wonders what her odds are at actually being successful with this. Viki tells Todd she loves him a lot. Victor puts more poison in Todd's drinks and sees a man with his tattoo and a gun at the coffee shop.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Michael asks Lauren if she is in love with another man, but she refuses to answer. At the restaurant, Dylan and Adam talk. Chloe and Chelsea discuss how Chelsea is going to tell Dylan the truth about the baby. Chloe warns Chelsea what the consequences might be. Avery walks up and interrupts them. Nick looks at the engagement ring just as there is a knock on the door. Sharon visits. Nick tells Sharon that Avery invited him to dinner at her place. Sharon notices the engagement ring and wonders what happened. Nick doesn’t really want to involve Sharon in his problems. Dylan tells Adam that he won’t stand there and let him insult Chelsea. Lauren refuses to give Michael an answer. Adam tries to persuade Nick to come around and help him and Victor take the business back, but Nick still refuses to get involved. Michael notices a pen on the desk with the name of a hotel on it and wonders where it came from. Sharon comes downstairs and finds Adam there. Adam asks her help in finding a maid. Nick cautions Sharon about Adam. Nick looks again at the ring and then puts it into a drawer.

Adam is on the phone when Sharon arrives dressed in a maid’s outfit. Sharon asks Adam where he wants her to begin. Adam and Sharon kiss. In her hotel room, Chelsea tells Dylan that she has something to tell him but when she finds out how enthused he is over the baby, she just cannot tell him the baby is not his. Nick comes to dinner at Avery’s complete with a bunch of flowers. Dylan tells Chelsea that he and Avery were an item, she was pregnant and lost the baby. Dylan promises that he will be there for this baby. After lovemaking, Sharon lets Adam know what Nick said about him. Chelsea tells Dylan that she may leave Genoa City when the baby is born but changes her mind abruptly. Dylan shows Chelsea the design of a crib he plans on making for the baby. Nick and Avery have a fun date until he finds Dylan’s dog tags in a jar in the kitchen. Avery promises that she was planning on giving them back to Dylan. Michael and Lauren argue as usual. Michael goes to the restaurant where he finds on the bar a box of matches with the same hotel name on it as the pen on the desk at home. Michael begins to put two and two together and realizes that it must be Carmine that Lauren is having an affair with.

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