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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Adam leaves for a business trip and asks Brooke to keep an eye on AJ. He is worried about him since David is back in Pine Valley. AJ goes to visit JR at the hospital. Dixie arrives for her daily visit and is happy to see AJ, because he hasn’t visited his father in a long time. AJ tells Dixie that JR ruined his life and the lives of so many other people and maybe it's best that he not wake up from the coma. Dixie tells AJ that the person he should blame for what happened five years ago is David not JR. David sees AJ come out of JR’s room and tells him that if he ever needs anything, all he has to do is call him. Dixie sees David talking to AJ. Once David leaves, she tells AJ to stay away from David, because he is dangerous. Miranda and Celia take a break from their tutoring session and talk about the guys who hurt them and how awful they are. They never mention the names of the guys, but they tell each other what the guys did to them which now has them feeling hurt. Celia tells Miranda that her parents died in a car accident and now she has a very strict guardian. Miranda tells Celia that her father was a sperm donor, but she has always been curious about his identity.

Cara tells David that she worked with Doctors Without Boarders in Haiti after he was put in prison, because she needed to get away. Cara explains that her doctor in Haiti put her on bed rest for months, so she wouldn’t lose the baby, but she still had a miscarriage. Cara tells David that she asked a courier from her camp who was coming to the United States to mail him a letter, because she didn’t have the strength to face him. Cara tells David that she hopes that now he can move on with his life and grieve for the baby they lost. Cara later calls a clinic to ask them to destroy her medical records, because she doesn’t want anyone to know the reason she was there. David thinks that Cara isn’t telling him the whole story, and he tells Angie he won’t rest until he finds out the truth. Zach’s men inform him that they think the Russian mob is operating the human trafficking ring from a nail salon in Center City. Jesse and Zach search the salon but don’t find any evidence of the human trafficking ring. Pete gives Celia the other half of her locket and tries hard to hide the fact that he is hurt that she didn’t show up for their date. Dixie gets a call from Tad telling her that he can’t come home right now. She informs him David is back in Pine Valley. Dixie tells JR about AJ’s meeting with David and how much she wishes he would come out of his coma, because AJ needs his father. Dixie is about to leave, when JR moves his hand and says, “Mom.”

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke runs off when Donna is shocked but quizzes her about being pregnant and the father must be Bill. Donna follows Brooke and just can’t believe this is happening. She obviously is in love with her sister’s husband but this should not have happened. She remarks that this happened once before when Hope was conceived. Brooke cuts her off and tells her not to go there. With his feet nonchantley on the Forrester desk like he owns the place, Bill tells Maya that he’s not threatening her at all. That is such an ugly, negative word. He is giving her a chance… opportunity to keep her job here at Forrester….to keep her freedom and not to be exposed for who she really is. Casually he says she is a woman with secrets and if they are revealed then her life here would be changed dramatically. She has done things….things no one around here knows about and they can keep it that way if she stays away from Rick Forrester. Caroline follows Rick around listening as he takes phones calls on the successful fundraiser. She kisses him and says he is so sweet. He pulls away and she mentions that he’s being doing a lot of that lately, keeping his distance. She doesn’t want to complain. The last thing she would want to be is called needy. She admits that she can be pretty full of herself at times…..brassy and arrogant….even a little bit snobby. She says that she has her bads but she can laugh at herself and with all the stress that he’s under that he needs someone like that. She comes on strong again and says they are good together. They always have been. She’d like to keep it that way. Maya tells Bill that he is asking her to avoid her boss. Bill tells her this is not open for discussion. He is simply telling her to stay away from Rick and his niece. If she doesn’t do what he is asking, she’ll have to face the consequences. Coolly, she says her feelings for Rick and his for her does not concern Bill. Carter opens the door looking for Rick and apologizes for interrupting. Bill says it is okay; he was just getting to know Maya and welcome her to the team. When Carter leaves, Bill says there you go. That is someone that Maya should be taking an interest in; he seems to be interested in her. …..and he’s not dating Bill’s niece. Rick tells Caroline that they’ve had some good times. She senses what is coming next and says they still can have good times. They have just hit a little glitch and all couples go through that. Everything was fine until Maya showed up. Rick is surprised that she finally remembered her name. Caroline says there is nothing wrong with Maya, but she’s just not right for Rick. She brings out his good nature but beyond that, she can not enhance his life. She goes on how she was born to his lifestyle and can always be the woman behind the man. She relishes that role. Rick says she does all of that well, but that is not the reason a man chooses a woman to make him look good and sell fashions. She’s almost crying at this point and says they have always had chemistry and they still do. She wraps her arms around his neck and clings. Maya argues the facts against her. She was in a car with a gun but she didn’t know what was happening and she never touched the gun. She was young and stupid and in love and she has paid for that mistake by going to prison and losing her child. Bill says he knows all about that and he is sorry. But things got messy with her and the baby’s daddy. She argues that she could not leave; she had no place to go. She could fight every one of those charges now. Bill says yes, she could. There is nothing more that he admires than a fighter if she wants to go down that road, go right ahead, be his guest. But she will definitely lose her job here at Forrester and may go back to prison. That would create a huge scandal for Rick and his family business and he suspects that will hurt her worse than even doing more time. He tells her that here they are focusing on the negative again and it doesn’t have to be. There is plenty positive. He gets up to leave. He says Rick is his niece’s boyfriend so all she has to do is stay away from him. Otherwise trouble will be coming her way. Rick pulls away from Caroline. She begs him not to do that. Tomorrow he will feel differently. She gives him a big kiss and again he pulls back.

Donna realizes that Brooke has not told Bill yet. Brooke says he can’t. Katie is the happiest she has ever been in that marriage and she won’t destroy that. Bill walks in just as Donna is hugging Brooke and wonders if he is interrupting something important. They both cover that they are just talking girl talk, but he still wonders why they are acting so emotional. Rick rushes back to his office to be with Maya. He says he had a talk with Caroline but she won’t have it any other way except that they are a couple. Maya says she understands because Caroline is in love with him. He opines that she is not who he wants to be with. It’s over between them. He says he wants to be with Maya. He needs her to trust him and believe that it is over. He promises that he will make this right. She says he shouldn’t give promises. He says he is not going to let her down. She means too much to him. Brooke tries to change the subject by asking how Katie and Will are. Bill says never better and he is enjoying all the things he missed by not raising Liam. That will never happen again. His father was not there for Bill and Bill was not there for Liam, but he will always be a real man and be there for Will. He surmises that if you bring a child into this world, you’d better be there for them. When he leaves, Donna confronts Brooke. She heard what Bill said; how can Brooke not tell him that she is carrying his child?

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby and JJ talked about what was going on in their lives.  He was happy about her relationship with Cameron, but he was visibly upset about Daniel and Jenniferís relationship.  Nick and Vargas talked about their plan to triple the money Vargas had.  Will talked to EJ about Stefano getting the police evidence.  Will was worried because Sami was involved.  EJ assured him that Sami wouldnít be a problem.  While they were talking, they got on the subject of EJ and Samiís children. 

Sami tried to get Joe (Stefanoís dirty cop) to give her the police evidence against Will.  She made it seem as if she was working for Stefano and he wanted Joe to give the evidence to her.  Unfortunately for Sami, Joe didnít believe it.  When that didnít work, she tried to give him the $30,000 she stole from Nick to say the evidence was stolen.  Joe wouldnít take the bait.  Sami tried to attack him, but that didnít work out as planned because he managed to get away from her.  John and Kristen reminisced about old times in the safe house.  Sami met EJ and Will at the pub and reassured Will that everything was going to be okay with the evidence.  Will was convinced that everything would work out.  When Will left to see Caroline, Sami told EJ the plan to get the evidence didnít work.  EJ was upset that the plan didnít work.  John let Kristen know he had complicated feelings for her.  Jennifer tried to reach out to JJ, but he wouldnít tell her what was going on with him.  When Daniel went to see Jennifer, JJ opened the door.  JJ wasnít happy to see him.  Kristen was satisfied that John had feelings for her because he didnít hate her.  She wanted him to leave, but he refused to go.  Brady showed up at the safe house looking for Kristen as she was throwing John out.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sam lights a candle for Jason at a church. She is spooked when the candle blows out and the door creaks. She relights the candle and then is startled again when Alexis comes in. Sam feels like someone is watching her. She tells Alexis that she still has times when she thinks Jason is going to walk through the door, even though she knows he is never coming back. She vents her hatred toward Franco for sullying her last few months with Jason. When Alexis, Sam, and Danny leave, someone watches them.

Sonny tells Carly and Michael that Morganís roommate, Travis, thinks Morgan might be with a girl that he met on a gaming site. Michael doubts that it is really a girl and says it is more likely a trap. Sonny asks Michael contact Spinelli to hack into the gambling site. Michael says Spinelli is out of town on a case for ELQ, but that he will try to contact an FOS. Team AJ and Team Tracy arrive in New York City. Tracy and AJ each believe their relish will be successful and their spy with find Lauren Frank. Tracy is incensed when Nikolas reveals that they are at that particular hotel because Elizabeth is staying there. She yells at him for risking the surprise of their cooking show ambush. He assures her that it is a big hotel and that everything will be fine. She tells him not to mess up her family interests over some sappy attachment. Elizabeth mentions to AJ that she thinks full-disclosure is important if they are to have a successful relationship. He flashes back to the rebound sex he had with Carly and tells Elizabeth that he has to tell her something. She is in a hurry to call the boys before it gets too late so she says they can talk tomorrow. Elizabeth goes to her own room and finds Nikolas inside. She doesnít buy his story about a mix-up because she had told him the name of the hotel that AJ booked. She asks him to leave. He says he was there first and invites her to share the room and the bed. She leaves. As Tracy is trying to get out of that hotel to go to another one, AJ opens his door and sees her in the hallway. He warns her not to try to sabotage his appearance in the Chew with Pickle-Tracy. She swears to him that Pickle-Tracy is no longer feasible. She says she is in New York for a meeting about a new venture and wishes him luck on the show.

Luke finds Laurenís mother Eva Jerome, who informs him that her daughterís last name is Jerome, not Frank, and that she never wanted her to have anything to do with Francoís side of the family. Luke tells her that technically, Lauren isnít a Frank; she is a Quartermaine heiress and the fate of the company is in her hands. When he tells her about the company rivalry and asks her to support Tracy, Ava wonders if AJ wonít be looking for Lauren too. At another door, Spinelli presumes the young woman who answers is Lauren Frank. He tells her about her Quartermaine inheritance of preferred stock with voting privileges. He tells her about the feud between AJ and Tracy and her deciding vote. He pitches AJís side and hands her a proxy to sign. She says she canít sign it because she isnít Lauren Frank. She adds that a man named Luke Spencer paid her to deliver the message that Spinelli has just been punked. Luke gives Ava a proxy and asks her to think about it, but not to take too long. When Luke leaves, Ava tells Morgan that it is safe to come out.

OLTL Recap Written by Anthony

Dorian and David go through files that she had sent from DC to look into her investigation. She hides them from Blair and later finds a file that she likes. Dani decides to move in with Matthew and Jeffrey and starts to measure her room. Natalie and Destiny talk briefly at the coffee shop but are soon visited by Clint and Matthew. When they walk outside after talking, Clint tells Matthew he better do the right thing when it comes to Destiny and the baby. Todd goes to see Victor and tells him that the two of them have to work together to get Jack back on track. Later Todd goes to see Jack but finds that Victor is already there. He gets upset and storms off.

Viki has to let certain people go from the Banner because it is doing poorly. She lets Jeffrey go, but he later tells her that he can work freelance, something that she is honored by. Viki cries but decides that she will get the Banner back up and running. Todd drinks more in his hotel room.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jack catches Kyle before he goes out the door for work. Jack tells Kyle that Summer is having a party tonight, so he should find something else to do tonight, because he wants some time alone with Phyllis. Kyle asks him if he is going to pop the question. Paul and Michael discuss Michael and Lauren's marital problems. Lauren reads a text from Carmine. Later, Lauren gets a visit from him. Lauren tells him that this affair has to stop. Carmine tells her he doesn’t want to let go. Cane and Lily have lunch together. Neil consoles Leslie over the death of her father. Leslie begins to panic over the missing pill that was gone from the bottle. At the coffeehouse, Michael and Phyllis bump into each other. Phyllis fills him in about her life with Jack. Phyllis asks Michael how Lauren reacted when he moved out from the house. Lauren and Carmine discuss Michael. Lauren tells Carmine that she wants her life and family back. Paul interrupts them.

Traci visits Jack to find out about his relationship with Phyllis. Jack lets her know that he is very happy with her. Michael informs Phyllis that Lauren may he having an affair. Phyllis defends Lauren’s change in behavior. Lauren lies to Paul about why Carmine is there. Lauren, once again, denies having an affair and asserts that this is none of his concern. Paul asks Lauren why she would jeopardize her marriage. She says she doesn’t want Michael to find out about this. Paul assures her that he won’t say a word, but she is the one who is going to tell Michael. Lily checks her messages and wonders why she hadn’t heard from Tyler. Tyler works out his frustrations on a punching bag at the gym. Leslie and Tyler discuss what kind of flowers to have for their father’s funeral. Neil helps Leslie make the funeral arrangements. Leslie begins to ask Neil about his own family. Kyle is working out at the gym too when Fen comes in and orders him to stay away from Summer. Carmine walks in and has to separate them. Lauren refuses to tell Michael the truth about her and Carmine. Paul asks Lauren if she loves Michael. Phyllis comes home and comes face to face with Traci. Kyle and Summer meet to discuss Fen and his recent actions. Summer asks Kyle if he would be her boyfriend. Carmine and Fen have a talk. Lauren looks at a message from Carmine and then deletes it. Lauren tries to call Michael, but he walks in before she knows it. Michael asks Lauren if she is having an affair. Lily calls Tyler but he ignores the call.

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