Tuesday 5/7/13 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Carole

It's the next morning, and Adam and Bianca are talking about Miranda. AJ tries to get Miranda up for school. Brooke visits Celia at Bramwell Hall, where they talk about Pete. Jesse and Zach are still looking for Cassandra. We meet Cassandra's captors. Bianca receives an apology from Miranda, who wants to change schools. Adam tells AJ that he's been suspended.

Dixie receives a visit from Dr. Joe in JR's room. They talk about Tad, who's away on assignment. Cassandra cries for her mom. Miranda wants to switch schools. Pete meets up with his friend Dylan. He runs into Celia and sets up a date. He doesn't realize that Celia overhears Dylan calling him a player. She stands him up. Dixie and Adam argue about JR when he goes to visit him. He ends up telling JR he loves him. As soon as they leave, JR says, "Dad"!

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke is devastated and can not even talk to Katie. They end up back at the office although Katie thinks she needs to see a doctor. She wants to know why Brooke was running so hard and why she is crying. Brooke tells her it doesn’t just happen to Katie. Sometimes she feels like her life is over too. Katie assumes she means the menopause and tries to cheer her. Donna walks in and says she knew something was wrong. Katie tries to get Brooke just to leave the office for the day….even go home with her and play with Will. Bill will be home soon and they can have dinner. Brooke nixes it all. Caroline confides to Bill that she needs some help. She needs to know how to keep her acquisitions like he does….specifically Rick. She fills him in on this Maya Avant who is suddenly taking up more of Rick’s time. Bill says it is simple; she has to cut the competition off at the knees. Caroline says she is glad Bill walked in when he did as she is pretty sure that Rick was about to break up with her. Bill tells her to skedaddle, he’ll make a few phone calls. Clearly Rick inherited his father’s wandering eye. Stephanie learned to live with Eric and she will learn with Rick. He calls Alison and says he wants a background check on Maya. All he really knows is that she has a prison background. He orders her to call in Justin if she has to, but find some dirt. Maya meets up with Rick who thinks she ran off from him. She says no, she did come by his office but he was busy being thanked by his girlfriend. He tries to explain how Caroline is when she makes up her mind. He admits he slipped, but he will do better and he has things he wants to tell Maya. She says she didn’t want to hurt anybody. And if so, she assumed it would be her. He should be with Caroline. He’s Rick Forrester and if he’s with Maya, people will ask questions. He says that should be his decision. It’s his ride and he wants her to take it with him. He kisses her and she smiles her approval.

Caroline asks Rick to forgive her. She knows she has been awful. She loves him and she’s acted like a fool. She knows she has been a snob and treated Maya awfully. It has to stop and she knows it. He tells her it is not all her fault, but he respects her honesty. She asks for a second chance. While Bill is waiting in Rick’s office for him, Maya walks in. Bill makes up this little scenario where he is the Forrester psychic and tells Maya to shut the door and listen to everything he says. Gleefully she follows along. He gets right to the point. She is to keep the hell away from his niece’s girlfriend. Bill says he knows more about her and her prison past than Rick does and he has a feeling she will want to keep it that way. Donna follows Brooke to the Sky Lounge. Like Katie, she too wants to call a doctor. Brooke says no, she just needed some fresh air before she fainted. She doesn’t want to go home either. She doesn’t want to be cooped up like that. Donna feels like it is guilt and about something that is over and done with. Even she is shocked when Brooke tells her that it’s not over, she is pregnant.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady told Kristen they could adopt a child. Ciara was upset that Bo wasnít coming home.  Someone broke into Jenniferís house.  The person looked at the pictures on the mantle.  Sami and EJ were determined to keep Stefano from getting the evidence against Will.  John met with someone to get what he needed.  When Sami left, EJ found the gun in her pocket book.  Kristen started feeling guilty about scheming against Brady, but he thought she was upset about not giving him a child of his own.  Kristen told Brady she couldnít do this anymore because of John.  Hope tried to make Ciara feel better about Bo not coming home.  While Hope and Adrienne talked about Bo coming home, Ciara eavesdropped on them.  EJ confronted Sami about the gun he found.  The guy John met handed him and envelope with a key in it.  Kristen told Brady about John hurting her when she lost her child.  Sami told EJ why she had the gun.  They argued over the gun.  When Sami left, EJ called Justin so they could talk about his proposal to take down Stefano.

EJ and Justin met to talk about the proposal.  EJ wanted to give Justin time to decide if he wanted to help bring down Stefano.  Jennifer went to see Kristen.  Jennifer was an ear for Kristen while she talked about Brady.  Daniel talked to Brady about Kristen.  Justin believed EJ could take over the DiMera Empire.  Justin wondered what would happen to Stefano if EJ went after him.  EJ was aware of that.  Justin kept warning EJ of what could happen if EJ took Stefano down, but EJ didnít care.  Kristen talked to Stefano about Brady giving her a baby.  Stefano wondered if Kristen was in love with Brady and she said she was.  Stefano also wondered what Kristen was going to do.  The person in Jenniferís house turned out to be her son.  Justin agreed to help EJ.  When Kristen was in the safe room, John met her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lucy goes to the Metro Court to meet Kevin for dinner. She runs into Scott, who is waiting for Laura. Lucy suggests that Lulu try hypnosis to help regain her lost memories. Scott wonders if his attempts to push Laura to marry him right away have just pushed her closer to Luke. Luke goes to Miloís apartment to see Lulu, but Laura is there alone waiting for Lulu. He decides to wait too. They catch up on news about Bobbie and Noah Drake in Seattle. She tells him that Nikolas is recovering at Wyndemere and that her mother, Leslie is bring his son Spencer for a visit. Luke and Laura joke about the sparks that will fly when Monica finds out that Leslie is in town. He asks her if she is still going to marry Scott. She says yes, after Lulu is better. He tells her that he wants their daughter to get better, but that he is in no rush to see her marry Scott. She tells him that she had warnings against marrying Luke, too, but that she made her own decision. She admits that when they were looking for Lulu, it felt as if there were still something between them, but she discounts it as adrenaline. He kisses her. They agree that it wasnít the same. She gives him a picture from her photo album and he leaves. Lucy gets a text message from Scott informing her that he wonít be able to meet her because of a patient emergency. Scott asks her to join him for dinner. When Laura returns to the Metro Court, she tells Scott that she is ready to set a wedding date.

Lulu goes with Maxie and Dante to Maxieís check-up. She says she and Maxie must be close for Maxie to have agreed to be her surrogate. She asks Maxie questions about the surrogacy. Dante tells Lulu about how difficult it was to produce a sample and that she helped him to accomplish the task. She avoids his questions about what she remembers when they are called into the exam room. At her apartment, Ellie tells Spinelli about Maxieís miscarriage and subsequent pregnancy. She imagines the scenario in which Spinelli dumps her to be with Maxie and the baby so she says Dr. Westbourne implanted a second embryo while Dante and Lulu were in Turkey and that Maxie didnít want them to know that it is a different baby. Spinelli thinks something is fishy with the story, but he agreed to keep the secret. When Maxie goes home, Ellie tells her that she realizes that telling Damian the truth would be a disaster for everyone so she will keep Maxieís secret. Luke and Spinelli each go the addresses in New York City that they were given by Betsy Frank. Spinelli presumes the person answering the doorbell he rings is Lauren. Luke knows the person answering the doorbell he rang is not Lauren.

Molly goes to Kellyís to meet TJ. When she arrives, she receives a text message directing her to the table with the yellow flower, on which he has left Scrabble tiles for her to figure out. When she deciphers, ďWill you go to prom with me,Ē TJ appears with a bouquet of the same yellow flowers. He says he has the tux, the tickets, and the limo and asks her to be his date. She says no. he freaks out. She clarifies that she canít say yes until they have a talk. She tells him about Rafe kissing her. She assures him that she didnít return the kiss and that she made it clear that she was with TJ. TJ says he is going to kill Rafe. Molly asks him to consider that Rafe doesnít know how to have friendships because he has never had one before. She asks him to give Rafe a break because Rafe just lost the only family he had. TJ agrees to let it go. Molly leaves to meet her mother, but forgets to take her phone. Sam and Rafe go to the chapel to light candles for Alison and Jason. When she suggests that they go get a burger at Kellyís, he says she canít go there because Molly hangs out there. He tells her about kissing Molly and being rejected. She points out that he knew Molly had a boyfriend. He says that doesnít change the way he feels. He asserts that it isnít a crush; he is in love. Sam tells him that he and Molly need to talk it through. He sends Molly a text message and receives a return text asking him to meet her at Kellyís. When he arrives, TJ punches him and tells him to stay away from Molly or the next time it will be worse. While Sam is talking to Jason in the chapel, the candle blows out and the door makes a noise, startling her.

OLTL Recap Written by Anthony

Rama explains to her husband that she is not going to just sleep with every man she sees. She later gets hit on by a scumbag named Jamie who Cutter owes money too. Cutter tries everything to get Jamie to just leave him alone, but in the end pays him off when he finds out that Rama was getting hit on. Bo and Nora have a date night in and try to get work done but end up flirting with each other, which leads to them getting intimate.

Matthew stops Dani from doing anything with an older man in the VIP room. Dani is not happy with Matthew and storms off. Destiny dances with Matthew briefly but ends up tricking him and also leaving. Back at Matthew's apartment, he starts to IM Michelle again. Todd pours another drink and passes out on the couch, dropping the glass.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Avery and Dylan catch up with each other at the coffeehouse and discuss his out of town trip. Chelsea interrupts them. Nick reads Avery’s letter. Billy and Victoria discuss Reed coming for a visit. Victor fills Adam in on his talk with Victoria. Tyler arrives at Leslie’s to check on Gus. Avery congratulates Chelsea on the baby. Victoria fills Nick and Abby in on Adam and Victor’s plan to make the business family-owned again. Nick refuses any part of the business. Before Abby can give Victoria an answer, Victor calls. Gus tells Leslie and Tyler that they need to go back to the night when their mother was alive. Tyler refuses to relive the night their mother was killed. Chelsea instructs Dylan to go back to Avery. Nick comes home and finds Avery there.

Abby visits Victor and Adam and tells them that she will not side with either one of them. Dylan lets Chelsea know that the things that happened between him and Avery was a long time ago and it is over now because Avery is in love with Nick. Victoria joins Victor and Adam. Adam leaves so Victoria and Victor can talk. Chelsea decided to tell Dylan the truth about the baby. Gus starts to collapse with Leslie and Tyler holding him up. Victor accuses Victoria of betraying him. Victoria reminds Victor of all the things that Adam did to Victor in the past. Victor refuses to turn on Adam. Victoria tells Victor that she will never trust Adam, and she will never let this go. Victoria meets with a private eye to get the goods on what Adam has on Victor. Dylan invites Chelsea to dinner the following night, and she accepts. Avery wants things back to the way they were between her and Nick. Avery asks Nick to come to her place the following night. Nick agrees with a smile. The paramedics work on Gus to revive him, but he dies despite their efforts.

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