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AMC Recap Written by Lisa

After punching Hunter, Miranda ran out and AJ ran after her. AJ confessed his undying support for her and told her that she is staying with him. They were tender scenes. AJ was to text Bianca that Miranda was with him, but Jane, owner of Jane's Addiction already told when Bianca walked in after the fight. Bianca ran into Zach while there and did a little catching up. Zach tried to get answers from one of his casino groupies regarding Cassandra to no avail. He did not want to risk his life. Jesse, in the meantime was trying to get the FBI to speed things up on finding Cassandra. Bianca went to see Miranda before AJ texted her and tried to give her comfort but all Miranda did was blame her for her sexual orientation and what happened and threw her out.

Cara told Angie how she disagreed with her defending David and asked for more time at the hospital. Angie agreed and Cara made a call wishing she could leave Pine Valley but just couldn't do it right now. Dixie found David with his hands on JR's neck. Dixie immediately yelled that he was trying to kill him. Angie and Cara came running and David explained he was checking his carotid pulse and that he thought he was coming out of his coma. Dixie called Jesse to send someone. Jesse appeared himself to arrest David, but Angie agreed to a guard in front of the room and would examine JR. She told David to leave and never come back or he would be apprehended. JR opened his eyes with no one there.

Celia snuck out of Bramwell Hall to be with Pete and although showing some regret found it exhilarating. They started talking about the guardian and she had a picture on her locket and looked down and it was gone. Pete assured her that he found it, has it, and will give it to her next time they go out? Celia, who was pleasantly surprised at that statement, agreed that she would like that. That was one of my favorite parts of the episode.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie kisses Bill and thanks him for the lunch they just shared. She knows they have had some rough times, but that is all behind them. Being his wife is just the greatest gift, and she feels so lucky to have him and her family. She will never forget that. He opines that Rick would not be his first choice for his niece, but guess she could do worse. Caroline gushes to Rick that he and his FC models were remarkable and they raked in $100,000 for her cancer fundraiser. Maya is at the open door and overhears. Caroline wants to bask in their success and whisk him away. Maya is disappointed and leaves. Caroline tells Rick that when she first came to L.A. that he fought for her so hard. She hopes those days aren’t over. Maya runs into Carter and says he should be proud. She hears they raised a lot of money. He asks why she is in Rick’s office all alone. Perhaps she is pondering what to think about Rick and Caroline. Brooke is devastated when Dr. Caspary tells her there is no doubt. They ran the tests twice and she is definitely pregnant. She says a late pregnancy can often bring tremendous joy. Brooke agrees to come in for her first examination within two weeks. Carter tells Maya that Caroline comes on strong so it was she that initiated the kiss that Maya just saw. He doesn’t know where that leaves Maya, but he’s not waiting around for her either. She understands and says it is now up to how Rick feels about Caroline.

Caroline tells Rick that she is scared. She needs him to show her that she still means something to him because he seems to be slipping away ever since Maya came into his life. She says that he is the most important thing in her life. She knows she is not the nicest person in the world sometimes, but it’s only because their relationship means so much to her. He tries to tell her about Maya and what he feels with her, but Caroline won’t let him say it. Brooke cries as she relives all the circumstances and times that she was with Bill…..and how happy Katie now is with her family complete again. She runs out of her office onto the rooftop and then down the street as fast as she can….running to no place in particular but just running. On her way home in the car, Katie sees Brooke. As Brooke finally sits exhausted on a park bench, Katie walks up and asks what is wrong (talk about a deer caught in the headlights).

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Roman and Marlena ran into each other at the town square.  The two agreed to go talk.  At the pub, John and Nicole talked about Brady and Kristen getting together.  Brady met with a woman about a personal matter.  When she left, EJ wanted to know what was going on.  They ended up talking about Bradyís engagement.  They also got on the subject of EJ and Samiís relationship.  Kristen went to the rectory to talk to Eric.  Things got tense between them when the subject of Marlena came up.  Things took a turn for the worse when she brought up Marlena cheating on Roman for John.  While John and Nicole were talking, Victor saw them together.  Nicole wanted to know what John was going to do to Kristen.  John was vague about what he was going to do.  Roman and Marlena walked in the pub and saw John and Nicole.  Eric let Kristen know he wasnít going to be at her wedding.  Kristen finally left Ericís office.  John approached Roman and Marlena.

At the hospital, Anne went to talk to Jennifer.  Roman and John wanted to talk, but Marlena didnít want them to do it.  When they left, Victor warned Marlena to leave well enough alone since she makes things worse.  Anne got into an argument with Jennifer.  Daniel walked in on them while they were arguing.  When Jennifer left, Daniel wanted to talk to her.  Brady went to talk to Kristen.  Daniel threatened Anne if she didnít leave Jennifer alone.  He told her that Chloe told him about what she (Anne) did to Jennifer.  He threatened to sell her out if she didnít leave Jennifer alone.  Jennifer came back and wanted to know what was going on.  Victor blamed Marlena for Brady being with Kristen.  He advised her to walk away from John.  John and Roman argued over Marlena.  Roman warned John to stop treating Marlena like she was the enemy.  John said he would and wanted him to look out for her.  Someone was shown sneaking in Jenniferís house.  Victor warned Marlena that things could get worse for her.  Brady gave Kristen adoption papers so they could adopt a baby.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Nikolas visits Lulu at Miloís apartment. He tells her that Laura is his mother and Stavros Cassadine is his father. He apologizes for failing to save her from his father. He wonders why she is at Miloís place. She says Dante loves her to much to be around him. He says, ďIf love were easy, then it wouldnít mean much to have it.Ē She finishes his sentence, but says she doesnít remember how she knew it. Lulu observes to Milo that she is hurting a lot of people. She says Dante is trying too hard, but she isnít trying at all. Milo puts his arms around her. Dante and Maxie knock on the door. Milo answers it wearing only underwear and an open robe. Maxie likes the view, but Dante orders Milo to out on some clothes. Lulu doesnít remember Maxie. Dante puts Luluís hand on Maxieís belly. The baby moves. Maxie invites Lulu to go with her to her check-up. At the hospital, Patrick hears Sabrina calling Britt out on faking morning sickness to get Patrickís attention. She says it is no more difficult to fake morning sickness than it is to pretend to want an abortion that you have no intention of having. Patrick follows Sabrina outside and tells her that he knows that Britt is probably lying about everything, but that as a doctor and potential father, he has to take medical issues at face value. A technician brings Brittís lab results to Patrick. Patrick relays to that there is a serious problem with her pregnancy. Later, Britt thanks the lab technician for faking the report and promises him a promotion in return. Spinelli confronts Ellie about lying to him to get him to help her break the law and hack into Maxieís medical records. She tells him that she found out that Maxie had a miscarriage.

Tracy, Nikolas, and AJ prepare to go to New York City to present their respective relishes on a television show. AJ invites Elizabeth to go with him. Spinelli and Luke report to AJ and Tracy with Lauren Frankís New York City address that was given to them by Betsy Frank. Nikolas stops by Elizabethís house. She tells him that she and AJ worked things out and that they are going to New York for the night Ė in separate rooms in the Hotel Central. He says it doesnít change how he feels about her. Nikolas tells Tracy that they are changing their hotel reservation to the Hotel Central.

Scott asks Laura if she still wants to marry him. She says she has to wait for Lulu to get her memory back. He asks her if it is really about Lulu or Luke. He reminds her that Luke came to interrupt their wedding before they knew that Lulu was missing. Tracy also wonders if Luke intends to stop Laura from marrying Scott again. Milo allows Laura to wait alone in his apartment for Lulu to return. As she looks through her photo album, she notices a picture is missing. Scott picks up the picture of Luke and Laura from the floor at the Metro Court. Laura answers Miloís door and finds Luke standing there.

OLTL Recap Written by Anthony

Victor has voices going through his head. He decides to use arsenic to kill Todd. He later goes to Todd's hotel room and places the arsenic in Todd's drink before he comes back in. He then sneaks out before Todd can see him. Matthew and Jeffrey discuss a girl that Jeffrey met on the internet. Matthew is deeply attracted and starts to flirt with the girl himself. David and Todd discuss Todd's love life and later Blair tells Todd off and asks him to leave because he is drunk.

Dani gets into an argument with Tea and Victor over her being in the hospital. She feels that she can do what she wants because she is 18. Natalie and Nora talk about how Natalie is doing and decide to go shopping during the weekend. Shortly after Nora leaves, Clint comes to offer Natalie the option of moving back in, but she declines. Matthew gets offered a job by Clint which he accepts.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victoria is asleep on the sofa with Johnny on her lap as Billy comes in from work. Victoria tells Billy that they should talk. Billy hides a poker chip but loses one on the floor. At the coffeehouse. Michael confronts Kevin about Fen being at Chloe and Kevin’s. Carmine calls Lauren and leaves her a text message. Lauren sees the message from Carmine but will not call him back. Chloe lets Chelsea know that she and Kevin are in a rut. When Chelsea seems less interested in Chloe’s problems, Chloe teases her that she wants Dylan here to discuss baby names. Adam and Victor discuss business in Victor’s office. Adam suggests that they buy back the company and make it family owned again. Victor likes the idea but he tells Adam that they do not have the money. The doctor visits Nikki at home. She says she is extremely afraid. The doctor explains to her that it is only the meds. Nikki asks the doctor to join her for dinner. Victor and Adam discuss asking Victoria and Abby for help. Chloe points out the good points of Dylan being the father of Chelsea’s baby. Victoria apologizes to Billy for “blowing up” at him. Victoria finds the poker chip on the floor and asks Billy where it came from. Before Billy can answer, Victor arrives and tells Victoria that he has a proposition for her. Chelsea orders Chloe to go. Paul visits Lauren and asks her point blank if she went away with Carmine. Lauren doesn’t know how to answer.

Victor tells Victoria their idea of making Newman Enterprises family owned again but he needs her help. Victoria wonders what will be in it for her. Victor sees through Victoria and asks her if she wants him to get rid of Adam. Adam and Chelsea confront each other. Adam asks Chelsea where Dylan is. Adam makes a remark about the baby that she lost. Chelsea begins to cry. Adam apologizes to her. Chelsea begins to tell him about the baby but then changes her mind. Kevin becomes upset with Michael that he won’t even try to fix his family. Lauren denies having an affair with Carmine. Paul offers Lauren his help in fixing her marriage. Victor refuses to oust Adam from the company. Victoria tells Victor that she will have to discuss this with Billy. Victor comes home and finds the doctor there. They exchange pleasantries before the doctor leaves. Lauren begins to text Carmine but changes her mind. Victoria lets Billy know that she will not give her money to Adam.

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