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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna tells Brooke that Brooke has never been good at denying herself to handsome, sexy men. Brooke quips that she will have to learn. Bill takes Katie to lunch at the Rooftop and she remarks that it isn’t everyday that her titan husband springs for a whole day with his wife. He says she deserves it. She apologizes again for being so judgmental about him and says she is going to have so much fun making it up to him. He says he is not perfect, but he appreciates the sentiment. He feels Katie has spent a lot of time apologizing and now it’s his turn. He says don’t hang a halo on him just yet. He was frustrated yet he should have been more sensitive of what she was going through. He’s sorry and he wants her to know that he will do better. He’s going to be the best father and husband that he can be. Nothing is more important than this family she has created and he never wants to lose it. She says he won’t.

Everyone else has shown up for the fundraiser, but Caroline is worried about a missing Rick. He’s with Maya and tells her that he has a long story to tell her if she will go to dinner with him. Caroline tracks Rick down and makes sure she displays plenty of affection to Rick in front of Maya. She says she sees a very nice reward in his future. Brooke runs into Dr. Caspary at the fundraiser and both are surprised to see each other out of their usual elements. Caroline gives her opening speech and tells the ladies that she intends to separate them from as much of their money as she can. She mentions two great ladies who battled a good fight but lost to cancer – Stephanie, the co-founder of Forrester and her own Aunt Caroline. Maya tells Caroline that she really appreciated her speech; it’s for a really good cause. And she will stick around for the fashion show when Caroline suggests that she can leave now. Caroline introduces the men’s line for this bedroom parade. The men strut their stuff in robes and silk pj’s, with well chiseled bare chests and abs on display. Caroline asks the group to give a big hand to the men of FC and her “boyfriend” Rick Forrester. She rushes to give him a big kiss in front of all. Maya sort of feels a stab in the heart, but remains in her seat instead of leaving. Afterwards, Dr. Caspary finds Brooke and says she has her tests results. It’s not menopause, but she’s not sure Brooke will want to hear this – she is pregnant.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate told Rafe that the thing they had was over.  He wanted to know why she was dumping him, but she wouldn’t tell him.  Stefano met with a dirty cop to tell him to make the evidence disappear.  Sami was eavesdropping on their conversation.  Gabi wanted to know what was going on with Nick or she was leaving him.  EJ met with Justin so he could help him bring down Stefano.  Justin couldn’t believe it.  The cop told Stefano that he couldn’t get rid of the evidence because it has been put away for so long.  Rafe believed Stefano did something to make Kate break up with him, but she said it had nothing to do with Stefano.  Rafe didn’t believe her.  They continued to talk about breaking up.  EJ told Justin his plan to destroy Stefano and when he wanted it done.  The dirty cop said he could pull some strings to destroy the evidence, but Stefano didn’t want the evidence destroyed.  Gabi wanted to know why Nick destroyed their room.  Nick lied and said he lost the flash drive he needed for work.  She wanted to know why he didn’t tell her.  He wanted to go out to eat so he could tell her everything.  EJ and Justin continued to talk about EJ’s plan to bring down Stefano.  Justin tried to warn EJ of what could happen if Stefano catches on to the plan, but EJ wasn’t worried. 

While Nick and Gabi were out, Nick called Sami and told her he needed the money back.  Sami refused to give to him and told him that she didn’t feel sorry for him.  She told him to think about what he is doing to her son.  When she hung up on him, she wanted to know what he was doing with the money.  Rafe tried to stop Kate from breaking up with him, but she wouldn’t listen.  The two agreed to be friends before he left.  Rafe went to see Will to talk about Nick.  Will thought it was a touchy subject.  The only thing Rafe got out of Will is that Nick had something to do with how he (Will) can’t see his baby.  Kate called Stefano and told him it was over.  He indicated that he didn’t care.  Sami told EJ how Stefano wanted the evidence for himself instead of destroying it.  They talked about Stefano possibly using the information against them whenever he wanted.  Vargas sent Nick a text about taking care of the money.  EJ let Sami know he would take care of Stefano.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Tracy tells Nikolas that Duke Lavery has booked the new formula Pickle-Lila on “The Chew.” Nikolas suggests that instead of preventing AJ from going on the show that they book their own appearance since they have the superior product. Nikolas says they are not going on the show with a product called “Pickle-Tracy.” She suggests “Pickle-Eddie,” named for her father. He is not able to convince the show to cancel AJ’s appearance, but that they agreed to have them on as well for a surprise taste-off.

Carly has AJ’s phone after accidentally taking the wrong one when she left last night. After trading phones, AJ gets Duke’s message about “The Chew” and Carly listens to numerous messages from Sonny who had been frantically trying to reach her all night to tell her that Morgan is in trouble. Olivia goes to Pentonville and asks Johnny if he fed Connie false information about Morgan to set a trap for Sonny. Johnny says he doesn’t care about Sonny; he is worried for Carly and Morgan. He wonders if Olivia and Sonny are involved now that Connie and Steve are out of the picture. Olivia says her only romantic interest in Sonny was a fleeting adolescent experiment that resulted in a wonderful son, who had been missing recently. He says he just doesn’t want to see her get hurt. She apologizes for accusing him of setting up Sonny. Sonny and Shawn go to Morgan’s school. When the dean opens the door to Morgan’s dorm room, Morgan’s roommate, Travis is inside shaking like a leaf and brandishing a theatre prop pistol, fearing that Sonny and Shawn are from the online gambling operation that had threatened him. Sonny convinces the boy that he is not a threat and asks him to tell him what happened. Travis tells Sonny how they access the games through shareware, not a public Web site. He explains how it started with small bets and good luck, but that they ended up $50k in debt. He tells Sonny that when the men threatened to come see them, Morgan ran. Carly calls Sonny and he brings her up to speed. She wants to go to the school, but Sonny thinks he should stay in Port Charles in case that is Morgan’s destination. Travis says he might have an idea about where Morgan went. Carly asks Michael if he has heard from Morgan. 

Britt feigns pregnancy-related illness and runs to the bathroom. Elizabeth asks Patrick how he feels about Britt’s decision to keep the baby. He says the situation is not ideal, but that he is going to be there for the child because he doesn’t want it to feel unwanted the way his brother Matt did under the same circumstances. Felix finds it fishy that Britt made Patrick cancel his date with Sabrina to drag him to the abortion clinic only to change her mind. He tells Sabrina that Britt never intended to have the procedure. Felix recites the laundry list of scandalous things Britt has done to try to get Patrick. Elizabeth goes to the bathroom looking for Britt and finds her on the bathroom floor. She brings her to the cubicle where Felix and Sabrina have been chatting. Felix takes Elizabeth aside and asks her if she actually saw Britt throwing up. She did not. Patrick overhears Felix and Sabrina saying they can’t let her get away with it. They claim to have been talking about Epiphany’s plan to put all the new nurses on night shift. Patrick unsympathetically asks Sabrina to help Britt. Britt annoys Elizabeth when she asks for pregnancy advice, saying Elizabeth has been through it “more than enough times.” When Sabrina comes in to take over for Elizabeth, she tells Britt to save the act because she knows she is faking it to mess with Patrick’s head. She says she isn’t lost on the fact that as an obstetrician, Britt knows everything that pregnant women go through. Patrick returns to the room and hears Sabrina. AJ goes to the hospital and asks Elizabeth if she is free to go to New York with him this afternoon.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Avery sits alone at home and suddenly decides to write Nick a letter revealing her innermost feelings for him. Dylan calls Avery and invites her to come to the cabin with him, but she refuses. At the Underground, Nick sits alone in Avery’s booth. Noah encourages Nick to call Avery and listen to what she has to say. Billy comes in to work and finds Carmine behind the bar. Billy blasts him for the time that he took off. Carmine challenges him to a game of cards in which if he wins, he will keep his job, but if Billy wins, then Carmine will work for him two weeks without pay. Summer thanks Phyllis and Jack for letting her have Courtney over. Jack and Phyllis let Summer know that Kyle will be the chaperone. Cane brings Katherine home from the hospital to a surprise anniversary planned by Esther, Kevin, and Chloe. Jill comes in upset that Cane already brought Katherine home from the hospital. Phyllis gives Summer a warning concerning Kyle. Billy wins the first hand so Carmine will have to work for Billy for two weeks without pay. Billy challenges Carmine to another hand in which it will be double or nothing. Jack and Phyllis visits Nick’s club. Nick tells them that he reserves the right not to serve them. Kyle chaperones Summer and Courtney’s visit. Summer becomes upset when she sees Fen. Jill wishes Murphy and Katherine a “Happy Anniversary.”

Avery writes her letter to Nick. Dylan remembers when Avery told him that she lost the baby. Nick lets Jack know that at no time will it be all right for Kyle and Summer to date. Fen has some unkind words for Summer. Kyle comes out and interrupts. Fen accuses Kyle of dropping Eden for Summer. Kyle makes Fen leave his home. Summer tells Kyle how she feels about him defending her. Summer also tells him that he acted like he was her boyfriend. Summer asks him if he wished that they were dating. Fen tells Kevin that he made a fool of himself in front of Summer. Cane and Jill discuss him taking over for Katherine. Jill and Katherine spend quality time together. Jill offers to help Katherine upstairs. Dylan calls Chelsea and tells her that he will be coming home soon.

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