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AMC Recap Written by Gisele

AJ is surprised to find Miranda in his room trying on some of Colby's too-small clothes. She's trying to look "hot" for her date with Hunter, but when she puts on a teeny top without a bra, AJ strongly objects and wants her to take it off. When he calls her trailer trash, Miranda takes offense, but he still admonishes her to be careful not to appear too easy. Miranda just wants him to be happy for her that someone asked her out. Bianca enters with a new top for her daughter which AJ approves of. He then apologizes to his friend for being so rough on her which gains him a nice hug. AJ remains silent when Hunter arrives to pick up his date. Later, he runs into Miranda at the coffee shop, but she's not happy that Hunter is talking to another girl. When they invite her to a drug and sex party, Miranda runs away, but AJ punches Hunter down. Bianca visits Marissa's grave and bemoans not being able to raise their children together, as they were supposed to. She will always miss Marissa. Celia glumly returns to Cortland Manor and informs Brooke that she can no longer help with the Miranda Center, but she asserts her rights as an adult to make her own decisions and keep volunteering. When she returns to her room, Celia finds a beautiful bouquet of pink roses and a video message from Pete. When she looks out her window, she is happy to see him standing there holding a red rose.

Zach assures Angie that, even though they're no longer together, Kendall and the kids, are healthy, happy, and safe. Angie informs Jesse and Zach that David Hayward is out of jail and back in Pine Valley. She also asks her unforgiving husband to understand that David has lost everything. She then tells them of her involvement in getting David out on parole and asks Jesse to just let him be. Jesse tells Zach he can't tell Angie about her daughter's kidnapping, because it would kill her. Meanwhile, Cassie struggles against the ties that bind her as Vlad strokes her leg. David demands that Cara tell him what she did, but Griffin tries to keep him away from his sister. When Cara insists that she has to talk to David, Griff backs off. David is upset that she never wrote or visited him when he was imprisoned, but she couldn't deal with his pain as well as hers, so she burned all his letters to erase all their memories. She still does, however, wear his necklace. She claims she never knew the baby's gender and walks away crying. Wiping his tears, David is started to see the name JR Chandler on a patient's door and sneaks in to say hello to the man on a ventilator. After perusing his records, David turns off all alarms and threatens to pull the plug on the machine keeping JR alive. Finally, David decides to let him enjoy his living hell for what he took away from him. Sitting down next to him, David asks if JR even knew who he wanted to kill that night. Regardless, Marissa was hit when he tried to stop JR from firing his gun, then he shot him and pled guilty. Seeing JR's finger move, David decides not to allow him to wake up and puts his hand around his throat.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Forced with the inevitable question, Brooke admits to Donna that she betrayed Katie by sleeping with her husband. She explains that they both thought it was over; that Katie had ended their marriage (still doesn’t make it right in my eyes). When Katie stormed out and said she wanted a divorce, she and Bill both started seeing things differently. They made love that once but both agree that it can never happen again. They love Katie too much to hurt her like that. Donna says she doesn’t care what happened then but how can Bill turn it back on and love Katie now. Bill stops by and runs into Caroline. He says he is very proud of her and there will be a generous donation from Spencer Publications but he can’t attend the fundraiser. He needs to be with Katie.

Caroline fills in Rick, Carter, Marcus, Thomas and Oliver, all the hunky men, who will soon be in the showroom modeling. Rick isn’t sure it is right for her to just spring this on them at last minute. She softens it a bit by saying she sold out all the tickets for $1000 a pop. They all agree that it is for a good cause so it’s a go. Bill tells Alison to clear his day tomorrow and Katie’s also. He has made reservations and he’s going to spend the day with his wife. He tells Katie they need to do more of this; spend more time and get back together. He warns her though not to treat him like he’s a saint. She knows he is not. She says she will never doubt him again though; he will always be there for her. Donna wonders if Katie has any suspicions at all. Brooke says no and Donna is the only one to know about this. Katie must never know. Donna agrees as Katie might not survive this. Brooke is flushed and starts to perspire. She confides to Donna and she is starting menopause.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nick was frantic when the money was missing.  Sami wondered why Kate gave her a gun.  Kate said it was the perfect gift for someone marrying a DiMera.  Rafe let EJ know he was done with Sami.  Nicole talked to Eric about Vargas not being the person he thought he was.  Eric wanted to know what changed.  Kate tried to convince Sami that she needed the gun, but Sami didnít want it.  Nick was convinced someone stole the money and was going to make the person pay.  Maggie showed Nick pictures of Lucas and Allie.  Nick wondered why Sami wasnít in the pictures.  Maggie said Sami stayed in the house until she left.  Nick left the mansion.  EJ and Rafe got into an argument over the children as well as Sami.  Brady went to the chapel to talk to Eric, but they agreed to meet later.  Nicole wanted Brady to check up on Vargas.  Nick showed up at Samiís office.

Stefano ran into Kate.  Nick wanted to know where the money was, but Sami acted as if she didnít know what he was talking about.  Nick accused her of taking the money.  Vargas overheard Nicole telling Brady to check in Vargasí past.  Brady agreed to check Vargas out.  When Brady left, Vargas walked in on Nicole.  She was afraid of what he was going to do to her, but he said he wasnít going to do anything.  He wanted her to tell Brady not to investigate him or he would tell Eric her secret.  Stefano hinted that he knew Kate was seeing someone before he walked away from her.  When Nick tried to take Samiís briefcase, EJ showed up to stop him.  Nicole called Brady and told him not to check up on him.  Brady was curious, but agreed to let it drop.  Nick begged Sami to give him the money, but she didnít give it to him.  Nick eventually left the office.  Nicole threatened to bring Vargas down if he did anything to Eric.  Kate met Rafe to tell him that it was over between them.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ellie calls Spinelli to tell him that Maxie is pregnant with his child. Maxie wrestles the phone away from Ellie and tells Spinelli that Ellie had to step out. She tells him that Ellie broke the law by hacking into her medical records and stealing the file. She tells Ellie that she has to hear her out before she says anything to Spinelli. Maxie hits the ignore button when Spinelli calls Ellie back. He leaves a message telling Ellie that he will be annoyed if it turns out that she asked him to help her get into the hospital mainframe so she could hack Maxieís file after he had asked her to drop her inquiries. Ellie tells Maxie that Dante and Lulu need to know the truth. Maxie says Ellie is naÔve if she doesnít think revealing that the baby is genetically Maxie and Spinelliís will change her relationship with Spinelli. Ellie says it isnít about her; it is about Dante, Lulu, and Spinelliís right to know the truth. Maxie lets Ellie feel the baby move. She says she knows Spinelli wants children, but not now, not with her, and not at the cost of his Dante and Luluís future. She says that if Ellie doesnít agree that keeping the secret will be best for everyone, including herself, then she can tell Spinelli the truth. Spinelli tries to call Ellie again, but she ignores the call and leaves the apartment without her phone.

Dante announces to Lulu that he will be staying at Miloís too. Lulu thanks Milo for his hospitality and leaves. Max prevents Milo from following her. Milo sneaks out of his apartment when Max goes to the bathroom. Dante finds Lulu at the Floating Rib choosing a song on the jukebox. He tells her that she is doing exactly the same thing that she was doing when they met. She asks him to continue the story while they play pool. She has a brief flash of saying her name was Trixie the first time they met. Dante asks Lulu if she remembers what happened next. Milo comes into the Floating Rib and interrupts. Dante finishes the story, telling her about her brothers Lucky and Ethan beating the crap out of him. He says he took it with a smile because he wasnít going to give up on her, and he isnít going to give up now either. Lulu runs away and takes Milo with her.

Laura visits Nikolas at Wyndemere and notices Elizabethís absence. He reveals that Elizabeth left right after he kissed her. Laura thought Nikolasís relationship was over and that Elizabeth was with AJ. She thinks it is a bad idea for Nik to pursue Elizabeth because of Lucky. Nik says Lucky and Elizabeth are not married anymore and that Lucky hasnít been around in a year. Laura says it would still be painful for Lucky to see his ex-wife move on with his brother. He points out that Lucky left Elizabeth and lives in Ireland. He adds that Lucky isnít the issue. AJ Quartermaine is. Laura warns him not to set himself up to be a home wrecker again. Nikolas protests that AJ and Elizabeth arenít even dating yet. Laura advises Nikolas to stay out of Elizabethís relationship with AJ. AJ is in his bedroom with Carly vowing that no one must ever know that they slept together. Elizabeth arrives unannounced at the Quartermaineís door. Monica realizes that Elizabeth isnít in AJís room with him so someone else is. She tells Elizabeth that he is sleeping. Carly hears Elizabeth and Monica talking as she is sneaking down the stairs to make her escape. She goes back up and tells AJ that Elizabeth is there. He goes downstairs to intercept Elizabeth. Monica goes up to AJís room to find out who is there. She finds Carly in the closet. Carly forbids Monica to breathe a word to anyone. Monica gets Carly out of the house unseen. Elizabeth and AJ apologize to each other for overreacting. They agree to start over. When Elizabeth leaves, Monica warns AJ that if Elizabeth ever finds out that he slept with Carly, it will be over between them.

OLTL Recap Written by Anthony

Jeffrey and Viki get into a minor argument over the direction they should go in when it comes to what they should and should not say about Dorian, because Viki does not want it to look like a personal vendetta. Victor and Tťa make love to each other on their living room floor. Dorian does not know what to do when it comes to her career but knows she will prove herself to be right. David tries to get Dorian to just resign, but she gets a phone call from the press who want to have her on which she agrees to right away. Cutter runs into some police officers who explain they will make sure nothing bad happens to the club. Rama runs into Vimal.

Dorian preps herself for her interview. Todd and Blair discuss the past and Blair does not want to rehash the future even though Todd is all for it and tries. In the end, Blair tells Todd off and he agrees with everything she says. Viki, Clint and Jeffrey listen to the press conference and are overjoyed when Dorian gets thrown in a corner because of them. Rama and Vimal decide to have an open marriage, because they love each other. Victor learns about the baby and tells Tťa they will get through it. Tťa leaves to get dressed so they can go see Dani. Victor rips off a stuffed animal's head and walks out like nothing happened.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victoria asks Adam if things would be different between him and Chelsea if he were the father of her child. Adam doesn’t want to talk about hypothetical situations and suggests that Victoria should spend time with her family instead of working at Newman Enterprises. Victoria thinks that Adam is afraid of some competition at the company and for Victor’s attention that is why he is trying to push her out of the company. Victoria gets a message from JT asking if Reid can stay with her for a while, and she rushes home to talk to Billy. Billy tells Victoria that she should quit her job and concentrate on her family, which leads to a long and loud argument, because Victoria insists she can handle her job and her family. Victor runs into Sharon after she has finished a job interview and he tells her that he will never forgive her for what she did to his company. Victor also tells Sharon that he is glad that Adam has different priorities now. Sharon sends a text message to Adam, and they agree to meet in his office where they later make love.

Neil reports the break-in at his apartment to the police. Detective Cheryl Gordon is on the case and heads to Crimson Lights to question Kevin and Chloe. Kevin and Chloe tell the detective they were together the entire time and made love on the drafting table in her office. Chloe wonders if Kevin broke into Neil’s apartment while he was out for a while getting whipped cream. Neil is very worried when he discovers that a flash drive was stolen that contained some very important information about Jabot that could be dangerous if it got in the hands of a rival company. Detective Gordon tells Paul she thinks that the person who broke into Neil’s apartment was looking for something specific that was important to Neil. Billy fights his urge to gamble even when Carmine tells him that he could make a lot of money in Vegas. Victor stops by On the Boulevard to tell Billy that this business will fail just like everything else he has ever tried to do. Fenmore gets arrested for punching a bouncer at Nick’s club when he wouldn’t let him inside, because he is underage. Paul gets the charges dropped after Fen promises not to go to the club again. Michael asks Lauren who sent her the notes and cards he found, but she tells him the maid must have left them when she was cleaning. Paul questions Carmine about his relationship with Lauren. He insists she is just his customer and nothing else. Paul warns Carmine to stay out of trouble, because he will be watching him.

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