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AMC Recap Written by Gisele

Celia rebels against her mystery guardian trying to keep her in line and orders Evelyn to tell him that, at 18, she wants her own life whether he likes it or not. Assuring her she's not afraid of him, Evelyn promises to speak to Celia's guardian, so she won't have to go sneaking around. Adam surprises Brooke with a big kiss to thank her for "last night," which was pretty wonderful. Opal walks in on the two lovebirds and urges them to get a room. Pete is next through the open front door and gets a big hug from Brooke, who promises Adam that she will speak to Winifred about the lax security. Opal wants her son to talk to Adam before making any major decisions about Cortlandt Enterprises. From what he's read in the papers, Adam doesn't think Pete needs any advice, but gives him the name of a lawyer. Pete and Opal don't agree on how long he'll stay in Pine Valley. Pete walks out just as Celia arrives to work with Brooke about the Miranda Center. Opal is pleased to meet Celia and deletes the file she'd been working on just to keep her around more and, hopefully, keep Pete in town. After he dismisses the lawyer, Pete returns to Cortlandt Manor but Celia's already left, much to Opal's dismay. Pete retrieves Celia's file and looks forward to seeing Brooke's assistant again. Celia is disappointed when Evelyn is not able to gain her more freedom and that she has to quit volunteering at the Miranda Center, but if she tried to leave, she would have nowhere to go.

At the hospital, Cara nearly has a stroke when she sees David go down a hallway. She and Griffin take refuge in a room where he accuses her of not having let David go after all these years. She kicks herself for not having confronted David herself instead of sending him a letter about her miscarriage. Griff thinks she had no choice but to lie to him about her baby. Panicked, Cara wants to leave right away, but she has a commitment to a patient with cancer. David is pleased to run into Angie and thanks her for speaking on his behalf to the parole board. She couldn't stand the thought of him being locked up for what was, in her opinion, an "accident." Angie wishes David would have gone somewhere else and avoid other people's negative reactions to his return, but he has unfinished business which he can't let go. Angie shares her sadness at Lucy now living in Oregon with Maya but decides to concentrate on the good in her life. David understands he's not the only one who's lost someone he loves. Angie tells David that Cara left the hospital after her miscarriage to return to "Doctors Without Borders" but now she's back. Before Cara can make her getaway to Puerto Rico, David confronts her about what she did. Jesse doesn't believe that Cassandra would just take off when she knows her family is waiting for her. Zach arrives to clue Jesse in on who picked up Cassie at the airport. He speaks of a Russian mob, Koslov, who threatened his family and caused Kendall to leave him out of fear. Zach is sure they're not going to stop until they get what they want -- his casino. Meanwhile, a Russian named Vlad brings a captive but defiant Cassie breakfast. When she kicks the tray away, he yells and hits her. As she's still not being "nice" to him, he decides to teach her a lesson. Angie walks in on Jesse and Zach working the phones and warmly greets her old friend.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill gives Katie a kiss and asks if she’d like to go to Forrester with him. Caroline would love to see her. Katie says no, she has a lot to do at the office. She will invite Caroline and her two moms over for dinner soon. Liam and Steffy walk in and Bill greets the happy couple. Liam and Steffy tell Katie that she looks good and they are glad she is out of the hospital. Bill says he’d like to stay and hear all about the honeymoon, but he’s late for a meeting at Forrester so he has to go. He warns Steffy to eat right and take care of that grandchild in there. Alone Katie tells Steffy that at one time she hoped things would turn out differently, but there is a baby now and she’s glad they are gonna be a family. She only wants good things for them and the baby in their marriage. There’s a meeting in Eric’s office of Taylor, Donna, Brooke and Hope. Donna just wants to go over some things for Caroline’s fundraiser. Taylor doesn’t mean it to be a slur but mentions she will get with Thomas but he is moving into the beach house since she doesn’t need it any more. She apologizes to Donna as she didn’t mean to throw that in her face. Then Donna throws one back to her by asking about Steffy being back today and that she's probably too busy and tired from pregnancy to come help out. There is an awkwardness in the air. Hope is the first to duck out. Brooke tells Taylor that Katie is better so she can stop with the insinuations. Brooke exits and leaves a little bombshell that why doesn’t Taylor go to her office every once in a while. Donna jumps on Taylor for harassing Brooke and Katie too. She’d like her to leave her sisters alone. Taylor remarks that she is only trying to look out for Katie. She is surprised that Donna doesn’t appreciate that. Donna says if Taylor would just keep at being Katie’s therapist that would be fine, but she’s crossed over that line. Taylor reminds her that Donna should be worried as Brooke can not respect boundaries and say no. Donna says considering Taylor’s history with Brooke she can understand why she would think that way. But she talked to both Bill and Brooke and they denied it. There was an attraction because Katie pushed them to that, but nothing happened. They did not cross the line. Just knowing what it would do to Katie, neither one of them would pursue their feelings of attraction.

Another awkward moment for Hope – she’s looking at some internet pix of Liam and Steffy when Steffy arrives in her office. Hope says she was just dropping off some things for Steffy to approve. Steffy is apologetic and says she knows how difficult this must be. She knows it will be difficult at first, but it doesn’t have to be forever. She wants them to be able to work together. They are family now and she doesn’t want to settle for just tolerating each other. She is offering her hand in friendship. Hope is shocked. She says Liam was gonna end up with one of them yes, but it was supposed to be Hope. Steffy took that from her so she doesn’t think she deserves her forgiveness. Brooke daydreams about her lovemaking/kisses with Bill. He walks in looking for Caroline. Brooke says she is probably in the showroom, but asks Bill not to leave. Brooke asks Bill about Katie and he mentions all is well and that she is spending the day at the office. Brooke wants more details as to how he is getting along with Katie. He replies better and better. In fact he is turning down Caroline’s offer for help so he can spend the day with Katie. Brooke mumbles that is as it should be, but then tells him that she just can’t help but think about what they shared together. She doesn’t know how she will get him out of her mind. She asks if he thinks about it. He says yes but they can’t go there again. He touches her hair, her face and gives her a hug……a very long hug just as Donna is about to open the door wider and spies them. She clears her throat so they will hear her coming. Bill says he was looking for Caroline but now has to leave. Donna walks a fine line to try and gather information from Brooke about how she loves her sister and would never hurt her…..and……she has grown closer to Bill but would never cross that line. Brooke turns her back to Donna while silently weeping. Donna continues that if Brooke had done anything that Donna would be able to tell just by the look on her face. Slowly Brooke turns around and Donna goes OMG, she did!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Vargas called Nick to remind him to triple the $30,000 he gave him.  While Vargas was threatening Nick, Nicole walked in on him.  EJ found the money Sami took from Nick.  Sami explained how she got the money.  EJ wondered where Nick got the money.  EJ was upset that Sami took the money.  While Nick was figuring out what to do with the money, Rafe called Nick so they could meet to talk about Gabi.  Abe and Eric talked about the outreach program.  When Abe got on the subject of Vargas, Eric didn’t seem to want to talk to him.  Nick met Rafe to talk about Gabi.  Abe wondered if Eric had a problem with Nicole and Vargas, but Eric said he didn’t.  Vargas wanted to know if Nicole heard his phone call.  She said she did.  They got into an argument.  When she intimated that she would tell Eric, he threatened her.  EJ and Sami argued about her being at the strip joint while Rafe was dancing.  Rafe wanted to know why Nick wouldn’t let Will spend time with the baby.  Nick wondered why Rafe cared so much about Will.

Nick defended why he didn’t care for Will.  Rafe wanted Nick to focus on being there for Gabi instead of worrying about Will.  Kate walked up on them just as Nick left.  Sami tried to assure EJ that she only had eyes for him.  Rafe had to go to the police station.  Kate called Sami so they could meet.  Vargas said he wasn’t threatening Nicole because he didn’t do anything wrong.  He threatened to tell Eric that she called out his name during sex.  Eric walked in on them and wanted to know what was going on.  Kate met Sami at her office.  Abe went to see Eric to talk about the program.  Nicole overheard them talking about Vargas.  When Abe left, Nicole warned Eric not to trust Vargas.  EJ and Rafe ran into each other.  Kate bought Sami and engagement gift.  Nick made a business deal with the $30,000.  When he went to look for it, the money was gone.  The present Kate gave Sami was a gun.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lulu comes onto Milo. He pushes away from her. She kisses him again. He pushes her away again and tells her never to do that again. He asks her how she thinks it would make Dante feel. She says she doesn’t remember being Dante’s wife. She doubts that Max ratted her out to Dante. Dante bangs on the door. Lulu opens it, tells him that she told him that she is ok, and attempts to close the door on him, but he forces himself in. He is very thankful to Milo for keeping Lulu safe until he finds out that she has been with Milo the whole time. He punches Milo. Lulu accuses him of taking unfair advantage because he knows Milo won’t defend himself against his boss’s son. She demands that Dante apologize. He does it and then asks her to come home. She says no, she isn’t ready. He says she can stay at Milo’s place, but that he is staying there too.  

Ellie looks at Maxie’s medical records and discovers that she had a miscarriage and then tells Maxie what she found. Maxie is furious that Ellie conned Spinelli into helping her hack into the hospital mainframe so she could steal the records. She says the records must be wrong. Ellie thinks Maxie had Dr. Westbourne implant another embryo. Maxie admits that she had a miscarriage on New Year’s Eve and that she asked Dr. Westbourne to implant another embryo, but it wasn’t possible because she was already pregnant again. Ellie realizes that Maxie is pregnant with Spinelli’s child. Spinelli goes to visit Betsy Frank in Woodstock, NY and tells her that Franco and his daughter Lauren are Edward Quartermaine’s heirs according to the terms of his will. Betsy says Franco doesn’t have a daughter. Spinelli reveals that Heather told him that Franco fathered a daughter but the mother refused him access. Betsy admits that it is true. She says she doesn’t have any contact with her granddaughter but gives him the last address she knew. She tells him that she hopes he will never have to deal with not knowing his offspring the way Bobby did. When Spinelli leaves, Betsy announces to someone that they can come out now. Ellie calls Spinelli to tell him about the baby.

Nikolas confesses to Elizabeth that he has never gotten over her and that he doesn’t want to. He kisses her. She says she can’t get involved with him again. He tells her that he only let her go for his brother’s sake, but now that Lucky is gone, there is nothing to stop them. He tells her that it wouldn’t be wrong now and they could date publicly. She insists that she can’t do that to Lucky. He asks her if it is really about Lucky or if it is about AJ.  She realizes that AJ’s jealousy wasn’t unfounded. Meanwhile, AJ thinks Elizabeth has dumped him for Nikolas and he really wants the drink in Carly’s hand. He knocks the glass out of Carly’s hand, grabs her, and kisses her. She kisses him back. They find themselves in bed. Later, they agree that they still hate each other and that no one must ever know about this. Monica knocks on the door and says she heard a noise and wonders if AJ if he is alright. She notices that he is flushed. She thinks he has had another panic attack. When he won’t let her into his room, she assumes Elizabeth is in there with him. When Monica leaves, Carly jokes to AJ about what Monica would have said if she had known who was really in his bed. Monica answers the door and is shocked to see Elizabeth standing there.

OLTL Recap Written by Anthony

Viki finds Todd sleeping in the waiting room and he wakes up wondering about Dani. Todd says he better go see her. Viki explains that someone else needs to see her first. At Dorian's. Dorian believes she is getting hung out to dry. Dorian cannot believes that they are letting her take the blame. Blair asks if she is doing ok. Dorian says she will be fine. David gives her a drink. Téa gets Dani to wake up and gives her some water to drink because her stomach is weak. Victor comes in and starts having a panic attack and starts screaming. Téa tries to calm down Dani. Victor gives Dani a hug and she knows that it is him and hugs him back and is happy and smiling.

Viki explains that Dani finding out about Victor will be a shock to her, and she will need time but that she will need both him and Victor. Todd does not know if he will be able to do that. Viki assures Todd that what happened with Dorian had nothing to do with a personal vendetta. Jeffrey is introduced to Todd. Jeffrey tells Viki that everyone is talking about Dorian because of them. Since Dorian doesn't believe she was getting screwed, David thinks that she is too trusting. Sam asks if Dorian wants to play with her. Dorian is shocked that Victor showed up. Sam shows David how to text properly. Dorian does not think that Blair needs history to repeat itself. Blair explains it will not. Blair tells Sam to go do his homework. When Dorian asks David and Blair for their help, she knows what she has to do. Blair and David look scared. Dani is shocked to hear it was Todd. Todd bursts in saying that he would like to see his daughter. Téa and Victor demand that Todd leave the room and the three fight. Dani tells them all to stop. Nora tells Matthew she is sorry about not believing him and treating him like a child. Nora knows that he is scared because of Drew and will know it soon enough. Nora offers to help Matthew look for an apartment. Matthew does not want it but then changes his mind. Nora does not want Matthew to get hurt at all and is scared after all that happened. No matter what, he is her baby.

Todd explains that Dani called for help. Dani explains she called to punch Todd but she was too high to go to Port Charles. Todd wants to know why she is doing drugs and will not leave until he gets answers. When Dani tries to leave, Todd tells her she has to stay for 72 hours because of her attempted suicide. She denies trying to kill herself. Victor talks to Viki. Viki understands that Allison Perkins had him all this time. Victor says it was more than just Allison. Viki wonders how he got away. He explains that he outsmarted her. Viki is happy that Dani has her back and wishes she could stay, but she has to leave. Victor says it is ok. Dani explains she is miserable and that is why she is doing drugs. Todd wonders what that means. Dani says that Téa left her to go find Tomas and has been depressed over her dead baby. Dani can't believes that Todd wants to come back in her life. Todd says that he was really scared when he heard her voice. Victor comes in and tells Todd to leave. Téa says the same. Victor tells Todd never to come near his family again and closes the door. Blair takes Viki into the living room and David says he is happy to see her but Dorian won't be. Dorian comes into the room and asks dare Viki show her face. Viki says she is sorry but people needed to know. Dorian thinks that Viki's readers are not that interested. Viki says she came to ask for permission to tell everyone that Dorian is leaving office. Dorian says never. Apologizing, Viki decides to go.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Kevin visits Chloe at work, complete with flowers and an invitation for lunch. Chloe is apprehensive about going with him, because she doesn’t know what he has in mind. Michael comes to see Christine about a case he is working on and instead finds Paul in her office. Paul asks Michael how things are going between him and Lauren. Michael informs him that he moved out of the house in order to save his marriage. Lauren wakes up in an empty hotel room but not for long because Carmine comes back with breakfast for her. Leslie tells Neil that Gus may get to come home today. Lily runs into Tyler at the hospital and he tells her that he had a talk with Cane about them. Lily is shocked at him talking to Cane about them. Katherine tells Jill that she is stepping down from Chancellor and is naming Cane as her successor. Jill is completely mortified by the news. Lily and Tyler discuss the new ad campaign featuring Chelsea’s designs. Lily gives Tyler helpful advice concerning Gus and his attitude toward his father. Neil watches Lily and Tyler talk. Michael lets Paul know how things are between him, Lauren, and Fen. Michael gets a call from Mr. Barber that Fen missed school for the last two days. Chloe and Kevin are quite disappointed that they didn’t get to have the lunch they wanted. Chloe plans an imaginary picnic in Thailand for them. Chloe changes her clothes to one of Chelsea’s designs. Michael comes home and finds Fen asleep on the sofa, then lashes out at him for missing school. Michael asks Fen where Lauren is. Neil asks Lily what is going on between her and Tyler. Lily denies that anything is going on. Neil warns Lily about Tyler. Tyler sits by Gus’ bed and talks to him.

Jill lashes out at Katherine for giving Cane full reins of Chancellor. Katherine tells Jill that she is making this all about herself. Jill insists that she is the one for Chancellor. Leslie asks Gus how long the affair was going on between him and Rose. Michael calls Lauren and asks where she is. Lauren refuses to tell him. Carmine comes out of the bathroom and asks Lauren if she wants champagne. Michael hears him and asks her what that was. Lauren tells him that it was a waiter. Lauren makes plans to go home to Michael. Carmine tempts her with his kisses so she will stay longer. Lauren acts as though she is giving him what he wants, but the moment Carmine leaves the room, Lauren sneaks out. Neil comes home to find his apartment ransacked.

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