Tuesday 4/30/13 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 4/30/13 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Gisele

Jesse leaves yet another message for Cassandra wondering where she is, since she didn't meet her car at the airport. When Angie comes home from shopping, Jesse tells her there may not be a big surprise after all, but then there's a knock at the door and it's Joe Martin. Jesse leaves the two doctors to talk and goes to the airport to try and track down Cassandra. He's told that she made it through customs, so he asks to see the security tapes of the baggage claim carousels. Meanwhile, a man tears off a page from Cassandra's passport then goes through her purse. Jesse sees Cassandra leave the airport with a driver and demands to see the outside surveillance tapes. Then he calls Zach because the limo in which she left is registered to his casino. Even though Pine Valley is not his favorite place, Zach agrees to help. Meanwhile, Cassandra is tied to a bed crying and screaming as a man enters the shabby room. As Evelyn is questioning Celia about a condom in her purse, Heather walks in and asks her friend about the hot guy she was seen talking to outside. Evelyn sends Heather off to conjugate French verbs then continues her interrogation of Celia who confesses that she hands out condoms to hookers at the Miranda Center and asks Ms. Johnson not to tell her guardian. Celia wishes she could be more like a normal teenager and be with a guy. She's angry that her guardian never comes to see her, and she doesn't appreciate all the gifts he lavishes on her -- she just wants a life!

When AJ tells Dixie that he's meeting friends at Jane's Addiction to celebrate their soccer win, she urges him to go and have fun then cries on Brooke's shoulder about missing "him" so much. She cries as she visits "him" at the hospital. When she leaves, his monitor beeps rapidly. Opal keeps pressing Pete to stay and help run Cortlandt Electronics, but he's eager to get back to his own company. Opal recommends Jane's Addiction when Pete asks for a place to get coffee then informs him that the private school nearby is Bramwell Hall where the girls wear crimson. Pete talks with Heather at the coffee shop and asks to see her school page. When she leaves, he does more research on the school and finds Celia Fitzgerald's student file. At the coffee shop, Bianca surprises Miranda with tickets to the "One Direction" concert in NYC, but she doesn't want to miss the school dance, so she suggests that her mom and Gabby go and spend the weekend in the city. Hunter walks in and asks to talk to Miranda later. Bianca understands and agrees to leave, then Hunter approaches Miranda again and compliments her and her mom. She eagerly agrees to hang out with him on Thursday. AJ is not pleased when he finds out.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy feels like they just started shopping, but Liam thinks they bought out every baby shop in Aspen. They discuss baby names and it keeps changing for Steffy – Aspen and then Cali. Liam suggests they could see Dr. Caspary and find out…..nah Steffy says it’s much more fun to pick out two of everything, blue and pink. A delivery is made and it’s a large photo frame with pix of Steffy in her wedding dress on the cycle, says Mom and Dad. Liam says he wants their child to see how cool his mom was on her wedding day. She thanks him and says he never made her feel like she trapped him. She feels so secure in their love. Eric is in his office sketching when Taylor walks in. She remembers what Brooke just told her that she could have Eric any time she wanted him just like that. She apologizes to Eric if she kept him up last night with her tossing and turning. He says no, but wonders why that happened….if it had anything to do with his defending Brooke yesterday. She admits it hurt. And then Brooke accused her of trying to stir up trouble. Slowly she tells him what Brooke said about being able to get Eric back if she wanted him. Eric says yes they were married yeas ago and have children, but Brooke doesn’t want him back. He assures Taylor that Brooke is his past; she is his future.

Brooke is in Dr. Caspary’s office and although she has been told she is healthy, she doesn’t feel that way. Dr. Caspary advises her to tell her if she is depressed or has other issues she might want to talk about. Brooke comments that it feels awfully hot in here and gets up and pours herself a glass of water. She confides in the doctor that she hasn’t been sleeping very well and her skin feels really dry. She wonders if the doctor thinks she is having hot flashes…….oh my God, the M word. The doctor admits that Brooke has several symptoms that could point to menopause. But it’s nothing to fear. She is a beautiful, sexual, vital woman and that won’t change. They can run some tests to see if that is the case. Either way, she definitely is peri-menopausal and the process has begun. They do not have any control over that. Brooke says she is not ready for this now after all that she has just gone through. Brooke goes back to the office and finds a large envelope for her. She takes out the pix of the Bedroom Line….the one of her in her red skimpy outfit. Eric comes in and says good, he was hoping he’d see her today. He knows Taylor would not want him to apologize for her, but she was way off base yesterday. Brooke says she knows how Taylor feels, but she was not entirely blameless in all of this either. She said some things she should not have said. Eric says he knows and she was wrong. As close as they are now and what they have shared over the years, a snap of her fingers will not get him to leave Taylor. She is not a consolation prize; his feelings for her are very real. He won’t have Brooke talking to Taylor that way. He says he doesn’t like what is going on around here and things have got to change. He has to drag it out of her, but she finally confesses that she saw her doctor today and it might be menopause. She cries and he wipes the tears away and gives her a hug. He won’t hear of her giving up on being the model….no one is sexier or more alluring than she is at any age! She still feels like part of her life is ending. Liam tells Steffy that she is carrying precious cargo in there and no way can they go paragliding. For the record, no more motorcycle rides for her either until after the baby is born. Woman, he is laying down the law. She says ok, no paragliding or riding. She feels like she has been flying ever since she got married; they confess they love each other so much.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

While Sami and Sonny were searching Nick and Gabiís room, Nick came back.  Adrienne tried to stop him from going in, but he went in the room anyway.  Marlena went to see John so they could talk.  Kristen opened the envelope Ciara gave her.  Hope showed up while Kristen and Ciara were talking.  Hope wanted to talk to Ciara about what happened at school.  While Hope and Ciara were gone, Kristen and Brady talked about Ciara and the present she gave Kristen.  John handed Marlena a key and the two got into an argument.  Sami and Sonny were able to hide without Nick seeing them.  Nick got a text and managed not to see Sami and Sonny.  It turned out that Sonny sent Nick a text to get rid of him.  Sami and Sonny found Nickís flash drives in the room.  Sonny told her to take them to the office and he would find another way to get in the room.  When Sonny left, Sami looked at Nickís briefcase.  Ciara ended up giving Kristen the wrong card.  Victor wanted to talk to John.  Sami found the $30,000 in Nickís room.  Sami took the money and left.  Nick met Sonny at the coffeehouse.  Sonny talked to Nick about Will and the baby.  Ciara looked through her bag and noticed that she gave Kristen the wrong envelope.  Victor wanted to know what John was doing.  Victor knew that John had a plan that involved Brady and Kristen and he wanted to know what it was.

Sami went to her office with the flash drives.  Will and EJ were there and they helped her look at the files.  Sonny and Nick got into an argument.  Hope talked to Marlena about Ciaraís behavior.  Marlenaís interest was piqued when Hope said Ciara was obsessed with Kristen.  John told Victor to swear that he wouldnít tell anyone the plan.  Sonny showed up at Samiís office.  Will found the confession.  Sonny was going to get the flash drives back to the Kiriakis mansion.  Will was grateful to Sami and EJ for his help.  Marlena talked to Ciara about Kristen.  Stefano and Kristen talked about her plan to destroy John.  John told Victor that he found a way to keep Brady away from Kristen.  John realized that Kristen was still in love with him.  John told Victor that he came up with a sick and twisted plan to get Kristen away from Brady.  Kristen told Stefano that she came up with a sick and twisted plan for John.  She planned to seduce John the day sheís supposed to marry Brady.  She also planned for Brady to catch them together.  Marlena talked to Hope about John and how they might not be able to work things out.  John told Victor that he planned to sleep with Kristen and have Brady catch them.  Victor didnít approve of the plan.  John believed that Brady would hate Kristen if he caught him with her.  Victor warned John that he will lose Brady and Marlena.  John knew that he would lose Marlena, but he didnít want to lose his son.  Stefano warned Kristen that she would lose Brady.  She knew that it would hurt Brady, but she didnít care.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ellie slams her computer shut when Maxie walks into the living room. Ellie claims she was just Skyping with Spinelli. When Ellie resumes rifling through Maxieís file, she discovers that Maxie had a miscarriage. Carly hears AJ leaving a groveling voicemail message for Elizabeth. She tells him that she thinks he goaded Sonny into punching him because he wanted to punish himself for messing things up with Elizabeth. She asks him what has him so afraid of that makes him have panic attacks and whether he is under a doctorís care. He says Elizabeth has been helping him. She tells him not to count on Elizabeth now that he has shown her who he really is and besides, she is moving on with Nikolas so AJ might as well move on too. Elizabeth takes Nikolas home to Wyndemere, but she doesnít like the idea of him being alone on a remote island so she invites him to stay at her house while he recuperates from his gunshot wound. He says he will be staying in Port Charles until his sister is better and that his son and staff will be there tomorrow. Elizabeth listens to AJís message and tells Nikolas that AJ wants to see her. Her phone rings again while she is in the kitchen, and Nikolas answers it. AJ demands to know why Nik is answering Lizís phone. Elizabeth returns to the parlor. Nikolas hands her the phone. AJ says he canít believe how quickly she decided to play house with Nikolas and tells her to have a nice life. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that everyone knows that what they had together is over. Nikolas says he doesnít know that. He confesses that he never got over her and he kisses her. AJ picks up a carafe of vodka. Carly tries to convince him not to drink, but he says she canít stop him. She changes her strategy and dares him to drink. He smacks the drink out of her hand. She dares him to hit her. He kisses her.

Connie tells Sonny that Morgan is in danger and relays the information that she got from Johnny about Morganís gambling debt. Olivia doubts Johnnyís credibility, but Sonny takes it seriously. He calls Morgan at college with no answer and then leaves to go to his office. Connie tells Olivia that she had come to the Metro Court to tell Carly, but that she is glad she saw Sonny. She says she didnít mention Sonnyís birthday because she trashed his life on his last birthday. Sonny tells Dante about Morganís situation. He says Carly has protected Morgan from Sonnyís business so Morgan has no idea who to watch out for. He says he has left a message for Jax and that he tried to call Carly, but she isnít answering her phone. Dante says he would like to do better by Morgan than he did by Michael when he was in trouble. Sonny says he is going to Vanderbilt in person. He says he is going to take Shawn with him so that Max and Milo can stay and help Dante find Lulu. Sonny counsels Dante not to push Lulu too hard, citing his experience with doing that to Connie. At Miloís apartment, Milo suggests that Lulu might have better success with regaining her memory if she goes home. She says she canít stand dealing with Danteís constant expectations and disappointments. He says she canít stay with him forever. She wonders why she canít. He reveals that he likes her more than he should. She says Max told her that Milo had a crush on her, but she thought it was in the past. She wonders if she liked him in return. He tells her that she first liked one of his bossís rivals, and then she liked the bossís son who was working undercover at the time so she thought he was a mobster too. She doesnít know how she managed to pass over a great guy like Milo. Max goes to Miloís place and wonders what he interrupted. He tells Lulu that she needs to get dressed before Dante sees her like that. She says Dante doesnít know she is there. Max says he is going to tell him. He says she needs to go home and get to know her husband again. He adds that if she cares about Milo, she will leave and take the target on his back with her. She agrees that she shouldnít put Milo in danger. She says she will leave, but she is not going to Dante. Milo says he canít throw Lulu out. Max says he canít protect them anymore and he leaves. Milo tells Lulu that he can take his licks as long as she is ok. She says she is just fine and she kisses him. Max tells Dante that Lulu is at Miloís place.

OLTL Recap Written by Anthony

As Tťa runs into the hospital with the others following her, Todd explains that Dani is getting checked out. Dorian tries to defend herself to Viki who believes that she is doing the right thing and does not want to believe Dorian. Viki thinks what Dorian is saying is laughable and Dorian thinks there is nothing funny about a liability lawsuit. Viki tries to explain to Dorian that she has evidence from the CIA. Dorian has the situation under control and will stop Viki from spreading lies about her. At Dorian's house David tells Dorian that he believes that she is being played by this other senator. Dorian does not want to believe this and thinks there is more going on than what is being said. The two decide to go out, but when they open the curtains, they find reporters outside. At Shelter, Cutter tries to fix things before the customers leave by giving free shots with help from Rama. Rama tells Cutter that someone in the VIP lounge wants an entire bottle for free. Cutter has Rama do whatever. Rama wonders if Cutter sold Dani the drugs which he denies.

In Dani's hospital room, she is unconscious in the bed and Victor walks in and touches her face. The nurse orders him to leave but he does not listen. Matthew tells the doctor what drugs Dani has taken and Tťa goes off on him for keeping this information to himself. Todd wants to know where Tťa was during all of this. Victor shows up in the waiting room and starts to fight Todd who fights back. A police officer stops the fight and Tťa takes Victor aside and hugs him and explains some what happened. Victor tells Tťa that he had a lot of time stolen from him but he has it back now. Tťa convinces Victor to go back into the waiting room because Jack is there. Victor hears a loud noise which scares him. Jack hugs Victor the moment he walks back into the room which angers Todd. At a coffee shop, Todd promises Blair that he will get his family back. Blair understands but asks him not to hurt anyone. At the hospital the doctor says Dani is sedated and will live.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Phyllis sits on the sofa when Jack comes downstairs. Phyllis asks him if he is tired of her always being around. Phyllis asks Jack if he is all right with Summer being there. Avery visits Nick and wants to know what she can do to make him believe that she wants him and not Dylan. Dylan visits Chelsea at work and lets her know that he is leaving town, but his cell phone will be on if she needs to call him, and he will be available for all doctor’s appointments, etc. Chelsea lashes out and tells him that he is not her husband. When Tyler comes on to one of the waitresses at the coffeehouse, Chloe walks up and reprimands him. Chloe and Tyler begin to discuss business concerning the new photo shoot for Summer and her male model. Devon catches up to Lily at the hospital and finds out that Katherine hasn’t awoken from her surgery. Murphy and Jill talk to Katherine and try to get her to wake up. Jack and Phyllis discuss how it would be if Summer and Kyle got interested in each other later on when Summer is older. Kyle walks in and says that he will never be interested in Summer in that way. Summer walks in and asks if this is the welcoming committee. Devon sits by Katherine’s bed and talks to her in hopes that she will wake up. Cane and Lily share a few words and a kiss before she leaves for work. Dylan apologizes to Chelsea for coming on so strong. Chelsea feels ashamed of herself and apologizes for being so testy with him. Dylan lets Chelsea know that he wants to be a good father to this child, then they hug. Avery tries to make Nick believe that Dylan is out of her life but somehow he doesn’t quite believe her. Nick tells Avery that she has feelings for Dylan. Avery pulls off her engagement ring. She hands it to Nick and tells him that she loves him. Nick returns the sentiment and then she leaves. Nick sits alone, looking at the ring when he gets a call from Summer letting him know that she is at Jack’s. Nick becomes upset with her for leaving and not telling him and also for her appearing at his nightclub. Avery sits alone at a table at the coffeehouse and rubs her ring finger. Jack suggests to Phyllis, Summer, and Kyle that they meet for lunch to celebrate them being together as a family. Jack and Phyllis go to take care of some business. Summer asks Kyle if he would run interference for her and persuade Jack and Phyllis to let her have a graduation party, but Kyle refuses

Chelsea, Lily and Tyler discuss the photo shoot. Chloe and Chelsea discuss Dylan. Summer arrives and finds out that her male model is Mason, and they hug. Jack gives Kyle an envelope to take to Chelsea at the photo shoot. Jack and Phyllis discuss how Kyle completely ignored Summer. Nick stops by and confronts Phyllis about Summer moving in with her. Nick informs Phyllis that Summer was caught with a fake ID at his club the night before. Cane lets Jill know that Katherine put him in charge of Chancellor until her return. Jill becomes angry that she was picked over again by Katherine. Katherine begins to come to. The photo shoot begins with Mason and Summer. Kyle arrives with the envelope and watches Summer with Mason. Nick, Phyllis, and Jack argue over Summer moving in to Jack’s home. Nick also lets Phyllis know that he and Avery aren’t getting married. Avery sees Dylan at the coffeehouse and finds out that he is leaving town. Dylan notices her ring finger and finds out that she gave Nick back his engagement ring. Dylan thinks this is the time for them and asks Avery to accompany him to the cabin. She insists that she still loves Nick. He proposes that she meet him there. Chloe, Chelsea, and Tyler look at pics of Summer and Mason. Lily watches Tyler as she leaves. Summer shows Jack and Phyllis the pics of her photo shoot as Kyle watches.

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